Eva Longoria Parker "Desperately" Wants A Baby, Producer Says

08/17/2008 at 09:00 AM ET

Evalongoriaparker Contrary to assertions that she’s in "no rush" to have a baby with husband Tony Parker, Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria Parker is in fact "desperately trying to get pregnant," says the show’s producer Mark Cherry.

And if she succeeds in her efforts, Mark says he’ll be among the first to know. "After they phone their doctor, she promised me I will be the next call," he says. For now, the 33-year-old actress may have to settle for being an on-screen mom, as her character plays a mother of two in the upcoming flash-forward season. "Eva is having a marvelous time playing her," Mark reveals.

Eva and Tony celebrated their first wedding anniversary last month.

Source: US; Photo by Randy Brooke/WireImage.com.

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Laura on

Wow…is it just me or was it rude for Marc to tell magazines that Eva “desperately” wants a baby? Maybe she was trying to keep that quiet for a reason..obviously she does not have one yet, so maybe there are problems…I don’t want to assume anything, but I hope the tabloids aren’t all over this story now; it was bad enough before he said this!

Ivey on

That sounds very gossipy I cannot beleive a producer would divulge something that personal.

Bobbi on

If Eva has been saying she is ‘is no rush’, then that is exactly what she wants to be public. It seems wrong that the producer say otherwise, whether its true or not. If she says one thing, he should respect that and stick with that. If he truly expects to hear the news right away, he should start showing some loyalty now, otherwise she probably will be afraid he’ll blab that too.

Natasha on

I couldn’t care less if they got pregnant or not. Eva Longoria isn’T anyone special anyways

meghan on

It is so not his place to discuss such things in public. What was he thinking?

dickie on

I dont see why CBB would print this if it is contrary to what Longoria and Parker have officially stated. Its tacky. And if Marc Cherry really said this, its even tackier.

Vanessa on

I agree completely with the above posters. How sad.

Andrea on

I’m not a fan of Eva’s but I wish the press would leave her alone when it comes to having a baby. Unfortunately Mark Cherry’s comments will just add more fuel to the fire!

phoebe on

If those quotes are in fact true, he should get down on his knees and apologise to Eva and Tony. It is disgraceful that he even considers it his place to say something so personal. I’m hoping that it was taken out of context or altered or something, I would just hate to think that someone would betray their friend like that.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, in the early stages especially, the few people that knew were sworn to secrecy and I would’ve gone bananas if they’d said something when I expressly asked them not to. And this is even worse. If Eva and Tony do happen to have fertility problems now, the last thing they need is someone telling the world they’re desperately trying for a baby.

The attention on the couple was bad enough as it was. I think Mark has some serious grovelling to do if he really did say that.

SH on

It sounds like Mark is trying to get his own “desparate” plug with this statement using the word “desparately”…sounds really ridiculous. Sounds like he’s a typical dramatic man…Eva has probably expressed to him that they’re trying and all of a sudden she’s “desparate” – give me a break. I’d be mad if I were Eva, and my husband would be irate as well if someone were making public statements about his wife like this one.

Molly on

I dont know if either of the rumour is true (whether shes not trying or whether she is), but I think it was extremely inapropriate for the producers to forbid her to get pregnant in the first place and even put it in her contract. I dont think that a woman should be receiving a hard time or a contract when it comes to starting a family from her employer like I did.

Emaline on

I guess I’m in shocked too that the producer would come out and say this, I’m not sure how much I believe this rumor. (But I do hope the two of them have a baby!)

Erica on

It’s not a rumor, it’s what Mark said to Us Weekly. It’s direct quotes. It’s really not his place to speak about that, although I remember he did much of the same while Marcia Cross was trying to get pregnant, pregnant on bedrest, etc.

KellyC on

It’s painful enough to deal with infertility, but to have the public know and constantly report on it has to be terrible.

Amy on

I sure hope he is not the first to be phoned after she finds out she is pregnant because it sounds to me like he would spill the beans immediately and not keep her secret. He obviously has a big mouth!

MB on

Well I guess he took the clause out of her contract then, about not getting pregnant. My guess is that clauses like that aren’t so unusual in Hollywood. How incredibly disrespectful of him to go blabbing like that though!!! I would be livid if I were Eva and Tony.

syd on

While I agree with the above posters that it would be highly inappropriate for him to make these comments if Eva and Tony were trying to keep things quiet, I would encourage everyone to consider whether maybe Mark has been given permission to talk about this? Maybe its a publicity thing or maybe Eva and Tony are talking about it openly now? I’m not too sure, but i’m just trying to give Mark a little benefit of the doubt, he seems to be close to all the actresses on his show so I find it hard to believe that he would cross these kinds of lines and hurt a good friend…? Just throwing that idea out there.

helen on

i dont undersand why everyone is blaming her producer. If Eva wanted this to be private, she should have kept it private, between her and Tony. And if she got prego she should just tell their families. I blame Eva for not being smarter about this.

shirley on

Milking the gossip train, he should be ashamed

Eva is the one to say what she wants her fans to know.

Dannie on

Kelly C., I’m not trying to be rude, but why would you assume they have feritility issues? They’ve only been married a year and Eva is in her 30’s. I’m 31 and it took me two years to get pregnant by my husband. Sometimes it takes some people longer then others. I’m tired of hearing people assume there’s an issue with ferility when someone takes longer then 3 months to get pregnant. Everyone is different, and how much sex can they be having if he’s on the road 9 months out of the year?

SH on

Yes, Dannie, I agree with you. It took us 2 years to get pregnant with our 1st, and I even have Dr.’s records with a diagnosis of “INFERTILE” –

Haha – 4 kids later…

It takes a lot of women out there several months, even years, to get pregnant – especially women who have been on birth control for years. Sometimes birth control screws up your body and it takes awhile for your body to get back to “normal”. Not everyone gets pregnant in a month.