It's Back to France for Brad Pitt and Sons!

08/28/2008 at 04:00 PM ET

After spending two days in Venice, where Brad Pitt promoted his latest flick, Burn After Reading, the 44-year-old actor and sons Maddox Chivan, 7 and Pax Thien, 4 ½, headed back to France the way they came — by boat! After boarding, Pax and Brad waved goodbye to the watching tourists and photographers on shore.

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FC on

Brad’s looking a little foxy in that suit of his. But I think he’s got some competition in h is son Pax. He looks rather spiffy in his all white outfit.🙂

Léa on

I just love this family. I think no matter how much people criticize them they still stick to what is important to them : their kids.

Sorry for my english Im french

Dee on

Doesn’t Brad have an outfit similar to the one Pax is wearing.

Nicole on

Maddox looks so grown up, he is so cute. I think white is definitely Pax’s color – he reminds me of Brad a lot there. And of course, Brad is as good looking as ever! You see where his boys get it from.

Léa on

Dee; I don’t think so…

ey on

aww – boys-only trip! How cute!! And look how TALL Maddox and Pax are getting!

blue on

They are just too gorgeous for words. Its nice to see that Pax is taking to his new family so well. He seems so much more lively and comfortable than he did a year ago. Such cuties!

María2 on

Nicole, my mother thinks its amazing how much she see’s so much Brad in Pax. I agree with you and her. Those boys are dolls, and Brad is just beyond swoonable.

Erin on

Papa Pitt is awesome. Just love him. Angie is so lucky to have a man like Brad in love with her.

Judy on

Maddox seems to be closer to Angelina but Pax is definitely Daddy’s boy.

Judy on

Oh wow, mothers, lock up your daughters a dozen years from now. Pax is going to be a heartbreaker. Look at him wearing the heck out of that white suit. He looks like a ladies’ man already!

rogen on

They look so cute together. Think it was wonderful that Brad brought them along. Beginning to really like Pax.

Jade on

They’re adorable. It’ll be cute in a few years to see Maddox, Pax and Knox. Knox will probably wear his brothers hand me downs and will share their style. it’ll be so cute.

The rest of the family will be cute too but since it’s all boys here I just thought about the Jolie Pitts boys.

LanLan on

@ Judy
I remember Angelina saying in an interview that the boys preferred her and the girls preferred their daddy. It would be understandable if Maddox was closer to Angelina seeing as he was her first (they always seemed to have such a strong relationship) and it was just him and her before brad suddenly popped into the equation.

SJ on

From the pictures, I don’t think we can assume who is a Daddy’s boy and who is a Mommy’s boy or a Mommy’s girl or Daddy’s girl, we can only go on by what Angie and Brad have said.

Angelina has hinted that Zahara is a Daddy’s girl but that is it. Pictures are very misleading

Shelby on

I think it’s so sweet that they had an all-boys time this week (even though I’m sure Brad had some help–obviously, since he was working, and apparently a partying a little–some of the time).

brooke on

I don’t think pax looks anything like brad, just like I don’t think azhara looks anything like angelina. Their are adopted kids that resemble their adopted parents though, like conner cruise resembles tom to me and isabella to nicole. Edie falco son too, looks just like her. But in the jolie pitt family the only kids that resemble brad and angelina IMO are shiloh and the twins. I think maddox and pax look alike though

María2 on

I very much agree-get the sense that Mad and his mom possibly share a closer relationship. The first 3yrs of Mad’s life it was just he and Ang, so I don’t think it’s out of the realm of reality that she’s who he feels more connected to emotionally. I personally feel the same regarding Brad and Z. Even Angie has spoken about the child and her dad’s closness.

Of course both parents love all the kids, but it’s also reality that within the family unit, different personalities reside with different experiences (Mad & mom alone for 3yrs) which cause us to gravitate towards or away from others, and it doesn’t mean somebody is loved more or less, it just means they’re human.

aurora mia on

Being a product of adoption myself, it makes my heart sing to see and watch this family. I can tell you from my experience that I look and act more like adoptive grandmother then any other person in my family! I adore that!
I love that Brad and Angelina have brought adoption and family to a new level. They are like parental superheroes, we are all dying to see what they do next.
I think Brad looks smokin’ and those little boy are so handsome!! Lucky family. Well done!

Amanda on

I’ve always thought that Pax had looked a little like Brad. And the more he grow up, the more I see Brad’s facial expressions in him. Pax and Maddox also seem to walk like Brad. You can sometimes see it in photos although not so much in this one.

Anyways, I think it’s great he took the boys to Venice. It must be harder to carve out time for their older children what with the twins and all but I’m glad to see they’re still managing to do it. Perhaps Zahara and Shiloh will accompany him to Toronto? I sure hope so, it’s been ages since I saw a picture of that diva, Miss Zee!

SJ on

I don’t know how some people can say Pax looks like Brad. He looks nothing like Brad. And with good reason.

María2 on

SJ, it’s cool if you don’t see it, and it’s also cool if others do. Let’s not limit ourselves to the falsehood which states that because someone is of another race-sex-ethnicity they can’t possibly share physical characteristcs when they already share the most important one of all which is being a human being.

Meela on

I am digging Pax’s outfit, I love children in white! But it’ always a challenge to keep it clean.

Meela on


I don’t really think that anyone really means that Pax looks like Brad literally!!! But I think its him demeanor and stylish ways. Not the actually resemblance. At least that’s how I understood it!!

Macie on

I see a lot of Brad in Pax not just in pictures but in video. His facial expressions, the way he carries himself, his daredevil attitude on the playground. For me it’s not about his physical features matching Brad’s but that they have the same spirit.

Amanda on


Just because Brad is not Pax’s biological father, that does not mean they can’t share similar traits and characteristics.

I personally found your comment to be a little ignorant.

CelebBabyLover on

blue- I see your point, but Pax has been part of the family for a year now. They’re not exactly “new” to him. In fact, I’m guessing he feels like he’s always been part of the J-P family.🙂

Lan-Lan- Actually, I believe what Angie said is that, when they have “family sleep” (i.e. the whole family sleeps together), the boys prefer to sleep next to her and the girls prefer to sleep next to Brad. I just wanted to make sure Angie didn’t end up being mis-quoted yet again!🙂

Amanda- That would be nice (if Shi and Zee accompanied Brad to Toronto), but I have a feeling they are enjoying staying at home and being, as Angie said, “little mommies” to Knox and Viv.🙂

Meela and Macie- ITA! I don’t think people are neccesarily saying that Pax has the same facial features as Brad or anything. Rather, he seems to have similar facial expressions to Brad, they act similar in some ways, etc.

Now Zahara, on the other hand, definently seems to have Angie’s lips!

Kait on

Pax is such the little gentleman! And Maddox is seven?! Time flies; they look so grown up and nice.

shi on

I hope Brad take Shiloh with him to Toronto. It’s been months that we don’t see her. Why Brad and Angelina hidden Shiloh? Everybody wants to see her.

connie on

you people are arguing about Pax lloking like Pitt. I think he learning how to work like him, I am sure the clothes have been selected by Pitt, it’s normal since he is the father, and he knows people are going to take pictures of them, and we are going to comments on them. It’s his kids, i see no harm being close to Jolie-Pitt, biologicaly or luxury.
About the girls, i am sure they will be learning to work like mum too.

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