Jade Goody Unable to Explain Cancer to Sons

08/27/2008 at 08:00 AM ET


After learning that she has second-stage cervical cancer, Jade Goody is preparing for the next stage of her life, which include a hysterectomy this week, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. When the 27-year-old British television personality first learned how serious her diagnosis was, her thoughts immediately turned to sons Bobby Jack, 5 and Freddie, 3 ½. She wondered, "How on earth can I explain this to my babies?" Jade still has not been able to work up the courage to tell them — all they know is that "Mummy has a tummy ache." Her sons are what will help her through this battle, even though Jade knows that she has "to be realistic and face the possibility that I might not live to see them grow up." No matter what, she’s not going to back down.

I am going to fight the damn thing every step of the way because I have two beautiful boys who are my world.

Upon hearing of the hysterectomy, Jade was extremely upset when she realized that she would not be able to have anymore biological children, especially as she has "always longed for a baby girl." However, then "it hit me that some women get cancer and will never become mums" and Jade "realized I should be so thankful for my gorgeous sons and decided I was going to take this horrible disease on — and win."

Bobby Jack and Freddie are Jade’s sons with ex-boyfriend Jeff Brazier.

Source: The Sun; Photo by Lia Toby/WENN.

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Christy on

Glad to hear her thoughts on hysterectomy, as sad as it is for her, she has to think about her own health and her two beautiful sons. It is a shame that she wont be able to have more children, but she is right to think about those women who go through this before even thinking about children and then knowing that they’ll never become mothers. If she really wants a little girl, she can always try and adopt when she gets better.

brooke on

It’s terrible she had cancer and can’t have anymore kids, but she is very lucky at her young age, at least she already has 2 children. Like she said some women can never even have one, so she is blessed she got to experience motherhood and having kids.

Becky on

How sad! I could not imagine 1) telling my child and 2) living with the thought that I might not see her grow up. My heart breaks for her! I hope she will be able to beat it and live a long healthy cancer free life with her boys. Please keep us updated on her! You are in my prayers!

catherine on

What a terrible shame for her , i’ve never been a fan of Jade’s but no body should have to go through something so devesatating.

I really do hope and pray she can recover from the cancer after her treatment and will see her boys grow up .

Hea on

I hope she survives. I’m rooting for her.

Carine on

Im not her biggest fan but obviously this is horrible news and I wish her the best I hope that this makes people realize how important it is to get a papsmear every year. I was reading an aritcle had Jade has had 3 that showed irregular cells but she refused to go through with anything as she wanted to get pregnant again with a girl. Just hope this educates people on how fast this disease can spread and how important it is to get regular check ups no matter how uncomfortable it is.

Stéph on

OMG, I can’t imagine how hard it must be. It was so touching when she said that she had to face the possibility that she might not live to see her sons grow up. All my prayers to her, I hope she’ll be able to win that battle.

All my love and prayers to her!

Cait on

You know, Carine, you’re absolutely right and I agree with you. I hope it does help to educate women about it. The whole point of the pap smear is to make sure everything is looking right down there and to catch things early if they come back not looking right. From what I’ve read, reproductive cancers are the type to spread like wildfire, so it is best to have something done about it as soon as you find there’s a problem. I know I’d want to have something done immediately if one of mine were to ever come up questionable.

Good luck to Jade and her family throughout these difficult times. I too am rooting that she’ll make a full recovery and be able to see her babies grow up.

Michelle on

I don’t know who she is, but my heart still breaks for her. As a mom myself, my biggest fear is something happening to my kids — my second biggest fear is something happening to me and me not being able to be here for them. I certainly hope and prays she beats this!

Christa on

I don’t know who she is, but I wish her all the best. I have 2 children also and cannot imagine the pain she must be in.

Jay on

I hope she beats this and lives a long fulfilling life and is able to watch her kids grow up and have children of their own!!

Rachel-Jane on

Carine, I’d read that she had had 4 irregular pap smears, and had the cells lasered off each time. And shortly before her cancer diagnosis had been told there was nothing wrong.

I’m not a Jade fan either, but of course I would never wish her ill, and do hope she recovers and is there to be a good mother to her two boys (who are both very cute).

phoebe on

I just want to echo what others are saying on here, that I am praying for Jade and her boys, in the hope that everything will work out well for them. I’m from the UK so Jade is very familiar to me. She is really just a normal mummy who loves her children and simply just wants to be there for them. Good luck Jade, anyone who has a heart is rooting for you.

