It's a Girl for My Name is Earl Star Jason Lee

08/22/2008 at 05:15 PM ET

Jasonlee_51835330_max_cbbActor Jason Lee and his girlfriend, Aussie model Ceren Alkac, welcomed a baby daughter on Sunday, August 10th, his rep confirms. Other details, including a name, have not been released. The pregnancy was announced in April, with Jason sharing the sex of the baby in May.

This is the second child for Jason, 38; he has a son Pilot Inspektor, 4 Β½, with ex-fiancΓ©e Beth Jean Riesgraf. In explaining his son’s name, Jason told Entertainment Weekly,

[We listened to] Grandaddy’s album The Sophtware Slump. The opening track, ‘He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot,’ absolutely blew my mind when I first heard it. It was from this track that my wife, Beth, came up with the name Pilot for our son.

The new season of Jason’s show, My Name is Earl, will premiere on September 25th at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Source: US Magazine; People; Photo by A. Diaz for Wireimage.

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Emily on

I can’t wait to hear this one’s name!

Amber on

Are you sure the baby’s healthy?
Why else wouldn’t they announce it?

Kai on

I’m expecting a name like Poodle Sunshine

Daze on

Oh boy, I bet this little girl will have an interesting moniker! Can’t wait to hear. Congrats to them.

Kelly on

i agree with Emily i cant wait to hear Baby Girls name & can i say i hope its not as far out there as Pilot Inspektor

Kai on

I’m expecting a name like Poodle Sunshine or LuLu Trixibella

Gemma on

Ooohhh, they have to announce the name.

My bet is on Telephone Legwarmer Lee. Think that flows nicely, no?

Stephany on

I can’t WAIT to hear this one’s name! It should be interesting with a brother named Pilot Inspektor! πŸ˜‰

JC on

I’m sure the baby is healthy they probably haven’t decided on a name yet.

Kai on

I heard its named Neral Kaclee Lee

M on

watch the name be Susan or Jessica
or Emily or Sarah, something simple.

Annemarie on

Amber, I think his new girfriend seems very private. They didn’t announce it until 5 months. Or could be Jason felt name backlash last time and so he doesn’t want to share this time.

The kids do have different moms, so its true, maybe Ceren, having an unusual name herself unlike Beth, went with something very simple!

I hope they will share. Promo for Earl should start soon and maybe Jason will mention something.

Shmoo on

Hi Jason, here’s a heads up on the name thing: Months are okay (April, May), days are not (Sunday). Flowers are okay (Rose, Lily) but fruit is not (Apple). Possibly it’s a pollen versus seed thing. Names shared by five million others are okay (Emma, Grace)because apparently names cannot ever be overused, but otherwise, even if it is actually an established female name (Tallulah), check blogs for acceptability. Boys names for girls are okay(Ashley, Sascha), but boys names for girls are not (Jagger) even if many many other girls already have the name before you use it (Shiloh). And for goodness sakes, don’t use a name from a culture that you don’t visibly belong to (Zuma). I know these are confusing and seamingly random rules, so if you’re unsure, again, blogs are a great resource. Because people you don’t know and will never meet really, really care what you name your kid.

megan on

I know that it seems rather rude that everyone is dissing Jason’s decisions when naming his children, but really- Pilot Inspektor? Maybe this one can be Flite Attendant.

Jesse on

Ha, Schmoo…that is great. I gotta say I LOVE CBB, but dang, people can be judgmental about the names. I like unusual names (my daughter’s name is Luna Nenet), but even if I didn’t-it’s none of my business.
Go forth, celebrities, and name your children after whatever object or concept you so please!

Shona on

Could not have said it better myself Shmoo

L on

On many levels, it is somewhat ridiculous that people care so much about what others name their kids, at the end of the day, it really does not concern us.
That being said, I think that we care because of the implications the name might have for a child. Obviously a newborn, or even a baby, is in no position to control what they are being called, and they are the ones who will have to put up with the name for the rest of their lives. I think that people commenting on what celebs name their kids stems from the fact that the innocent children themselves will eventually be the ones who will have to deal with the repercussions of their name, and it doesn’t always seem fair that parents choose odd names in light of the way in which it might affect the child later. I think it’s fairly reasonable for perfect strangers to say that others naming their children Peanut or Pilot Inspektor is perhaps not the most reasonable thing to do…

MB on

is ceren’s name pronounced ser-an, ser-en, or care-an? or some other way?

Ems on

I think Sailor or Tanner would be great names, even though Tanner is a bit boyish and nasty work wise (both are occupation names!). Really they probably just call him Pilot or Pi which grows on you. I vote Navigator or Shotgun!

