Penélope Cruz Says She "For Sure" Wants To Have Kids

08/13/2008 at 09:00 AM ET

Penelopecruz Playing a mom on-screen is something Penélope Cruz says she "loved," and the 34-year-old actress admits she "wants to have babies" herself — someday. "I don’t feel it’s the moment now, but for sure I want to be a mother," she tells Parade. The maternal instinct is something Penelope feels she already has.

I have a tendency to become a mother of everyone around me. My family, my brother, my sister, they’re always complaining that I’m too protective and I’ve always been like that. 

Though she refuses to discuss her private life with reporters, Penélope is believed to be dating her Vicky Cristina Barcelona co-star Javier Bardem. While Penélope may see children in her future, from the sound of things, the same cannot be said for a wedding. "I don’t know if I believe in marriage," she says, "I believe in family, in love, in children."

Source: Parade; Photo by Getty Images.

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SH on

(F)ather (A)nd (M)other (I) (L)ove (Y)ou

if you believe strongly in love, family, and children you should also believe in marriage…just my opinion.

but everyone’s different and that’s ok.

Bren on

Imagine a child from Penelope and Javier Bardem? CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! 🙂

brannon on

Very cute indeed! i agree with her though. I hate when I tell people that I want more children in the next 5 years and their immediate reaction is “Well you better hurry up and get yourself married.” If that happens, fine. If not though, I don’t think it should mean I shouldn’t be able to have children. There’s no biological clock for marriage – I have time for that. Fortunately women now have lots of options for becoming mothers without having to rush into marriage to do so. All that aside, Penelope is absolutely stunning and I am so so excited for her new movie.

Aurora on

While I believe that I would like to get married, I also believe that it is not for everyone, and that each individual person knows the strength of their relationship, married or not.
Having said that, I think it’s exclusionary and a tad archaic to think that (F)ather & (M)other are the way to build and sustain a (L)oving (F)(A)(M)(I)(L)(Y). Mother and mother, father and father, mother and father, just mother, just father…I think they work, and should be given respect as well 🙂

Aurora on

Oh, and I forgot to add… how cute would a cruz/bardem child be!? 🙂

Peeves on

(F)ather (A)nd (M)other (I) (L)ove (Y)ou”

That’s really silly.

Also, marriage is a piece of paper. A relationship is the connection and loyalty between people. I really respect those that know marriage isn’t something to assume you need to do to be an adult or’s something that has been and currently is in many places exclusionary and prejudiced.

Tricia on

I strongly disagree that marriage is “just a piece of paper”–if that were true, we could all go to Kinko’s and print out our own certificates. Committment issues aside, marriage confers many legal rights on the parties involved, which extend to and protect both the spouses & children. Now, the stars may pay lawyers to secure their (& their childrens’) rights when no marriage has taken place, but what about everyday people who don’t have that kind of money (i.e. most of us)?

Being both a wife and a mother, it’s my opinion that committment to another adult is a piece of cake compared to what you must bring to the table as a parent. I honestly don’t get why people are squeamish about marriage, but not parenthood, which is the ultimate life challenge.

Nina on

Penelope is great and I respect everyone’s right to their opinion even when I disagree with it but I think marriage is a wonderful thing. I think marriage has gotten a bit of a bad rap lately. Marriage is so much more than a piece of paper. So many celebs have been releasing statements saying ” marriage isn’t for them” or “it’s not needed to build a happy family”etc. While there is some truth to these statements and they have every right to feel that way, I find it most curious that many of them elect to have children with a partner. Having a child with someone is a much stronger and lasting bond/tie to someone than marriage.If this person is good enough to create a child with, why aren’t they worth marriage. It’s not that you have to marry but the idea that I will have a child with someone but I don’t know if I want to marry them is kind of ridiculous. If you have a child with someone, should things go south, you will have to deal with that person forever…graduation, if your kids get married, have kids, etc. Isn’t that similar to what many go through when an divorce occurs? So I don’t get it, what exactly are you protecting yourself from.

