Spice Girl Mel B is Thinking Twins

08/24/2008 at 04:00 PM ET


It’s no secret that Spice Girl Melanie Brown, aka Mel B., wants to have children with husband Stephen Belafonte when the time is right. When that happens, the 33-year-old is thinking twins. "Steve’s one of eight and has two sets of twins in his family," explained Mel, adding that "I’m really hoping we’ll have twins, too." Between the two of them, Mel and Stephen are already parents to three daughters — Phoenix Chi, 9 ½, Giselle, 4 ½, and Angel Iris, 16 months — and they make it a priority to spend quality time.

On our weekends off we’ll either go down to Palm Springs with the kids or go to the beach. We have a barbecue every other weekend and people over to the house.

Mel and Stephen were married on June 6th, 2007. Phoenix’s father is Jimmy Gulzar and Angel’s is Eddie Murphy. Giselle is Stephen’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Source: Now Magazine; Photo by Jen Lowery/StarTraks.

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ava on

I kind of get the impression having twins is going to become, if it hasn’t already, the ‘cool’ thing to do in Hollywood. Luckily you can’t just choose to have twins or I imagine a lot of people in Hollywood would be doing so.

Nicole on

Did you ever notice that you only hear “I want twins” from people who’ve never actually had them? There’s probably a reason for that.

Olivia on

aww i would love if she had another baby/ies.

lalablahblah on

Ok. I hope that she is blessed to have more children if that’s what she wants, and if it comes in the fahion of twins even better….

but am I the only one that sees the scientific reasons why her aspiriations are a little off?

The the sex of the baby is on Sam… but the twin part is clearly on you Mel B!! Better hope for an extra egg or something.

good luck!

Abbey on

Genetically, fraternal twins are only passed down on the maternal side. Fraternal twins are also more common in older mothers, aged 35+. Identical twins are just chance.

Minnie on

The way she says it, it makes it sound like she thinks she’ll have twins because they’re in his family – a bit unfortunate!

hollie on

Twins aren’t determined by the father

Sara on

It dosen’t matter if his side of the family had 10 sets of twins…it comes from the mothers side.

Kait on

ava, they could certainly do that with in vitro if they wanted to. there’s a lot of money between celebrities. it’s just how badly they want them and what they’re doing is making it a risk not to themselves or the babies but risking the amount of babies.

Christine M on

Also I’m pretty sure twins run in the mothers side, where they release two eggs. Nothing to so with the fathers side. Identical twins are pot luck (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!)

chris on

Isn’t it the woman’s family history (not the father’s) that determines the chances of having twins? Ah well I hope she gets her wish. She seems like a good mom. Talk about a blended family. 🙂

Liesel on

Um, Kait, in vitro is no guarantee of having even one baby, let alone twins. People seem to think IVF is some sort of ‘sure thing’, when in fact it is quite the opposite (it is usually a last resort for those who cannot conceive any other way). I wish Mel B the best of luck with her attempts to conceive her next child(ren).

blackrose on

i always thought that twins were from the fathers side… my grandpa is a twin and his daughter (my aunt) had twins so does that mean i have chance in having twins?.i wish!!.. hope mel with get her twins!

Rachel-Jane on

Blackrose, your aunt inherited it from her father, it’s still on the mother’s side (as she is her twins’ mother).

Sheri on

Twins are determined by the mother’s side – in fraternal twins two eggs are fertilized by two sperm, and in identical twins a fertilized egg splits. Fertility treatments can give a better chance of having multiples (of fraternal twins) because depending on the kind of treatment either more than one embryo is implanted or the ovaries are stimulated to release multiple eggs.

I hope she ensures her current relationship is very stable for a long time before she introduces another child to it. Hollywood marriages are not known to be long-lasting, and with her 2 biological kids from 2 different dads … The best thing she or any woman can do is to make sure her relationship is very stable before introducing more children to it, especially with a blended family.

