Julia Roberts and Kids Hang Out in Hawaii

08/25/2008 at 12:30 PM ET

Julia_roberts1 It was a busy day on the beach and at the pool on Sunday for Julia Roberts and her three kids! The 40-year-old actress scooped up 14-month-old son Henry Daniel, then hopped for a swim with 3 ½-year-old fraternal twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus "Finn" Walter. Julia and family are currently vacationing in Hawaii.

Photo by Steven Crantz/Pacific Coast News.

Click ‘Continue Reading’ for a photo of Julia, Hazel, and Finn in the pool!


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Susan on

Wow, it’s not often we get to see Julia in total mom mode. She looks completely at ease and her kids are beautiful.

Sarah on

He looks like a young Macauley Culkin, IMO!!!

Very cute … what a lovely grin on his little face!

Jessica on

I love Finn’s red hair and Hazel and Henry’s blond hair. Don’t get to see much of this family, too bad. I’m not going to lie, I don’t like Danny so I’m glad he’s not in the pics.

SJ on

Where does Finn’s red hair come from

annie on

WOW! we never see pictures of Julia with her kids. Little Henry looks exactly like Hazel. Look at the hair on Finn!

Lissette on

Cute kids! Henry kind of reminds me of Macaulay Culkin(the Home Alone kid).

Brooke on

We haven’t seen Henry for a while….He is a cutie!

Kristin on

Henry Daniel is a clone of his Mommy……so adorable! The other two look like Daddy……..so sweet!

phoebe on

Wow! No mistaking who mummy is! Gorgeous family!

Michelle on

Julia used to be a redhead, right? I am guessing that’s where Finn gets it. So adorable.

Jen K on

Sarah, that’s exactly what I thought!!! Looks exactly like Macauley Culkin.

Rebecca on

I’m I the only one who thinks she looks pregnant?

CTBmom on

It’s been a while since I’ve seen pics of Julia and her kids. They are all adorable, and I have to agree with the other posters who said Henry looks like Macaulay Culkin.

Candice on

Rebecca, I thought so too! But I think it may just be the style of her shirt in the first picture.

Anyway, it’s nice to see these kids again. They are growing fast, and boy, they are cute! Hazel is absolutely gorgeous.

Shannon on

I thought she looked pregnant too but I am thinking it must just be the wind blowing her shirt out since their hair is all over the place.

3boysmomma on

I thought she looked pregnant as well. Her babies are so cute. I love seeing her with her kids. She looks thrilled. WOW…Henry does look exactly like Macauley Culkin. That is very strange!!

Y on

LOL He does look a lot like Maculay Culkin! I was just going to say that too

Laura on

There are rumors on other sites that she is pregnant again. although she has stated in interviews that 3 was enough for her, but maybe an unplanned pregnancy? or maybe her body is just not the same after 3 kids 🙂

Jacky on

Henry is SO cute!

Stephany on

What a beautiful family! Henry does resemble Macauly Culkin a whole heck of a lot! And that red hair on Finn is just WOW! Haha. I love this family. So natural and down-to-earth.

Kelly on

WHOA thats some red hair! lol he & Hazel are the most faternal twins i think ive ever seen most have a couple of the same features but i dont see any does anyone else?

Michelle on

Her kids are very cute — I haven’t seen a picture of Henry in ages and yeah, as everyone’s said, he looks like MC. I don’t think she’s preggers. I think it’s the way she’s leaning and the way the wind is blowing at her shirt. In the second picture I don’t think she looks pregnant.

Stéph on

I also thought she was pregnant when I first saw the picture, but then I realised it was propably the wind and when I looked at the second picture I realised that she really wasn’t pregnant. With three young kids like that, it must be hard, I understand she doesn’t want another, I wouldn’t either. I would rather wait.

Cezzie on

I can’t get over how much Hazel looks like her mother. She’s a mini version of her.

SJ – Isn’t the red hair from Julia? *Loved* her as a redhead in Pretty Woman.

Montoya on

The kids are cute. I’m guessing that Finn might get his red hair from Danny, who has a very red beard.

brooke on

Wow what a redhead her son is. The kids look a lot like julia I guess if I had to choose, they all resemble each other though.

