Kate Moss Saves Her Designer Duds for Daughter Lila

08/31/2008 at 06:00 PM ET
BIG PICTURES/Bauer-Griffin

Most kids get awarded new toys or special treats for eating their dinner, but for Kate Moss’ daughter, a clean plate at mealtime means a closet full of expensive clothes! Sitting down with Interview, the 34-year-old model shares keeping "all those Pucci numbers and things that I wore when I was seventeen" in storage has really come in handy when it comes to negotiating with her daughter Lila Grace. Calling the clothes "blackmail," Kate jokes that Lila has become a "fashion freak" after realizing that if she doesn’t finish all of her food, she won’t grow — and if she doesn’t grow, she won’t fit into any of her mommy’s designer duds!

Apart from being a mini-fashionista in the coming years, 5 ½-year-old Lila — who Kate says "likes older boys" — also has been discussing another important topic with Kate…marriage! According to Kate, her daughter "says she’s going to get married three times," and already has revealed to her mom the identities of those lucky men. And although Kate says that she doesn’t host house parties anymore since her main focus is on her daughter, Lila does not shy away from adults, but rather strikes up a chat with them. Kate explains,

"She’s really frightening. Well not frightening, but much more outspoken than I was as a child. She hangs out with adults a lot. So she’s really confident around adults and can have a conversation with them."

Lila is Kate’s daughter with ex-boyfriend Jefferson Hack.

Source: Interview Magazine

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LisaS1968 on

Ok, maybe I am old fashioned, but I think it is sad that a 5 year old would be planning to be married three times…shows the lifestyle of her mom is influencing her world view…

carie on

Yeah. that just all sounds awesome!! (sarcasm)

Atti on

Ah, now, when I was five I remember wanting to marry Johnathon Taylor Thomas, Devon Sawa, and all of the Backstreet Boys. I think it would be weird if a five year old wanted to hold a monogamous relationship, to be honest. That’s something that comes with maturity, no?

All things considered, I love Kate Moss as a mom. No matter what she does on her own, you can tell that she’s hopelessly devoted to Lila. And I respect that.

Cleya on

I think that Kate sounds like a great mom. Shes very devoted to little Lila. She probably agrees with mom that sex is great and that is why she wants to get married three times. Come on, she is only 5, give her a break.

Chiara on

Most small children, at some point, make statements about wanting to marry their parents. Should this be taken as a sign of latent incestual tendencies?

They’re children; they’re saying what they know within the context of what they know. She’s saying she loves three boys. She associates love with marriage, so she wants to marry all of them. It’s highly doubtful that a five year old is viewing “three marriages” in the context of divorce, and if you want to put your own adult spin on that as such, then you’re welcome to do so, but chances are that’s going to be as much a shock to the child as telling her she has limited amounts of love to give.

Cora on

I can relate, Chiara – as a child I wanted to marry my older brother! My siblings still tease me about that to this day.

Lila is so cute and I think it’s great she’s confident and happy to talk with adults. Most kids don’t learn that skill for a long time, and some not at all.

Nicole on

I agree with both Atti and Chiara. At 5 1/2 years old, Lila is merely expressing her interest in three different boys, as opposed to saying she wants to get married three times in the sense we as adults would view that statement. Sometimes, adults insist on viewing children as “little adults”, but honestly, they ARE just children. Their emotional and psychological development isn’t nearly the same as yours or mine, and you have to give them the benefit of the doubt. That being said, I think Kate sounds like a rad mom🙂 I wouldn’t mind raiding her closet, either! 😀

Hea on

LisaS1968 – No, you’re not old fashioned. You just don’t seem to understand kids and comments they can make out of the blue.

I wanted to marry my dad, my neighbour David and Michael Jackson because I thought he looked funny. Preferably all at the same time to “save me trouble with the parties”.

skipsie on

By the time I was seven, i had decided i wanted to marry about half the boys in my class, and my parents had a steady marriage. I think cooky kids jst come out with these kinds of things.

kaya on

I thought the marriage part was cute. I just had to laugh a bit about the ‘you have to finish your food or you’re not going to fit into mommy’s clothes’. um, no offense, but lol, it’s kate moss after all…
lila is absolutely gorgeous!

La Petite Belle on

I know! I agree with first two posters, she sounds SOOO proud of how she’s into clothes and older men. That’s just fabulous, considering she’s 5.

Gianna on

I’m so glad there are people who understand the context of a five-year-old’s perspective.🙂 I don’t think a little girl’s statements are something to be taken so seriously that we judge her mom’s parenting. We all said outlandish things at five. We all wanted to marry someone ‘out there’. She IS five, after all. If she were 15 and talking about being married 3 times, then that would be a different story.

And believe me if I could fit into Kate Moss’ clothes I’d be very happy to have her closet,lol. Nothing wrong with that. It’s probably a treasure trove!

fay on

am i the only one who thinks it’s ironic that waifish kate moss is fighting w/ her daughter to eat… lol…

while i do think that kate is NATURALLY thin, i just think it’s funny…

Carol on

I hope that Lila gets too big for Mommy’s clothes at 17 because Kate Moss was the most underfed looking girl I’d ever seen when she started modeling.

Mary on

Hehe, she doesn’t have to grow THAT much to fit into her mommies clothes!

Bethany on

why is it ok to make jokes about kate moss’s weight? to me it seems like people think its ok to make those comments because she’s quite slim whereas if it was on the other side of the spectrum i dont think people would be referring to that. hmmm dont know why but that just stuck out to me…

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