Ouch! Kate Beckinsale Gets the Knots Out

08/22/2008 at 12:30 PM ET

Kate_beckinsaleWe’ve all been there, either as little girls or as parents! Kate Beckinsale attempted to get the snarls out of 9 ½-year-old daughter Lily‘s hair — much to her chagrin — on Thursday in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Kate, 35, husband Len Wiseman, and Lily were preparing to board a flight back to the US, ending their vacation.

Lily’s father is actor Michael Sheen.

Photos by JN/Flynet.

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Bren on

Lol sorry but the first picture is funny!! lol

I hated when my mom brushed my hair!! lol back then there was no conditioner so my hair 😦

Mom2boys on

I think this is the first pic I have ever seen of Lily where she isn’t smiling. She is a beautiful girl. I had hair exactly like her when I was younger, and I remember the torture of my mother combing it out!

Emily on

Does Kate have a child with her current husband? I can’t remember if she does or not.

CM on

emily, lily is her only daughter. I read on another site that she does not want any more children but she ended the comment with “there is still time so who knows”

Isabel on

Great to see Lily’s always reading =D

Molly on

Ouch, just looking at that first picture. I remember when I was a kid and my Mom would comb out my hair. I used to have long hair and it would always get tangled.

Cezzie on

Ouch! I remember being like that when I was a child. I was such a tomboy so my hair was always always *always* getting knotted and matted. When my mum tried to run a brush through it it was awful!

Sabina on

Aww, Lily has the same skull bag as I do. 🙂 She always looks so happy and she’s obviously a very healthy child too, I think it’s wonderful to see Kate (and the men in Lily’s life!) do such a grand job of raising her. I feel the same whenever I see pictures of Violet Affleck.

Brittany on

Aw, Lily’s so pretty. She looks A LOT like her father.

And that first picture reminds me of when I was a kid. I had really, really long hair and my mom was always trying to get the knots out of it. It was quite painful.

MiB on

Ouch! I remember that! I have always had long hair and it was a pain until i learned to comb the hair out starting from the tips and working upwards (does that make sense?). I love seeing pictures of Lily, she reminds me a lot of myself at that age, always with a book at hand!

bren on

I have a huge tip for moms when brushing your childs hair…brush the ends first! If you get the bottom knots out first then you make your way up and brush the knots come out easier. I always babysat and when I would have to brush hair the kids would cringe till I actually did it and then the moms couldnt get them to let them do their hair because it hurt lol.