Tom Brady and His Little Quarterback Jack!

08/28/2008 at 11:30 AM ET

Quarterback Tom Brady and 1-year-old son John Edward Thomas (accompanied by girlfriend Gisele Bündchen and her dog Vida) hung out on the field after a recent New England Patriots training session in Foxborough, Mass. Tom, 31, and the team will play their Superbowl rivals, the Giants, tonight in New York. Jack’s mom is actress Bridget Moynahan.

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Annemarie on

Very cute! How nice to see them together. Jack has the cutest little smile and it looks like he’s already walking!

Shirelle on

The Baby is So Cute!

Valerie on

Wow I can’t believe John Edward is one already.
I think it’s sweet to see pics of him with his dad! Anybody knows how involved Tom is in raising little John? =)

Paula on

Jack is a real cutie!! Bridget has done an
amazing job in raising him.

molly on

Aawh what a cute boy !! Is his name John, or Jack though? Or is Jack just a nick for this little baby?

Nicole on

Jack is a common nickname for John. Bridget calls him Jack in interviews. He is a cutie patootie.

Stephany on

Cute! I’m so not a fan of Tom Brady but I like seeing him out with Jack. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them out together, but he’s pretty private so I guess that’s why? Anyway, very nice and sweet. I love it.

regina on

i am not a fan of tom brady but iam glad to see that he does spend time with his son.bridget has done a great job he is a cutie!!

Michelle on

I think it’s very mature of Bridget to allow Tom AND Gisele to take care of her baby. I’m not sure I could be as mature in this situation.

FAY on

to michelle…

in all actuality what could you do? i’m sure she doesn’t appreciate giselle (or maybe she’s gotten over it) plus she got pregnant on purpose… that’s neither here nor there however… u can’t prevent the other parent from bringing the child where they want around whomever they want if they’re not causing any harm or detriment to the child… giselle isn’t even a fly by night girlfriend, she’s been w/ tom since bridget was pregnant…

and in the long run, that kind of pettiness isn’t good for the baby… and while i TOTALLY understand where ur coming from… u really wldn’t have much say in the matter…

sux… doesn’t it…

facingdawn on

As the child of a single parent I know it is in the best interest of the kid to have involvement with both parents. That said, I know Mom wanted to tear Dad apart on several occasions- once he sent my stepmom, whom mom had never met, to pick me up- and I admire Bridget. And hope she knows that the tear them apart feeling is completely natural! 🙂

LolaBean on


I don’t think Bridget really has any choice in the matter. If she and Tom have a visitation arrangement then she can’t exactly say he can not have a girlfriend along. If she tried to, he could take her to court and make it more official and no one needs that headache.

Desiree on

I wasnt aware of the fact that Tom was even involved in John’s life, since in a whole year, this is the first photo that I have ever seen of them both together… But Im glad that I now know that he is being a Daddy to John… And John looks soo happy to be there 🙂

Mon on

I’m sorry, maybe it’s a really dumb question, but why does the baby have the name of his mother? I’ve seen plenty of times the name “John Moynahan” and not “John Brady”.

SJ on

Can people stop calling him John, yes that is his name, but Bridget calls the little guy JACK, not John.

I was horrified earlier this morning when I saw this on another blog calling Gisele “Super Mom” and calling them a cute family. My blood ran cold as Bridget is doing the majority of the upbringing of this little guy.

Lauren on

There have been photos of both Tom and Giselle with John before-just none posted here. I definitely don’t think Tom handled this situation perfectly, but clearly he’s making an effort to know and love John, and I respect him for that. He said in an interview earlier this year with Teri Bradshaw that fatherhood was something he needed to work harder at, and while that comment really sounded off-putting at the time, at least he was honest about the situation and appears to be putting his money where his mouth is now.

And as for Gisele and how “nice” Bridget is being for allowing her son to spend time with “her” son-John is as much his father’s son as he is Bridget’s. Gisele is part of his father’s life; I think it would be far less natural if John didn’t spend time around her. Good for Bridget for keeping the peace and GO PATS!! Let’s go all the way this time!

Jan on

To SJ – get over yourself already. If people want to call him John, they can. .

