Liam Gallagher Says He's Top Dad

08/11/2008 at 01:30 PM ET

Gallagher Though his older brother Noel Gallagher at one time worried about whether he’s a good father to his now 8-year-old daughter Anais, Liam Gallagher says he doesn’t harbor similar fears about his ability to parent his own children Molly, 10 ½, Lennon, 8 ½, and Gene, 7. "I’m top," at being a dad, the 35-year-old Oasis frontman says, adding that he and his kids "have a lot of fun." As for his brother, Liam says Noel "shouldn’t get hung up on it…if any bad days have gone down you make it up to her, don’t you?"

Liam, who does not use a nanny, goes on to reveal to the Times Online in a new interview that he has no regrets about sending Lennon and Gene to private school.

They’ve got every right to be there as much as some banker’s son. When I pick me kid up, I feel amazing.

Although Liam says he didn’t intend to become a father, "once you get your missus pregnant, you’ve got to step up to the plate." Now that he is a dad, Liam says that "family’s the most important thing."

I enjoy [Lennon and Gene’s] company more than some idiot in a band or some actor. That’s how I’ve changed.

Molly is Liam’s daughter with Lisa Moorish, Lennon is Liam’s son with ex-wife Patsy Kensit; Gene is his son with current wife, Nicole Appleton. In addition to Anais, Noel is dad to a son, 10-month-old Donovan Rory.

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Claire on

Liam also has a daughter Molly with Lisa Moorish.

Dolly on


It says just that in the final paragraph.

MaríaM2 on

As much of a jerk I think he and his brother is (Noel is KING JERK), I must admit that since he got with Nicole Appleton, he’s really become more tolerable. He geniunely seems to be content with his life, and a doting dad.

Stef on

You have to love Liam. He never minces words about anything. And if you interpret that as arrogance, oh well.

And it’s nice to hear a celebrity talk about having and raising kids without integrating something political or agenda-heavy into their conversation.

Astrid24 on

I didn’t even know he had a daughter- he only mentions Lennon and Gene in interviews. How strange.

Anais on

But from what I’ve heard he doesn’t even have a relationship with his daughter. I mean, I don’t know the story, but I’ve heard him mention her. And Noel is the better brother, come on! (It’s like we’re comparing knives to guns here, which is better?)

SJ on

He doesn’t play an active part in Molly’s life. He provides for her financially, but Lisa Moorish (Molly’s mother) didn’t want him to be a part of Molly’s life. She also has a son with Pete Doherty.

Autumn on

I’m glad both of the Gallagher brothers have settled in to being dads, despite their past growing up. (Especially with the type of “relationship” they had with their dad, Tommy, when they were boys.)

They’re just doing what they can, but I do like to hear what’s up with them once in awhile. Yeah they have quite the bravado sometimea, but at least they’re honest, and sometimes funny.

Parker on

Lisa Moorish had the kid during a time he was less erm..likeable (he was a newlywed with Patsy Kensit) I think she initially wanted him and his angry wife out of the picture for the kid’s sake. She also does the same thing with Pete’s kid..even more of a good choice.

Ann on

Lisa has said that Molly knows Liam and that he loves her. And there have been press reports about him having visits with her (notably throwing Pete out of her house because he didn’t want him around Molly) and even keeping a picture of her in his wallet to show off when she was a baby, annoying his wife. I’d bet he just doesn’t think she should be dragged into the public eye like some sort of media novelty. After all, despite all the money Lisa could make by sticking Molly and Astile on Hello! and giving every sordid detail about her relationships with their famous fathers, she hasn’t and has said she would rather ‘starve in the street’ than do so.

SJ on

I forgot all about that… yes Lisa is a rare gem in the UK for not cashing on on that aspect of her life.

Astrid24 on

Thanks for clearing that up about his daughter!

Stef on

SJ–A gem? REALLY? Just how often does a c-list celebrity “accidentally” end up with kids from two different rock stars she briefly dated?