Clay Walker Welcomes Third Child; Introducing Son William Clayton

08/25/2008 at 08:30 AM ET


Update: Clay has posted a picture of his son on his website for his registered fans. Click here to see a thumbnail of the photo.

Originally posted August 6th: Country singer Clay Walker is celebrating the birth of his third child after welcoming son William Clayton Walker last evening. Born three weeks early in Houston, Texas, William weighed in at 6 lbs, 12 oz and 20 inches long, and is the first child for wife Jessica. He joins older sisters MaClay DaLayne, 12 ½, and Skylor ClayAnne, 9, from Clay’s first marriage. According to a statement on his website,

Jessica is doing very well and Clay and the family are over the moon.

Clay, 38, and Jessica announced the pregnancy in March, confirming in late July that they would be welcoming a son.

Source: Clay Walker; Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images.

Thanks to CBB reader Colleen.

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tink1217 on

Congrats to the family!! I used to LOVE Clay way back when he first started out.

babyboopie on

I think it’s funny the way all of his kids have his name Clay incorporated in them in some way!
Congrats on the new arrival William!

roXet on

You think it’s funny? I think it’s fucking sad and a disgusting display of ego.

But that’s just me.

Kristen Thomas on

I love it! I have three kids they all have my name, whether it is my first, middle, or maiden name incorporated into theirs. This includes my son. They all have their own first name, picked out by my husband and my name as the middle name.

Kelly on

yay!!! i think its kind of cute that they all have his name

Summer on

Congrats to the Walker family!!
I saw Clay last week in concert and he looked so happy!!
I can’t wait to see pictures of Will!!!

Loralie on

Congrats to Jessica, Clay, MaClay and Skylor. I’m glad to hear little William and his mommy are doing well!

Lin on

Wow, it seems to me he has to have quite an ego to call his daughters that!

jillyen on

I’m not big on all the kids having ‘Clay’ in their names. ‘Clay’ is a nickname for his middle name Clayton. I could understand if it was just with one child,but three? why do the women agree to that?

Hailey on

I was really looking forward to seeing him in concert at our local county fair. We got the announcement that he could not make it due to his wife going into labor 3 weeks early. I guess it was the first concert he has ever cancelled. Hopefully I will be able to see him in concert some time in the future! Congrats to him and his family!

Chana on

Yeah, I’m not big on all three kids having Clay in their names, either. And they aren’t even…I don’t know, MaClay and Skylor ClayAnne? Claire would have been nicer imo. on

Guess Clay really likes his name!

Passerby on

SO not fair that William gets a beautiful, normal name while his siblings get stuck with nonsense-names like McClay… geeeeze.

mp on

He does seem obsessed with passing on his name. Ego much, Clay?

Beth on

There should be some balance. None of the children have names connected to their mother’s. Jessica and Lori are the names of the kids’ mothers and none of the names even come close. Just my opinion of course.

Courtney on

He isnt the only ne naming the children, a mom signs the birth certificate too!

I had that his first wife was the one who ame up with the names for the older 2 girls.

My husbands name is John and if there was a better way to feminize it I would ahve surely added it into or daughters names. And if Courtney was more male it would be a part of my sons name> 3 our of our 4 kids are named after me in some way, I guess I have a big ego too…or maybe its important to us to include family names in how we named our children.


Gabrielle on

If you guys read the past post about Clay, it was talked about that Skylor and MaClay’s mother picked out their names. Additionally, Skylor’s name is part of Clay’s first wife’s name, Lori.

MB on

Yah, I suggest going back to the next most recent post. Several posters explained the thought behind the girls’ names, which their mother Lori picked out. It’s actually really sweet. The Ma in MaClay is for Ma, Clay for Clay, Da in Dalayne for Da (dad), then there is a part in there for Lori, etc.

Caren on

AHA.. I was wondering what Clay-ish name he’d pick for this one. He’s just as bad as George Forman.

Loralie on

Both girls have both parents names (Clay and Lori) somehow incorportated in with their names. I posted on it in a previous post — MaClay (Ma-mama, Clay is for her dad) DaLayne (Da-daddy. L- Lori, ayne-Jayne, which is mama Lori’s middle name), Skylor ClayAnne (Lor- mama Lori, Clay is for her dad)- Clay joked about wanting a Sky Walker, lol.

Clay’s real name is Ernest Clayton Walker, Jr. I don’t think he liked being a Jr. (don’t quote me on that) but I’m sure they wanted to incorporate his name in there somehow– and if Jessica didn’t want it, they wouldn’t have. Maybe they wanted him to be a “Clay” without being Ernest Clayton III. Either way, its their child… I’m not sure if William is a name from Jessica’s family or just a name they liked. Its cute though.

kmb on

Caren – I was anticipating the same thing. I was waiting to see what other way “clay” could be incorporated into a name.
At least George Foreman’s are boys with boys names.
A girl named MaClay, really?

kimk on

Both of my boys have their fathers middle name, and my youngest also has his first.

CTBmom on

What a cutie he is. I love the name Will!

Orion on

I personally think it’s vain to shove your name in ever child you have. These children need some individuality.

Clay Walker is a narcissist.

Loralie on

Aww–little Will is adorable! I was wondering if Clay was going to post a photo on his site.

Daze on

Little Will is the spitting image of his Dad! How cute!

Lisa on

I know this is late but maybe since he just had a daughter some of you may see this. If you new clay then you would know the names stand for something….
Maclay Delayne is Ma for mama and Clay for clay of course and Dalayne is Da for daddy and layne for lori ..Maybe you should research before you talk about what other people name their children…

Mckekh on

Of my gosh – why such the fuss about the names. Lots of people name their children after themselves. Even more do it alphabetically – either naming them all with the same initial or A, B, C, etc.
And by the way – William looks more like his Uncle than his Dad – sorry Clay.