Marriage certainly is difficult but well worth it when it works. Now with that said, I know it is not for everyone. The most important thing is to have a good healthy family life for your kids. I’m not knocking these people or opinions but some of these statements on marriage just confound me.

cm on

oh tricia, im with you. I really dislike the whole marriage is just a piece of paper remark. Why is that in our need to promote our own beliefs we diminish those of others. If you dont want to get married fine but at the very least acknowledge that for others marriage is more than a piece of paper.

The other thing you brought up that I try to get out and am never able to put into words is the legal issues that surround marriage. In addition to marrying for love, religious beliefs, etc… being married provides legal protection that I think some really need (for example stay at home moms). It fine for these RICH celebrities to act as if marriage is indeed unnecessary and im not saying all do or that the reason they do not wish to get marriage is due to their financial security but many woman are not in the same situation

Stephany on

Tricia, Nina, and CM – well put. I am SO SICK of the “marriage is just a piece of paper” remark. Where did that concept come from? Marriage is so much more than a piece of paper (let’s talk to couples who have been married 40-50 years and ask them if their marriage is JUST A PIECE OF PAPER!).

I agree it isn’t for everyone (especially people who believe it’s JUST A PIECE OF PAPER). It’s hard work and many people aren’t cut out for it.

Di on

I want to echo some of the previous posts. Marriage is not “just a piece of paper”. Marriage in my opinion is first and foremost a spiritual/religious and legal commitment. Generally speaking, marriage reflects a higher level of commitment over and above a couple that is simply dating or living together. I would prefer to bring a child up within a marriage than outside a marriage. Furthermore, if marriage is simply a piece of paper, why not do it then however, I think it is obvious that marriage is so much more.

The people who say that marriage “just a piece of paper” are oftentimes the same people like Halle Berry- someone who has had two failed marriages and instead of saying she chose the wrong man blames the institution of marriage and thus has proclaimed she will never marry again.
In my opinion, the ideal situation would be for a child to be raised within a marriage. My parents broke up when I was young and I often wonder what it would have been like to grow up in a married household.

Rosy J on

Marriage is so much more than just a piece of paper for must of us. Try telling that to same sex couples who would love to be married to his or her loved one. Marriage is the greatest gift a person can give to another one and their children. It is the ultimate blending of two people into one and the legal(protection under the law) and binding of individuals to each other. Undoubtly if it were taken more seriously, perhaps there would be more successful marriages. It’s true that those who do not take it seriously, should not be married.

Rosy J on

Oh and I think it’s fair to point out that Penelope did not say that “marriage was just a piece of paper”. In fact, she said she did not know if she believed in marriage. That’s not the same thing. Anyway good luck to her, I hope she gets all that she wishes for in life. I like her a lot.

Sarah on

Wow Ladies, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Excellent points! Marriage is definitely much more than a piece of paper and anyone married more than a month can tell you that! What I liked best about these posts is the fact that while each of you expressed your disagreement with the Peeves’ post it was done respectfully and without insulting her thoughts. Good for all of you!

Ps I definitely think children should grow up within a loving marriage, it may not always be possible but it is the ideal.

SH on

(F)ather (A)nd (M)other (I) (L)ove (Y)ou”

That’s really silly.

Peeves’ – why is that silly?

Marriage is not just a piece of paper…It’s a commitment before your family, yourselves, and God. Most people take that seriously.

I like the idea of the FAMILY saying…I’m married and have 4 very young kids and I think it’s a good saying to live by. It’s a good reminder for me and my husband when things get hectic and difficult (because they definitely can with 4 kids ages 4 and under)…and even when things are difficult, marriage is STILL a good thing, at least for me…but not for everyone obviously.

Renee on

I don’t get why so many people try to push marriage onto people who don’t want to get married. I have read all of your comments and I still don’t desire to be married. If you think marriage is important, that’s your business but don’t pressure people into getting married just because you love it.

Reading your comments make it sound like people who aren’t married are sad or don’t love their families, etc. That’s not the case. I don’t think marriage is getting a bad reap, I think more people are realizing that they can be just as happy without getting married. Not everyone loves marriage or think it’s important and it’s time for people to accept that and don’t forget that not all of us believe in god

CM on

Renee, i dont think that was the intent of the posts, or at least it def was not the point of mine. LIke i said if you dont want to get married fine, i honestly could not care less its a personal decision and I understand both sides of the coin…but at the same time please do not try to devalue the union i have with my husband by saying its just a piece of paper…

Jaime on

Renee, no one was trying to convince you or anyone else for that matter that you should get married. There was certainly no implication in the posts that people not interested in marriage were sad. People were responding to the piece of paper comment. I think you need to read the posts a little more carefully next time.