Jacky on

SJ you have NO idea how much raising any of them are doing. I think I’ve seen just as many photos of Jack with Tom than I have with Bridget. It’s ridiculous that it is assumed that Tom doesn’t see him.

FYI, Tom bought an $11 million place in California to be with Jack. So who are you claiming to be the dead beat Dad?

brannon on

I agree – we really don’t know how involved Tom is or what their arrangement is. If I were Bridget, i certainly wouldn’t want Tom taking the little guy across country from me! It will be different when he’s older. They all seem happy so let it go. Also, they were broken up before she knew she was pregnant. Many of you seem to give him a hard time despite that. AND Giselle is the one I really feel sorry for – talk about being in the middle of something! She takes a lot of blame for something she had nothing to do with.

Paula on

Okay, I thought CBB didn’t allow nasty and derogatory comments. I’ve seen a few here.

Paula on

There is no need to feel sorry for Gisele. She insinuated and manipulated herself into this situation from the beginning.

Sarah, let’s see if you’ll allow this through, since you seem to have allowed the “pro-Brady” posts through. Has someone from the Brady camp paid you off?

Natasha on

I’m with you guys. Unless you know Tom Brady or Bridget Moynahan themselves and they have told you the arrangement, how do you know how much he sees his son. Yes, Jack is just as much Tom’s son as he is Bridget’s

Paula on

Natasha, I must disagree with you. Bridget takes care of Jack 24×7. Tom visits with him a few times a year – and missed his birth entirely. That makes Bridget much more of a presence in Jack’s life than Brady.

kmb on

poor kid, so many names in his full name and he’s not even called by any of them, haha.

Nay Nay on

kmb – I was thinking the same thing!

Natasha on

“Tom visits with him a few times a year” If you can prove that, by all means I’ll believe you. You assume that because of a lack of paparazzi pictures?

I see way less photos of Shanna Moakler with her kids than Travis Barker, she must be an absent mother too then right? Rande Gerber, he isn’t seen out with his kids that often either, definitely not as much as Cindy. He’s an absent father?

Taylor on

Geez, everyone give him a break. Give the guy a little credit for even trying and being involved in his life. There are enough dads in this world that don’t participate in their childrens lives at all. Now, I’m not saying that he couldn’t do more, but I’m not involved in any of their lives and I don’t know all of the aspects. . .and it’s really not any of my business any more than it is yours.

And as far as the whole Gisele thing. . .well, I can’t really see that Bridget can say too much since Gisele has been involved in Tom’s life since before Jack was even born. I’m sure that if she was a complete b**** about it and forbade Gisele to be around, Tom could have plenty of recourse to come back and say the same thing if Bridget was dating anyone and tell her not to have his son around a boyfriend of hers. Besides, what if Tom and Gisele get married? What sense would it make to forbid it now as a gf/bf situation, but then just have to turn around and allow it later on? It’s just too much drama and hassle to be difficult over something that minor. As long as Jack is getting the love and attention that he needs, Tom and Bridget are probably adults about the whole thing and try to be mature enough for the sake of Jack.

Paula on

Natasha, considering the number of pictures of Tom and Gisele – everywhere but with his child – that pretty much seals the deal as far as I’m concerned. Where did Brady head immediately after the Super Bowl? Not to CA, but spend an entire month in Costa Rica and the headed to Europe with Gisele. If Brady were truly interested in being a semi-full time father to Jack he would have headed to CA right after the Super Bowl and stayed there the entire off-season. It seems Brady picks and chooses the times he spends with his child.

Macie on

Unless any of us personally know Tom and Bridget we have no idea how much time Tom spends with his son. Also the praising of Bridget for “allowing” John to spend time with both Tom and Giselle is ridiculous. Tom is John’s father and has just as much say as to who should have a relationship with his son. Unless Giselle has been accused of abusing John, the only reason Bridget would have to try to keep them apart is spite and spite has no place in the co-parenting of a child.

