Luis Miguel, Aracely Arambula Reportedly Expecting a Daughter

08/30/2008 at 04:00 PM ET
Associated Press

Update: People en Espanol is reporting that sources for a Mexican magazine say that the baby is a girl and is actually due in January. According to the source, Aracely "underwent special treatments" to ensure that their second child would be a baby girl — however, we’re not sure what that reportedly entails!

Originally posted July 9th: Latin pop star Luis Miguel, 38, and his girlfriend, former actress and singer Aracely Arambula, 33, are expecting their second child together. Baby-on-the-way — who will join big brother Miguel Gallego Arambula, 18-months, at home — will be a delivery surprise, and is due in December. "I prefer not to know [the sex]," Aracely tells Hola, "Whatever God wants is fine."

Source: Hola

Thanks to CBB reader Priscilla.

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Gina Martinez on

Beautiful family ……… they are so wonderful together, hope they last! I’m so glad they are private and not telling the whole world their business like all the other Mexican artists, which are soooooo drama!

V Bell on

What a surprise! I’ve followed Luis Miguel career and last I heard, he and Aracely had broken up. I’m glad to hear they are still together. Best wishes to them.

naomi on

i say girl hopefully?

brooke on

They had broken up, she even said an interview lately, but I guess they got back together. Congrats to them, she’s gorgeous

Gigi on

She is so beautiful and seems very sweet! The baby is cute and Luis Miguel is so handsome. I don’t think he is shallow or conceited, he is just a private person and kudos to that! I hope they have a baby girl and wish them all the happiness in the world.

uknowit on

Does that kid have DOWN-SYNDROME?

Mileydi Fonferrat on

Congrats on the new baby!
Im really glad for Aracely and Luis. He finally found a women who is truly beautiful and young, compared to all the other women he has dated. I thought he was a brainless man, who didn’t know what they really wanted in life. But i quess i was wrong.
Im really happy for them. Especially for Aracely!

Dr. Fonferrat

steph on

i dont know who they are but congrats! also how do you go under special treatments to make sure its a girl?


phoebe on

I’m always disappointed to read that people went to extreme lengths to have one gender of baby over the other.

The selective conception process (or whatever it is actually called lol) should, IMO, be used when there is a medical reason, such as screening for medical conditions in embryos. If this story is true, I think it’s a little bit sad that they thought another little boy wouldn’t have been as good as another little girl.

I have a daughter, and I would be crazy happy to have five of her and while it would be nice to have a son as well, I wouldn’t anticipate being so disappointed at the idea of another girl that I would go for treatment to ensure I had a boy. I’m sure any child of the couple would/will be loved more than life, I just find it a little upsetting they went to these lengths, if the story does turn out to be true.

Nika on

Wow, that is strange, first saying ‘whatever God wants is fine’ and then it appears she had special treatments to make sure they would have a girl. I’m sorry but I think that is so wrong, although we can’t be sure this story is true ofcourse!

carolina on

she underwent treatment to ensure she had a girl? i didn’t know that existed. does anybody know what it involves?

Ava on

Special treatment to ensure it’s a girl? That’s possible?!

And whatever happend to whatever God gives them?

Jane on

Patterson on

Can people actually choose the sex now?? If that’s possible..I wonder how much it costs.

Rebecca on

There are products out there (I think it’s a machine, can’t remember, I think it was actually talked about here on cbb) that can help you choose the sex of your baby. There’s also a procedure where they can spin the semen in a centrifuge to separate the male and female sperm (they’re shaped differently) and then they can inseminate mama with one or the other.

Teagan on

That’s great, why wouldn’t you want to choose if you could? Making judgemental comments otherwise confuses me – it’s not your family so why are you sitting in judgement over them? I can’t think of a single thing wrong with trying to get the baby you want.

Erin on

It is possible. There is Microsort and PGD to get desired gender.

Bugs on

First of all, i think they should share what those “treatments” are to actually ensure the gender of a baby. I think that would be like breaking news in any health section of networks, since so far, no one has ever said there’s such a treatment. Or have they?

Jess on

Bugs – it’s called IVF with PGD. Gender selection has been around for years.

