Misty May-Treanor is Ready to Focus on Family

08/25/2008 at 07:00 AM ET


Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh love their sport of beach volleyball, but the pair admit that after winning the Olympic Gold Medal in Beijing, China, that there’s one thing left to accomplish — motherhood. Misty, 31, is the first to admit that "we both want to start a family," and that "we need to slow down and breathe a little bit, focus on our families." Even if Misty starts a family, she knows that she will return to the court again, because she would like to "have my kids see me play." She also hopes that Kerri, 30, will be alongside her, noting that, "I can’t imagine playing beach volleyball without her."

Misty is married to Florida Marlins catcher Matt Treanor. Kerri is married to fellow pro volleyball player Casey Jennings. It was revealed this morning that on September 22nd, Misty will begin competition on Dancing With the Stars.

Source: LA Times; Photo by Barry Brecheisen/WireImage.

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Dani on

Misty must be willing to wait a bit longer to try for a family being that she was cast on “Dancing With The Stars” today!! But good for her. She is taking her 15 minutes and running with them!!
Good Luck Misty and Maks!

Veronica on

Dani, I was about to say the same thing. That is amazing that she is coming straight from Bejing to the dance floor. Also, I am shocked that Brooke Burke is on the DWTS cast. From that last CBB interview, it sounded like she really had a lot on her plate, now that she is the mother of 4. Good luck to both of them!!!

Elyse on

Thats exciting, Brooke and Misty! I haven’t really ever followed Misty until the olympics this year, but I have to say I really like her. That is funny though how she is talking about starting a family, but is turning around right after the olympics to be on DWTS. I’m sure she will start her family when she is ready though. 🙂

Annette on

That’s great for the both of them. Can’t wait to see Misty on Dancing With The Stars. Hey, does anyone know where Misty might have bought her top? It’s very nice and the color is beautiful.

MB on

She may not have to post-pone it that much to be on the show. I mean, not trying to jinx her, but a couple gets eliminated every week so who knows?

I totally missed that Brooke Burke was doing it too! How fun!

I may actually watch this year lol.

brooke on

Brooke burke will be great for DWTS, she has a killer body, a great personality, and seems like a lot of fun. She always likes to keep herself busy too,even with 4 kids she likes to work and balance everything, good for her

Laura on

Misty’s husband did say last week that she has a few commitments after the Olympics so maybe this was a planned one. Plus from what i have read her and her husband don’t see much of each other while he is still playing baseball so maybe they will officially start trying for a baby in his off season. She has said she is taking all of 2009 off.

Christine on

I loved their interview after they won saying “We need babies!”

I’m Canadian and didn’t follow these 2 until the final. They profiled them on our Cdn broadcast and I really became a fan!
Can’t wait to follow them into motherhood!

Kelly on

All I heard about while they where in the Olympic is about how they both wanted to have children now, and like it was an asap sort of thing.

I just dont understand then, why she is going to dancing with the stars?

erica alayne on

How lovely for both of them! I was so happy when they won the gold medal. 🙂

And as far as Misty doing DWTS; as we all know, just because you are ready for a baby right then and there doesn’t automatically mean in one shot you’ll be pregnant. 😉 Especially with baseball season still going for Misty’s husband, they’ll have plenty of time. Even if they are waiting for the baseball season and DWTS to be done to start trying, that’s still in the very near future. It’s not as if she’s putting off baby plans for a couple of years by doing DWTS!

Soon doesn’t have to equal tomorrow.

Hope on

Misty and Kerri still have the rest of the AVP tour. I am pretty sure the tour ends on sept. 27th.

helen on

what’s the big deal? she’s an athlete, to her DWTS is same as training, but less work, it’s like dancing 6 hours every day, and she wont be spending her nights in the studio. It’s also a good way to stay in shape, and her chances will likely increase if she’s working out, as oppose to not working out, when it comes to fertility.
This woman can do it all, also she is in good (healthy)age range to start family, it’s early enough (before 35) so her chances are good.
Go Misty!