Kitty on

I am a cervical cancer survivor and I wish Jade the best.

Please let this be a lesson to all ladies…….get annual pap tests !!!!!

molly on

This is so sad. I am actually having a test next week. As for explaining this to teh kids, I think they are tooo small to understand cancer. “Mummy has a tummy ache” would probably do for now and when they are older, they would understand what cancer is. My prayers are with her and her family.

phoebe on

Molly, good luck for your test next week, I’m sure everyone reading your post will wish you the same. I have to say, it’s really nice to hear that people are supporting Jade, there are numerous other sites that contain poisonous comments about her and it’s wonderful that people here have no such feelings. Once again, my thoughts are with you Jade.

Sara on

I too am a cancer survivor. I had Uterine cancer and had to have everything removed. I was unable to have children before this happened. I wish her all the luck in the world and want to let her and others know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and I am now a mommy to a beautiful 20 month old little girl whom we adopted.
God bless you Jade and all others who have this difficult and heartbreaking time ahead of them.

Pencils on

Phoebe–that’s terrible that people would say poisonous things about her. I’m American so I don’t know much about her, but she’s a sick mother of two young kids–even if you don’t like or approve of her, how can anyone wish ill to those poor kids? Because it would be devastating for them to lose their mother so young.

Every woman should get an annual Pap smear, and I personally think that every woman (and girl) of the appropriate age should get the Gardasil vaccine. In the future, this kind of cancer could be near eradicated. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Louise on

i was really shocked to hear this last week,and i too am glad to see some nice comments. although not a particular fan, i have found myself defending her on many occasions, as she is quite likeable and is a single mother to two young lads.

it is also good to see her ex boyfriend Jack being there for her and supporting her through this,have heard nothing about the boys’ dad being there though which shocks me.

all the best to Jade, she’s strong+will survive this provided she stays that way.


Cait on

Molly – thoughts and prayers are with you throughout the next week. I hope everything turns out well for you! 🙂 In situations like these, I truly believe that positive thinking can have such a wonderful effect, so think good thoughts, hon!

Sara – congrats on being a survivor! I think it’s wonderful that you were able to adopt a beautiful girl and become a Mommy after all that. I hope you continue to stay in excellent health!

Natt on

The NHS here in the UK dont give (pap) smears until 25 now – and every 3 years. Any more regular than that or any earlier – you have to have an outward sign that something is wrong (i.e. bleeding) Its was 20, but got raised a couple of years back.

I know there are campaigns for this to change, and Jade (at just 27) would be a great role model for this when she has fought her battle.

I dont personally like Jade (or the Jade I see in the media) but I wouldnt wish this on anyone, and to be a single mum with two young boys facing this is so sad. I wish her all the luck fighting this in the world

Jennifer Bray on

As a woman having had a hysterectomy prior to becoming a Mom I can understand her initial reaction. But to be ‘”extremely upset when she realized that she would not be able to have anymore biological children, especially as she has “always longed for a baby girl.”‘ is just selfish. She has two wonderful children whom should be the center of her world. She should worry about taking care of herself and making sure that she is around to watch her children grow up and not worry about having ‘another’ child just to have a ‘girl”

She also stated ‘”However, then “it hit me that some women get cancer and will never become mums”‘ Just because you have a hysterectomy does not mean that you will Never be a Mother. Many woman face the realization of losing their reproductive organs but there are so many options out there. And the world has so many children that do not have families that are in desperate need of a loving home.

I am the proud Mother of a little girl who happened to be born in my heart instead of under it.

For anyone who is facing a hysterectomy it can be a scary thing. But it does not mean that your life is over. We are in the process of expanding our family once again.

To hear more about my story you can check your local guide for “Mystery Diagnosis” on the Discovery Health Channel. The episode is entitled “terrifying tremours” and our story is the second half of the program.

I would not change a thing about my life.
Things happen for a reason. And for me, I was meant to be the Mother of this gorgeous little infant who came to us from her homeland of China. She is all me and I am all her.

amy on

I hope she gets through it. No one deserves that.