Minnie Driver Bares Belly in Bikini

08/25/2008 at 11:30 AM ET

Minnie_driver2Spending the weekend with her pregnant sister Kate, Minnie Driver looked great as she bared her belly in a bikini on Sunday in Santa Monica. She strolled along the beach’s shore before hopping into the waves to cool off.

On Saturday, the 38-year-old actress and singer kept it casual in a hat and black wrap dress while hitting the shops in Malibu (see extended post).

Minnie expects her baby, a delivery surprise, any day now!

Photo by Gerallt Radcliffe/Pacific Coast News; Most Wanted/Flynet.

Click ‘Continue Reading’ for a photo of Minnie from Saturday!


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Luciana Caczan on

It’s a boy for her! I am sure about it.

Stacie on

Wow! She looks fantastic! I remember when I was as far along as she is, my stretch marks showed up with a vengence. She part of the lucky ones I guess. Can’t wait to see that baby!

steph on

wow she has gotten huge! she looks good though. If wives tales are true it looks like a boy belly.


Kassey on

Yes I totally agree Luciana, it is DEFF. a boy! I have always saw her as the kind to have one since the day I found out she was pregnant lol! And she deff. looks great, no stretch marks at all!


i wish she would have the baby soon and stop being on this web site. i can’t stand her or her acting!

kendrajoi on

Me three- I think it’s a boy, too. She’s all belly.

Elyse on

I’m going to laugh if we are all wrong, but I am saying boy as well. Kassey, I agree I have always only seen her having a boy. It’s kind of weird that we all thought that isn’t it?

susan on

i hope that she really soon. that will free up space on this web site for more interesting articles. yes i would say that to her face!

Allison on

I always thought Minnie was having a girl.. but I thought the same thing for Gwen and look how that turned out, so we’ll have to wait and see.

On a side note, the picture of Minnie with her pregnant friend made me smile.. everyone should have a “pregnancy buddy” to go through it with.

Bren on

Wow!! NO stretch marks… 😦

She looks great!

Toni on

That is Minnie’s sister Kate. She is expecting her third child. I know Kate in London and met Minnie a few times and she is the most down to earth person. She’s laid back and very friendly. I wish her all the best with her first baby.

Vanessa on

That is her sister, Kate Driver.

Michelle on

I am going to go the opposite way and say girl for Minnie.

I love that women don’t feel like they have to always cover their bellies….especially on the beach.

Can’t wait for her to have this baby. Is it really a delivery surprise? I thought she knew, but wasn’t sharing.

Gina on

Ladies, there are streach marks. If you had them she has them. Just because she is famous doesn’t mean she was spared.

CTBmom on

Wow. She looks great….it can’t be long now.

LolaBean on

Okay as a mom who has three BOYS and carried them differently each time, I can attest to the fact that the way one carries doesn’t mean anything. Also some women get no stretch marks, celebs or not. The nurse after I delivered my third son said she never had stretch marks and that it depended on your genes.

Chana on

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – the old wives’ tale is JUST THAT. I’ve had friends who have carried the “girl way” and had boys, carried the “boy way” and had girls, etc. There’s really no stock in it at all.

That being said, as a person, I see Minnie having sons. I can imagine it better.

Annemarie on

Gina if she had them we would see them I would think. They are usually red and purple when “fresh.” I personally was lucky enough not to get any during my pregnancy, but my mom has them, so I assume next baby I’ll get them since they’re supposed to be genetic. If that’s her sister and she also doesn’t have them (with her third pregnancy!), I bet their family is lucky enough not to get them.

She looks wonderful!

Hea on

Gina – Do you SEE them?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a celebrity with stretch marks. How do they do it?

Kate on

Stretch marks are a hereditary thing…not every woman gets them, but if your mother did, you probably will. Looks like she got the lucky genes, unlike me who’s belly looks like a roadmap each pregnancy.

Kelly on

i think boy i dont know why i just am thinking boy. thats funny that their pregnant together

Steph on

She looks great. I wonder when she’s due.

I was pretty big with my daughter and I didnt get any stretch marks at all so not everyone gets them.

kimk on

I had 2 boys and was one of the lucky ones, no stretch marks. But I did have to have surgery a month after my son, so I got little scars from that..

