Diane Farr Welcomes Twins Sawyer Lucia and Coco Trinity

08/28/2008 at 06:00 AM ET
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Diane Farr and husband Seung Chung welcomed twin daughters on Wednesday, August 27th, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Sawyer Lucia weighed in at 4 lb.s, 12 oz. while Coco Trinity, born one minute later, weighed in at 5 lbs., 14 oz. Both were 19 inches long.

Diane and Seung shared that the names have deep personal meaning; Sawyer is a family name on the Farr side, while Coco is named after an island in the Maldives that the couple visited during their honeymoon in 2006.

In an exclusive statement to People.com, Diane thanked her midwife and the doctor who tended to her during the births of her “little ladies,” adding,

I’m really glad that I got to 36 weeks with multiples.

The new babies — who will enjoy a ballerina-themed nursery — join big brother Beckett Mancuso, 17 months, at home. The pregnancy was revealed in April, with Diane sharing that it was believed the girls are identical.

Source: People

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Michelle on

Congrats to them! I like the names. They are unique without being too far out there. That’s nice that they both have a special meaning. Very sweet. Boy, she’s going to have her hands full with three under 2! 🙂 Best of luck to all of them!

MB on

I love the names! I haven’t usually heard Sawyer for a girl, but I think it’s so pretty. And it’s great she got to 36 weeks. Congrats to the whole family! 🙂

Brandi on

I like both names! I remember Mancuso is a family name for them too (for Beckett). About Sawyer, Sara Gilbert and her partner used it for their daughter too, so maybe it’s getting more popular. And of course, Coco Arquette!

She’s right, it’s great that she got to 36 weeks with multiples. Sounds like she may have needed a c-section with the birth times, so I wish her an easy recovery, I had one with my second son following a vaginal birth with my first son like Diane had, so I know it can initially be a little disconcerting when you realize you can’t just pop out of bed like I did after my relatively easy first birth! Congratulations to the family!!


Love,love,love this names!Especially Coco Trinity!I also love the name Beckett

Natasha on

Aww. I’m so happy for her and her husband and I love the names Sawyer and Coco. They’re just beautiful names for pretty little girls I’m sure. Congrats to the whole family.

Cait on

Congrats to them! Those are good weights for being 4 weeks early! Love the names. Very sweet!

Tammy's Tupperware on

Awww congratulations to them!! Love the names especially Sawyer! I hope we get to see pics of them. I bet they are just gorgeous.

Sarita on

She’s going to be very busy! I like the names except for Trinity. I think Sawyer is a great name for both boys and girls, hope it doesn’t get too popular.

UggaMugga.com on

Love the names and the meanings behind them! I wish them much happiness! And as much sleep as possible! 🙂

Sarah on


lorelai on

Do you think they were a vaginal birth? Love the names!

Kirstin on

lorelai – I assume it was a c-section due to the fact it was one minute later the other baby was born? Maybe I am wrong, but I am guessing being it was twins. Not sure…

Sarah on

Congrats to the family! I just love her! So glad she made it so far with her twins. I’m not crazy about the names but I love the fact that they have special meaning to them, that’s so beautiful. I hope to have twins one day and I plan to use family names.

Shawna on

Coco and Sawyer really do not go together at all. I still think Coco sounds like the name of a shih tzu or something.

Michelle on

Why does is matter if they were c-section or a vaginal birth? Isn’t that a little bit personal?

mmh on

Although I agree that the birth times could mean a c-section, I had a friend who gave birth vaginally with her boy and girl arriving one minue apart. We thought she must have had a c-section, when we heard, but nope. (The twins are pretty small, keep in mind!!!)

Jacky on

I always wonder that too Michelle. Why is it such a big deal how someone gives birth?

Personally I don’t care how a child is born, they made it from the uterus to the hospital room and thats all that matters🙂

Amanda on

Congratulations to them both. I think the names are great and different, they are unique.
Best of luck to them.

LisaB on

Ah, the c-section vs. vaginal specualation. Who cares? Healthy babies and healthy Mom equals success!

I thought the name Sawyer was for a boy. I bet she will get a lot of that.