Stephanie on

Yes, it is very possible to select a baby’s gender whether it’s through Microsort (sorting sperm to get the desired chromosome) and PGD (creating embryos, testing them for gender and then only implanting those of the desired gender.) Usually it’s only done when a parent is a carrier of a certain gene that would result in a child of a certain gender having serious illness. Seeing as that’s not the case here, I think it’s kind of sad that they went this far.

Sami on

Yes, if you do in-vitro fertilization you can have the embryos tested (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) before transferring them and only transfer the desired gender.

There are other methods ranging from Microsort to stuff you can do at home on your own but the success rate is not as high as IVF with PGD.

Stephany on

Teagan, I wasn’t aware that we weren’t allowed to have our own opinions…

Personally, I think gender selection is sick. When did the sex of a baby become so important? Why is one gender more superior to another? Just because you have a boy, you can’t love another baby boy? I think it’s wrong and immoral.

I think it’s especially weird coming from “Whatever God wants is fine.” Obviously, whatever God wanted wasn’t fine with them.

Just stating my opinion.

MB on

Well, it’s from a “source,” so perhaps it’s not reliable?

Personally, while anyone can do what they want, I am not a fan of the idea of using IVF to choose gender. I feel like if you want a particular gender so bad, adopt. There are lots of kids needing homes. I know not everyone will agree with me, and that’s fine. I am just so grateful that I’m able to have a child of my own that I can’t imagine not being happy with whichever gender we get.

Nay Nay on

If this is true…I find it extremely hypocritical. How can someone say “whatever God wants is fine” and then undergo special treatment to ensure they have what they want. In this case, the sex of the child would have nothing to do with God.

Rye on

I am neither for or against it. I wouldn’t want to say people should just let God have his will with it and choose the gender, because I feel like in a sense that would be demeaning towards the children that HAVE been conceived via gender selection methods. Almost like saying they are an abomination, which is untrue about any child. But, I feel like it is definitely ok for someone to try and follow through the procedures if they are trying to avoid a genetic issue as was mentioned previously.

I also might go as far as to say that if I were a parent to, for example, 4 boys and I was planning on having another and I had the funding for it, I might consider it. These procedures aren’t 100% accurate and don’t always turn out the way they are meant to-so if I went through with it and got another boy, i would just say , “Well, THAT was God’s plan for me”. lol.

Nicole on

Actually, there are not “lots” of babies needing homes. There are waiting lists to adopt, and it’s very expensive and time consuming.

As for the gender selection, it is available. It was the cover story of Newsweek a year or so ago.

Alicia on

Selecting your baby’s gender is playing God. Simple as that. It’s disgusting. No matter how much money I had, I’d never choose the gender of my child. It’s not moral. I’d be blessed to have a healthy child. That’s all I’d want. The world’s gone mad.

brooke on

Yea rumor is aracely didn’t want more than 2 kids, so she took treatment to assure it’s a girl. Luis and her had broken up too, she even admitted it in an interview back in march, but I heard she wanted 2 kids from the same dad and close in age. I always found her so beautiful, and him a good singer.

Mia on

I don’t understand why people make such a big deal over a couple wanting the opposite gender of a chld, of the one they already have…like if they have a boy/or boys-and very much want a girl..or if they have a girl and very much want a boy.

Yes, a child is a gift regardless,but’s nice to have one of you get the idea/experience of raising a boy-and-raising a girl. Because as people have said they are both very different.

kate on

i once did a persuasive speech on gender selection in college and i took the pro side to “rile the class up a little bit”🙂 (i didn’t think i would really be persuading anyone if i took the anti side). in doing research, i actually persuaded myself that G.S. is neither unethical or going against nature. i was very much put off by the idea of choosing in the beginning. the way i see it, every time we get surgery or undergo treatments to save our life we are going against nature. i also learned that someone else’s reproductive choices are their business. it is also not about gender preference, it is about desperately wanting children of both gender (at least in the U.S.). i believe that if this service was legalized in asia, there wouldn’t be the high rate of abortion and infanticide of unwanted girls. of course it would perpetuate the gender imbalance, but there is already a gender imbalance problem over there so i am not sure how to fix that one. i know not everyone agrees with me, but gender selection can actually be a good thing.

dickie on

Kate – you make a great (and unemotional thankfully) argument. I think you may be right. What about people who use clomid or IVF to get pregnant? I am sure years ago they were condemned for going against “God’s Will”.

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