Jake Hitches a Ride with Courtney Thorne-Smith

08/23/2008 at 11:00 AM ET

Courtney_thorne_smithActress and author Courtney Thorne-Smith and a friend (not pictured) took their infant sons shopping in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. Son Jacob ‘Jake’ Emerson, 7 months, stay strapped to mom’s chest in a Baby Bjorn while they peeked in various shops.

Courtney, 40, and husband Roger Fishman welcomed their son back in January.

Photo by JD/KO/Flynet.

682861_1001_lpJake rides in a Baby Bjorn Synergy carrier in black ($149).

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Jaclyn on

I think its great how she’s always wearing him, so before we bash the Bjorn lets please try & remember that she has other carriers and probably just switches them around depending on where she’s going or what he likes.

It’s not ergonically perfect, but using it once in awhile is fine 🙂 I’m not a Mama yet, but I’ve already managed to find deals on a Bjorn, Ergo, BabyHawk, and a Moby…

tine on

Looks not very comfortable –
Courtney should take a note or two from Keri Russel, she is one of the very few “celebrity mothers” who knows how to carry a baby the right way…

Louise on

I personally love this carrier; the child is so comfortable and safe in it, and it is comfortable for the parent as well.

I wonder if she has forgotten to adjust it to his growing body, he is sitting so high up!

SH on

I have 4 kids and several carriers including a bjorn and my kids and I enjoyed them all. We even survived not knowing the “right way” like Keri Russel does. Poor Courtney, she doesn’t know the “right way” to carry her baby, what an awful mother.

Give me a break.

Jaclyn on

Tine, I clicked your name and it sent me to the Ergo site. While I love that product, your comments are not going to draw people to it as it comes off judgmental-ish.

UggaMugga.com on

Jake’s pacifier is a Natursutten pacifier…all natural rubber from a Hevea Brasiliensi tree: ttp://uggamugga.blogspot.com/2008/01/natural-rubber-pacifier.html

CTBmom on

What a cutie little Jake is…he looks alot like mama I think.

Kimberly on

I agree, CTBMom, I think he looks a lot like Courtney…

N.S on

It’s lovely that Courtney is keeping her son close to her while out – but that is not an ideal way to tote a baby around for an extended periods of time.

Forward facing carriers put a significant amount of stress on a baby’s hips, legs and lower back – it is advised that that position is not used for any extended period of time, and definitely not frequently.

Ideally, a baby should be carried either on moms front or back – but always facing in towards their mothers body.

ThroughOurEyes on

Wow its been a while since I heard about her. Her and her little one look absolutely adorable. I hope the photographers weren’t too much of a problem.

Jenny Mary on

My husband and I both used the baby bjorn with our daughter… and had her facing towards us and outwards and she was totally fine. Her legs are fine, her hips are fine and she never seemed to be uncomfortable.

Stephany on

Geez, who cares if she’s carrying him too high or “not the right way”. Obviously, she’ll know if her baby is in distress. What is the point of those comments?

Personally, baby Jake is one of my favorite celebrity babies. I love CTS, she’s great on According to Jim. He is SUCH a cutie!

Renee on

I agree Stephany. Jake looks pretty happy and comfortable to me. I don’t get what the fuss is about. Not all babies are alike

annie on

I think babybjorn knows what they are doing… I am sure they have consulted thousands of doctors over time… Personally I would never use a sling like Keri Russel. I do not believe in keeping a childs spine bent like that. Everyone has different opinions…

kris on

We used a Bjorn with our second and he never seemed to mind. If this little guy was uncomfortable he’d be letting his Mama know!! I can’t believe how big he’s getting. He’s such a cutie!!

Annemarie on

It is true that having the pressure on the baby’s crotch is not the best – a carrier such as the Ergo, or having him in a hip carry in a pouch where the weight will be on his bum is preferable at that age. HOWEVER, I am just happy to see a celebrity mom wearing her baby! I just wanted to corrected some misinformation, but really I think it’s great that she’s wearing him, however she chooses.

FC on

Jake has such a cute little old man face! 🙂 He’s gotten so big, and I think the last time I saw him he was still very new.