Happy Birthday John Edward Thomas Moynahan!

08/22/2008 at 09:00 AM ET

John_moynahanHappy Birthday John Edward Thomas Moynahan. You are now one year old!

Name: John Edward Thomas Moynahan

Birthday: August 22nd, 2007

Famous for: John ‘Jack’ Moynahan is famous for being the son of model/actress Bridget Moynahan and New England Patriots QB Tom Brady.

Continue reading for more on the cute little boy who could one day be a model or athlete!

Even though his parents split before the pregnancy was announced, John spends time with both his parents. Tom currently resides on the East Coast and visits California, often with girlfriend Gisele Bundchen, and they have been spotted out and about with the young tot. While John is the first child for both Bridget and Tom, Bridget has expressed her desire to have more children, and with Tom having dated Gisele since December 2006, who knows what the future holds?

Describing her favorite sound as her "son’s laugh," Bridget seems to have settled into motherhood this past year, calling it "fantastic" and saying that it has "changed her life." She added that "it’s the most amazing thing. I couldn’t be happier." For his part, Tom says that his son is "truly a joy."

While Bridget says that she obviously never planned to be a single mother, but when she discovered she was pregnant, she felt "100 percent sure that she could do it." She added,

I’m not sure anyone — and I could be wrong in this — grows up thinking, I want to be a single mom…You really have to weigh out all the pros and cons and how it will fit into your life professionally, spiritually, and emotionally.

As mentioned, Bridget has said that she’d "love" to have more children, and while she knows she is capable of raising Jack on her own, she hasn’t given up hope on finding someone to share the experience with. However, the desire to find someone to be in a relationship with won’t come at the expense of her son — Bridget added that she thinks it is "important to have a strong male figure in my son’s life."


Photos by Flynet.

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Jacky on

Happy Birthday Jack!

and before it starts, can this PLEASE not turn into a hate thread about Tom Brady? None of us know anything about the situation or how much Tom sees him to be judgmental.

Cait on

Happy First Birthday, sweet boy!

J on

Happy Birthday! why does he go by ‘Jack’?

Kitty on

Happy 1st Birthday !!! I hope you have a lifetime of happiness and success !

Bridget is doing a wonderful job !

Heather Lynn on

Jack is a very common nickname for John. It is the equivalent of someone named Francis going by Frank or Frankie.

This little boy is soo adorable!! Happy Birthday Jack!

niki on

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

tone on

My older brothers name is John and my mom used to call him “Jack” when he was a baby. My sister and I would find pictures and on the back would say “Jack” or “jackie” and for years we were convinced we had another brother by the name of “Jack”

aurora mia on

What a lovely dignified little family. I love how we always see Bridget and Jack out and about. She seems like a grounded normal mom. How cool is that. She also makes being a mom look so cool! Happy Birthday Jack! Well done Bridget!

Cindy on

Wow…has it really been a year already? What can I say, except that this little fellow is adorable? I love this pic of him the most cos he’s smiling at the paps like a little pro. I admire Bridget so much for the dignity & class she always projects. She and Jack make a wonderful little family.

Happy 1st Brithday, Jack!!

Anais on

Also, John Kennedy went by Jack. Everyone called/calls him Jack, too.

Happy Birthday darling boy!

mika on

I also like the nickname “jack”…My son’s name is Jacob and I call him “jack”…it seems like it has an old time sound to it and you don’t hear it as much often nowadays. Bridget is doing an awesome job raising this happy little boy. My son Jack and Bridget’s Jack are a month apart and I know how hard raising a child can be and I really salute all single moms out there. recent pics of him, I noticed that his hair grew thicker and such a sweet-looking boy.

Pearl on

Happy Birthay Jack!!! You are a special boy and know that you have brought much happiness to mommy Bridget and Grandma and Grandpa Moynahan and all your friends and Moynahan family. It is great to see photos of you and mommy out and about. Wishing you and mommy much happiness and joy always and a fun birthday.

SJ on

John F Kennedy was always known as Jack. John F Kennedy Jr was “John” or “Johnny” to his mother. Caroline Kennedy named her son Jack in honour of her father.

Happy birthday little Jack Moynahan. Your mother is doing a terrific job.

Sarah on

Aww I cant believe hes already a year!! Oh man they grow so fast!! I cant wait to see more photos of him soon, we havent seen any pics of John in awhile!!

Sarah on


lj on

Happy Birthday John “Jack” Moynahan.
A year gone by already!!

Well done Bridget, your doing an awesome job!

Love & Best wishes

Missy74 on

Happy 1st birthday Jack!!!! I hope you are enjoying your big day. Bridget made it through the tought time of the first year and is doing a good job. Jack is lucky to have a responsible mother like Bridget.

Missy74 on

Happy 1st birthday to ya Jack. I hope he is enjoying his big day because he deserve it. Bridget had made it through the first year of Jack’s life and is doing a good job.

JK on

Happy birthday Jack. One year old today. he is so cute and Bridget is a wonderful mother.
They always look great out & about in Pacific Palisades.

Charity on

He’s a gorgeous child. I’ve never seen pics of him with Tom. I was hoping CBB would post more pics of this cutie.

Happy Birthday, Jack! Good job being a single mom, Bridget.

Kerry on

I wonder if she knows how much love we have for her and little Jack! They are the reason I check celebrity babies!! I wish we had more recent photos to see! Cute baby, classy mama.. I love them. I wish things were different with Tom, but it is what it is. Please more pics of Bridget and Jack! 🙂

sue on

Happy Birthday John (Jack) Moynahan!!! Bridget is a fantastic mom…Please,more pics of Jack and his beautiful mom Bridget..Kudos to Bridget, she is a great mom..

nice on


Happy 1st Birthday, sweetie pie! You are such a wonderful, handsome guy, and just from looking at pictures of you and your yummy mummy, I know you have brought your wonderful mom a lot of happiness!

Tyquanna on

As a single mom of one I can say job well done but it’s a shame that they didn’t try for a least a year after the baby was born.