BBC Baby: Myleene Klass and Ava Visit Radio 1

08/08/2008 at 07:00 AM ET

Singer-turned-TV presenter Myleene Klass, 30, smiled for waiting photographers as she left BBC Radio 1 on Thursday in London. The Brit toted Ava Bailey, her daughter with Graham Quinn. Ava will celebrate her first birthday next week!


Photo by ALMASI/Bauer-Griffin.

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skips on

Soooo Cute =]

Tammy's Tupperware on

I don’t know who this woman is but my goodness what a beautiful baby girl!!

stephanie on

It’s been a year already? I remember seeing so many pictures of Myleene pregnant and thought, “She’s STILL pregnant?” 😀

G on

I can’t believe she’s one! I must say, seeing all of these kids grow up makes me feel really old…

Astrid24 on

I love seeing pictures of Ava, I always wonder if my partner and I had a baby if she would look like that, my partner being half-Malaysian like Myleene and myself being Irish like Graham.

Jess on

Ava is adorable! Love her shoes too! =)


BeBe on

Wow, I cant believe its already a year. I read Myleen’s book just after I had my daughter and I was really surprised how much Ava’s baby pictures looked like my little girl (we almost called her Ava too). I’m oriental and my husband is irish so Astrid there is a great chance you may have a baby that looks like Ava.

Emily on

I LOVE that the baby is wearing Converse and a girly dress. That is so stinkin’ cute.

Shaun on

Ave has her mom’s features. My best friend is Asian and her boyfriend is white and both their kids look pure Asian so you never know. In this case, Ava is technically 1/4 Aasian if the Myleene is half asian.

N.S on

I have to say that I am not a fan of Myleens.

I picked up her book about pregnancy/parenting – and it was VERY pro formula, anti breastfeeding.

She says things like “Breastfeeding used to be the only option, but now we have other options, it’s okay to choose not to” — and “my mother bottle fed me and I’m fine! So my little girl will be too.” – and “Don’t feel pressured to breastfeed, it’s every womans choice, and a fed baby is a fed baby”.


Chloe on

NS I’m not sure about the book because I haven’t read it, but Myleene is pro nursing and breastfed Ava for quite awhile. It’s posted right here on this website….

Perhaps she’s just trying to support other moms and help them feel comfortable in their choices. I think it’s better than cutting others down.

jasmine on

First of all – Myleene is gorgeous and her baby girl seems to following in mama’s foot steps!

N.S on

Chloe, I didn’t realise!

She did write the book while pregnant, so I suppose she changed her mind since then – although she really did make it clear in her book that she was not intending to breastfeed.

Good for her for realising what’s best!

Stephany on

Myleene is such a beauty and Ava is too! I can’t believe she’s almost a year! That’s nuts.

heather on

does anyone know any info on Ava’s dress??? My niece would just love it!!! x x x

Andrea on

Completely OT! but does anyone know where Myleenes top is from? I love it!!!
But Ava looks gorge too, can’t believe she is a year old!

rh on

Is Mylene half-Malaysian or half-filipino? Ava looks adorable

Silvermouse on

wow, time passes fast, I remember when Mylene was pregnant with Ava.

Chelsea on

Such A very very very very cute baby….!!!!!

lisa lang on

I have read Myleenes book and just wanted to say to those who havent that it is a fair, funny, honest insight into her pregnancy and no one elses. She herself is PRO breast feeding ( she breast fed her daughter) but had a friend who was ill, on medication and could not breastfeed her child and yet was made to feel bad for it. She only said that it is the mothers decision to do whats right for her and her baby and that she didnt want to become one of the women who puts the pressure on others not even knowing their situation. As a pregnant woman, i say thank you for her honesty and clarity to others personal lives. her baby is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful! where can i get my hands on the spotty dress. Anyone know?