Other Occupation Names:

Deanna (means church leader)
Piper (um one who pipes?)
Thatcher (well a thatcher)
Parker (a keeper of parks)
Harper (one who annoys)
Yvonne (bow maker)

BTW, is Audio Science, ( Shannyn Sossamon’s son) surname Sossamon? A.S.S, Please say no!

phoebe on

I love it how we’re not allowed to have adverse opinions anymore! Just for the record, I don’t feel that I have to like a celebrity choice, just because that choice happens to be a baby name. Some I love, some I don’t, but that’s just the way it goes, and I am entitled to respectfully address that, IMHO. Not trying to have a go at anyone, I guess I’m just saying this now mainly because when we do find out the name, assuming it’s as ‘out there’ as Pilot’s name, there will be people that dislike it. That’s why we have forums, so that people can express opinions, and I don’t think they should be criticised for it, as long as they don’t do it abusively. Having said that, your post was very funny Shmoo, I just hope it doesn’t put people off commenting when we do hear the name choice.

Personally, I quite like Pilot’s name, it’s cute and quirky, but I know that some people really dislike it, and that’s okay too. Congrats to the family on their new addition!

Jill on

Audio’s last name is Clayton I believe, like his dad.

Trout's Mom on

My bet is on Mary Ann Alkac. Maybe the new Mommy won’t allow the child’s name to be as unique.

kaya on

I love ‘my name is earl’:)

kaya on

forgot to say… I actually like Pilot as well:)

HeatherR on

I can’t wait to hear the name! I hope he names her Co-Pilot! Lol

JM on

I can only imagine this one’s name!!!!!!!

kristen on

How do you top Pilot? Which I happen to love! Do you go really off of the deep end and name the girl Anna or Elizabeth or something like that??

And for those so worried about the children with unusual names, they will have enough money as adults to change them if they want to. The Phoenix kids changed their “regular” names as kids, the Zappa kids have kept their unique names. Names can end up working for you if you want them to.
Do you think that if Apple decided to become a Brittney, ugh, that she would not be able to?

SK on

his girlfriend is Turkish, so he can go with a simple Turkish name just to make it interesting in English πŸ™‚

MB on

Pilot has grown on me, it’s the Inspektor that throws me lol. I think Luna is a pretty name, Jesse. πŸ™‚

SK on

TO MB, answering your question;

Ceren is pronounced like this:
you read “Cer” like “Ger” in the name Gerry – “en” is like “an”

Erica on

I hear you phoebe? Since when is it not okay not to love a baby name, just because it was given by a celebrity? I get your point Schmoo, but only if people were actually attacking celebrities in a personal way (letters, emails, etc.) which I would bet NOT. Expressing an opinion on CBB should not be contingent on whether or not everyone will agree with it–I have yet to see one poster be really mean about a child or his name, but rather the reasons why a parent would choose a name which undoubtedly will give their kid some issues growing up (ie Peanut Rademacher, ugh.) Again, I honestly don’t think anyone on this site is gonna be storming the doors of these actors demanding that the change their kids’ names, and as long as the discussion remains civil I don’t understand why so many take it so personally when an opinion is expressed that they don’t happen to agree with.

Caren on

After doing some research, apperantly the name Ceren is Turkish for Young Gazelle so it’s not a form of my name, Caren (which is a form of Catherine) like I thought. And with the surname of Alkac Im guessing she is indeed of Turkish descent (Ceren was born and raised in Australia).

MB on

Thanks, SK!

Chicki on

‘He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot,’

Dear Jason Lee:

Please don’t tell little pilot the backstory on his name at least until he’s in college or can fully understand the concept of sarcasm!

Chicki (concerned fan)

blackrose on

cant wait to hear the name!… some ppl are saying thst his girlfriend is Turkish so does that mean shes muslim??..

JM on

I too have never thought Pilot was that bad of a name just adding the Inspecktor was odd. And I also think the name Moxie isn’t so bad but when you add Crimefighter that just puts it over the top! Sometimes less is more when it comes to naming your kids. I think he should name the baby Jett!! Then he’d have a Jett and a Pilot. Kind of cute lol.

Jesse on

Thanks MB. πŸ™‚
Just wanted to add that I respect the rights of people to not like and to express their dislike of a name. (As long as you respect my right to dislike all the disliking :)) I think it was the Zuma Nesta post that got to me, it seemed like 9 of 10 people were saying “Congrats…don’t like the name.” It just made me a little sad. Kids will usually grow into their names while at the same time changing the representation of the name from “inanimate object” to THEMSELVES. Little Peanut will probably grow up to be cute, quirky, funny, etc., and he will be the quintessential Peanut…no other name would sound right. Names fascinate me, if you couldn’t tell.

Jas on

I’m coming from Switzerland and I find the name of his son so weird. Pilot..? And here is inspektor something like a cop! So that’s really crazy to call a child like that!
i hope the girl will have a better name.. if not, poor girl!

LanLan on

I’m sorry but no matter what anyone says the name “Pilot Inspektor” is just plain awful 😦

Kel on

i love strange names. i believe that a name should idealy be only for that one person. i.e. your name is your own.

i have a friend who name their daughter Rytten (like the word “written”) and i love it.

reb on

The baby’s name is Casper Alice