Melissa Joan Hart Shows Off Her Sons

08/13/2008 at 04:30 PM ET

Actress Melissa Joan Hart has sent in some new photos of her boys for Celebrity Baby Blog readers to enjoy! Baby Brady is already 5 months old, while big brother Mason is 2 ½. Melissa, husband Mark Wilkerson, and the boys recently finished a stay in Baton Rouge, Lousiana, where Melissa, 32, just completed filming on Nine Dead, her next project.

Want to walk down memory lane? Check out Melissa’s pregnancy diary, written for CBB while she was expecting Brady.


Photos courtesy The Wilkersons for use on The Celebrity Baby Blog only, and may not be used elsewhere without express permission.

100006786Mason wears Janie and Jack’s Seersucker Stripe Shirt ($16).

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Ella on

OMG SO CUTE! Those cheeks on Brady! How yummy. That family pic with them all dressed up is adorable. The boys are both growing so fast.

Lola on

Utterly Adorable!!!!!!

jana on

Mason is wearing janie and jack’s seer sucker stripe shirt from the on safari collection…can’t believe brady is already 5 months old

Jessica on

They are such a beautiful family! Melissa needs to bring back Sabrina!

Tara on

I cannot believe that Brady is already 5 months… where has this year gone? the picture of the entire family is absolutely adorable.

Whitney on

Brady is starting to look more like his hot dad….

what a cute family

N.S on

Oh they are a sweet family!

Can anyone tell me where I recognise Mark Wilkerson from — or is he not famous?

Ella on

NS he leads a band called Course of Nature. They play them sometimes on my rock station. Caught in the Sun was their big song, and now they are playing Anger Cage (that I have heard anyway). Wall of Shame was the other song by them I know. And Mark wrote a lot of Daughtry’s “It’s Not Over.” I actually know more about Mark than I do Melissa, haha. I am too old (41) to be in the age range for Clarissa/Sabrina!

Avery on

Such a gorgeous family! Those boys are just adorable. I think Mason is a good mix between mom and dad, while, especially in that first picture, Brady takes after dad.

Gigi on

man! they are a gorgeous family!

Cora on

So CUTE! 🙂 Mason looks like such a little rascally tiger in the second picture, & Brady is too delicious for words.

Kelly on

oh my gosh look at Brady!! hes so big! i love those cheeks & Mason is adorable as ever

Stephany on

What a gorgeous family! Mason is adorable and I cannot believe how big Brady has gotten! He looks so much like his big brother!!! Too cute.

poppy on

TO me Mason looks exactly like Melissa and Brady looks exactly like Mark.

jasmine on

I think Mason is beautiful and I just wanna snuggle up with little Brady! The whole family is so cute.

Colleen on

Those boys are adorable! I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten. Thanks for sharing Melissa!

Sarah on

Beautiful kids!

laura on

Mason certainly got the looks!

Meg on

Those boys are beautiful. Mason seems to have that cheeky chappy look to him. Love that in little boys.

He is getting into gadgets already holding that blackberry in the 2nd photo!!

kmb on

that’s funny, i think brady looks more like melissa!
such an adorable family!!

CTBmom on

Mason and Brady are both gorgeous boys. What a beautiful family!

FC on

Those boys are so beautiful. And I do think Brady looks a lot like his dad, almost spitting image in that first shot. 🙂

Lilly on

Both babies are gorgeous and they look a lot like the dad.

Cathleen on

anybody know around where they were in baton rouge? i live in baton rouge and had NO idea they were in town! how cute!

phoebe on

What an impossibly beautiful family. They really did win the genetic jackpot there! So gorgeous!


I cannot believe how adorable her boys are!! They are stunning!

JM on

So cute!! I really just don’t get why they didn’t just name the baby Brady?! I mean if they’re rarely going to call him by Braydon what’s the point in having that as his first name? Not a big deal just was wondering why some people choose to do that. I guess because my mom purposely gave me and my brother names you couldn’t shorten!!

Bren on

Melissa if you read this, CONGRATULATIONS!! You have a beautiful family and your ‘3 boys’ are so cute!!!!!

I think Mason and Brady look like their daddy!!

linpin on

They are all so gorgeous, and Happy! Love it!

Kelly on

They have one gorgeous family! Both boys are growing up so fast and I can’t believe Brady is 5 mths already. So cute.

Denise on

Awww Mason and Brady are beautiful. Brady’s cheeks are so pinchable! They are a lovely looking family.

Meg on

I adore this family! I just want to hang out with them, lol. They seem so down to earth and very fun. 🙂

terri on

I didn’t know that they were in Baton Rouge. Cool. It’s a little hot and humid to be in Louisiana now!

Natalie S. on

Okay seriously Melissa & her family are simply gorgeous!!! The boys are so adorable, lol you know she’s raising future heartbreakers!

Sharone on

Hey Ella- You forgot to mention that Mark writes the most AMAZING songs!! 🙂 NS- If you want to listen to Course of Nature’s music, go to their website and they have 5 songs playing. They sound sorta like Daughtery, or Breaking Benjamin, but in their own way. I immediately bought their cd and all their songs are awesome! Thanks for sending the pictures Melissa, Mason and Brady are so adorable!!