Ricky Martin Welcomes Twin Sons

08/20/2008 at 02:20 PM ET

Ricky_martinRicky Martin is a dad! The popstar has welcomed twin boys via gestational surrogate, his representative announced Wednesday. The boys were born "a few weeks ago," and no further information will be released. A statement from the "Livin’ la Vida Loca" singer, 36, revealed that, "The children are healthy and already under Ricky’s full-time care."

Ricky is elated to begin this new chapter in his lifeas a parent and will be spending the remainder of the year out of thepublic spotlight in order to spend time with his children.

Source: AP; Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage.

Thanks to CBB reader Mari.

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Devon on

Congrats! This sort of came out of left field (I knew he wanted kids eventually, but didn’t know he was expecting) but how exciting for him!!!

Again, congrats!

Jaime on

I’m sorry but this is just very odd to me. Congrats though, I guess I can commend him for wanting to be a single father?

Bubbles on


Rachel on

Does anyone know if Ricky married? Or has a partner?

Mandy on

Ummm.. wow?

This just came out of nowhere.

I mean usually we get some kind of warning?

Bren on

Wait, WHAT!!!????

RICKY MARTIN??? what? huh?

I am so confused!!! lol

Roxi on

Is he gay ?


…how odd. Is he married? Wasn’t he with Mexican TV host Rebeca de Alba? Maybe she’s the mother?…hmm anyway congrats!?

Steph on

Huh??? This came out of nowhere….

Congrats, but wow. What a surprise.

Rbk on

As far as I know Ricky is gay. But he wants his personal life to be out of the media so he’s never really come “out”. Congratulations to him, I did not see this one coming… I keep waiting for Gwen Stefani’s updates LOL.

Cait on

Ha, wow! I literally saw this and gasped out loud! Definitely out of left field, but congrats to Ricky!

Molly on

Jaime, Ricky is a great, warm person. He will do a great job if he’s indeed a single father. Single fathers are not any worse then single mothers and definitely better then both parents in dysfunctional family.

So I do congrat ricky and if he’s a single father, kudos to him !!!

steph on

i thought he was gay also. That is totally left field. I thought clay having a baby was left field this is too…lol.


carie on

huh. well, that’s a surprise. I wonder if the rumors are true, and he has a partner who’s a well-kept secret. Otherwise, wow, single father and twins. Glad to see he’s planning on not touring or anything right now, as that seems like a difficult set-up.

Sanne on

People where have you all been? Ricky is involved with children’s charities for years! He even founded his own after the tsunami. He did a interview on and with Oprah about it. He already said then that he wanted children of his own…

Congrats Ricky!

Shan on

Wow, I’ve been waiting to hear about Gwen and Gavin’s baby, and then this pops out of left field. Wow. Congrats to Ricky. If the boys have Ricky’s genes their going to be little heartbreakers when they grow up and fighting off the ladies.

bethany on

GAWD, you people are like SO LAME for not knowing the every nuance of Rickey Martin’s life and relationship details. Just kidding, i had no idea either….so like, why’d he do that?

Lauren on

Hmmm… Congratulations to him!! Wonder if he is a single Dad or not?

LM on

If you are going to commend someone then it is probably best to leave out the question mark at the end.

Congratulations to Mr. Martin. He’s frequently spoken about his desire to become a father and it is great to have a man in the spotlight who is not only taking on the responsibility of one baby but TWO. We commend single mothers for their strength in caring for their children by themselves but become weary when a man makes the decision to have children by himself. If the world expects less of men in their childrearing responsibilities then the world can expect less from them.

Mr. Martin has been an active advocate for global issues regarding children with his Ricky Martin Foundation contributing to causes such as child trafficking, reducing poverty for children in Latin America, and aid relief after the 2004 tsunami. These two boys have an amazing parent who will undoubtedly pass on his compassion for human suffering and his commitment to the world’s children.

HeatherR on

Umm………okay. For once I am speechless! Congrats to Ricky!

