Tom and Suri Cruise Take Off

08/25/2008 at 03:00 PM ET

Actor Tom Cruise and 2-year-old daughter Suri arrived at the heliport in NYC, where they boarded a helicopter and left the city this afternoon. The family has been staying in the Big Apple while mom Katie Holmes prepares for her role in All My Sons, opening next month.


Photo by INF.

Suri wears Juicy Couture’s Cami Dress in Pond Moss ($112).

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Nicole on

Why is he always smiling when Suri looks freaked out?

Jessica on

Suri is going to be a knockout is a few years! She is such a cutie.

Kelly on

Love her dark straight hair – quite the opposite of the genes I pass on to my own daughters (blonde with curls)

IMO this little lady is looking more like her Daddy everyday….not bad, when your Daddy is Tom Cruise!

brooke on

Yup the older she gets, she looks more like tom. Suri is just gorgeous, beautiful hair and eyes, she could easily be a model. Tom is so good looking, and he does not look 46

Suri Cruise Italia on

i like to see tom and Suri togheter..

and her green dress is so cute!!!

Jo on

those two look so alike i can’t fathom the allegations that Suri isn’t his…

Natasha on

Suri seems to be around so much lately. She’s such a beautiful girl!

Ali on

I think Suri is the spitting image of Tom. She resembles her mother a bit, but overall, she’s her father’s daughter. Honestly, I always thought Tom and Katie looked like siblings. Their daughter looks EXACTLY the way I imagined. She’s a beautiful baby.

Kimberly on

She looks like Chris Klein to me.

Tammy's Tupperware on

To be honest, I don’t see much of Tom in Suri at all. I live in Katie’s hometown and everyone is saying she looks exactly like Katie did at that age.

Stephany on

Yeah, I see a whole lot more of Katie in Suri than Tom. I don’t see much of Tom at all.

She is such a stunning little girl, though! I’d love for them to have another baby!

Brandy on

Kimberly…Chris Klein?? Chris Klein has squinty eyes, a very sharp nose and no lips. Where on earth do you see Chris Klein in Suri?

I see Tom, especially that nose;-) Sh’r a cutie.

Kay on

She looks so much like Katie but her eyes and personality are so Tom Cruise. As for the allegations even those who make them know they are false but they just do it because they want to hurt this family. She is a beautiful girl who will make a successful model at whichever age she decides to become one. She is my favourite celeb baby. I come to this site to see pictures of her especially.

SeanJay on

Suri looks nothing like Chris Klein. People really need to give it up already. Accept there is no conspiracy & move on!!

stephanie on


I 100% agree, Chris Klein has very distinctive facial features, Suri doesn’t look like him at all. She looks more like Christian Bale to me. Kidding! 😀

Here’s a picture of Katie when she was a child:

mamabear on

WOW! Thanks for that link Stephanie!

I always thought Suri had her dad’s nose – very distinct and a little on the wider side – but after seeing Katie’s photo as a child, I now see Suri has her mother’s nose AND features!

Wow! Suri is just beautiful – always has been and always will be 🙂

michelle on

Suri is such a little cutie and I’ll bet the modeling agency’s and top designers will be clamoring after her when she gets older, especially if she gets her mom’s height.

It’s so time for the people spouting the conspiracy theory’s to just give it up, they are just stupid and implauseable. Suri is a beautiful mix of both Tom and Katie.

ZOE on

i don’t know…she looks a lot like katie, but i also see a lot of tom in her. their genes blend really well i guess. they should make more babies. i’d love to see a baby boy from them or another baby girl.

Emily on

I’ve never understood those silly rumours that Suri wasn’t Tom’s child. Crazy! She looks so much like both of her parents. (Definitely takes after both). I think she’s gorgeous and they do all seem so happy.

Sadaf on

Suri always wears such loose-fitting dresses. Can’t seem to remember the last time I saw her in pants.

Anne on

Suri looks very much like the two younger sisters of Tom. What the sisters look like now, so will Suri to a great extent.

Bancie1031 on

While I do think that Suri is Tom’s, I think that Suri is a spitting image of Katie. She’s such a pretty little girl and I just love seeing Tom hold her. I wonder where Katie is though if Tom and Suri were leaving the city…

Suri Cruise Italia on

I’ve found the dress

suri wore Juicy Couture Cami Dress
you can find it on juicy couture website

KarenA on

So very adorable. What a lovely pic. 🙂

babyboopie on

All Katie.