Javier Vázquez Talks About Daughter's Diabetes

08/23/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

Javier_vasquezThe Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago recently celebrated its inaugural K’s for Kids Gala with some sizable star power in attendance, including many members of the Chicago White Sox. Named in honor of Kamila Vazquez, the 5-year-old daughter of All Star pitcher Javier Vázquez and his wife Kamille, K’s for Kids hopes to raise funds that will benefit diabetes research. Kamila was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 2, and her parents were spurred into action.

Natalia Ferrer, executive director of the Javier Vázquez Foundation, says that Javier’s life changed when he first learned that Kamila has the disorder. "He understands that there are a lot of children that suffer from the same condition that aren’t as lucky as her," Natalia says. Javier, 32, says that "the continuous monitoring of what [Kamila] eats and her blood levels is an incredible job." He adds,

We rarely let her out of our sight.

K’s for Kids, held August 4, drew more than 200 attendees and raised $110,000 for the cause. "I think that I’m helping a little bit in finding a cure," Javier says.

In addition to Kamila, Kamille and Javier are parents to a son, Javier Josué.

Source: The Windy Citizen; Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images.


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MB on

What a great event! My sister was diagnosed at age 11. It’s a difficult illness. She’s super about monitoring it (she’s 16 now) but even with her best efforts she sometimes ends up with some big all-night scares. My mom is considering installing an alarm system b/c of some nights where my sister went so low and couldn’t call out for help. I can’t imagine how even more difficult it would be on a family to have such a small child get diagnosed. Keeping the child healthy becomes even more of a family effort then. We’ve suddenly had a ton of kids in our small town get diagnosed; there is concern high radon levels may have something to do with it, but no one knows for sure. Here’s to a cure! 🙂

steph on

What a great cause, my daughter was dx at age of 22 months. She is now 15. I wish they would find a cure. We do great with it but still its a PITA and would be better if we didnt have to deal with it.


Kelly on

good for him for speaking out about it i was diagnosed with type 2 when i was 12 (now im 14) & it is really hard & you dont see many people speaking out about it the only person ive ever really heard was Nick Jonas so kudos to him for speaking out about it

Chasingray on

Just a correction – Type I is referred to here as a “disorder” and “condition”. It is a chronic incurable disease. While I understand the people familiar with it might refer to it in other ways, part of the reason why so little is known about Type I in the mainstream is that it is often lumped together with Type II (which can be reversed in some cases) and it is not always referred to as a disease.

MB on

I thought Nick Jonas has Type 1 (formerly called Juvenile Diabetes)? Type 2 usually comes as a result of weight issues but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have it. Or maybe I misunderstood what you said, Kelly, and you just meant awareness of diabetes in general?

stella on

i’m a type 1 diabetic, too, but was diagnosed later in life, so i didn’t suffer as a child. from my point of view the most important thing is to make it possible for the kids to lead an almost normal life, another point is raising awareness in other people that diabetic people can almost live normal lives with a limitations but that stuff like not giving a diabetic kid a normal coke instead of a diet coke is important and the more other people know about diabetes, hypoglycemias and dangerous situations the more can parents relax and the children lead a happy life. and of course there’s the point that insurance companies should cover devices like continuous bloodglucosemonitoring and insulin pumps!

Kelly on

MB i did just mean in general he has type 1 ive got type 2