Charlie Sheen Believes Odds are Good for a Son

08/31/2008 at 09:00 AM ET
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Charlie Sheen is the proud father to three daughters, and while he wouldn’t mind another little girl, he and wife Brooke Mueller believe that chances are good that they will welcome a son when their baby makes its arrival. Brooke, 31, told PEOPLE Friday that,"Odds are it’s a boy, but we’ll be happy with either sex" with Charlie, 42, adding, "We’re just hoping for a healthy baby, but there’s a chance [for a boy] –- odds are positive."

The couple announced their pregnancy on August 25th, but Brooke admits that they "were hoping to be a little further along [in the pregnancy] before news got out;" however, rumors had started swirling and they felt they needed to confirm. Charlie explained, "It would have been nice to do it on our terms."

This will be Charlie and Brooke’s first child together. The Two and a Half Men star is already dad to  Cassandra Jade, 23, with ex-girlfriend Paula Profitt, as well as Sam, 4, and Lola Rose, 3, with ex-wife Denise Richards.

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Nicole on

I dunno where Brooke came up with that – since it’s the father that determines the sex at conception, and Charlie has had three girls, I think the odds are actually in favor of another girl.

Brandi on

I think they already know it’s a boy and that’s why they keep making comments about the sex.

sarah on

I don’t remember hearing any rumors..

Brandi on

Sarah there have been rumors around since June and last week they really got going because In Touch published that she was pregnant. I’ve definitely been hearing them.

andre on

They are trying to slam Denise yet again. Furthermore, comments like this set my teeth on edge. Either they know the sex or not, why play dumb like this?

Or maybe they both really are dumb

momsquared on

Maybe they practiced the Shettles method. I don’t know how effective it is, but it seems like a fun way to try to make a boy or girl with your husband without having to go all high-tech.

And, maybe some motherly intuition is simply kicking in for Brooke. I had the right guess with my first son, but was completely wrong with guess of my second child. I thought girl, but had a boy. Tee. Hee. We’ll either way it’s 50-50 boy or girl.

Kelly on

After a man has had the same sex of a child like Charlie has had with all his girls the odds are very unlikely that he will have a boy this time around. We have two boys and our third child was a girl. When I was pregnant with her our doctor said that the chances of having a girl was less than our chances of a third boy. Males do not produce x and y at a 50/5o rate–they do lean to one way or another. Of course Charlie may have a boy, just like I had a girl but statistically the odds are not in his favor.

finnaryn on

Yes, the fact that Charlie already has three daughters would suggest a higher likelihood of another girl, but don’t forget that Charlie has two brothers and only one sister. His dad Martin has 8 brothers and only one sister. So it is actually very odd that Charlie has three girls already. I would say that looking at the family history, the odds are very high that they will have a boy.

I also agree that they probably already know.🙂

Julie on

What difference does it make what you have?! A baby is a blessing either way and I think it’s a bit ridiculous to make gender comments to press, what’s the point?!

MB on

If they’ve had amniocentesis done, they could know the sex at this point. But, they may be waiting on a 20 wk ultrasound to confirm the sex, and that’s why they are saying odds are it’s a boy.

lilith on

finnaryn’s comment made me wonder how accurate the genetical statistics regarding a baby’s gender really are. Can anyone provide a link to a credible, science-based site? Thanks.
I also first thought they probably know, but then again if she’s still in an early stage as they said, would they already know?

January on

Perhaps they got one of those treatments and selected for a boy.

Marilyn on

My parents had 3 girls and then 1 boy so maybe he will have a boy this time(as did Brooke Burke).

Rowan on

The odds are that it is another girl. I really hope for the sake of the baby, it is a boy.

grace on

haha it’s still 50/50 chance for a boy or a girl. you could have 15 girls and the chances of having a boy are no different than if you had 1 girl. men are so silly that way. i always laugh when i see dads running around with 5 girls and a pregnant wife, they usually look so tired. give it up and be happy with what you get! 🙂 congrats to the sheens!

amy9798 on

Lilith- here is an interesting site that might have some of the stats you’re looking for:

Didn’t Denise allege that Charlie was very angry when he found out that their babies were girls? It sounds like having a son has been very important to him for a long time…

Ruthella on

I think they already know too. Otherwise you’d think they’d just say nothing for the time being, I know I didn’t when I was pregnant! It felt like jinxing it otherwise, somehow…

My husband and I had a girl after three boys (although we lost one of our sons), which I never thought would happen, but I was over the moon when it did🙂

MB on


My guess is they were asked directly by the press about wanting a boy this time around, or about how likely they thought it was they’d have a boy. And they did say they they’d be happy with either gender and were just really hoping for a healthy baby.

emma on

i think they know it is a boy or at least at the stage she is it looks as though it is going to be a boy.

