Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale Welcome Second Son, Zuma Nesta Rock

08/21/2008 at 05:05 PM ET

Gwen_stefaniMusicians Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are parents again! Son Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale was delivered by c-section at 12:46 p.m. PST on Thursday, August 21st, at Cedars Sinai, Gwen’s rep confirms. He weighed in at 8.5 lbs, and the middle name of Nesta is in reference to Bob Marley. A statement from the couple says,

Mother, baby and family are all happy and healthy.

News of the pregnancy leaked in January, although Gwen and Gavin, 42, didn’t publicly comment on it until March — maybe because Gwen, 38, had been quite ill. Baby Zuma joins 2-year-old Kingston James McGregor at home.

Source: People; Photo by Pacific Coast News.

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Wow on

Welcome to your name baby! Wow!

Devon on

Congrats to the Rossdales! Definitely not my style when it comes to his name, but that’s exciting they’ve got another little boy in the family!!!


Tara on

I thought the name was a joke at first. Not at fan at all of ZUMA.

suze on

hhhmmmm….not sure about this one. i do believe she had the baby, but have been reading conflicting reports on gender and name. i’m taking a wait and see here…waiting for the “official” announcement from gwen’s rep.

either way – congrats to the stefani/rossdale family!

blue on

Contragulations! Is that really the baby’s name?

StΓ©ph on

Congrats, I’ve been waiting for this news for so long, the name is kinda REALLY unusual, but I think it’s cute.

Congrats again to Gwen, Gavin and King, bet he is a cutie!

Gina on

What an interesting name! Zuma makes me think of the Neil Young album.

Congrats to them!

slm on

Congrats to the new parents!
Interesting name.

Ceebs on

I was so hoping she’d have a girl – a little Gwen would be so adorable. I’m hoping the name grows on me like Kingston did, but regardless, best wishes to the new parents !

Cait on

Yay! She finally had the baby! Very interesting name, I definitely think it’ll grow on me. I love unique names. Growing up with a popular name (I went to high school with 4 other Caitlins and even though we all spelled it differently, it’s still the same name) when it comes time for my children to be name, I definitely want to give them something that will help them stand out in a classroom and not blend in.

Congrats to Gwen, Gavin, and Kingston and welcome to Zuma!

Denise on

Interesting choice of name…I thought they would maybe choose a regular middle name like they did with Kingston, but it’s their choice. I’m glad she’s had the baby though because in the recent images she looked like she was about to pop! I am sure he’s a beautiful little boy.

Rachel-Jane on

Congratulations! I don’t like the name though, very odd. I wonder what the influence was, all I’m thinking is Bob Marley (his middle name was Nesta).

Still, I’m sure the wee one is gorgeous like his brother.

Vicki on

OMG finally!! I am happy to see that it is another boy with so many celebrity girls being born right now. Congrats Gwen and Gavin!!!!

Jenny on

SO EXCITED! I’ve been waiting and waiting for this news!! But the name…eh. Can’t really say that I like it at all. But then again, it is not my child. Wonder where in the world it came from. Nonetheless, I am stoked! Many many congrats and blessings to the family!!

rachael on

um, weird name….

i hope they have a girl someday

Lisa M on

What an interesting name! I was really hoping for a little girl. Oh well.

Congratulations to Gwen, Gavin, and big brother Kingston!

LolaBean on

So happy for them. I like their creative choices with names. It fits them.

Erika on

Yay, I was hoping it was another boy!! Congrats family!

Ruth Munoz on

YAY Congrats to them….weird name though.

ava on

I predicted a girl for these two. Congrats though! The name isn’t really my taste, but whatever….so long as the baby is healthy.

Brie on


Shirelle on

I Knew it was a BOY!

Chloe on

HURRAH! Welcome to the world Zuma, I think thats like the longest celeb pregnancy ever lol! Love the name, very unusual and I bet Kingston will be a fab big brother! Many congrats to Gwen and Gavin on the arrival of baby boy 2!

Kacie on

Not too fond of the name! But to each his own. I’m sure he is adorable like his big brother!

jasmine on

Congrats, yay, it was such a long wait! I like Kingston and Zuma!

Sanne on

Congrats Gavin, Gwen & Kingston! Cool name ;)… Very sturdy of Gavin and Gwen to keep the Jamaican namething alive, Nesta is Bob Marley middlename and his name Rock doesn’t need an explanation does it? Haha…

Rock steady Rossdales you’re a wonderful family!

terri on

Well that’s an interesting name. Congratulations!

andrea on

congrats to the happy family- gavin, gwen and big brother kingston!

curious to hear the meaning of zuma’s name and how they were inspired to choose it- i love hearing baby name stories. πŸ™‚

she must be relieved to have *finally* delivered zuma- really looked at the end like she was thinking “just get this thing out of me now!!!!” lol

again, congratulations to the rossdales!

Justine on

Yay I feel like I’ve been waiting for this news forever!!! I’m sure he’ll be as cute as Kingston. It seems like Zuma’s name is ‘rockier’ than Kingston’s more traditional sounding name

Rosy J on

Congrats to the Stefani-Rossdale family. Kingston has a little bro to boss around. hehe

Amanda on

Zuma Rock is a monolith in Nigeria…maybe that’s where some of the inspiration came from? I can only assume that Nesta came from Bob Marley’s middle name, which would reflect the rastafarian influence they used when picking son Kingston’s name. I think it’s safe to say that the Rossdales are big reggae fans. πŸ™‚ Congratulations to the family on their new addition, and I’m sure I speak for everybody here when I say that I can’t wait to see him. Kingston is so handsome, and I can’t imagine that this one would be any different.

Ash on

All over the web people are saying they don’t know the baby’s gender – but I guess PEOPLE had the scoop? Zuma… I was not expecting that, but so long as they like it then its all good – & the baby will be beautiful for sure.

FC on

Seems she’s keeping up the tradition of having her kids have Jamaican-influenced names!

Congrats to her and Gavin and their family!

Me on

Aww, congrats to them! I’ve been waiting for this news for forever! Can’t wait to see what he looks like.. I’ll bet he’s a spitting image of his big brother!

Now it’s time to wait for Jennifer Garner to have hers! LOL

tink1217 on

Congrats!! I am kinda liking the name too!

Erica on

Ash it looks like people are the only ones with the baby’s sex, full name, and confirmation from Gwen’s rep.

Kat on

I love her but that name is HORRIBLE 😦

Cassie on

I am so happy for them! I was wondering how they were going to top the name Kingston and Zuma may have done it! Come on, you all knew they weren’t going to name their child some ordinary name. I love it! Congrats to G&G!

Danni on

How cute, congrats to the three! Kingston played with Jayden James and Sean Preston today, guess Britney babysat Kingston during the delivery?

Chana on

Not so sure about Rock, but I really like Zuma Nesta! I have two “interesting” middle names.


