Natasha Kaplinsky Signs Off for Maternity Leave

08/23/2008 at 04:00 PM ET

Natasha_kaplinskyDue with her first child in the coming weeks, British TV presenter Natasha Kaplinsky stepped out for her last day of work before beginning her maternity leave. The Channel 5 host ended Thursday’s show by speaking to viewers, telling them, "I’m off on maternity leave … Thank you for the kind messages and gifts. I’ll be seeing you in a few months time."

Natasha, 35, and husband Justin Bower will welcome their baby in late September.

Photo by Matrix/Flynet.

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k on

I’m completely unfamiliar with her work, as I live in the US, but every picture I see her she looks so beautiful and elegant.

tal on

Wow, a few months. Britains sure do get a lot of leave. I remember thinking how lucky I was to get six weeks in the US!

jmckay on

In Canada Mat. leave is for 12 months.

Helen on

In the UK, mothers can get up to 6 months paid maternity leave and can have another 6 months unpaid. Some employers can give 12 months paid leave, depending on how many years you have worked in the company.

*KP* on

Mat leave can be for up to a year here in the UK . Most women take between 6 months and 9 months. i guess she’s just eager to return to work…. 🙂 For ayone that doesn’t know she’s a TV news presenter in the UK.

Becky on

I saw the movie Sicko and wanted to throw up. Her in the US the average is 6 weeks. I work for a large bank and have good benifits and even then we got nothing. For our company we get short term disability for 6 weeks BUT the first 30 days are “inactive” meaning you don’t get paid. Lame, I know. So for the first 30 days you have to use your built up paid time off and then for weeks 5 and 6 your short term kicks in and even then it was only 60% of my weekly salary and a maximum of $500 a week. Luckily I had paid time off built up to use, but I know many people who don’t so there are getting no pay, the first 30 days after giving birth and then they only get 2 $500 checks from short term for weeks 5 and 6. I saved up and was able to take 3 months off. I am so grateful for that time and would do that again in a heartbeat. I would look at my teeny tiny 6 week old daughter and couldn’t imagine having to put her in daycare, but sooooo many people have to. People here were shocked that I took 3 months off because that is a long leave here. Prett crazy…and sickening. Watch Sicko….it’s an eye opener

OK, I just have to add….I LOVE LOVE LOVE her shirt!! Please please, can anyone tell me how to get it?

Elyse on

Sicko really did show you the disgusting way our health policies work here in the U.S. It really does make me physically ill. After we watched it my mom was joking with me, and she said “well I geuss you just need to marry somebody from Canada or the UK.” I laughed becuase she just said it so matter of factly. But I find it sad at the same time that people here in the U.S. would feel that way.

Before my dad got better insurance this year, my parents had been spending more money on health insurance than they where on rent every month, and that didn’t even cover a lot. My mom alone had a $5,000 deductible (which she could never meet on her own so really it was almost useless.) I think affordable, solid, great coverage health insurance should be available to EVERYONE, no if’s and’s or but’s.

Natasha looks great, and I really love her hairstyle!

Michelle on

I just glanced at this picture and thought it was Eva Longoria. LOL

chloe on

I also thought it was Eva Longoria! LOL

FreeCare4All on

In Canada, some mothers are lucky enough to be airlifted to hospitals in the US to deliver because they don’t have enough beds or doctors to fill the need! And if Canadians get cancer and want a test to confirm that the disease is festering in their bodies, they can come here to the US for a MRI instead of waiting six months to a year for the test in Canada! I can’t wait to move up north and get me some of that free medical care!

Pencils on

I’m also due in late September, and I’m quite jealous of Natasha Kaplinski’s leave. I’m jealous she’s left work already and I have weeks left! However, I know I’m lucky for an American, I work at a company, a small one, even, that allows me 13 weeks paid maternity leave. It’s 13 weeks because I’ve worked there for twelve years, it would be less if I had worked less, but I think the lowest is still ten weeks. That doesn’t include sick time or vacation time, but I’ve basically used all of that up during my pregnancy going to doctor’s appts, taking Fridays off this summer because I’m too tired to work a full week, etc. Because we’re a small company the Family Medical Leave act doesn’t apply to us, so I know I’m doubly lucky. My husband is planning on taking twenty or so days of accumulated vacation and sick time after the baby’s born–he could take unpaid leave, but it would be a very heavy burden on his colleagues, as his shift must be covered and they can’t just hire a temp to replace him at his highly technical job. Also, it would be difficult for us financially.

It’s very difficult to have a baby in the US–how can that be after all these years of “family values”? Is it possible that the term doesn’t mean anything in the real world? 😛

Sarita on

Pencils, could you tell me what sick days are? I have never known and am curious? It sounds like you get a certain amount of days to be sick, but being sick you can’t control, so how does that work?