Amanda on

Wow I also wasn’t expecting this
to appear on my screen when I came
to this site.

I’m happy for him and wish him nothing
but the best.

Lorelei on

Congratulations and blessings to this family! What a wonderful event for someone who has spoken for and worked so hard for children for so many years. Congratulations, again.

Jennifer on

Whoa. What the Crap????

kendrajoi on

I always knew he was too good looking to be straight! No straight man can move like that! I admit I’m disappointed, for my own selfish reasons! LOL

StΓ©ph on

Wow, kinda came to me has a suprise also. Is he going to raise them alone? Single with twins, that must be hard. Good luck Ricky!

Chloe on

Wow, what a surprise! Congrats to Ricky on the arrival of his baby boys!

ghislaine on

why didn’t he adopt if he is single? there are plenty of children in need

fuzibuni on

It’s sad that most of the comments above are saying “congrats” but then undermine that sentiment by wondering about Ricky’s private life.

If a woman did the same thing, would you be speculating about her sexuality?

People are also expressing a lot of shock, saying this ‘came out of left field.’

Sounds like most of you feel entitled to know about this his personal life.

I think it’s nice that he chose to share the birth information at all. And look what happened when he opened himself up… most of you started prying and talking about his sexuality. nice.

CTBmom on

Wow. Didn’t see this one coming, but hey if Clay Aiken can be a daddy, why not Ricky? Congrats to him! I wish him and his little boys much happiness.

Jeanne on

I’m very happy for him, there are lots of good single fathers in the world and I’m sure he’s one of them. It’s nice that he was able to keep it private for long. Good for him!

Maz on

i dont care what sexuality he is, do not care if he is in a relationship! im just happy he has become a father because he loves children, what other reason do u want?

meghan on

hmm – i guess he really is livin la vida loca…

yes – i am a dork.

CTBmom on

I just want to retract my earlier comment. It was kind of flip, and it sounds like I am making fun of Clay and Ricky and I honestly am not. I am happy for both these men, and I wish them the best in their roles as fathers. The most important thing for any child is love, and it’s obvious that these babies were wanted and will be loved.


I don’t think he’s gay. He dated Rebeca de Alba on and off for 14 years. He’s said he’s not but what does it matter if he is or isn’t.

Laine on

I think he will make a great father. I just think it is odd he did not adopt. There are so many children, especially older children, that are in need of a family, or a parent.
Kudos to him though for taking it on as a single parent.

carie on

I’ll be honest. I probably do feel that single mothers are more equipped than single fathers…..WHEN it comes to infants. I’m not saying that about older children. Believe me, there are many amazing single fathers out there. But I think my shock and feeling of “wow. that will be interesting.” comes more from thinking of a guy raising two newborn twins, without help. How that will be a challenge….Although, he could have help, and we don’t know. My comments had nothing to do with him being gay, as one person above might think about all of our comments of shock. I could care less…I more just think that it’s a handful for a single guy with two newborn infants. Not impossible, just a challenge.

Ria on

I echo Lorelei’s thoughts exactly.

Congratulations to Ricky.

Emily's Aunt on

Why would it be odd that he didn’t adopt and chose to use a surrogate? As a father, it is his choice to decide by what method he becomes a father so I don’t understand how that can be odd. His personal reasons are just that…personal.

It’s a shame that so much judgement comes across when he’s been such an advocate for children throughout his life. I wish nothing but the best for Ricky and his babies.

Rachel on

Anyone else think this is really weird?

gina on

My sister’s friend is gay.He wanted children so he hired a surrogate woman to provide the egg and he provided the sperm.They did thr intro- fertilzation and he has a baby boy about 2 yrs old! It cost him a lot of money but it was easier than adoption because of him being a gay single man. The surrogate does not have any rights to the baby even though her egg was used because it was written in the contract and this woman does this for the agency.He did not know this later before the surrogacy was done. the baby is very healthy & very loved!


The best to you and the children Ricky. I love you and now the babies too. May God bless you and the family. Thank you for all you do for others.
Una compatriota que te ama.


angela on

congations to Ricky!