Anne on

I used cocoa butter on my belly and never had stretch marks.

JK on

yea, it’s a boy. Gwen was shaped the same way. it’s always the “basketball” tummies that end up being girls. The tummies that are so full looking are always boys. (my personal experience and observation.) Can’t wait to this little one. Minnie looks gorgeous..she always does. I’m so happy for her.

Holly on

I carried the same way as Minnie and I have a darling little girl. I think she’s also having a girl (just a feeling) as one can’t tell the gender by the way a woman carries, it’s just fun to guess. I can’t wait to hear the details!

Stephany on

I LOVE that beach picture of her and her sister, just strolling along in their bikinis and big, pregnant bellies. That is absolutely beautiful.

I’m thinking a girl for Minnie but I’m always wrong. Ha. I thought it was a girl for Gwen and a boy for Nicole. ;] So it’s probably a boy.

kate on

In regards to the whole stretchmark debate I really think it is down to genetics… My son was 8lb 6oz when he was born and I don’t have any stretch marks whatsoever, however my friend whose baby was smaller, has a belly covered in them!!

Just luck, I guess (however I also used Cocoa butter and Bio-Oil which seemed to help).

I think Minnie and her sister look amazing. Pregnant bellies are a very beautiful sight x

Stéph on

Hea- Yes even celebrities do have stretch marks. Look here to see Katie Holmes’:


I think Minnie looks great, I have no guess on what the baby’s sex will be, I just can’t wait to hear about it.

Kait on

Goodness! I would be sooo proud of that belly, she is just flaunting it. It’s so big, but I bet she’s excited to have the baby. Do you think she’ll ever reveal the father of the baby or do you think we’ll be able to tell if pictures show of the baby as a toddler?

Dawn on

Minnie and her sister Kate look so adorable! I think that Minnie is having a boy. That’s my thought.

nicola on

The only thing I noticed is that the bikini doesnt match lol

J.J. on

I think it’s a girl for Minnie. Just putting my two cents on that…

terri on

Pregnancy might be the only time that I’m confident enough to wear a bikini! At least I’ll have an excuse for having a belly. Minnie and her sister look great!

brooke on

I’m not into the whole bikini thing when pregnant, but yea she is lucky she has a big belly and no stretch marks. I always see celebrities showing their pregnant bellys and I never see a stretch mark, that and they get in shape within a week, they must have some good secrets lol. Stretch marks can be prevented by good creams and oils though, you might still get a few if it runs in your family, but it defintley lows your chances of getting tons. Not always pregnant women get them either, a lot of heavy women also too. And I think girl for minnie

Nancy on

I had two children and have no stretch marks. I thought since I’m fair-skinned that I would get them, but that wasn’t the case. I did get lots of spider veins on my legs, though, and would gladly trade them for a few stretch marks on my belly where I could hide them!

Nixx on

I am currently 9 months pregnant and would LOVE to be brave enough to wear a bikini to the beach! Instead I’ve been wearing tank tops over mine.
Minnie looks great!


I love pregnant ladies showing off their curves! It’s so refreshing because many pregnant woman wear big tents.

They both look FANTASTIC!


I think she looks amazing, I love when pregnant women show off their belly it’s so cute. It seems like all of her weight went in her tummy. Can’t wait to hear what the name and the gender is.

Carol on

I think she’s having….a baby! Really I don’t care if she has a boy or a girl and I bet she doesn’t either. She hasn’t dropped at all.

desaudia on

the swimsuit pieces are from old navy..i have them but the matching versions:) she looks cute

eva on

How sweet it must be to be pregnant at the same time as your sister 🙂

Sheila on

That is the cutest picture! I remember going to the beach 8 months pregnant with my first daughter and my sisters dug me a hole so I could lay down and tan my back!! I bet she’s having a boy too! Congrats on the no stretch marks– I didn’t have any the first time around and I only got ONE with my second.

Kate on

How fun for her to be pregnant with her sister!!

My sister and I each have 5 kids and were pregnant at the same time 4 times. It was a lot of fun and our kids are very close.

legemc on

I have never been pregnant but I am pretty much covered head-to-toe in stretchmarks! Seriously, I even have them on my shoulders and knees! I’ve had them since I was around 14. I guess a combo of weight fluxuation and genetics. It sucks!

