Corey Feldman Shields Son Zen From the Media

09/01/2008 at 08:00 AM ET
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Corey Feldman — known for his role in The Goonies — is no stranger to child actors, as he was one himself. However, when it comes to his 4-year-old son, the family’s plans for Corey’s reality show The Two Coreys, on which he stars alongside Corey Haim, are "to keep him as far away from the entertainment business as possible." Although Corey admits that the call to not have Zen Scott appear onscreen was actually "between the production company and the network," Corey and his wife, Susie, never had plans for Zen to make his big TV debut on the show. While Zen won’t be shooting scenes in front of the cameras any time soon, Corey is quick to reassure that their toddler "was always five feet away" with his nanny and only a short "arms reach [away] between takes" — a decision which both parents call "obvious."

Fortunately for the family of three, while long work days were a must, the evenings were off-limits, as Corey explained that "the most important thing in a child’s development when you have a mom and dad who are working twelve hours a day, six days a week, is that there’s some consistency in their life and in their schedule. For us, that consistency was being able to spend time with him every night when we were done shooting."

Apart from a small glimpse of the back of Zen’s head during the first episode, Corey, 37, is pleased that the media has been respectful of his wishes for his private life to stay just that — private. Although the actor is able to recall "maybe two times [Zen has] ended up on TMZ," he is very thankful that "for the most part, he’s been very shielded and protected."

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steph on

his son who was younger then 4 at the time was only 5 ft away or a hands grab away the whole time? I can just imagine what he thought about the fights and cussing scene’s they would have between Cory Haim and his wife…lol. I only watched a few episodes and knew they had a baby but figured the baby was away during the fliming didnt think they would think it would be worst to show their kid then to have him watch and hear all that going on. You know how toddlers play out what they see.. i can just imagine the child playing…lol. I bet he had quite the


Becky's Daughter on

Steph, my thoughts exactly.

kristen on

I don’t know that he meant “arm’s length” literally. He could have meant in the same house, another room. Close, but not underfoot.

Stephany on

Kristen, it says he was “always five feet away” with his nanny. So I’m guessing it means little Zen was able to hear and see everything. Yikes.

Sarah on

As a nanny myself, I must say, I think any person with common sense would pick up the kid and leave the room when there was a fight. Feldman probably didn’t mean Zen was there literally all the time. Five feet away could also still mean in a another room, and he probably wasn’t five feet away, that seems just like a random number to imply that Zen was still near his parents, and they didn’t just ship him off or anything.

pixie on

I think its wonderful, I’m sure they didnt have the kid seeing the cussing. I had no idea after watching two seasons of the show that there WAS a baby. His wife sure got her body back, wtf!

Gigi on

susie doesnt even like corey around corey (lol)….i very much doubt she’d allow her son to be close enough to hear the arguments. i think maybe his words were taken a little too literally.
anyway, ive never seen zen but i bet he is gorgeous. and i cant believe he is 4 already!!!

holly on

my god people, stop judging them…Im sure you’ve fought in front of your kids too…geesh

Im pretty sure suzie and Corey dont fight in front of Zen anyway

Im extreamly proud of Corey he’s really grown up in the last 10 years, he’s gotten clean, married a great girl who doesnt put up with crap and he’s starting to get his career back on track too

props to suzie for being there to give him a reason to keep going

SewCalMom on

Whoa, he’s done a good job. I watched the entire first season of that show. I had no idea they had a chid! Or was it the most recent show? I’ve only seen two episodes of that one, but I’m still impressed.

Angie on

Corey Feldman has a child??? And he’s married?? Go figure, I had no clue!!!!!

Bancie1031 on

OMG he’s got a son!!!! I had no idea, Now I did know about his wife after all I have seen his show a couple of times but I didn’t know that he had a son. Has anyone ever seen a picture of Zen? I know that he’s trying to keep him outta the spot light but I’m just curious of whom he looks like.

Jamie on

To tell you the truth, these quotes from Feldman are really old. He said this stuff after the first season when they were living in the house together. Zen was upstairs with a nanny while the feldmans and haim stayed downstairs.

Haim never actually stayed with them during season 1. It was all for the show.

But yeah, these qotes are old.