Kelly on

congrats!!! i thought girl this time but i guess i was wrong => i dont much like the Zuma i like Kingston better but its their choice & its better than some you here ; )

Sarah on

YAY!! Finally the baby comes!!! LOL I can’t wait to see a photo of this baby!! I’m sure he’ll be beautiful.

lele on

i was hoping for a girl….but how fun two boys so close in age! congrats

Melissa on

Yay, welcome finally, Zuma! I like the name, it’s very zesty! And as a mom of two boys, I’m so happy to finally see a celebrity have a second son this year. Besides Max Bratman and Cate Blanchett’s Ignatius and boy-girl twins from J.Lo and Angelina, this year has been a sonic baby boom of pink in Hollywood! Congrats, Rossdales!

Joelle on

Congrats to them. Gwen has been pregnant 4EVER!!! Zuma, that is the name of a game I play all the time on Yahoo!

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Gwen and Gavin. I’m excited for them but in all honesty I don’t like the name …… IMO it just doesn’t go with Kingston …. but it’s not our decision to make it’s theirs and I’m sure this little guy is going to be a heartbreaker just like Kingston. Best wishes to the happy family.

tone on

Finally…I think I have been checking here every thirty minutes today…I just had a feeling it was gonna be today. I love the boys’ name. Cant wait to see him!

Tanya on

I dont like the name Zuma. I thought they would go with a name fitting in with Kingstone, like Landon or Royston or something. But its their baby so they decide. Wondering why the little boy got Rock into his name? As for him being another boy,its gonna be so much fun for Kingston in the future to have a little brother to play with.

lilly on

geez i thought knox sounded awful for a baby name, but now that doesnt sound so bad as Zuma. very weird indeed, but i guess theres a reason behind the name. Hopefully they’ll give zuma a nickname or somthing. But i think its a total sin when u give a baby such a unique name, its bad enough to grow up with celeb parents, and being teased as a kid, but having a weird name makes it worse.

Kelseyk on

Oh no. Wow.

The Nanny on

Love the name! But are we sure it’s not a girl…? I thought Zuma was traditionally a female name. Regardless, congrats to them!!!

MB on

So glad they had a the baby (finally! lol) and that he was healthy. I hope they release their reasoning behind the name like they did Kingston. I’m just always so curious as to why people choose the names they do. I think Zuma having the same middle name as Bob Marley is cool.

Sarah, Staff Editor on

Yes, we are 100% sure it’s a boy, per statement from Gwen’s rep. I’ve also just added the baby’s birth time and weight to the post.

Rebecca on

Congrats to them! (Not a fan of the name…)

aurora mia on

Oh mY Goodness…was this the longest pregnancy on record?? I am so happy for them. He He…I knew it was a boy. Boys are so cool!! I am so in love with the name Kingston, but I am not so crazy about Zuma. I like Nesta (I nearly named my dog that, but we went with Marley) I hope they call him that. In any case, congratulations to the best looking family in Hollywood!

Autumn on

Congrats to Gwen and Gavin on their second child!

Anyway I know what you mean about the name, because I remember way back when I took high school Sanish, most names that end in “a” are girls’ names, and this child has two that end in “a.”

Either way, it’s cool Gwen had her latest child, and if it is a boy, then congerats on her second son. (Still it’d be cool if she can have a daughter someday too, especially considering how she used to dress Kingston a few years ago, ie. pink t-shirts, etc., no offense.)

Emily on

I had a feeling it was another boy! Congrats Gwen, Gavin, Kingston and welcome to the world Zuma!!

Mary on

Congratulations to the family.
I wonder how premature Brad and Angelina’s babies were? This is just like the last time Gwen, Angelina and Matt Damon’s wife all gave birth within a few weeks of each other, with Kingston being the day before Shiloh. This time, Matt’s daughter is the day before Gwen’s son. Did these guys make a “prgnancy pact” or something? It is cute actually. So far, Gavin makes boys, Matt makes girls and Brad does both (since the mommy only has one chromosome to offer). Interesting name.

SH on

Zuma is a fine name. He’ll grow into it, babies always do. I’ve always found that if the name seems wierd at first it’s because you can’t put a face with it but once you see the face with the name a few times it will become 2nd nature and he’ll just be Zuma – without a second thought!

Now Peanut, that’s another story….that poor kid…but I guess that will grow on everyone in his life too!

Nicole on

I was so excited to hear the news and have been checking the site way more than often than usual in anticipation of their new baby and what they would name him/her…and I was so disappointed when I read the name they chose. While I’m happy that everyone is healthy and happy together, I think that these celebrities who choose such strange names for their children and doing them such a disservice. My friend and I have decided we’re going to start a school for all these children of celebrities with weird names so that at least they won’t get picked on as much!!! Poor kids…Peanut, Audio, Zuma, Apple, Pilot, Suri…I’m a teacher and I just can’t imagine having to call one of my students by any of those names!

Ayla on

The name is very catchy! Zuma

It is a derivitive of the girls name Zulema which means “Peace” in Hebrew.

I like the name a lot.

Robin on

FINALLY!Cool name too! Congrats Gwen, Gavin & Kingston!


Congrats to them! I’m glad you guys did a post because I sent you an email regarding it’s truth.

Zuma is an interesting name especially for a boy. First thing that comes to mind is Zuma Beach in So Cal. It’s a beautiful beach. I looked up Zuma and it says this…

The girl’s name Zuma is a variant of Zulema. Zulema is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is “peace”.

Zuma is also a video game.

And like someone else said there’s Zuma Rock – a large monolith located in Niger.

I guess we’ll find out where they came up with that name soon enough.

Congrats to them and welcome to the world Zuma! (The name is growing on me the more I say it!)

helene on

I bet he’s gonna be just as gorgeous as Kingston! Good to hear they’re all in good shape! πŸ™‚ Congrats!

Sara Watson on


YAYAYA Congrats!! Its An Interesting name.. I Kinda like it!.. I was hoping She Had A Little Girl!

Renee on

Yay! The baby is here, finally. Congrats to the family. I like the name Zuma.I did know some people wouldn’t like it because it’s unique which is a shame. I agree with you Cait.

Mindy on

First of all, congrats! And second… Rock?! I think Zuma Nesta alone sounds better, but oh well, it’s not my kid. Maybe Rock will grow on me *shrugs*.

Jane on

UPDATE: the news has been confirmed on no doubt’s and gwen’s official websites:

KIm on

Congrats to them! I thought that Zuma was a girls name?

brooke on

I knew it would be a boy, the minute the pregnancy was said. There’s just certain people I picture just with sons melissa joan hart, britney spears, victoria beckham, and gwen is one of them too. Plus although they said the baby’s sex would be a surprise gavin called it a he in most interviews, they probably knew it was a boy. I don’t like the name at all, but congrats to them, they are a very quite family.

lb on

Oh wow!!! When the name was released, I thought it was a girl and I was shocked! But another boy…wow! I can’t believe it. Congrats to Gwen, Gavin, and little King!

Stephany on

YAY for Gwen and family! I have been waiting AGES for this baby, it seems! I am SO not a fan of the name. I’m actually a little disappointed. I adore the name Kingston, it’s a little funky and different without being weird.

Zuma Nesta Rock. It just doesn’t flow, in my opinion.

Oh, well. It’s not my baby, is it? Nope. πŸ™‚ Congrats!

Christie on

Interesting name… Zuma Nesta sounds a bit like Lunesta, the drug.

