Ellen and Portia on Kids: "We Go Back and Forth"

08/23/2008 at 08:00 AM ET

Ellen_degeneresSince tying the knot last weekend, actresses Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are thinking ahead about having children.

"We go back and forth," says Portia, 35. "I don’t know if it’s in our immediate future. It’s something we talk about every few months."

Ellen, 50, says it’s obviously a topic the couple considers quite seriously, sharing,

It’s something we would never take lightly and just say, ‘That wouldbe fun.’ It’s a lot of work and we recognize that. In a way, we want to be selfish because we love our life, but we knowhow much [having children] adds to it.

She jokes, "If they would be as pretty as Brad and Angelina’s kids, we might!"

Source: People.com; Photo by AXELLE/Bauer-Griffin.

Thanks to CBB readers Cecilia and Steph.

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dsmom on

Sounds to me like maybe they shouldn’t have them!

Philippa on

wow I didn’t know Ellen’s 50 already. she looks much younger!

brannon on

I would love to see them as parents! How much fun would that be!

SAR on

Ellen and Portia are such a cute couple. No matter what they decide to do with regards to children — adoption, surrogacy, sperm donor — I know they will be great parents.

Jaclyn on

I just think at there ages, they’d know by now if they were actually going to do it. Although, I think they would be great Mamas.

AM on

goood for them!
i’m glad they’re not adopting
right away just because they have
money and can, enjoy married life a litte

Silvermouse on

They would be awesome mothers!

Melanie F. on

I would love to see these two as moms. =)

Hea on

Girls, you can adopt me if you want to! I’ll gladly pretend I’m 2.3 and not 23!

eva on

I had no idea Ellen is 50.I guess sense of humor does keep people young.Portia was my favourite in Arrested Development and she’s beautiful.I love them both.Best luck!

molly on

Lol Eva I was just going to post that Portia for me is only Lindsay Bluth, no one else !!! My favorite from that show is Lucille One though (although I love Michael too a lot)

P.S. what a difference this comment section is from Ricky Martin’s. People were right, people wouldn’t comment on woman’s sexuality the way they would on men’s when it comes to children. I’d like to know why.

Lauren on

“Lol Eva I was just going to post that Portia for me is only Lindsay Bluth, no one else !!!”

And Portia will forever be Nell Porter from Ally McBeal to me!

As for why people are talking far less about Ellen and Portia’s possible parenthood vs. Ricky Martin’s, there are two reasons:

1) We already know for certain that Ellen and Portia are lesbians; Ricky has yet to confirm that he is gay, strong as the rumors are and have been for years. The fact that he just had twin boys through artificial means is naturally going to cause even more speculation.

2) In most cultures, particularly in the US, there is far more of a social stigma placed on gays than lesbians because of the notion that many gay men act like women, thus not living up to their gender roles. While the “butch lesbian” stereotype also exists, it is not nearly as prevelant as the former.

MB on

I think they’d make lovely parents, but I could also totally understand if they chose not to bring kids into their family because they are both so busy.

I thought the discussion on Ricky was that he was going at parenthood alone, not his sexual preference? I’m not saying that makes someone a good or bad parent, that was just my perception of the conversation.

molly on

I meant rather the comments about Ricky’s parenthood ability, only because he’s (supposedly) gay and that according to lots of people makes him a bad father upfront even though he’s the warmest person I know

LanLan on


Ricky is “the warmest person you know”? -I’m curious, do you know him personally?

Pencils on

I think the difference between this and the Ricky Martin post is that he’s never admitted that he is gay, his having kids was a surprise, and he’s single as far as anyone knows. And the biggest difference is: with a lesbian couple, it’s relatively easy to have babies as opposed to adopting (I did say “relatively” as artificial insemination isn’t a walk in the park.) One or the other uses donated sperm. For a single man, it’s much, much more complicated. All those reasons make Ricky suddenly becoming a dad an involved topic for discussion. It has little to do with Ellen & Portia other than that all three are gay.

Mia on

Well, I think it’s the fact they just got married. They want to really enjoy married life together.

if Portia is only 35, she could (generally speaking) wait 2 or 3 years to have a baby through pregnancy.

And adoption is always an option.