Brooklyn on

I bet those boy’s are adorable!

Aya on

OMG.. I don’t know if its because i’m tired or what but I read “Ricky Martin is dead” I was like oh no ! lol. Now I have my peepers properly opened.Congrats to him, who cares if he is gay or straight, I’m sure he will make a great dad πŸ™‚

Stephany on

I don’t know why we do have a double standard for single parents. If it was a woman, there would be nothing but “YAY! Congrats!” with the occasional “OK? This is a surprise.” thrown in. But with men, it’s like “WHAT?!” I’ll admit I did the same thing, at first.

So many celebrities talk about how they’d love a family. He’s just been very private and, obviously, wanted to keep this private as well. Laine, I agree with your point. Why choose a surrogate when you could adopt a needy child (obviously, working with children’s charities, he knows this fact). But we don’t know his situation or anything.

Congrats! I’m sure he’ll make a great parent.

Aitch on

yeah, I think this pretty much confirms that he is gay. He’s never said.

Tammy on

WOW!!! I also thought he must be gay..

jacky on

straight or gay? single, dating, or married? WHO CARES!?!?!? he is a new father and that is all that matters.

congratulations to his new family and i wish them the best of luck!

katey on

Congrats to him! A little out of left field, but I’m glad he was able to keep things private since he seems like such a private individual.

Avery on

Congrats to Ricky! I’m sure those boys are beautiful. Considering how passionate he is about helping and caring for children, I know he’ll make a wonderful father.

kelly on

Saw the babies on ET. They are cute, but more than “a few weeks” old–more like several months!

JM on

wow! okay well then…congrats?

Silvermouse on

Although unexpected, this is lovely news. . . now where is Gwen’s announcemnt lol.

Mari on

Families come in all shapes, sizes, colors – and that is a wonderful thing.

Congratulations Ricky!

Caren on

WTF?! This like totally came out of nowheresville! First Clay Aiken and now Ricky Martin. And another set of celeb twins to boot. Yeesh! :/

sigh on

Congratulations to Ricky and his partner!!

meghan on

Aww, he’s going to be such a wonderful Dad! Congratulations, Ricky!!

terri on

Wow, I didn’t see that one coming. Must be a busy time in his home.

terri on

And yes, it is unusual for a single man to have children by a surrogate, so they will comment on it. Nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t mean that people are any less happy for him.

Renee on

Congrats to the new family. I’m not getting the statements about why didn’t he adopt. It’s none of our business why he didn’t adopt nor should he be looked at negatively for not adopting.

DLR on

Oh that is wonderful news. He’s always indicated his wish to have children, and I guess this was his way of having children! Congrats to Ricky and his two sons. He must be in heaven right now!

Erick on

Yes, He is Gay.His long time, life partner is Joselo Vega,they meet each other when bout was part of “Menudo” Martin like a menber of the group and Vega as a coreographer.They been together for years scince Menudo.

Carol on

Congratulations to Ricky on the birth of his sons.
It’s really a shame that people can’t congratulate the man and leave it at that. I am a single parent. Yet it seems nobody ever says, “Wow! Are you a lesbian?”
If Ricky is gay it certainly doesn’t disqualify him from parenthood and he deserves some respect of his private life. It’s shameful to have such negative comments about a man who clearly has a good heart and has committed himself to the betterment of children everywhere.

cp on

Why is it such a big deal if people question whether Ricky Martin is gay or not. Being gay is not a negative thing, it’s simply interesting just as it is interesting to know who celebs are dating and whether they are pregnant or not. Maybe i’ve just spent too long in the Bay Area but i fail to see why this kind of speculation is a big deal.

Margot on

That was unexpected.

I wonder what their names are?