Di on

I want to comment on the name. I think it is interesting and very unique. I can bet my life that no other kid at school is going to have that name. With celebrities, it seems like there is a competition as to who come up with the most unique name i.e., Suri, Harlow or Apple.

As someone who has a common name, I really like it. Every child is unique in their own way and their uniqueness does not go away just because they are called Christine or Jill. I can imagine that all of these kids with really unique names will rebel and be really conservative.

Mindy on

I just read the updated post, and wow! 8 lbs. 5 oz? Looks like Zuma is quite a big baby!

Anne on

Love the name! I think Zuma might be after Zuma Beach, one of Malibu’s most gorgeous beaches!

gina on

Yes, My first thought was Zuma Rock the monolith in Nigeria because the baby’s name is Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale! congrats to the stefani-rossdale family!!!

Amanda on

Congratulations to the Rossdale family! Welcome to the world Zuma.

Interesting name choice indeed. I can’t say I’m a fan of it.

Sheena on

I think I can say for everyone here, FINALLY!!!!! Man, I was starting to think she’d never have the kid! I was hoping she’d have a little girl too but I had a feeling it would be another boy. I don’t like the name but I rarely like any celebrity baby names anymore. Congrats to the family and I’m sure Gwen is sooo relieved to finally have him! Nine months pregnant in August with an 8 pounder cannot be fun!

Donna Cales on

Well, since my nickname is Zoom, I find Zuma to be a totally cool name. So will he, someday!

bethany on

Oh dear Lord. Congrats to them and all, but that name is just ridiculous! It sounds like an African village…actually about three of them…plus it makes me think of Zima. Why do celebs do this? I’ll never know.

allie on

Zuma??? wow that sure is diffrent but congrats 2 da family

Nausicaa on

Zuma and Nesta are both girl names. I looked them up. Zuma is a version of Zulema, which is Arabic and means “peace.” Nesta is Welsh and is a variant of Agnes. But I think Zuma sounds pretty masculine.

Leishk on

Zuma is the surname of the ANC President Jakob Zuma and potential next president of South Africa…hardly an uncontrovertial character he has been tried on rape charges, among other things…is this better or worse than Sunday Roast????

Morgan on

No! I was 100% sure it was gonna be a girl!

Brooklyn on

Interesting name. I certainly wouldn’t choose it, but Congrats to them both as well as little Kingston on his new baby brother.

JM on

WOW about time! I knew it would be a boy but dang I wish it was a girl. I REALLY dislike the name! Sorry I love the name Kingston but Zuma is too wierd for me. But nonetheless I am sure this baby is beautiful and I’m so happy she’s finally given birth!! Officially the longest pregnancy on earth haha!!

Christie on

Zuma is a beach in Malibu. Maybe they are going with beach themed names?? I think they frequent Malibu beaches, and may live close by. ………Just a thought!

Sammy-xx on

Since I was about 4 years old I wanted to call my son not just Kingston but Kingston James – James is my Grandfathers name – soo i was annoyed at Gwen when she named her little boy Kingston James and now shes stole another one of my favorite names. Well as a middle name, Nesta
We got a dog a few years ago and my mum wanted to call him Marley or Nesta. I was against it cause i want to have Nesta and Marley in my children’s name and having a dog with that i find weird

But enough of my childishness
Im soo happy for Gav and Gwen and there new beautiful baby boy and big bro Kingston
I do like the name Zuma, not as much as i like Kingston but im sure when we see him it will fit him to a tee

and also just an FYI from a Bob Marley super-fan Nesta is actually his first name but when he got his passport when he was 16 they changed around his first and middle name cause in Jamaica Nesta is most common as a female name

LadyL on

I knew she would have another boy, just knew it! Odd name choice but its fits their style, so thats all that matters! God Bless!

Jessica on

Weird name…

JM on

oh and I second an earlier post. I def. think they knew the sex. Gavin slipped many times saying “he” which made me believe it was a boy and they knew it. And I just had a feeling it would be a boy cause I too agree Gwen just looks like she’d have all little boys! I can even see them having a 3rd boy!! Gwen and her men πŸ™‚ But I still was hoping for a girl cause Kingston is so freakin cute that a girl would just be a knockout! okay I’m done hehe!!


Congrats on baby Zuma!!! The name is definitely unique, but honestly I kind of expected it to be. I had a feeling it was going to be a boy although I wanted them to have a little girl. It was definitely a long pregnancy Gwen’s and Jessica’s Alba pregnacies seemed really long in my opinion. Anyways I wish them all the best. Kingston will be a great big brother.

Amanda on

Congrats to the happy family! I’m sure
Gwen is happy for this to be over with.
She looked so misrable in the last few
pictures i’ve seen her in.

I’m not too fond of the name right now,
but then again I wasn’t fond of Kingston’s
name at first either,but it grew on me.

I wish the family nothing but the best
during this exciting time in their lives.

Can’t wait to see the little guy.

Jenni-Girl on

YAY! OMG I have never really be a “omg celeb baby” person but I have been waiting to find out when this lil one was coming. Seems like she has been pregnant forever! YAY, love the name too!

Caren on

Zuma eh? Love the game but well er at least their first kid has a normal name….

I looked at a picture of Africa’s Zuma Rock…Definatly a place I’ll be visiting someday.

cindy on

Yay! I have been checking multiple times a day for the last two weeks! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name! It is a great name I have never heard before. I hate plain everyday names we hear all the time-bleh. The name is so colorful and matches the family creativity.

Banana on

Congrats to the Stefani-Rossdale family! But, WOW to the name choice. Zuma????????

GG on

Wow. That is some name. Congrats to Gwen, Gavin and Kingston.

t. on

i dont like the name i really was excited because i love the name kingston so much
but whatever floats your boat

Crystal on

I’ve been waiting all month for this announcement. I’ve been checking cbb like 3- 4 times a day!! πŸ™‚ CONGRATS to Stefani/Rossdale family. I bet Zuma is super adorable!! πŸ™‚

Freya on

Congratulations to them! I had a feeling they were having another boy. As has been mentioned many times before, it felt like this pregnancy went on for about two years so I can’t even imagine how Gwen must have been feeling!

I really dislike the name though :S Especially since Zuma and Nesta are typically girls names. Oh well, not my child so I guess it doesn’t matter if I like it or not πŸ™‚

Jess on

Love it! Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale is so original, so rockstar!

I wonder if baby Zuma’s nick name is gonna be Rock?!

They’d have King, Rock then!

No one seemed to like the name Kingston when he was first born but now it doesn’t even seem that far fetched. I love how Gwen & Gav can give their babies such modern, cute names and yet them be very sensible.

Kingston James equalled itself out and well Zuma just seems ‘normal’ anyway.

Congrats to Gwen, Gavin & Kingston James!

Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale…well come to the world sweetie! xx

Jocelyn on

Zuma for the Rock Album by Neil Young and Crazyhorse, Nesta for Bob Marley, Rock for Rock and Roll = PERFECT!

jrq on

OMG, how mean to name a child that!

Heather on

Congrats to them, although this may be the first time I actually feel sorry for a kid for being given such a horrid name (and this is coming from someone who thinks Apple and Pilot are cools names!).