I-dra on

I. Love. HER!!! i hadn’t given her much attention until she became pregnant, but every comment from her about her pregnancy & birth just resonates with me. her baby is getting big! ooohh…. almost time! i’m wondering if she can breathe. i remember late pregnancy & the miracle of breathing comfortably when the baby dropped.

emma on

I think girl!! she is carrying the way i carried with my daughter. I love guessing boy/girl! i know there are only two variables but what the heck!

I’d like to know (for next time) whether anyone rubbed cream on their pregnant bellies and still got stretch marks?

grace on

her belly looks just like mine did and i had a girl, so i’m going to be different and say girl:) although i really do see her with a boy for some reason. i think that’s cause she strikes me as kind of tomboy and i can’t see her with a girl. either way, she looks great and i can’t wait to find out what it is.

emma, prettymuch everyone i know used cremes, some got stretch marks, some didn’t. i can’t tell if it has to do with how much you gain, genetics, or how fast you gain! i’ve heard if you gain alot at once you’ll get more than if you slowly gain. i gained 25-30 lbs throughout my pregnancy, most in my belly and my behind haha. i used the cocoa butter creme instead of lotion, in the big jar. it’s greasy and doesn’t smell that great, but i swear it worked:) oh, and i put some on my breasts, we all know how much they grow too!

Autumn on

Woah she’s coming along all right! She’s brave wearing a bikini that late in her pregnancy, although based on this pic she has few stretch marks, so good for her!

I wonder when her baby will be born and what it is, boy or girl?


Her sister’s name is Kate I think.
They both look gorgeous.Minnie was conviced it’s a girl so I can imagine her with a girl.
But I think It’s boy.Anyway,I can’t wait for hear the baby name!

Sami on

Wow, she looks great! I can’t wait until her baby is born. I really have no feeling one way or the other as far as if it is a boy or girl. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

re: stretch marks, her sister’s belly looks great too. Not much evidence of 2 prior children that I can see from the photo. Nice genes, ladies! And Minnie’s sister must be really tall or wearing big shoes, b/c I think Minnie is pretty tall and Kate is looking even taller in the photo.

SarahLee on

I’ve had 2 babies and no stretch marks with either. My mom didn’t have any. My mom and I are both tall, so I don’t know if that helps, but I do think it’s mainly genetics, if not entirely. Lots of women didn’t get any but used cocoa butter or whatever, but they were not going to get any anyway, but they credit the lotion they used. Lotions barely penetrate. Stretched skin happens well below the layers lotion reaches. I have two girls so they’ll probably not have any stretch marks either if they choose to have kids. The only thing I can say is that my stomach skin is slightly looser after my second baby but that is it. I gained 25 lbs with each one.

Miche on

I rubbed cocoa butter and Vitamin E lotions on my belly at least twice a day and the last month of my pregnancy (baby came a week late), my belly exploded with strech marks all over.

These women look great – congrats to them!

SouthernBelle on

Minnie looks great and I’m not even going to venture a guess! Everyone said when I was carrying exactly like her that it was a boy and I had a girl, so I don’t even try to guess. Yes, good genes are wonderful. After three babies (the last one 8 lb. 2 oz. and I was a size 4 and 5′ tall!!!) I had no stretch marks and my other pregnant or formerly pregnant friends hated me. It’s def the genes because I didn’t even do the cocoa butter or other lotions to minimize stretch marks…just never got them.

Gina on

She has the indented white type strech marks which are the same as myself. I saw a picture of her on some magazine website and noticed them. If I ever find that picture again I will post website.

CelebBabyLover on

Kait- I doubt we’ll be able to tell who the baby’s father is by looking at pictures of him/her. Minnie has pretty much made it clear that the father is not anyone famous (which seems to be the main reason she’s keeping his identity private. IMO, she sees no reason why he should suddenly have to be thrust into the spotlight).

Therefore, it’s doubtful that he’s anyone any of us would recognize. Anyway, I hope Minnie has a girl, since she’s said both that she’s convinced she’s having a girl and that she’s hoping for a girl.

Sheila on

I wonder if she had the baby yet? We haven’t seen in her a while!!