Natasha on

Paula I understand what you’re saying but I still feel as if people hate on Tom when he could easily be seeing Jack a lot. Yet because he’s not always outside and around with him people assume that he doesn’t see him. It’s frustrating that he’s looked at as such a bad father when we don’t know the situation

Aya on

Wow, Paula, take it easy. Paparazzi photos aren’t everything you know. It’s not as if they are following Tom and Gisele 24/7. In most of those photos its at all the popular hangouts or as they say on TMZ “we were waiting for (insert popular celebrity name here) and we saw Tom and Gisele etc”. And I remember Bridget was horrible about their split and she was the one who painted him out to be a dead beat dad before the baby was even born. I remember really disliking her after that because it’s my belief that no matter what happens in your relationship, you should keep the kids out of the drama. He may stop being your husband/boyfriend, but he is still the child’s father. I’m glad to see that they are all maturing and seeing that relationships fail, things happen, move on and do what is best for the baby. I’m happy that he is spending time with his child with or without Gisele present. And as far as the super mom comment.I think you over exaggerated that. Gisele is a “super model” and when she is “playing stepmom” it sounds really catchy to call her a super mom.. get it..super model..super mom.. Natasha, I love and agree with your comments completely. Everyone else needs to learn what its like when the shoe is on the other maybe rent that movie Stepmom..

SJ on

Jan? I don’t know why you decided to respond with “Get over yourself” when I presented you with a few facts you ought to know. I don’t even know why that sly dig made it through.

Bugs on

Every time there’s a pic of Tom and Giselle or Bridget, or any of them with the baby there’s an argument on any blog.

I’m not a fan of Tom but i think it’s good that he keeps close to his son.

Lauren on

People, what I know for sure is that is does Jack no good for strangers to judge the situation between his parents. I’m certain neither Bridget nor Tom would care one wit about our various opinions. Nor should they! Whatever the case, they seem to have a happy boy on their hands and that’s the only thing that matters.

Fiendishredhead on

Don’t be naive. It is absolutely possible to convince a court to stipulate who can’t be present during the non-custodial parent’s visitation. It happened to me. I had to vacate the premises in order for my then-fiancee (now husband) to have his kids (3 and 5 years old) at our house. This went on for six months until the guardian ad litem determined I was “safe” for the kids. Needless to say, their “mother” was/is a real piece of work and I wasn’t the one who needed to be determined “safe”!

grace on

I’m in a situation very similar to this one. My daughter’s father and I broke up when I was pregnant, it was very hard to deal with. I can’t imagine what it was like for someone having to watch the father of their child date a supermodel only weeks after they broke up AND being pregnant. In my opinion, Tom should’ve had a little more respect and not dated publicly until after his son was born. whoever said that it’s obvious bridget is more of a parent is right. if he was really involved we would see pictures of him with his son every other weekend. he has that right if he wants it. it takes more than sperm to be a father or to be considered “half” of john. making a baby is the easy part, it’s what comes after that makes you a true parent. in my situation, i have a few rules when it comes to other women. i asked my daughter’s father to not introduce her to other women unless he has been dating them for at least two months, they are not allowed to spend the night when he has visitation unless they’re married. i don’t want dozens of women in and out of my daughter’s life, but i understand that she is a part of his life and should be included if he has a girlfriend. i follow the same rules. it works so far!

Angel on

Grace, Tom had already been publicly dating Giselle when Bridget announced she was pregnant. Who knows if Bridget even knew if she was pregnant when Tom began publicly dating Giselle. Also, just because we don’t see pictures of Tom and the baby every other weekend doesn’t mean he doesn’t see the child often. Maybe when he has the boy he sticks close to home to avoid the paps. Maybe he’s good at avoiding celeb hotspots when has the boy. I don’t think the amount of photos really proves anything one way or another especially when there aren’t many photos of Bridget out with the baby. I’m not saying he’s been the perfect father. Really, I think all the people involved in this situation could have handled this better. But it appears all the adults are civil to each other and John seems to be happy and healthy which are the most important things.

Niki on

Love Jack! Love Bridgette! I still do not think that Tom’s that involved in Jack’s life, nor should Giselle insert herself as instant Mom add Giselle at all. I’ve never heard her say one nice thing about the whole thing. I think that Bridgette is quite the lady for her handling of the whole situation. She’s shown nothing but grace and class, which is outstanding. And it’s more that Tom’s done. For those of you hating on anyone for speaking their minds on it, GROW UP! We’re all entitled to an opinion.

nicole on

I hate to say it but if a parent is with their child 24/7 and the other parent only visits every once in awhile then this child is more the mother’s than the father’s. Biology doesn’t make you a parent. It takes more to be a parent than just saying you are a dad and taking the glory. what about walking the floor and dealing with all the sleepless nights. There is much more to being a parent than just making a cameo here and there. I don’t know if this is the situation but for those who automatically say the child is just as much the father’s, you are being naive.

