Jamie Lynn Spears Totes Her Tot

08/29/2008 at 03:00 PM ET

After lunching with a friend on Wednesday in McComb, Mississippi — not far over the state border from her home in Kentwood, Louisiana — Jamie Lynn Spears tucked 10-week-old daughter Maddie Briann Aldridge safely away in the back seat of her car. The 17-year-old mom and Maddie’s father, Casey Aldridge, 19, have kept a low profile since their baby’s birth on June 19th.

Ptru13591245dtJamie Lynn uses the carseat portion of her Graco MetroLite Travel System in Cherry Blossom ($240).

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molly on

Great to see an update on her. She did the best thing she could: move away from the lime lights of hollywood back to the southern life of living. She’s a great gal !!!

Jennie on

I feel sorry for Jamie Lynn, she’s moved back home to stay out of the lime light and raise her baby in a more normal setting, and yet the paparazzi still follow her!

dsmom on

I still cant believe she is 17! She looks and seems older to me. Its nice to see a pic of her.

molly on

Jennie, I agree. It’s sad. But as long as sites like this will continue posting the pictures and readers like us reading them, there will always be paparazzi wherever people go.

Amabel on

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Jamie Lynn lived with Casey in Liberty, Mississippi. It’s her mother Lynne that lives in Kentwood, no?

CelebBabyLover on

Arnabel- You are correct, Jamie Lynn does live in Liberty, Mississippi. However, she lived in Kentwood with Lynne until just a few months ago (when she and Casey bought their house in Liberty), which is probably why people keep getting confused.

In any case, Kentwood is very close to the Lousiana-Mississippi border, and I think Liberty is as well.

Jennie on

Amabel, there have been reports that casey has been cheating on her, so she’s moved back to the family home, Serenity, in Kentwood. Although this has been mostly reported by gossip mags and web sites so who knows!?

Erika on

I like to see how she bought a normal carseat/stroller instead of the at least $900.00 CARSEAT. She seems like such a great mom. I like how she doesn’t buy the biggest house, etc. very normal!🙂

molly on

If every mother would be as great as this one !!! Hopefully now people see that she can be a great mom even if she’s so young. I know peope twice her age whose children i think should be removed from their care.

As for the home in Kentwood, I am from Prague and living in Vancouver, and i still refer to the place in Prague as my home in Prague. Cause after all its still my home there, even though i have another one in here. So she probably still can go home to her place in Kentwood. She probably doesnt stay in a hotel when she goes for a visit

J on

I agree that it’s good that she bought a carseat us ‘normal’ folks can actually afford instead of spending an outrageous amount of money on one Maddie will outgrow pretty quickly. it would be easier to carry if she’d put the handle all the way up though

Mae on

It IS good too see someone ‘famous’ with a Graco carseat. She’s so adorable.

That’s the cherry blossom pattern, my niece (almost 12 months) and my newest niece (3 months) both have that carseat/pattern.

Although my 12 month old niece is going into a Britax this weekend.





hailee Sellars on

is it just me…or does the handle of that car seat not look like it is in the proper position for carrying? maybe its just the angle…

J on

It’s just you Hailee.

Jannie on

I’m so disappointed in this new People site – what happened to having more than one picture. I loved CBB and now it is horrific.

dsmom on

Hailee, Im sure that Jamie knows how to hold her daughter in her car seat by now. She looks like she is doing fine.

L on

Comments like the one about the correct positioning of the car seat for carrying are a little bit critical. She’s a new mom and I’m sure she’s not the only new mom to make mistakes. I feel like people expect celebrities to act like God’s and never to make mistakes. Jaimee is trying the best she can.

Graciebelle on

“If every mother would be as great as this one !!! Hopefully now people see that she can be a great mom even if she’s so young. I know peope twice her age whose children i think should be removed from their care”

I really don’t think you can know what kind of mother someone is – good of bad – from a picture. So I don’t understand when people make really negative comments from pictures (unless the picture is of someone dangling the kid over the balcony or something like that), but I don’t understand the comments made in the opposite direction eithere where people say “She’s obviously doing a great job with him” or “She’s obviously a wonderful mother.” You can’t tell that from a picture. All we can see is her carrying her child to the car, that is not enough to be able to determine whether someone is a good or a bad mother. The speculation on both sides, positive and negative, seems very odd to me.

LS on

I have to say it’s a bit funny that people think it’s great she’s not bought an expensive carseat like other celebs yet is driving a car that isn’t cheap. Yes….so normal….:\

CelebBabyLover on

Graciebelle- I’m not entirely sure, but I think that, in Jamie-Lynn’s case, people can’t help but compare her to her sister, and thus far, it does look like Jamie-Lynn is doing a better job at motherhood than Britney was doing up until now.

That said, I felt bad for her when I saw the car seat comment. I have a feeling that people are going to be constantly watching her to see if she makes the same mistakes her sister did (and Hailee, I promise you I am NOT at all aiming this at you. I am refering to people in general, including the media).

Like L said, all new moms make mistakes, whether or not they’re celebs. I’m willing to bet that even Angelina Jolie made mistakes as a first time parent (considering she has said several times how nervous she was when she first took custody of Maddox)!🙂

Bancie1031 on

Jamie-Lynn looks great, plus it’s nice to see her and Maddie out and about …..

Hailee Sellars on

lol, it was just an observation guys. i wasn’t criticizing anyone. calm down people. geez.

Gabrielle on

CelebBabyLover: I do think people are comparing her to her sister. However, the comment I was talking about is not just acting like Jamie is a better mother than her sister, it’s acting like she’s a better mother than most. I don’t understand the endless criticism, or the over-the-top praise either. The comment of “If only every mother were this good….” just struck me as incredibly off considering we’ve only seen an occasional picture that tells us very little. I think it’s setting the bar a bit low to act like she’s the greatest mother on earth just because she put her kid in a car seat. And incidentally, Britney seemed like a very stable mother for the first five months as well. Jamie Lynn’s child is only 2 months old, so I think it’s a little too soon to be making any kind of comparisons yet.

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