Kelly on

i agree with Nicole i thought since hes already had 3 daughters the odds would be its another girl

molly on

The odds are that it’s a boy after so many girls, it would be just logical that a boy is on the way. Not everyone who has three girls has the fourth one, if the gender would dependon the previous baby, we wouldnt have mixed babies families

madison on

This is a funny topic b/c there are so many old wives tales that come into play. Check out this site – its got alot of interesting statistics in terms of gender odds with each additional baby.

They say it is nearly a 50/50 chance with each child. But there is some truth to saying that the odds are with them that the next baby will be a boy. The odds of having 4 children of the same gender are pretty low. It makes sense actually….

nosoupforyou on

The odds are 50/50 each time.

brooke on

I think they know it’s a boy already. That being said nothing wrong with wanting a boy after 3 girls, pretty normal IMO. I do believe denise though when she says he was unhappy lola was a girl, he seems that type

meghan on

My mom had three boys followed by me so anything is possible in this world.

anonmom on

marilyn-Brooke Burke’s kids are from two different fathers. Since the female chromosome does not determine gender, her having a boy after 3 girls proves nothing. the father of her son had 1 girl & then 1 boy.

Amanda on

I also get the feeling that they already know the gender, or were told at an early ultrasound that the baby was a boy & they are waiting for confirmation. I hope they get the little boy they want!

Mia on

Well, using the Dr. Shettle’s method is considered to be 75% effective.

My parents used the method 20 years ago-to conceive me after they had my brother because my mother really wanted a girl.

Although everyone’s chemistry and cycle is different; the time of conception can determine the sex.

I think they know its a boy-i hope they wouldn’t make all of these “it’s a boy” comments if they weren’t sure.

babyboopie on

At the end of the day, a beautiful and healthy baby will be born to Brooke and Charlie Sheen, no matter what the sex is!!

Ophelia on

The odds are no different no matter how many children you’ve had.

say1031 on

When Denise was pregnant w/ Lola, he said something about having a 2nd girl and they were already set up for a girl because of Sam, and later revealed they knew the sex, but weren’t sharing so I think he knows that it’s a boy!

Michelle on

My grandmother had three girls and then a boy. We could guess and speculate — maybe they know, maybe it’s wishful thinking — whatever. I’m not a big fan of his, but it’s not surprising of him to want a boy. Victoria Beckham hasn’t made it a secret that she’d like a girl. So as long as the baby is healthy, that’s the important thing and that’s what they said.

Karrie on

My parents had 3 girls in a row and then 2 boys.

LanLan on

well i think its pretty clear they want a boy…

Mary-Helen on

He seems really adamant about that boy, Brooke mentioned it once when they was engaged too. Denise mentioned his fury when he had two girls, so it sounds like he really needs to have a boy.

I just hope poor Sam & Lola don’t fall by the wayside in their father’s life, I can’t recall seeing pics of him with the kids since the wedding. Those girls have suffered enough, I hope they will get to know their new sibling.

jen on

My husband and I have 4 daughters. My grandparents had 1 son and then had 6 daughters. We really think it’s great but everyone always assumes we were trying for a boy. They usually feel sorry for my husband for what may be coming in the teenage years.

maggiemomma on

I can’t believe she is far enough along even for an amnio, so unless she had CVS testing, which is usually only done for genetic testing reasons, they wouldn’t know more than a guess. But whomever questione the accuracy of genetic testing, amnio/cvs is 100% accurate. For CVS testing they actually run the DNA of the cells.

He mentioned ‘it would have been nice to annouce further along’ so it sounds to me she is just a few weeks along so all sex speculation is just that. speculation.

MB on

i don’t trust what denise said about charlie being angry about the girls, and i wouldn’t trust anything charlie would say about denise. let’s be real: those two have a terrible relationship and have a history of saying all kinds of stuff about the other and while some of it probably is true, some of it isn’t i’m sure.

also, the idea that b/c he’s had 3 girls he has a better chance of having a boy is an example of something called “gambler’s fallacy.” a description of it can be found here: . basically, you think that the chance of something happening 4 or 5 times in a row would be so rare it wouldn’t happen, but you forget that each time is individual (think of flipping a coin. the coin doesn’t know what’s happened the previous 3 times, and neither does the sperm).

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