Mami on

Coco is such a cute name for a girl! However Sawyer is soooo boyish – love it for a boy. Bet that little one will have a hard time with that:(

Renee on

There are a few women at my college named Sawyer, Mami. It’s not that unusual. I consider it to be a unisex name

Stephany on

I love the name Sawyer for a girl. I’m not too keen on it for a boy. For some reason, I like unisex names more for girls than boys (like Bailey, Morgan, etc.). I think those are great names. Very cute!

Congrats to them!

brannon on

I had three Sawyers in my class two years ago – all girls! Never heard it for a boy – but definitely love it! Congrats to all of them!

Nina on

To be honest I was also wondering if she had a C section only because I was curious how many people with twins give birth vaginally. I bet others are curious for the same reason- it’s nothing more than that.

yogadaisy on

Cute names but Sawyer is definitely a boys name in my neck of the woods! It’s very masculine, imo, a la Tom Sawyer..

Kerri on

I love their first names, especially Sawyer (so cute for a girl!) Their middle names don’t seem to flow very well with the first names, but I don’t dislike either of them.

Congrats to them!

molly on

Midwifes don’t do c-sections, so if she had one assisting her it’s possible that she did have vaginal birth. Although with twins i would probably not have midwife but only a doctor.

Sawyer is a name for both girl and boy. There is another celeb with a girl called Sawyer, i can’t remember who.

Annemarie on

Molly, I think you’re thinking of Sara Gilbert. Another reader mentioned it above. I like the name for both sexes as well.

emmalee on

Twin girls, how wonderful! I bet they’ll be as cute as their big brother. He is so adorable.

I’d prefer Lucia Sawyer to vice versa; Coco’s very cute. I wonder if she’ll get into Coco Chanel’s stuff when she’s older.

Lee on

Arey they fraternal oder identical?

phoebe on

Aw, Beckett is so cute, I can’t wait for pictures of the girlies! I’m not overly keen on Sawyer, but she has a beautiful middle name, and Coco Trinity is growing on me! Congrats!

Lauren on

So– did they confirm if the twins are identical? Or– is that not something they can confirm right away? Can anyone with identical multiples confirm? This is an interesting subject!

mena on

I too love Sawyer for a boy. So masculine for a girl. Coco is a sweet name!

Cait on

Lauren, on the last twin posting (which was Lisa Marie’s, I believe) I had commented and said that I thought they could tell on ultrasound because of the placentas and sacks and stuff and one mother who is expecting twins commented and said that with the same sex babies, they usually say they can’t tell until after they’re born because the placenta and sack ‘rule’ so to speak doesn’t always apply. After that, I went and did some further research and from what I’ve found out, the only way to tell if you have true identical twins is to do genetic testing and test their DNA to see if it’s the same.

A few articles I read said that you could have babies that are born that look nearly identical, but it really comes down to their DNA to determine whether or not they’re identical or not. I could be wrong and maybe they have new ways of telling, but from all that I’ve read, the only way to know for absolute certainty is genetic testing to compare their DNA.

FC on

Wow, she almost went full term and gave birth to some fairly good-sized babies. Counting the twins, that’s four blessings right there!

And I love their names, too. I also have a Trinity in my family. She was just born early Monday morning.🙂 But everyone had known her name for the past three-four months now, lol, pretty much from the moment they went and found out the sex.

But, back to the topic, congratulations to Diane and Seung, and new big brother Beckett!🙂

Stéph on

I love the names too. Sawyer is better for a girl in my taste and Coco is really lovely. I might name my daughter that. But how come when Courteney Cox named her daughter that, people were all critisizing and now Diane Farr names hers that way and everybody thinks it’s wonderful?

Allison on

congrats to Diane, Seung, and Beckett! I hope Lisa Marie has her twins this week.. since lots of celeb babies have come in twos this year (Jessica and Tori’s babies for example) I’d like to see two celebs deliver twins a day apart.

Samantha on

Congrats. Twins are such a blessing. It seems everyone is having them:) Sawyer is a cool name I can see how Moms would want to snag it for a girl! I have a friend named Coco…so it’s not that different to me. I love it.

legemc on

I think it’s funny that all 3 of her kids share a name with at least one other celebrity’s kid. Courteney Cox Arquette has a Coco, Sara Gilbert has a Sawyer, and Melissa Etheridge has a Beckett!🙂

molly on

I think Steven Spielberg has a daughter called Sawyer

say1031 on


Steven Spielburg has a child named Sawyer, but it’s a boy.

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