JennaFire on

YAY! Love the name!!! So happy she had a boy–two just like me.

ellia on

I was hoping and expecting something unique from them to go with Kingston. I had no idea what to expect, but Zuma surprises me. I don’t think I would have been surprised if it was a little girl named Zuma. Zuma and Nesta both seem so feminine to me.

Kingston James McGregor is an outstanding name. It sounds very strong and manly, it’s very unique and seems to fit him just perfect. (Though I’m sure little Zuma’s name will suit just as well)

Zuma Nesta Rock just doesn’t have that same feel for me. I definitely would have assumed girl if the name was all we had been given.

Anyways, congrats to them. They seem like wonderful parents, I’m sure Kingston is just going to love having a little brother to play with when Zuma gets a little bigger.

JM on

I have a question….cause it’s driving me crazy….isn’t like Zuma or Zooma (sp) some show on PBS?? It just seems so familiar. Like a song or something lol. Or similar to an alcoholic beverage?? Where am I getting confused πŸ˜‰

sheree on

what kind of name is that, where do some of these celebs get these names.

Kris on

Oh I SO was wishing she was having a girl…

I do not like the name Zuma and it kinda sounds like a girl’s name to me.

Lena on

Hmmm …I don’t care for the name at all…but he’s their kid. I’m sure he’s cute. Kingston (another name I don’t care for) looks EXACTLY like his daddy. I wonder if Zuma looks like Gwen. Knowing those two I will not have to wonder for long…They certainly don’t seem to mind having Kingston’s picture taken. LOL.

Robin on

Oh Gwen I love you but what were you thinking? Congrats…I know he will be as darling as Kingston.

Sasha, USA on

YEAH! Congrats!!

Nina on

Zuma??? When I first read the name I also thought it was a joke. It’s definitely unique! Congrats to them!! They are a beautiful family.

Desiree on


Ive been a huge GWEN fan ever since the early 90s when No Doubt first hit the circuit… I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zuma’s name… Its different, very unique, and totally Gwen… I also love that they threw ROCK in there too… I wish them all the best and cant wait until they start having more babies!! πŸ™‚

chris on

This is wonderful news! My life has basically been on hold waiting for the birth. Now that Zuma has arrived I am feeling a little postpartum depression. Hmm…are there any other pregnant celebrities out there I can fixate on for the next few months?

Allison on

Congratulations! maybe Kingston will date Shiloh one day and Zuma will date Matt Damon’s new daughter Gia! (both sets of kids are 1 day apart)

poppy on

I’m not sure why some people find the birth of a second boy to a family such a disappointment. As a happy mum of two healthy beautiful boys, it’s kind of insulting when your second child is seen as lesser and people assume you must be soooo disappointed. People are always saying to me “You must try for a girl next.” Ummm, no if we decide to go down that road, I”ll be aiming for a healthy child thanks. I’d be delighted to have a 3rd boy! My sons are the very image of me, so it’s not like I can’t see myself in them – they are my mini-me people, just a different gender to me. πŸ™‚

All that aside, congratulations to that beautiful family. I have been a fan of Gwen’s for years and years and am so happy everything went well with the birth. Welcome darling baby boy Zuma! He’ll be sure to go fast πŸ˜‰

danielle on

congrats to g & g … but cmon, that name is HORRIBLE, you shouldn’t be able to name your kid like that. but hey, what ever works for them…

Adele on

Maybe Zuma comes from Zuba Beach in California.

Nay Nay on

Congrats! Little Zuma is finally here!

I will admit I was surprised by the name, but I am sure Zuma will grow into his name just like Kingston did.

Darlene on

What in the world is wrong with these people??? This poor child is going to be teased for the rest of his life. Why can’t people just name there child a normal name for a change?

dee on

I have a 5 year old niece who just started kindergarten and their are 4 girls named Emma in her class alone.

I’m so happy for them, and I love both of their boys’ names.

steph on

I am glad she had the baby and everything was fine. I bet she is glad to have had the baby. That is an unusual name but I like it. Also even if its typically a girls name it could still be a boy, b/c people name babies, girl/boy names all the time. Like Jordan, Tyler, Taylor… etc.


Kate on

I love this family, but that is definitely up on my list of the worst celebrity baby names. There isn’t even a decent middle name to go by!

Glad to hear all is well though!

C on

Gavin does produce girls, by the way he has a daughter. Cute name though

chelsea on

Congrats! I love the name Zuma. I think it goes well with King. Which they affectionately call Kingston don’t they?
I’m not sure how you pronounce Nesta though. Is it just Nest-Ah, or Neest-A?

Mom of boys on

I, along with all of the rest of you have been waiting on this news.I absolutely felt boy so I am so excited for them as well.

On another note, again with all of you, not fond of the name. I was expecting something a touch blander than Zuma, but it is their child to name as it was that way when I named my sons.

Love them all and now I can’t wait to see photos of the entire family. Congrats to all!

Jasmine C. on

WOO HOO! Finally here, another boy! YAY!

Nicole on

Congrats Gwen and Gavin!! But Zuma… I really feel for that little boy, i just think parents need to think a little harder about what their kid will experience in their later years with a name like that… Kingston is such a lovely and regal name and then to back it up with Zuma Nesta Rock… I actually thought it was a girls name…

Melissa on

LOVE that she has kids named Kingston & Zuma.

I can see that child modeling already with a name like that!

I love it.

Zuma reminds me of Summer and I want to name my kid Summer Nesta.

Yes, I love Bob Marley and my baby’s father is Jamaican and I loooove his style and his accent and his hair.

HeatherR on

Well, I was expecting them to give their baby an unusual name and they really delivered on that! πŸ™‚ I can’t say that I have ever heard the name Zuma before. I’m sure that it has some personal meaning to them. It seems like an exotic name. Very original…..just the way Gwen strives to be. Best wishes them! I’m so excited to hear the news!

SY on

I totally agree with Poppy…I too am the mother of two boys and the questions about trying for a girl started even before I had my second son. I have friends who are trying desperately to have biological children and to know that I was able to quickly have two healthy children (regardless of gender) after the age of 35, makes me even more grateful for my boys. Do families with only girls get asked the same question? Just curious…either way, I’m sure the Stefani/Rossdale family isn’t disappointed that they have two sons. Finally, can’t imagine what my life would be like without my second son–big surprise here, but I don’t feel as if I’m missing anything because I don’t have a daughter.

Melissa on

Oh I thought Zuma was a girl. That name would ROCK on a girl! Zuma _is_ a girl’s name. I looked it up. Zuma for a boy. I don’t know…

Jennifer on

I’m soooo glad they finally had the baby! I was checking this site like 8 times a day. πŸ˜‰

I think Zuma is cute, but I don’t know about the rest of the name. LOL

Emily on

Oh boy! Yay for them finally having the baby! I wonder why she had a csection? 😦 Poor girl.

OnyxJones on

Finally the new little Rossdale!! Awesome family, Kingston is such a doll face. Glad little Zuma is here. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE NAME!! Individuality is what makes the world go round and it’s definitely on of my favorite things about Gwen. Peace and Blesing to the Rossdale Family.