JM on

Damn I may be in for it!! My grandfather was a twin and my aunt has twins…my brother however has twins too…..I think my chances are pretty high but I prefer one at a time lol.

brooke on

Oh god, every celebrity lately who mentions wanting a baby, doesn’t say anymore oh I hope for a healthy baby, it’s oh i’m thinking I will have twins. Yea well if the use clomid or some other type of fertility drugs, they have a high chance of having twins lol. It’s the new in thing now, years ago it was adopting, than just having babies in general whether married or not, and now one baby isn’t good enough, everyone wants to jump on the band wagon and be cool and have twins lol

Jessica on

My husband is a twin, his dad was a twin, his uncles, ….. But we have NO twins on my side. My doctors said that he may as well not be a twin as far as having that ‘connection’ for me to have any.

But, I have a 5yo and 3 yo and one due in January, so I am thanking my lucky stars right now that this is a single!! LOL

Ashleigh on

This article is not even true beacause Stephen has just one brother and their not even twins.

Tammie on

I am not sure why everyone “wants” twins…..I have identical twin girls, and trust me, it was a shocker when we found out. Although I love them to pieces and they are very cute together, it is HARD work. And remember, you will always have 2 crying babies, not 1. And when 1 gets sick, so does the other.

sadie on

Both my grandmothers had a set of twins, but I never thought for a second that out of 35 cousins it would be me who ended up pregnant with them 🙂 Still can’t work out if I am blessed or drew the short straw! Guess it was meant to be and it is exciting, but it is also incredibly daunting – I guess it would be much easier if you could afford to hire help though.

BritneyMarie on

Ugh! That is just my biggest pet peeve, when people say they want twins. I’m a 22 year old mother of identical twin girls and it’s not cake walk. Sure, it would be easier for a celebrity to do because they have so many things at their disposal, but it’s not something that you can just say, “oh, I want twins” Grrrrr!!!

TwinMommy2006 on

As the mother of Fraternal twins I was not one who ever “Wished for twins” I love my girls but having 2 @ the same stage has been so hard. I had 2 singletons before the twins So I speak from experience. Also A man coming from a family with twins or being 1 himself has no factor in having them. I wish people would become more educated before they speak on the subject. Not to mention A twin pregnancy is high risk and many many women do not end up delivery 2 live babies.
I think hollywood is making out the whole twins thing to be this “in” thing to have.

kendra on

How could her aunt inhert something from her granpa if it’s only maternal?

I’ve read that women pass on the gene when it comeas to twins but I still wonder if that’s the whole truth… My grandfather was a twin and so was my father and now my brother is expecting twins with her wife. Pure coincidence?
I know other families who have twins even though they have twins only on the fathers side. Maybe the men who have twins in their family are drawn to women who are able to have twins? =)

ACK on

I am a mother of 4 year old fraternal triplets boys and a 6 year old boy as well. Trust me the pregnancy and first year of the younger boys life was crazy. If you are able to afford help it takes the strain off, however…
It gets pretty frightening with even a twin pregnancy and all the complications that can arise. Not all have happy endings! I was an active volunteer in a twin and triplet club in our area and there are a lot of unhappy endings and sick sick babies born (to twin and triplet moms).
Thankfully, despite being premature (as all triplets are) my children were born healthy after 3 months of bed rest.
I think anyone wanting to have multiples should really consider what it will entail from the mother over that pregnancy (mother’s can actually have heart failure during delivery as the amount of blood volume in their system amongst other things).They should also consider how it will effect the older children. My son wasn’t even quite 2 when Grandma had to move in with us and become his secondary mother as I was incapable. The time spent at the Special Care Nursery for those weeks after the babies were born and just the shear amount of feedings and changing with that many babies was crazy.My son became grandma’s and daddy’s best friend. I lot my position as my son’s most trusted parent.
Although, having multiples does seem to be the “craze” right now. I have to say that it’s not something I would suggest to jump into if it can be helped. Although twins and triplets are pretty cute to see it does become quite the spectacle when you leave your home and you draw a lot of attention from the public. People will ask private questions to you every day “Are they natural?”. They will eagerly try to touch your children (a no no for any premature baby).
There is also the financial consideration. If the babies are born before 32 weeks gestation they will require a special formula for the first year of life that can cost hundreds of dollars a month.
Having multiples is more than just giving them cute names and dressing them is somewhat similar clothes.
The best of luck to anyone pregnant with multiples. If you are pregnant with multiples. Trust your instincts in the pregnancy and always keep a positive attitude. Be your own cheer leading squad and celebrate every week that goes by and you are still growing the babies.

