Starbucks Run for Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

08/25/2008 at 10:30 AM ET

Jennifer_garner2After a few hours of househunting in Brentwood, actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, both 36, made a pit stop at Starbucks for some cold drinks.

The couple expect their second child this winter — Jen says they want to keep the specific due date and sex of the baby private.


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Lissette on

I’m predicting another girl for them.

CTBmom on

They are definitely one of my fav celeb couples. Jen looks great….and I’m really thinking a boy for them.

sinclair on

v.cute top on Jen. any info on it, CBB??

thx. 🙂

Kristin on

I am also predicting boy!!!

kendrajoi on

I am thinking the same thing, that they’re going to have another lil Violet. BUT, I also was thinking Gwen would have a girl, so…:)

kendrajoi on

Oh, and says she’s due in Nov. I wonder if that’s true?

brooke on

Love this family, and I think another girl for them. I’m guessing she will give birth late nov or early dec, around violet’s birthday. She is carrying very big, looks smaller than her pregnancy with violet

emma on

why would they be househunting when they are having a new house built for them?

Annemarie on

They’re probably just looking at other houses that are like the one they are building to get ideas for theirs. That’s what my husband and I did (well, we were remodeling, not building from scratch). We “stole” someone else’s breakfast nook and porch layout!

Luciana Caczan on

It’s a boy!


Where is Violet.. She is permantly attached to Jen.. It is nice to see Ben again Thanks Celebrity baby blog..!!! They are on their way to Denver for the DNC convention….

blackrose on

i think its a boy.. because i just cant imagine another Violet! shes just too cute and unique!

Elyse on

Love them! It always makes my day better seeing photos of this family. Can’t wait for the new little one, and Jennifer looks fantastic!

3boysmomma on

I think it is a boy because her bottom looks bigger and that is what happened to me…

Laura on

She looks better this pregnancy than with Violet. but it is hard to tell how far along she is exactly because some days she looks bigger than others depending on what she wears.

Stephany on

Gosh, I love this couple so much! I can’t wait for this baby. I’m hoping for a little boy, although a sister for Violet would be great as well! :]

Valerie on

I agree that her shirt is nice, but it just looks like a regular grey t shirt to me that could be purchased anywhere from Target to a fancy boutique.
There always seems to be such a fascination with celebrity clothes- a kind of “I need that!” thing. I don’t understand it because usually celebrities wear such expensive clothes that only they, or other millionaires, can really easily afford. Places like Target and other stores for the rest of us regular people have wonderful clothes too!

Julia on

I think she is due Nov 23. The date on that paper she carried out of the OB was March 2, and assuming that’s her conception date, her due date would be Nov 23.

I’m predicting a girl. Only because I thought Gwen would have a girl. I think Kingston and Violet should hook up. 😀

Jo on

Jen looks so fit and toned, even pregnant!

Liv on

I think a girl!

Christina on

I’m curious about the coffee — i thought obgyns recommend cutting out caffeine (but i don’t have kids, so I could be mistaken…) what were others told??

Nina on

i think its a boy… she looks great!!!

Anne on

I am predicting a Christmas baby for them. I am pregnant right now with my second baby due Nov 28, and my belly is MUCH bigger than hers…and she and I have similar builds. But everyone carries differently.

katharine on

I would love to know what she is drinking and eating! How I miss my morning runs to Starbucks. My double latte and croissant. I stopped for fear of not knowing what to order dont like the taste of de-caf. Looks like tea, but if anyones knows please pass it on…Oh, and she looks Fab and I love her tee it looks so soft and comfy!


I think she’s due in late November/early December,maybe around Violet’s third birthday on the 1st of December.So,they know the sex????

Shawna on

Coffee in moderation is fine while pregnant. I don’t like coffee but I drank 1-2 cokes a day while pregnant with my two girls (it was some weird girl pregnancy obsession because I didn’t drink it while pregnant with my son) and my midwife said it was fine.

Also about the March 2 date – it is impossible to know to the date what date you conceived unless you are charting your temps and ovulation signs. No way a doctor could give you a piece of paper telling you when you conceived. Let her keep her due date to herself, it’s her business.

Nicole on

Theres no proof that cafienne can hurt the fetus, but because of that, its recommended to cut down on it.

remember, starbucks has decaf drinks, and jen knows what shes doing! 🙂

I think its a boy. We’ll see!

Bancie1031 on

IS it just me or does Jennifer look like Julia Roberts in these pictures?? Anywho great to see one of my favorite celebrity couples out and about …….

And I’m predicting a little girl. —- I’ve done pretty good about guessing this year …. the only one that I wasn’t certain about was Matthew and Camila …. I originally said boy but then became wishy washy (I guess what they say is always true, always go with you first instincts) LOL ….
Can’t wait to see if we got another gorgeous little Violet on our hands or if we have a mini Ben this time?>??