Sarah on

i can’t imagine why people were expecting GWEN STEFANI to name her child something mundane, lol. i kinda like the name and i really appreciate that it’s unique. i’m sure they had a reason to give him that name and did so out of love, so have some respect.

besides, he will live in a celebrity world with other celebrity babies with equally unique names, so i think he’ll do just fine.

adriane miles on

that is the most god awful name. She could have done so much better

brannon on

Yay! I knew it was a boy and I agree with the poster who said she finds it weird when people act disappointed when the baby is a boy – boys rock! The name – not a big fan but I don’t have to be. I actually like Rock better with kingston. But I’m glad he’s healthy and all is well!

Allie on

sammy-xx, we’re on the same scary wave-length!! haha i LOVE the name kingston and was disappointed in hearing gwen name her son that, only because it’s now “out there,” and people are going to start jumping on the bandwagon. so, because kingston was ruined, we settled on “nesta” as a middle name for our future son…. THANKS GWEN!! thanks for taking my other name!! haha i had a dog named marley, and now i know like 500 dogs named marley!! so, i don’t think i’ll be using that name. now i’m thinking of naming my son ochos rios!! just kidding. i don’t know why people think kingston is a “weird” name. same with apple (i grew up with a girl named apple) & harlow. maybe the people who think they’re odd are older? personally, i love the name zuma. very different (even though it reminds me of puma). congratulations to them!!

Melissa McEwen on

Oh Zuma is a boy? Oh well! I thought it was a girl. It would ROCK on a GIRL!

amandamay on

Yay! congrats! I’m quite a fan of odd/unique names but wasn’t expecting this – Kingston James McGregor sounds so British to me (even though I know “Kingston” is a Jamaica reference) so I assumed they’d pick an odd yet traditional name for the new baby. Zuma Nesta Rock has absolutely no traditional component to it. That’s not to say I don’t like it, I just was expecting something else. Anyway, again congrats! Who cares what other people think – Pick the names YOU like πŸ™‚

PS – I have to admit the name Zuma makes me think of Zima and Nesta makes me think of Nestea (both are drinks) hehe

Liv on

I love the name! I never had heard of it before, but it’s unique and I like it. I was completly expecting it to be a girl that I was shocked when they said it was a boy. I guess my streak of guessing right is shattered:( Oh well two boys is just as special:)

Missy on

Since she was into SKA wouldn’t it have been cool if she did

Summer Kingston Alpharita (Bob Marley’s wife’s name is Alpharita) — the initials are SKA. But I’m keeping that name now on my list

Sarita on

I like Zuma, but it seems more of a feminine name to me. Nesta I don’t like at all and Rock I ‘m not sure about.


Michelle on

“Do families with only girls get asked the same question? Just curious…”

Yes! I have two beautiful little girls and for the longest time all I got was the boy question. When we told my father-in-law what we were having, his reaction was “I was hoping you’d have a boy” (Grrrrr!)

After two kids, my high chair was in crappy condition, the tray was peeling, so we put it to the curb for garbage collection and my neighbors (who we don’t even know that well) yelled across the street “Why are you getting rid of that? You haven’t had your boy yet.” Ugh!

Not that I would’ve been disappointed w/ a boy, I certainly wouldn’t have, but after my first daughter was born, I was hoping for a second daughter.

So yes, in a long winded answer, parents of only girls get asked that too. πŸ™‚

As for the new baby — congrats to them! Not crazy about the name, but to each their own. Kingston is such a cutie, looking forward to pictures of the new baby.

Sarah on

i love this family! can’t wait to see Zuma!

crystal on

Congrats to them on another healthy baby boy! I too, hope Gwen has a chance to have a little girl someday. If Kingston is a little fashion icon, we can only imagine what a little girl of hers would dress like. I always look forward to the names & stories behind them. Zuma Nesta Rock is unique & interesting. We honestly wouldn’t expect anything less from Gwen…She wasn’t going to name him John. Ha!

Dexter on

Add another to the “DO NOT REPRODUCE” list. It sounds more like a hot nightclub then a baby name. At least she didn’t give him a middle name that’s actually a name for a human; celebrities who do that should be shot.

Mimi on

Zuma Nesta Rock? Really? I don’t get it, but who am I anyway? Congratulations to the new family. Can’t wait to see what the little guy looks like.

orange on

congrats to the family,I’m so happy for them,now I was wondering if daisy lowe has already met kingston and if she’s gonna meet her new baby brother,anyway I’ll bet she’s happy too.
congrats again!!!

Sam on

OMG FINALLY this seems like the longest celeb pregnancy like EVER! I’ve been checking literally every half an hour to see if the newest Rossdale had arrived. I must say Gwen and Gavin chose a very “unique” name. I can’t wait to see the newest Rossdale family portrait. CONGRATULATIONS Gwen, Gavin, and big brother Kingston!!

Sassy Brown on

I don’t know what they were thinking. That poor kid is going to be teased mercilessly by his classmates when he starts going to school.

Brit on

Yeah! I actually like the name – it’s very strong.
Why would anyone want someone else to have a certain gender – strange! I think it’s great she has another boy. I would love two boys.

fuzibuni on

Congratulations on your healthy new baby Gwen!!

I’ll forever be baffled why so many people feel the need to taint their well wishes by saying they don’t like the names people pick. Or that they wish the baby had been a different sex. Why put any negativity out there?

This is a brand new life… he doesn’t need any of your bad vibes.

Ekaterina on

Oh my god! Congrats! I knew she would have another boy! That baby is going to be so adorable.

As for the name, I’m all for unique names. I think it gives kids their own unique and personal identity. I plan on giving my kids all unique and unusual names. HOWEVER, as someone who used to live in South Africa, the only association I have with Zuma is from their former vice president. He was removed from office due to a corruption scandal and was later acquitted for rape even though he admitted he did it (apparently he used old cultural ideas to excuse it) I want to hear where they came up with the name. Maybe it has a really significant and special meaning for them. Unfortunately, for me it has a really bad association.

Natasha on

Congrats to them! Zuma is a funky name haha

Darlene on

Why can’t people just give there children normal names for once????

Shmoo on

Okay, to all those who say it sounds like a girl’s name: Judah, Elijah, Jonah, Josiah, Isaiah….shall we continue?

Jessica on

I get it. She was going for a Caribbean, hippie vibe. I don’t like it but I don’t think it’s terrible. I like the Nesta Rock part, sounds like a rockstar. Kingston and Zuma sound like their related.

Congrats to them!!!!!

eva on

Sweet news.I’m not a big fan of either but my girl’s name is Kingston too so I feel a certain attachment to their older baby.I can see they kept the reggae theme with baby Zuma Nesta.


Oh, I’m so happy for her! The name is brilliant, I adore it, and I’m sure the baby is gorgeous.

Erin on

Congratulations to the Rossdale family! ♥ Love the name – I knew Gwen and Gavin would come up with something cool and unique. =)

Aitch on

Very happy for this very creative couple!! Zuma reminds me of the name of a wine cooler..In LA though—the name won’t even seem weird!!