Carol on

I think it’s a big deal because Ricky himself has never commented on it and is a private person. And some of the comments are seeming to put a negative spin on it by congratulating him yet using a question mark or stating it proves he’s gay. I just believe it to be inappropriate and sad.

kristen on

Minnie Driver will be a single mom, do we wonder if she is gay? I am a single mom, not gay. So why would a single father have to be gay? If I don’t have to wait for Mr. Right, why should he have to wait for Ms. Right? And for those commenting that he should have adopted, did you adopt? Those same needy children are waiting for you too!

rabbit on

I am surprised by this, but only because he was able to keep this a secret until now. Seems like most celebrities can’t keep this kind of news a secret because it leaks out somehow or other. Many congrats to the new dad….I bet he will be wonderful!

Monika on

Good for him! Congrats!

terri on

Congrats to Ricky. I’m sure he’ll make a great dad. πŸ™‚ I’m happy for him!

Nina on

What????? Fatherhood thru a surrogate no wife or girlfriend in sight..people are definitely going to think he’s gay now.

lucie marie on

Anyone with money can buy a baby or two. I find it sad that a woman would sell herself out like this in the name of “surrogasy. Couldn’t he have adopted children that already are here on earth whom desperately need a home???? What the heck, in the future men will be able to have babies and we won’t need a mother figure at all… What a cop out.

brooke on

It’s always been rumored he is gay and has a partner, but likes to keep it quiet, so i’m sure that’s why he used a surrgate and he probably wanted bio babies. Congrats to him, he has always loved kids

Kay on

Ricky Martin has always said he is not gay. There are several interviews on you tube where he states that he has never been atttracted to a man. He has been in a long term relationship and split with his girl friend last year. In this day and age, I see no reason why a 36 year old man in America would deny his sexuality.

Congs Ricky, those boys must be gorgeous.

cp on

Carol – I see what you’re saying but we speculate all the time about private details of celebs lives — “is she pregnant” is the major one that happens on this site. we continue to speculate even when celebs refuse to comment and obviously want to keep these details private. I don’t see the difference.

I agree that it’s sad how some of the comments seem conflicted about whether to congratulate him.

FC on

Wow, I certainly wasn’t expecting this news! Hell, I didn’t even know he was going to be a dad, let alone that he was expecting the last couple of months.

Anyway, congrats to him on his new boys! Maybe he’ll share what their names are. πŸ™‚

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Ricky …. I was shocked when I read this earlier today. I wonder if he will release pictures of them ….. and if he wasnt’ going to release any other information (like their names or whatever) I wonder why he even released this information to begin with?? I mean he doesn’t have to of course not but he does like his private like to be just that.

Molly on

Carie, how do you know he will have no help? Where have you read it?

To those who suggested adoption, please do your research. Single men (on top of gays if that’s true) have very hard times to adopt a child (some countries don’t even allow applications, and the domestic rules are extremely tough) And maybe he just wanted to have his own. We are also adopting a baby and even though we’re married we are having a very hard time and long wait ahead. I cant imagine how harder a single man would have it even though I know there are so many children who need a good home after what they went through

Molly on

Caren why are you swearing and using words like WTF when it comes to someone else’s baby and more importantly why your comment went through? I didnt think swearing is allowed in the comments section

lilith on

kristen, the reason why people are wondering if Ricky is gay is because there are constant rumours about this, long before he became a father. While i don’t follow his career that closely,when i occasionally stumble about an article i’ve never read about a possible girlfriend, quite the contrary, that he has a boyfriend with whom he is (was?) living together but wants to keep his private life private. And good for him.
I completely agree with you about those adoption remarks.
Anyway, congratulations to Ricky Martin and his new family.

rimmie on

I totally agree with Kristen. Those needy children are out there for everyone.

Hea on

Oh wow, this is just too funny! Ricky Martin is a father and people go “But…I thought he was gay?” Oh my! Does your sexual orientation effect your fertility? Yeah, I think not.

Congratulations Ricky!

