Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Right on Target with Weight Gain

08/31/2008 at 07:00 AM ET
Most Wanted/Flynet

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz took to MySpace Thursday to shoot down Internet rumors that she’d been issued a warning to watch her weight as she awaits the arrival of her first child, reportedly a delivery surprise, this fall. The 23-year-old songstress says that, quite to the contrary, her doctor says she is "right on target" with her weight gain, and that she loves her maternity jeans. "They have stretchy tops, it is awesome," she writes.

"So now that I have cleared that up let me tell you…carrying a child is the most inspiring, emotional, amazing experience of my life. My weight and my pant size are the absolute last thing I am concerned about. I am only concerned with having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby."

People who "talk about and judge" the weight of expectant mothers "need to get a life," Ashlee adds. Baby-on-the-way will also be the first for Ashlee’s husband, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz.

Source: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s MySpace

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alcor on

good for her, I feel the same way.

Nika on

I can’t believe people actually even think about other people’s weight gain during their pregnancy! I gained 25 kilos and a few weeks after giving birth I lost 20 of them. (6 months later now I still need to loose the other 5 but I will do that when I stop breastfeeding!)
I think Ashlee’s comment is very good, and she doesn’t have to worry about a thing, she looks gorgeous and most importantly: her baby is healthy!

Rebecca on

Do people really have nothing else to do with their time than criticize people? Pregnant women are SUPPOSED to gain weight!!

Ashlee looks wonderful and she should be enjoying her pregnancy, not justifying on myspace how much weight she has or hasn’t gained.

aurora mia on

I think she looks fantastic. I dont think there is a thing to worry about by looking at her. 🙂 AND OMG, she’s young, it will fall right off.

Stephany on

That’s ridiculous. Who cares how much you gain while pregnant? Some people gain 30 lbs while some gain 60! As long as you have a healthy baby, that’s all that matters. Also, that weight will probably melt off her body. She’s healthy, active, and fit. She knows how to take care of herself!

Aya on

It is sick,but true. With me though, the criticism is about “not gaining enough weight”.I have always been a curvy girl that gains weight evenly everywhere. The only place my weight shows up right away in is my face. So many people were stressing me out to the point where every week I was at the doctors office.Always the stupid comments about how I don’t look pregnant, or people waiting for my belly to pop,etc. I have a belly, not as big as most expect at almost 7 months. My husband was becoming worried because I would sit at the computer googling how many weeks I was to see what a “normal” pregnancy looked like. My doctor measured my uterus and said that as size is concerned I am right on target and nothing else should matter. She said that especially as a first time mom, you might get bombarded by a lot of advice/ or when I was.. stories. She told me basically to ignore them and that we all are different. It’s just awful because people make me feel unhealthy and as if i’m starving my baby with their inconsiderate comments. Some have even speculated in rumours that I have an eating disorder (which is ridiculous because of problems with low sugar,I have to eat every 2-3 hours). I think Ashlee looks great and as long as she and her baby are healthy, nothing else matters ~

MB on

i can’t believe anyone thought she was gaining too much weight! she looks great. i feel bad for her that not only does she get the “normal” weight comments but that now ppl all over the country are expressing an opinion. 😦 what i mean by normal is that i think anyone who has been pregnant has been subjected to at least one random person saying they’ve gained too much or too little and it’s sooo annoying!

yaena on

ashlee looks fantastic and its her life whether she gains weight or lose weight n pregnant womens are supposed to be happy not to be in depression abt weighty issues and what she said is write … keep it up ashlee I love you

meghan on

lol – i gained 45 pounds during my first pregnancy – my ob had no problem with it.

Ruthella on

When I saw the title of this post, I assumed people had been saying she wasn’t gaining ENOUGH weight!

Never in a million years would I look at Ashlee Simpson and think ‘Wow, she’s piling it on’! I’m genuinely confused…

I guess there must be photos of her that we haven’t seen in the UK!

Carrie Jo on

Ashlee’s right. Anyone who makes comments about a pregnant woman’s weight really does need to get a life. It seems so uncouth to me.

kaya on

Ruthella, I thought the exact same thing lol. Maybe the pressure is really just different in Hollywood, even when pregnant. It’s sad.

dina on

Haa. I gained 65lbs. The week I gave birth I weighed 195 same as my husband! I was freaked out about the weight but the doc wasn’t worried at all. Needless to say next time around, I am going to be a little more careful and not go overboard!

susie goldman on

baby weight… i gained almost 80 lbs and my son just turned a year old. i still have 30 lbs to go but am very happy with myself, and my life. there are other things going on in this world that people should worry about other than baby weight…who cares:-)

m-dot on

I think Ashlee looks beautiful. She appears really happy and healthy. I’m glad she felt confident enough to shut down the foolish ones.

EChess on

Ashlee looks fantastic, and speaking from recent personal experience, it is so exhausting (during an already exhausting time!) to have to defend your weight gain during a pregnancy. I began my first pregnancy at normal weight, ate healthy throughout, and still gained 40 lbs. My doc never mentioned weight to me one single time, and now, the baby is 8 weeks old, and I’ve only got 9 lbs. left to lose.

I hope she will enjoy the rest of her pregnancy and not give the weight (or the critics) another thought. A mother’s body knows how much weight it needs to support a healthy growing baby…before and after birth.

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