romie on

I find nothing wrong with her hoping to have twins. Everyone is entitled to hopes and wishes aren’t they? If she ever gets her twins, (which she probably won’t) I’m sure she’ll manage just like everyone on here who have them (and still love them to bits).

brookefan on

After her fiasco with E.Murphy, it’s nice to see her happy. They all look very happy together! She might have just spoken off the top of her head…or in a sarcastic tone, when she mentioned the twins.

C on

I really don’t understand the big deal with her saying that she wants twins. Of course she would be grateful if she had just one healthy baby but she wants two lol.

Nicole Richie said that she wanted twins and I don’t remember comments such as this on that post.

Amber S on

I’m tired of people thinking it means anything because a man has twins in his family. Someone just the other day if twins ran on my side or my husband’s. I said “Um, they aren’t his eggs”. And then I had to explain the whole fraternal/identical thing. Mine are identical, they just happen. Ugh. You would think it’s in the best interest of celebrities to be educated on things they talk about but they just end up sounding dumb. Hahahah.

I don’t know why you guys are so mad about her wanting twins. Just because it’s hard for you with your twins doesn’t mean it will be for her. I have 5 year old identical boys and really I’m thinking it’s only been hard around NOW. Now that they are in school and getting mouthy. Hahaha. Twin babies were very easy for me. So don’t get mad that someone wants twins just because it’s hard for YOU.

TwinMamma on

Good luck to her. I’m glad she’s happy and wanting to expand her family. I don’t see a problem with people wishing for twins. After my twins, I wished my next pregnancy was twins (it wasn’t).

P.S. A father CAN be a carrier of the genetic trait for fraternals and thereby can pass that onto his own daughter.

bren on

Maybe she is already pregnant and found out she is having twins and thats why she is saying? But like many pointed out, its determined by the womens side of the family not the fathers. If its identical twins though, they are just a miraculous thing in and of itself!

Kerri on

Kendra – her aunt could inherit the gene from her grandfather because it’s all about the woman’s genetic make-up when it comes to fraternal twins. All that matters is whether the woman conceiving has a history of twins in her biological family. While her grandfather couldn’t increase the likelihood of twins when he had kids with his wife, he could pass that gene down to any of his kids, and then if any of those kids were girls, they’d have the possibility of having twins. Make sense?

It’s all about the woman having the genes to produce two eggs a cycle when it comes to twins “running in the family.” A father can pass that trait down to his daughter, but he obviously can’t ovulate.

kate on

wow – some of you people need to lighten up a bit. good for her if she would like twins, there is nothing wrong with that. my younger brother and sister are twins and they were fun, relatively easy babies (per my mother). sorry if some of you weren’t as lucky, but don’t take out that frusteration on a stranger. so what if mel b. didn’t know that fraternals have to come from her side, no need to call her uneducated. maybe she isn’t “misinformed” at all. did you ever stop and think maybe she just saw all of the twins in his family and thought to herself, wow – that would be nice (albeit a bit hectic imo :).

SarahLee on

I don’t know, it would be nice if celebrities would get out of their cozy, sheltered little worlds and start being grateful just to have one healthy baby instead of being greedy and wanting to keep up with the celebrity Joneses and get their twins. The whole thing is ridiculous imo, and I can see non-celeb people wanting to jump on the bandwagon and start asking doctors for Clomid, faking infertility, getting Clomid on the black market, etc. It’s sad when selfish caprices become trendy, and yes, it is selfish to mess with nature ONLY because you want twins and not because you really can’t conceive. I highly doubt Hollywood has a widespread infertility problem. I also love how all the twin-having or twin-wanting celebs site twins in their families. Gee, I have twins in my family too but that didn’t make me expect twins nor did I have any. It would be refreshing to hear them say “I want twins because everyone else is having them and it’s great to get two babies for one pregnancy!” Yeah, keep dreaming…