SH on

…”It’s really a shame that people can’t congratulate the man and leave it at that. I am a single parent. Yet it seems nobody ever says, “Wow! Are you a lesbian?”…

That’s because 99 times out 100 the woman GOT pregnant by being with a man…and people assume you’re NOT a lesbian obviously…

Not that I care about the gay/lesbian thing and I’m not trying to be disrespectful because Ricky deserves respect and I’m here to say I give it to him 1000%…I’m just saying to all these people who say, “well, there’s single mothers out there who aren’t gay”. The assumption that Ricky is gay would be easier to make when he’s using his sperm and a surrogate; ie. not being with a woman to get her pregnant.

blackrose on

Kristen. iam with u those needy children are for everyone..many ppl would love to adopt but dont have the money to do so…but Ricky does so maybe thats y some ppl are finding it odd..esp that he works with needy children
anyways congrats to Ricky iam sure they r beautiful little boys.

Kerri on

I don’t think that speculating about his sexuality necessarily implies negative things about his sexuality. Personally, I have zero problems with anyone being gay, bisexual, whatever, but there is a natural curiosity to know these details about celebrities, just like we speculate over whether or not they’re pregnant.

Regardless of his sexuality, I’d like to hope he has a partner/girlfriend/boyfriend/whatever just because I’d like to see him happy in a relationship. Plus, I’m sure that would help with the exhaustion of raising twins!!

Also, I find it a little ridiculous that anyone would be critical of him having a baby biologically vs. adopting. People choose to do that all the time. Just because only one parent’s DNA is added to the mix doesn’t really make it that different. A lot of us feel the urge to pass along our biology and traits to our children…it’s nature, you know?

brannon on

Well said Kristen. Wow – talk about double standards!

Ellen Smith on

It will not be difficult for him to raise twins. He is rich beyond belief. I am sure he has nannies, household help, etc. I seriously doubt this man will be changing any diapers.

Xan on

Couldn’t agree more! Whether one wonders if he’s gay or not could simply reflect interest and curiosity, not disgust. And why should anyone feel obliged to adopt?! I’d like to someday, but I’d feel awful if anyone criticized my decision to conceive a bio child.

Nina on

Some of the posters here seem a bit sensitive. I agree with SH, let’s be realistic, when a guy becomes a father as Ricky did without a known wife or girlfriend, people are going to speculate about his sexual orientation. Yes, there are many ways to become a parent whether you are gay or straight but most men don’t do what he did. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong but people are surprised by a man becoming a single parent this way because it’s not the norm. Surprise does not mean judgment! I don’t think there is any harm meant by the comments expressed here.

As far as his sexuality, people are just expressing curiosity, it’s no different than the thousands of things we speculate about when it comes to people in the public eye. If he’s gay, so what? I wouldn’t like him one bit less. I don’t think I’m a bad person to wonder. Is it my business- no, but neither is the hundreds of other things we want to know about celebs and their lives. Everything doesn’t have to have some hidden negative meaning!

Autumn on

Interesting..hmmm…it reminds me of Clay Aiken and how he became a dad.

(And Ricky was so hot in his “Livin La Vida Loca” video…sigh…)

Congrats to Ricky Martin though.

Daniela on

Good grief! Give the guy a break!

Just because there are needy kids in the world why should he feel the need to adopt? Adoption is not for everyone. I want to have another child and could adopt but I’d prefer to have a bio child. What is so wrong with that?? If someone says they never felt the need to be pregnant or have a child biologically related to them, and prefers to adopt – no one bats an eye. But for some reason to prefer to have a bio child is an absolute atrocity!!! Why is that?

And I’m a single mom, never married and I’m not gay. And maybe Ricky is but it’s not because he decided to become a parent without a partner. Maybe he doesn’t feel like he’d ever meet the “right” person to have a child with. Its not like he’s 21 and has all the time in the world. Why can’t we just see all the good work he’s done with children, something you don’t see much from some of the married, straight, adoptive parents in H’wood!

terri on

I agree, nina.