Alecia on

Yagga yo, yay! As a Jamaican & proud rasta, I’m happy to see Gwen & Gavin chose a strong name for her son…

ekaterina on

ZU MA???? really???
ita with you ella… so i wont repost…
All i will say is it would not be my choice… poor kid- i hope they homeschool because that kid is gonna get schooled by peers…why do celebs feel the need to have such odd names?
gwen is sooooooo cooool!!!!! maybe that will carry him through

Stacey on

Congrats to them, I can’t wait to see what he looks like! Today is my husband’s birthday as well!

Donna on

For those of you who say Zuma is a girl’s name, maybe Gwen isn’t planning to have anymore children and she wanted that name badly – choosing to use it for a boy when she found out she wasn’t having a girl. Lots of names can be used for boy or girl.

mams on

I think it’s great that Gwen had a healthy full term baby boy. Far too many celebs have early c-sections and premie low birth weight babies. I wonder why she didn’t try for a VBAC? it would be great to hear a star speak openly about their birth choices… I dig the name, interesting how they added a second middle name for both of their boys. I think it is great! These guys are going to be stunning men with great taste in fashion and music! It’s going to be crazy when these kids grow up!

AshleyM on

OMG OMG OMG FINALLY! I have been checking this page for over a month now numerous times a day! I really like the choice of names for him. They are esentric, fresh and lush sounding. I bet he is as equaly adorable as Kingston is, but then again how couldn’t he be with 2 beautiful parents?!?! CONGRATS to all of their family. A new baby is a complete blessing!!!!!!!

Alecia on

I see many of you aren’t familiar with Jamaican roots culture, ska or reggae… Welcome to Jamrock, layman’s terms, Jamaica. I’m celebrating your birth little lion of Judah, Zuma Nesta Rock!

Kim on

Not really a fan of the name Zuma, sounds like a name you’d call your cat or something, it is also very very different to Kingston James (which is quite formal) does anyone know where they got their inspiration from?

laura on

“Zuma” reminds me of “Zahara”, and “Nesta” obviously is like “Marley”!!! How funny! I am so happy for G&G!


Congrats to Gwen and Gavin on their new healthy bundle of joy.I love how they have chosen unique meaningful names for their boys, which I’m sure they put a lot of thought in to. JAH BLESS. Doesn’t Gavin have an older daughter as well?

The meaning of the name Nesta is Pure
The origin of the name Nesta is Welsh

The meaning of the name Rock is Rock
The origin of the name Rock is English

***IMO, all the comments about how people don’t like the name and its odd and weird, Why even comment or say congrats if u are going to throw in a negative comment. We are not in the day and age where everyone gives their kids cookie cutter name like Jim amd Jane. Get over it. Its not ur child. I’m sure that she would not tell u ur child has a weird name. Just be happy for them that the baby is healthy. Now I see why Celebritys try to be soo secretive about if or when they have children and everything related to it.

Kerstin on

Finally she delivered. I was hoping it’s a girl, but another cute boy of them is beautiful, too, because Kingston is so adorable and I bet that Zuma is that, too.

Congratulations to the family! This really made my day. πŸ˜‰

gina on

My neice just had her baby today! same day as Zuma Nesta Rock ! My neice had a girl named her Aurora Jolie! shw was born @1:30pm. right after Zuma!!! lol. Im so excited about both of these births !!!

ellen on

it’s a joke about name? or maybe they love kingston more? i hope it’s a joke

Devyn on

Do you really think people should only say congrats on a site like this? Is every comment you ever make in your life positive? I doubt it, people can discuss the like or dislike of a name or anything else they want to. If people all agreed this would be a very boring world!

Kelly on

Yay! Congratulations to them! August 21st is my daughters birthday, so a very good day indeed!

legemc on

This is all I could think of when heard the name:

Maybe one day they will bring Zuma to Knoxville to play there!

Renee on

*Sign* Here we go again with the insulting the parents because some people don’t like the name.Why do people do that. They don’t think it’s insulting to say comments such as “What were they thinking?” “I wish parents would think about the name”, etc. I don’t understand why people can’t just say congrats and send best wishes. I think some those comments are really hurtful. Do people think saying comments like that won’t hurt Gwen and Gavin’s feelings?

Nikki on

OH YAY FINALLY!!!! I have been on this site checking Gwen’s progress through pregnancy the whole way, I love her and I love this family!! So excited for them. Another little boy is wonderful as they are sucjh a loving and devoted looking family. Congrats to them!!! Bet he is a stunner like Kingston. The chouice of name is theirs and theirs alone so I think it’s lovely.

I-dra on

hip, hip, etc! i’m so relieved that she finally had the baby that i almost feel as if *I* had given birth! LOL beautiful name, beautiful family… all my love to all of you. best wishes for a full recovery, gwen.

i-dra (jah rastafari liveth)

Nah on

I don’t think that celebs are being secretive about their kids because of what people say on messageboards, Scorp. I think the fans care more about what others say than the actual celebs.

Natt on

Mams, she may well have tried for a VBAC and failed? I had many comments with my second as to why i didnt try – and believe me, I did and got all the way through the labour before he was an emcs. Or he could have been breech. Or she was advised to have another section, or just wanted one. We dont know what went on behind closed doors.

I wasnt sure about Zuma until I read through all the comments – and seeing it written so many times I have grown to really love it. I think its a really cool name, unusual but not odd. I think its fab – and great shes picked names from her favourite influences. And who says the kids names have to go together?!! πŸ™‚

I have two boys born 06 and 08 and I adore having them as brothers, sons and so close together. Kingston is going to love that boy!!

Rye on

wow, that’s a truly awful name.
Sounds like a girls name too which is weird in itself. but, oh well. it’s just a name.

CONGRATS THOUGH!! I’m sure he’ll be a little cutie just like his big brother!

Tanya on

I have fallen completely in love with Gwen & Gavin’s name choice .. the more I say it, the more I love it! I like the uniqueness. That’s how I tried to name my kids, too. I didn’t want them in their class with the same name as all the other kids. Congrats to your family!! β™₯

kiki on

Congratulations !!!

Guess Gwenn is a fan of playing online at Zylom or popcapgames … at least that’s what the name reminded me of, the game Zuma :o)

Happy, happy, happy that all went well !

gina on

I was wondering if Gavin has a relationship with his daughter Daisy? I hope she is included in Gwen & his family! I would like to congratulate Daisy on her new baby brother!

louise on

Yay!! Finally he is here! Lovely nice weight, congrat’s to the family.
Each to their own for names, but love the news xx


Finally she had her baby!
Congrats!I was hoping for a girl but it doesn’t matter.Can’t wait to see this one!

phoebe on

I was really expecting a girl announcement! Can’t even begin to imagine where they got the name from, although kudos for the Bob Marley reference. It’s a strange choice of name, I suppose I was just expecting something more along the lines of Kingston again. I have to say, I strongly dislike the choice, but it’s each to their own. I just hope there is a specific reason for ‘Zuma’ because I can’t understand why they would’ve just come up with that otherwise! Congrats to the family!

Claire on

I was hoping for a girl too 😦

And Zuma is the same as a political leader here in South Africa and is not someone you’d want to name your child after……..

But hopefully you guys over there don’t know too much about him so that it doesn’t taint the name, because although it reminds me of him…I think the name is cute.

