Lisa Bonet Spends Day Out with Daughters

08/20/2008 at 09:00 AM ET

Lisa_bonet2Actress Lisa Bonet — who’s expecting another baby! — chatted on her cell outside Sephora on Tuesday in NYC. While waiting for mom, big sister Zoë Isabella, 19, let baby Lola Iolani, 13 months on Saturday, play with her phone.

Zoe’s father is rocker Lenny Kravitz; Lola and the new addition’s dad is actor Jason Momoa. Lisa, 40, will next appear on Life on Mars, premiering in October on ABC.

Photo by INF.

Bugaboo_bee_stroller_redLola rides in a Bugaboo Bee in red ($529).

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Xan on

That baby girl is stunning!

Alecia on

Wow, congrats to them…Lisa & Jason sure didn’t waist any time in enlarging their family.

rrenee on

i cant believe she is pregnant again but it’s good they make lovely children

JM on

Before I even read it I thought, wow she looks pregnant again!! That baby is so cute…looks just like Lisa!!

Jen K on

Jason is really hot, I’m not surprised he makes pretty babies!

Jay on

All three are beautiful!!

Tegan on

WOW! COngrats Jason and Lisa!

Cassandra on

Wow! I have to commend Lisa, having babies in her 40’s and still looking great! Though, if I had Jason Momoa I’d be giving him as many as wanted too. LOL

Congrats Lisa, Jason, Lola and Zoe! I hope this little one is a boy! 😀

Can Lola be any more adorable?!

k on

So exciting she’s expanding her beautiful family! Ha, I feel a little old looking at what a lovely young woman Zoe is, given that I remember Lisa Bonet back on the Cosby show!

brooke on

Both of lisa’s daughters look so much like her, so pretty. Wow zoe was an only child for so long and now lisa is having 2 babies close in age, pretty cool. Just like scott baio’s wife and lisa marie presley who also have older kids and now babies. I saw more pics and zoe has the same exact features as lisa.

Allison on

can anyone guess how far along Lisa is?

Daniela on

Lola is absolutely beautiful! She’s one of the prettiest babies in H’wood!

I admire Lisa for having babies in her late 30s and 40s….gives me some hope that I may follow in her footsteps one day! 🙂

hinura on

Wow does that baby look like Daddy too tho 🙂

Nicole on

Brooke, where can I find those other pics? Or does anyone else know?

tan on

I read some elses blog where a fan mentioned this while on set of the new show she’s on.I’m so happy that its confirmed now.Congrats to her and her family!

Laura from Germany on

i can’t believe jason did this! not to simmone jade mackinnon! she’s so great and she doesn’t deserve him! Well done Jason, that makes you really bad lookin’! especially for simmone-fans like me! you two were engaged! i can’t believe you did this!

okay but to lisa: the baby is really cute and i like her 🙂

vroni on

well, at first, Lola is a really cute baby. everyone would be happy, to be her mother or father

but I have to say, that I just can’t congratulate them. I’m such a big Simmone Jade Mackinnon fan and I am never gonna forget, what they, specially Jason, did to her.

Simmone and Jason were engaged till December 2006 and counting on Lolas birthday Lisa got pregnant in October.
So it is clear, that jason cheated on simmone with lisa. because of that i will never be happy for them. i just can’t.
jason makes himself look so bad and he doesn’t deserve such a cute baby after all.

Jessica on

I like Lisa Bonet, i like her boho vibe. both Lola and Zoe are precious and the fam must be excited for the new baby.

Shaunie on

Doesn’t Lisa also have a son that 12 or 13 yrs old?

Erica on

Shaunie that was a weird rumor that got blown out of proportion somehow. The yoga instructor that the rumor was about ended up coming out last year and having to deny that they ever had a child together! So did Zoe, saying she just has a sister. She just has Zoe and Lola and now the new baby.

momsquared on

I love Lisa!!!! Lola looks so much like her. I always thought Zoe looked like Lisa until she became a tween and from then on Zoe looks like Lenny so much.

Lisa is my celebrity-clone. I have a 19 and 18 year old and a new baby on the way.

Melanie on

That baby is gorgeous, what a lovely little face!

Bancie1031 on

wow that’s a big age difference between Zoe and Lola …… I wonder if that’s what made them decide to have this one closer to Lola?

fatima anthony on

i read somewhere that she has a son as well. is this NOT true?

Autumn on

Bancie1031, I’m thinking that no doubt Lisa realized that she isn’t getting any younger and maybe even Zoe told her it would’ve been nice having a sister/sibling closer to her own age while growing up. Or maybe Lisa just to have her next soon after her latest so that she could “raise” them together, as far as diapers and so forth too.

But this baby also could’ve been a total surprise pregnacy for Lisa and Jason, so who knows?

Meagan on

Wow, cOngrats to Lisa & Jason !!! I’m so happy for them . I hOpe it’s a little boy too 🙂 . She looks 6 months preggo but do you think she can be more ?

Paula on

Wow! Congrats to her! Is her character on Life on Mars going to be pregnant too? Looks like an awesome show! Following Grey’s next week.