Renee on

I didn’t say marriage was just a piece of paper.I just don’t appreciate the negative comments about not believing in marriage.

lilith on

I can only second Sarah and Jaime.
Reading all the posts here i honestly don’t see who was trying to pressure people into marriage or even implying that people who are not married are not loving their families.

Renee on

“FAMILY = (F)ather (A)nd (M)other (I) (L)ove (Y)ou if you believe strongly in love, family, and children you should also believe in marriage…just my opinion.
but everyone’s different and that’s ok.”

Adding it’s okay at the end doesn’t make this statement not harsh towards couples who choose not to get married”

“The people who say that marriage “just a piece of paper” are oftentimes the same people like Halle Berry- someone who has had two failed marriages and instead of saying she chose the wrong man blames the institution of marriage and thus has proclaimed she will never marry again.”

Those were some of the comments I was talking about. Seeing stuff like that just turns me even more against the idea of marriage.

Christina on

“Seeing stuff like that just turns me even more against the idea of marriage.”

And that would be your problem, no one else’s. As usual, instead of actually reading peoples’ comments thoroughly enough to comprehend their point of view, you choose to act like a child not getting her way and whine about how “intolerant” people are being. Do us all a favor and grow up before you post again.

I completely agree with Di et. al and find it very interesting and telling how these celebs choosing to have children outside of marriage can see fit to make a man worthy of fathering their children, yet unworthy of being their husband. I have also never heard anyone that came from a successful marriage say they don’t believe in it. JMO.

Nina on

Well Renee, let’s be honest- there is some truth to the post you quoted from. I think the post meant that If a person chooses a mate unwisely or circumstances within the union aren’t quite right and the marriage fails,does that mean that the institute of marriage itself is bad? A marriage is only as good as the commitment the two people involved have. People blame marriage instead of the people involved. After a failed marriage, we sometimes hear people say, marriage is not for me and that certainly might be true. However another take on it perhaps is that fact that that person might be confusing loss of faith in the institute of marriage with loss of faith in another person’s ability to commit fully to all that a marriage entails.

I wouldn’t force anyone into marriage, it is far too difficult for that and by all means there are many people who probably shouldn’t get married. So while I whole heartily believe in the beauty of marriage I know it’s not for everyone. I think most of us here understand that and are not judging you or anyone else. We just have a different viewpoint.

Lilly on

This place is getting so judgmental to the point where anyone who disagrees gets shot down. It’s disheartening. It’s not “respectfully disagreeing” it’s more condescending and stuffing down one’s thoughts down other’s throats. I rather just look at the pictures now and avoid the comments.

If someone doesn’t believe in marriage, then fine, it’s their opinion and it doesn’t diminish the act itself or those who do believe in it.

Not all families are composed of Fathers & Mothers, some are Fathers & Fathers, Mothers & Mothers, just Mothers, or just Fathers, it doesn’t diminish them being families and it doesn’t mean there is any less love. It’s too bad that people have to look down upon people who are not or act like themselves.

Live and let live.

lilith on

Again, who stuffed “one’s thoughts down other’s throats”?
Renee has a different opinion when it comes to marriage and good for her for stating it. But she put words, or better said a meaning, into some of these posts which IMO just isn’t there. And her explanation does not convince me.
I agree that a happy family doesn’t necessarily consist of a father and mother. There”s so much more.
But defending your own position on marriage and stating that for you it is so much more than just a piece of paper doesn’t mean your trying to get everyone and everybody married and that your talking smack about the unmarried.

SH on

“just my opinion,
but everyone’s different and that’s ok.”

I really don’t see how this statement is “harsh towards couples who choose not to get married”

The words are there and I’ll reiterate them for you…


Check your definition of “harsh”.

Kelly on

That first comment insulted me so much I can not even put into words.

Since when do you need a mother AND a father to be a family. A grandmother raising a child or a single mother or father with a child can not be a family?

I am extremly hurt and insulted.