Irishgal on

Congrats to Gwen and Gavin. But I was hoping that she would have a girl. Maybe next time! I don’t like the name Zuma at all!!!

phoebe on

Also, does anyone know if Gavin’s daughter Daisy has seen Kingston or will see the new little one? It seems to be one subject that is ignored in the press. I’d just be curious to know what the contact status is with them.

kayleigh on

congrats to them! the new baby shares his birthday with my daughter who turned one yesterday! So pleased for them! Not keen on his name though,but if they like it then thats all that really matters!

Jodi on

These people are creative artists- would you expect them to name their child Emily or Michael? If they had we would all be disappointed in their lack of creativity! I think it is wonderful and am so happy for them!

Meagan on

Awww…wow finally they have their baby!! I didnt think she was ever gonna have well now we know him! I felt bad for her in away im sure she was probaly miserable! I know I am…its dont suprise they new bundle of joy is a boy seems like everyone is having boys….I know everyone here is Im have double the trouble though with twin boys and my friends that are pregnant you guessed it boys too….so its the season for them. I agree with everyone else the name is definatly a shocker in a way but hey its their baby and their choice but I wonder if they will call him Zuma or possiably Rock???? Guess we will wait and see…


Molly on

I know people should have the right to say what they want here, but it’s insulting, IMHO to bash Gwen and Gavin for naming their son, Zuma Nesta Rock. I’m not fond of it, but it’s not mine or anyone else’s place to say anything about it. They have every right to name their kids what they want. I think we should be a little more sensitive to their feelings instead of putting our opinions on them.
We should just congratulate them and that’s that.
That’s my opinion though.

steph on

legemc… I live near knoxville and when I heard his name the first thing I thought of was zuma fun center…lol.


...LeNa... on

thats great….i was s0 excited when I read that…..c0ngratulati0ns t0 Gwen,Gavin and 0f c0urse super big br0ther-Kingst0n!! Luv ya!!!they r d best celebrity family….

Kelly on

Zuma is also an African surname.
Although I’m sure the Rossdale’s new addition wasn’t named after the South African, Jacob Zuma!!

Philippa on

I just knew they were having another boy, congrats to them!
I can’t say I’m a fan of the name Zuma though..

Lisa on

I heard it on the radio and they just annouced the name first and I thought Fantastic, it’s a girl!!! but then they said it was a boy. Zuma for me, sounds like a girl’s name and actually, I liked it when I thought that was what they named their little girl but now I don’t like it as a boy’s name.

Congrats to the Rossdale family and honestly at the end of the day, as long as the baby is healthy, that is all that matters. You only think about it during the nine months but as soon as that baby is born, you don’t care if it’s a boy or girl.

Max'sMom on

Yeah! Another boy…I knew it! πŸ™‚

I actually like the like but am not too fond of Nesta Rock though.

8.5 thats a perfect weight…exctly what my son weighted & I carried exactly like her.

Cant wait to see him, I bet he’ll look very similar to the gorgeous Kingston.

Rachel on

Well I think we’ve all said it the name is definitely out there, too far out in left field for my taste. Kingston is such a nice name and now they have Zuma…come on Gwen and Gavin what you thinking?
Congratulations on the second boy though πŸ™‚

Heather Lynn on


Ella on

gina and phoebe, the situation with daisy is very touchy due to what he feels was the very public nature it all came out, and the mother not coming out with it until 2004. here is what gavin most recently said about it:

Congratulations to Gwen and Gavin on the birth of Zuma. I like the name!



My comment was meant as they are secertive due to all the speculation, prying and negativity that they face being in the public eye.Being pregnant is hard enough, but imagine having to be pregnant while the whole world watched and commented, Good and Bad, on everything from what you eat to what you are wearing to what your child has been named. Not something that is easy at all.They face way more public criticism than any of us would. Whether it be on TV, message boards, magazines etc. I believe that is why they try and be as sectretive as possible when it comes to something as personal as their children, whom have made no choice at all to be in the public eye they . They try and keep them somewhat sheltered. Imagine being a young boy and reading something like “Your name is weird” or “I wish your mom would have had a girl”. Just because they are celebrities and children of celebrities does not mean words do not hurt. Whether it be from people they personally know or from something they read online.

Lisette on

I found a different meaning which is fit for both a girl and boy:
The meaning of the name Zuma is Lord Frowns In Anger
The origin of the name Zuma is Aztec (Nahuatl)

Congrats! I don’t feel the name is bad or good or whatever.. it is their choice and it is a pretty name for a baby.. it is just from an other culture in which it will be more usual..

Summer on

Congrats to the Rossdales! I like the name Zuma, it’s very unique. πŸ™‚

Dawn on

FINALLY!!! Congratualtions to the Rossdale Family! Zuma! Quite different. Glad everyone is happy and healthy!! πŸ™‚

Kerri on

Congrats to them! This was quite long awaited! The baby will mostly be gorgeous πŸ™‚

The name is going to take some adjustment, however. I actually remember not initially liking Kingston’s name as well, and that really grew on me and fits him so well. Perhaps the same will happen with Zuma! I’d never even heard of the name before. Regardless, it definitely fits with Gavin and Gwen.

Luciana Caczan on

Finally! Congrats to the family!

Kymberly on

ZUMA! That is so Gwen to come up with such an awesome name for her son. It’s different but it Gwen. She couldn’t just name her son Bob or Bill! I love her… you can never predict what Gwen is going to do!

ACK on

I have never been but it’s around the Malibu area. If anything, I would imagine they chose the name ZUMA for a beach that perhaps they frequent.
I think it’s wonderful that couples put thought into naming their children. Clearly, there was thought here.
No on should be judging other children’s names. When you have kids you have the right to name them whatever you want as well.
Congrats to the family!

Melissa on

What is with these ridiculous names that celebrities (or anyone for that matter) chose for their kids? All they are doing is making them walking targets for playground ridicule.

TinaC on

Congats are in order for the newest member of the Rossdale family. (Secretly I had hoped Gwen would have given birth Tuesday (19th) on my birthday.) I kept checking the celeb news for anything. The baby’s name will have to grow on me, but I know I will get used to it soon. It is very unique and very Gwen. Isn’t it great in our country that we have the right to name our children whatever we want. Equally great to use places for our babies’ names. Gwen I hope you have an easy recovery to health. Kingston, enjoy being a big brother! Right now he may take alot of Mom’s time but when he gets bigger you will be able to have a great playmate.

yoco on

It would be interesting if Brad and Angie’s twins were due Aug 19 ,as Dustin Hoffman claimed at Cannes, and Gwen and Matt’s babies were due the same week.

Melissa on

It’s a very good thing that his parents are rich and famous rock stars, otherwise he’d be in for daily grief over that name, for sure.

Congrats to the family!!

Debbie on

Congrats to Gwen and Gav.
I like the name,it’s really different and definitely wasn’t expected. Nesta is better though,such a Jamaican influenced middle name and fab choice.
Really not sure about Rock though,I don’t think it has the right ring to it.

But i’m sure he is gorgeous and will fit right in!

Gelareh on

Congratulations! I like everything about the name except Zuma, but its their baby. Im happy for them πŸ™‚

agos on

i don’t like the name zuma ?