Sarah on

Aww baby John is soooo big now!!!! He’s so cute, I think he looks like his dad more than his mom though. And c’mon guys can’t you guys just say something like “oh my gosh that baby is so cute” you guys are always arguing on these things. Can’t we make it a compliment, not a an arguement, I’m sure it would be much more appreciated by everyone who reads this blog if it was more positive than negative. Anyone with me? Once again: John’s so cute!!!!!

CelebBabyLover on

How do we know how much Tom sees Jack? The answer is that we don’t. Just because he isn’t pictured with Jack very often doesn’t mean he doesn’t see him. Emerson Tenny (Teri Hatcher’s daughter) and Lily Sheen are rarely seen with their fathers, either. So I guess their fathers must be dead-beat dads too, right? Yet no one ever complains about them!

Did you ever think that maybe Tom often sees Jack in private, away from the paps?

lj on

These pics wer actually taken July 31/08 not recent. Around the time Bridget was in Boston. John (Jack) is so cute!

mslewis on

WOW!!! I just wanted to say how absolutely cute little Jack is. That’s all!! I’ll leave this hornet’s nest now.

Rachel on

I tend to agree with Grace. I joke that my child’s father is “tom brady” because he left me for another woman when our son was 2 weeks old. He left that girl after about a few months of dating and let the next girl move in with him after only knowing her 3 months. I have primary custody, with his father taking him ever other weekend. The judge we went to for our custody agreement said that while the girlfriend could visit… she could never spend the night while our son was there. The same goes for me and any man in my life. The judge said that unless my ex was to marry her, then it would just be too confusing for a young child. Courts tend to want parents to establish their roles with a child before another random person is brought into the mix. Just food for thought.

brooke on

I have seen pics of tom with his son before so I don’t know why people would assume he is a deadbeat, they just haven’t been on this site. As for the people saying how mature of bridget to let tom and gisele be with the baby, she really doesn’t have a choice, and I happen to like bridget. John is also tom’s child, and just like bridget can have a bf, tom is allowed to have a gf. I saw pics recently of megan fox out with bf brian austin green’s son, when parents are divorced or were never married, new bf and gfs are usually around the kids, look at reese and jake and even ryan with his gf, you always see them out with the kids. Anyway the baby is cute and looks so much like tom

tomi on

grace — either way, it’s still difficult to know that the guy you created life is with a another woman. i have a nine month old daughter and while i was pregnant, the father and i would go out to the movies, dinner, and it was great support – even if we weren’t together. in my ninth month, he told me he had been seeing someone else for about six months. it was “respectful” when he told me later and it wouldn’t have been “respectful” if he had told me a month into the relationship. bridget is a strong woman and i’m sure not a naive one. i think it would be harder for her because she’d be thinking about what tom is doing. at least that’s just my opinion.

SeanJay on

It’s not naive it’s a fact. John is just as much Tom’s son as he is Bridget’s. How dare people on a blog try to take that way from a stranger they’ve never met.

Rachel I don’t see that as a joke or funny at all. Your situation isn’t the same as Tom’s & you have no idea what kind of dad he is.

What is really naive is to believe everythig the paparazzi scumbags put out. You guys do know that the paps don’t capture every minute or everything a star does. They also don’t release all of the pictures they take.

Jay on

JOHN is the kid’s name…my dad was a John, never, ever did anyone ever use Jack or say Jack was used for JOHN! Ever, for the past 74 years that my dad is a JOHN, JOHN only name ever mentioned. Why would Jack be used for John anyway? Duh, does not make any sense. Both only 4 letters, think people can say “JOHN” just as easy to say as “Jack”! Don’t know why, but this bugs me, it’s stupid. Hated it when someone called me another first name that wasn’t mine.

nadia on

I don’t see what the big deal is. Bridget didn’t even know she was pregnant when she announced to the world that she and Brady broke up. Yet people and the media continue to believe in their own delusions so they have something to yap about and play holier than thou. Obviously they’ve worked out their differences. Get over it already. It’s their lives afterall.