Molly on

What does Clay Aiken have to do with Ricky Martin? I also wonder whether all of you who were expressing the dislike he didn’t adopt, did adopt and chose not to bring any more bio children because there are so many children needing home (and so many a single man esp. gay if the rumours are true cannot adopt anyway due to ridiculous laws and rules)

I do have a need to both adopt and be pregnant, I don’t have a need to have a bio baby, so if i cannot get pregnant we will adopt only (we wont be going the surrogacy way) However, you can notice Im not critising others for their decision, esp. not Ricky Martin. He’s an awesome guy who did, does and will do so much good for the children in need even if he won’t adopt them all.

I am sure that he’s happy and I’m happy that someone like Ricky is out there (and yes he’s so hot that I can only watch his videos in winter)

Aitch on

Lighten up people! It’s human nature to gossip and part of that is the speculation about celebrities, or even people we know personally–sexual orientation. No one is trying to dis Ricky because he is or isn’t gay!! The gossip about it has been quite a topic for years!!! Several of my gay friends are always speculating and talking about so and so is prob. gay etc.

Ev on

I wonder what he’s going to name them?

rickyfan on

Congrats Ricky! You’re going to be an amazing dad!

Gelareh on

WOW, I definitely did not see this coming. I never thought he’s gay, though he has many gay fans! But I actually read this before reading about Gwen’s new baby whom I’ve been waiting for so long, this was shocking news.
Im happy for him, congrats Ricky πŸ™‚

Sarah on

I’d sure like to know the day they were born (and their names!) when it becomes available. I have kept a record of all the celeb Moms and Dads that gave birth since January.

hillary on

I’m hoping that single people, straight or gay, becoming parents will become more normal and accepted.

Some people recognize that marrying or moving in with a partner may not be in the cards but that they want kids —- especially while they’re still young enough to give the kids the best of themselves and to have their own kids. And these people surround the child with aunts, uncles and friends so the kid has lots of love.

So good on Ricky for satisfying his dream of being a dad and for not waiting till he was too old.

Emily on

I think this was unexpected – simply because it’s not something that happens everyday (a father seeking a surrogate mother for children). Speculation about this and his sexuality is perfectly normal, provided it doesn’t leak into sexism – after all, we all speculate and become essentially nosy every time we visit CBB!

I think it’s great that Ricky has chosen to have children – irrespective of his sexuality. I believe it is the right of every person to have a child, no matter their sexual orientation or relationship status. As one poster commented – it is sometimes better for a child to be raised by one loving parents than two dysfunctional ones.

I have an aunt who, due to career choices and relationship issues, has reached a point in her life where she wants children. She isn’t in a relationship and still has a dream of having four children. She is considering artificial insemination. In society’s eyes, it would probably be less “controversial” to do this than for a father – yet the right is the same.

So, my congratulations go out to Ricky and his babies. I don’t know a lot about him, but the little I have read here at CBB convinces me that he’ll be a great Dad.

jenny on

congrats Ricky!!

Cheryl on

I don’t care if you’re a man or woman – purposely setting up a child to be disadvantaged in a one-parent household because YOU want children is selfish on your part. There are no heroes here.

NN on

I think everyone has been quite respectful in voicing their congratulations to Ricky and his twins. I too was a bit surprised at first until I thought about it and I have always known he wanted kids. I looked into the invitro and found that there have been several “straight” men who have gone this route because they couldn’t find ms. right. About him adopting he may have tried and found a long waiting list or because he is single they said no way. I remember a woman saying her state frowns on even single women adopting now. He is supporting 3 girls in India until they are 18 because no one can adopt Indian children and take them out of the country. He visits as often as he can and they email each other often.

alexa on

if you’d be a good fan of ricky martin, you’d know he’s not the type of person to tell the press what he’s gonna do with his personal life. and it’s been known that he love kids! πŸ™‚ so..congrats ricky! I WANNA SEE MORE PICS!

shelley on

excuse me cheryl but i grew up in a single parent household and i turned out just fine. i’m not disadvantaged whatsoever. you obviously have no clue what it’s like so i personally think you shouldn’t comment on the “single parent” subject

Single Dad on

Wow!…For once I am speechless! Congrats to Ricky!…God bless!