Pippa_UK on

Congrats to Gwen, Gav and big brother Kingston!
Name is interesting, but could be misheard… Much like Sunday Rose Kidman Urban becomes Sunday Roast… For all us Brits out there, Zuma Nesta becomes Sumo Wrestler.
Also a bit too similar to the Spanish word for juice for my liking… zumo, anyone?!

Sapphire on

I was just looking up the baby name and this is what I found:

* The meaning of the name Zuma is Lord Frowns In Anger
* The origin of the name Zuma is Aztec (Nahuatl)
* The name can go for either a Male or Female

Bb on

Thats such a rockstar name!

Erica on

The name Zuma reminds me too much of Jacob Zuma, who is a deplorable human being, and Zima, which is good for you if you’re an alcoholic. Nesta is a name I love, and Rock just sounds thrown on the end there to ensure maximum “uniqueness”. All in all I really don’t like it (and before anyone else says something about negative comments, they ARE allowed, and just because some people don’t like the name does not mean they are expressing anything against Gwen and Gavin except for their naming skills), but I do congratulate the family on a healthy birth.

homefly on

Very interesting name, and I’m glad her son is healthy. Boy, did I hit the nail on the head when I said that she’s very unlikely to VBAC. I’ve only ever heard of one celebrity to VBAC (Kate Winslet), and these days most all celebrities seem to have cesareans. I’ve had two very healthy and SAFE vaginal births after cesareans – one a 9lb 10oz boy – and can’t see why OB’s have so much against them in practice. All the published research says they are a safe option. Oh well…

Sherry on

Zuma? Kind of a let down after a nice name like Kingston. I personally would’ve preferred Zion over Zuma.
Congratulations, nevertheless.

keshia on

these celebs name their kids the craziest names.but i guest thats what you do when u r a celeb. i wish the best to gwen and family the best of luck

Lacrosse on

I have been reading everybodies comments all day long, and as the days progress the name Zuma is really growing on me! I am a huge fan of unique names, and you really can’t get any more unique than this. I love the whole name together “Zuma Nesta Rock.” I flows so well and is very, very cool. Kingston is my favorite celebrity baby next to River, and I know that Zuma will be my new fave. as well!

ps i can’t wait for his pictures to be released!!

SAR on

Finally! It seems like Gwen has been pregnant forever. Congratulations on the birth of Son #2. Zuma is a lovely name.

Sallyc on

Congrats to them! I am just bummed to hear about the c/s – I thought she was going to try for a VBAC. They’re actually safer than RCS.

Silvermouse on

I love Zuma as a name! Congratulations Gwen, Gavin, and Kingston!

Silvermouse on

and I agree with you Cait. . . I want my children to have unusual names as well. Not like Toilet Seat, or something like that. . but I really want to name my very far in the future children if they are girls. . . Athena-I love that name, though it sounds weird, but is really pretty
Celeste-I just love how it sounds. . .
But I feel constrained by the fact that Athena sounds like a-thinga.

Nigrian citizen on

Wow, Im so happy that so many of you know about Zuma Rock in Nigeria, West Afrika. I guess not all US citizens do not know theri gerography.

The answer is reportedly that Gwen/Gavin names their 2nd son 4 Zuma Beach that they love in south Cali.

@Nicole at Aug 21, 2008 6:56:21 PM
Nicole: Your comment is not nice. No one will attend your school. Chris Martins said it perfectly:


Sydney on

Pippa- the first thing I thought was isn’t that spanish for juice? Haha!

I wasn’t too sure if I liked it at first but reading it again and again in the comments, it has really grown on me, I love it now, as I am sure the Stefani-Rossdales love it too. I think it is so much fun growing up with an unusual name, it is always an ice-breaker and encourages you to do something unusual with your life.

Congratulations to Gewn and Gavin and Kingston, enjoy your new addition!

Natt on

Again, but how do you guys know she didnt attempt a VBAC??

I had a 2nd section, but this was after a long and progressive labour – which ended up with a stick baby with a plummeted herat rate in its 30s. Needless to say I had an emcs.

I got a lot of comments asking why I didnt go for a vbac – only 60% (in the UK at least) are successful, how do you know Gwen wasnt one of the 40% that tried and didnt get it?

Monika on

Congrats to them!! What a great name, love that they’re sticking with the “beachy” names as in Kingston (Jamaica) and Zuma (CA)! Yay!

carolina on

While I am in no position to judge Gavin & Gwen’s name choice, Zuma did catch me a little off-guard! In this article (from April) Gavin said they had some names flying around for the new baby but nothing too crazy. So I thought it would be a more traditional name. Guess you can never expect a rocker couple to be predictable huh? πŸ˜‰


MarΓ­a2 on

Can’t help it, love the name. It flows w/ their life. Someone in this world’s named Zuma and it’s quite acceptable, so I think it’s more a culture shock because we’re more accustomed to traditional European-Christian names. JMHO

agos on

what an awful name, but it’s their life πŸ™‚

Nibbles on

The name is horrendous. I don’t get why people think they need to try and make their child’s life miserable by giving them such ridiculous names.

Are they afraid they child won’t be unique enough? This doesn’t just apply to celebs. Parents who try and give their child a “unique” spelling (Soozie etc) are just as guilty.

As for those of you who have been “dying” for this day to come? Get a life.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to Gwen and Gavin! I’ve been on vacation the last three weeks (at a place with no computer) so I hadn’t heard a thing about Gwen giving birth. I checked PEOPLE magazine regularly when I was at stories, libraries, etc. When I still didn’t see any news late last week, I began to get a bit worried. For a moment or two I even wondered if the baby had been stillborn or something.

I quickly realized, though, that there was almost no way they could have kept that quiet had that been the case, given how famous they. Plus, none of the tabs were running any rumors about her.

I now realize that the reason the birth wasn’t mentioned in last week’s PEOPLE is because Zuma was born on Thursday…and People hits stores and mailboxes on Friday!

Anyway, I was hoping they’d have a girl, but had a feeling they’d have a boy! As for the C-section thing: For all we know, Zuma could have been breech just like his big brother! My brother was breech…and when my mom became pregnant with me a little over two years later, I turned out to breech as well. In otherwords, my mom wouldn’t have been able to attempt a VBAC even if she’d wanted to (never mind that VBACs were even less common then than they are today)!

CelebBabyLover on

I forgot to add that, when Angie was still pregnant, her costar Dustin Hoffman (from either Kung Fu Panda or The Changeling. I can’t remember which) mentioned that her due date was August 19th. If that was true (and I do strongly belive that Knox and Viv were, at the ver least, due sometime in August, as twins often come early and Angie even mentioned in the PEOPLE photoshoot and interview about the twins that she knew they’d be premature), then Zuma was born just two days after Knox and Viv were due!

I wonder (again, if the August 19th due date was corret) if Angie and Gwen would have given birth days apart again had Angie been pregnant with a singleton instead of twins?

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and obviously, when I commented about checking PEOPLE magazine at “stories, libaries, etc.”, I meant to say “stores” not “stories”! LOL!

claudia on

i love you so much gwen!!
your my favorite actrice!!!