LanLan on

John’s a cutie 🙂

ITA with Nicole though.
I have a lot of respect for Bridget for keeping the peace. Tom’s little cameo here and there is nothing to to praised for,sorry. Gisele playing “stepmom” is a bit of a joke, if anything she looks bored stiff and judging by the numerous places with Gisele instead of with his son, I always wonder whether Tom would be a more involved father if a “hot” famous supermodel wasn’t in the equation.

Natasha on

Nicole this is the point I’m making. You don’t know if Tom just makes a random cameo. You don’t know the situation.

I think you’re very judgmental to say someone is less of a child’s parent because of a custody arrangement. If you have kids and/or get divorced, see how your kids react when you tell them that their Dad means nothing.

Caroline on

Tom Brady just bought some land in L.A. Maybe he will spend more time on the West Coast with Jack. Good for him!

grace on

i guess i just tend to side with bridget because of my situation. it’s definitely hard when i know my daughter is with her father and another woman is sort of playing my role. but i have to stay strong and put those feelings aside for my daughter. i don’t want our lives to resemble a jerry springer episode even though i feel it inside me! and i guess i just think tom had to know bridget was pregnant when he started dating. most people find out within a month after conceiving, maybe he just moved on to giselle quickly. i’m sure he’s a great father when he does see his son, from the looks of it they all look happy and that’s all that matters. you’re right angel, none of us really know the situation so we shouldn’t be too harsh on tom.

CelebBabyLover on

I forgot to point out in my previous comment that at least Tom spends time with his kid. The same cannot be said for Eddie Murphy, who has yet to see Angel and has even said that he won’t pursue a relationship with her until she’s 18 (mainly because he doesn’t want to deal with Mel B.).

Kayla on

Grace- It has been already said that neither Tom or Bridget knew she was pregnant when they ended their relationship. They ended their relationship for a reason. If they couldn’t get along as is, then a child wasn’t going to change anything.

holly on

I love seeing him with his son but his girlfriend is always there. isnt he allowed to see his kid without her!

nicole on

Well, Im not referring to this situation. I know nothing about tom brady;s involvement with the child, and I do have a child, by the way. I think that biology does not make someone an entitled parent no matter what you say, unless you have been completely involved in the child’s life. Again I repeat, not referring to this situation, but in general. Whoever is raising the child is the one who deserves the credit and has rights.

nicole on

No matter what anyone says by the way you wont convince me that a deadbeat parent, father or mother, has the same parental entitlement as does one that is raising their child. I have a child with someone who has little to no involvement but pulls the whole “shes just as much my daughter as yours”. Let’s let her decide this. Biologically yes he is her father but he deserves no credit and will receive no favors from me. I will censor nothing with my daughter and lie and tell her her father is wonderful for the sake of what is supposedly best for her. Since I was a child and my parents got divorced I have had a definite sense of who took care of me. Children are not stupid and easily recognize who would die for them. Love makes a parent a parent. Love and responsibility.

Cindy on

Jack looks happy…

i think on

I still dont get how Jack is a nickname for John. They both have 4 letters!

Just as Bill being short 4 William…why not call him Will?

I think Jet is a better nickname as its comprises his 1st 3 names 1st letters.

Plus its sounds cool Jet Moynahan!

Natasha on

I am sorry that your daughter is not growing up to know her father.

Like you said love makes a parent. There’s not a doubt in my mind that Tom loves his son and Jack loves his Dad.

sage on

Look at the way that little boy is look at his FATHER. He adores him.Instead of judging Tom for all the mistakes that other fathers may have made in your childrens lives.

He is not their father he is John’s.

Secondly John is always going to know who his father is, no matter where he is raise, what his last name is, because Tom is a celebrity.

So instead of say that he is less of a parent and bridge is more of a parent and all that Nonsense, because you live with them 24/7 and their life is your life because you read a gossip mah.How about saying that he is lucky to have two Loving parents, although not together still love Their SON.