Kait on

I LOVE her. Been a fan of hers since I was 7. And wow. Her kids are just the most beautiful, a Macauley Culkin, a little stunning red head (love it!) Hazel and Henry look more like twins than her ‘n Finn, but the bunch is too cute!

I hope she has another baby soon like they’ve wanted; she just seems like… one of the best rolemodels (as a mum AND celebrity) out there. Which… we all know is completely hard to come across now. She’s too classy and amazing.

Xan on

Ha! You all got ahead of me with the Culkin comments:) Cuties, and that red hair is gorgeous!!!

terri on

I was just about to say that he looks like Macaulay Culkin but I see that I’m too late!

Mindy on

If I’m not mistaken, the “red-head gene” has to be passed down from *both* sides of the family.

lilith on

Cute kids and one beautiful mama! Regarding the pregnancy: i don’t think that she looks pregnant at all. She’s a 40 year old woman with three little kids under the age of 4, so her stomach might not be the flattest out there, but still very good looking.

aurora mia on

Oh how cute are they. I love her too. In other pictures I have seen of Hazel, she looks like Cindy Lou Who! Great pictures. Cute babes!

amanda on

I have a red head and my husband and I both are blondes. My mother in law and my uncle are red heads, the gene does have to come from both sides and I do believe that Julia is a natural red head. Also there is no way she’s pregnant is you look at the picture of her in the pool in the bikini!

Jo on

I’d like to look that pregnant on a thin day!

She looks great and happy, I doubt she’s pregnant again.

Rebecca on

Her kids are so cute! I love Finn’s hair.

sadie on

Julia had blonde hair as a child, so I’m not sure the red hair in Pretty Woman was natural. Even so, it was more auburn; Finn’s is definitely more “woohoo” red!

L on

Henry got his momma’s huge smile. Beautiful family!

Doreen on

Awww look at the lil guy!! CUTE! Looks like Macauley Culkin or Macauley Culkin’s kid!! 🙂

Anc on

Hahaha, I’m at the same hotel. The kids are absolutely adorable. We were having lunch at the table next to her the other day and Henry was walking around the restaurant being chaced by what I think is a grandma. Julia and Danny are really cute together too. Very in love.

Anc on

Oh and regarding pregnancy rumors. I saw her drinking wine and she is very lean in person. She is even prettier in person too.

ZOE on

mini Macaulay Culkin, lol

Anc on

OMG! I’m freaking out now! I was having dinner again at the restaurant in hawaii where I saw julia earlier this week and I looked up… And Courtney Cox-Arquette, David Arquette and Coco where sitting behind me. Hahaha Hilary Swank was next to me at the pool today too

lilith on

Oh Anc, please tell us more :-). I would love to see a photo of the whole family (Danny included). Btw, Julia looks pretty tall in pictures, what would you say is her height?

ma74 on

Henry :):):) I’m so happy to see him.He’s adorable

Cait on

I found this picture on ONTD a few moments ago. I definitely think it was just the way that white shirt was billowing in the breeze! She looks great!


Laurie on

I love Julia and her kids are so cute
I have a big family 6 kids and i loved
every min. of it when they were little
so enjoy them while you can It seems
like little Henry should still be a baby

helen on

wow she looks preggers- finn is the onlyu cute kid!! henry- woof

Bancie1031 on

In the first picture I would have sworn that she was pregnant again … but from the second picture it doesn’t look like it …. This is the first good picture that i have seen of Henry and he’s just the cutest!! Would love to see more pictures of him along with Hazel and Finn.

SouthernBelle on

OMG, I can’t believe how much little Henry looks like Julia! I’ve seen pictures of her as a child and the resemblance is amazing.

LolaCola on

Kait, Laura is right Julia stated that 3 was enough for her.

Julia’s hair was blonde as a child and got darker as she got older, it became more of a brownish color, so red is not her natural hair color but she might have a red head gene.

mind on

Beautiful kids! Their gonna be famous one day like their parents!

Megan on

We saw Julia and fam in Hawaii…they looked very happy and relaxed…especially since there were no paparazzi around and the rest of us were just moms and dads swimming with our kids. Must be nice for them to just be NORMAL.

anonymus on

I love this woman is amazing and very rare to see celebrities (although more and more are) taking charge of their own children. Julia is a clear example that a person can be very glamorous and a celebrity on the red carpet, but when you get home is a mother like any other and takes care of his family.