Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon's Babies' Favorite Music? Rap!

08/08/2008 at 01:00 PM ET

Garcellebeauvaisnilonwireimage_5508 Having a large age gap between children occasionally makes it hard for them to form a bond, a concern that actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon had when she learned son Oliver, 17, would be becoming a big brother a bit later than usual. However, she tells Us Weekly that her worries were unfounded. Oliver and her 10-month-old fraternal twins Jax Joseph and Jaid Thomas are as close as can be — except for one small issue.

He takes them to his room to listen to rap music, which I’m a little nervous about, but right now, since they don’t understand the lyrics, it’s OK.

Source: Us Weekly, August 11th issue; Photo by Lester Cohen/


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Kate on

Oh her boys are too cute for words. I can just kiss both of their cheeks.


I think children deserve to hear music that is soothing and relaxing. So, I understand her concern.

I never did the “Baby Mozart” thing, but classical music has been proven to at least calm the spirit, if not, provide stimulus to thinking.

Chloe on

That’s so adorable, I’m picturing this big teenage boy cuddling with those cuties, listening to rap hahaha.

MB on

enh, some babies love upbeat music. as long as it’s not too loud for their tiny ears, i don’t see the harm. whatever makes them happy 🙂 my parents told me i was a big fan of the music on MTV as an infant, haha.

Lauren on

While Kanye’s the closest I come to rap, the image of an all-boy teenager taking his baby brothers up to his room to listen to rap is very cute. Better that than a Barney CD!

Chicki on

Let’s keep in mind that not all rap music is loud or profane – remember Will Smith, Lauren Hill and many others fall into the “soft” hip-hop category and the melodies in the actual music can be very soothing for children.

Nina on

Even though they’re fraternal, they’re looking more and more alike. Too cute!

Jessica on

As long as it’s not DMX or 50 cent, they should be somewhat all right.


With classical music, the literature shows that babies learn beauty and form. Music with light densities of orchestration such as acoustic guitar, harps, flutes will be easier on the nervous systems.

Also, important neural pathways are being established, that are associated to spatial reasoning and the like.

jasmine on

Not all rap is bad – but most mainstream rap is. But, hey, they’re only babies and rap songs usually have really awesome beats so I can understand why they’d like it!

Anyway, lol Chloe – that is a funny mental picture!

S.A.M on

My three month old loves rap!
I think it must have something to do with me listening to it, the whole way through my pregnancy.
Even though he can’t understand yet, I have made a censored rap playlist on my ipod, which I play to him when he’s alert and energetic.
When he’s in the mood to chill or sleep, I have an amazing collection of soulful r&b tracks (70’s to current), that I play to him, and it sends him straight to la la
Oh and the only thing that will calm him down when he is hysterical, is to put rap music videos on, and he stops crying immediately! It’s crazy..
Don’t worry, I usually pick Kanye type videos, that tell a story, over the usual booty shakin’ ones.

Stephany on

That’s so cute! I love it, haha. 🙂

Her boys are so, so, SO cute! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her oldest son, though.

Aya on

I understand her concern.My friend is having that problem now with her three year old. The kid is like a little parrot.Her husband likes rap and played it all the time and I guess they thought it was cute when he was dancing to the music.The problem is now that he is starting to pick up the lyrics.And he sings it to himself everywhere.Nothing worse that heaing a 3 year old singing about shaking a@@es and b#$%@#$ and h*&$.

Silvermouse on

I personally think it’s sort of cute. . . I understand Gabrielle’s concern though. Although I’m not a mother myself, I wouldn’t want my children singing words that are considered offensive to other people. However, I like it how they’re not sheltering their children completely from rap music and the outside world.

FC on

They’re young enough to not really pay attention to the songs, per se. I’m sure they probably like the beats they hear. I can just about picture them bobbing their heads and doing a little jig of theirs. I love when babies dance.

And, for all anyone knows, he may have a mix of clean/edited rap albums in there as well.

And the boys have sandals like my nephew. He’s long grown out of them, but he does have those exact Nike sandals.


My newborn has a preference for Fred Hammond the gospel artist but she hates sting. Probably because Fred Hammond has a smooth melodic voice and sting can sometimes be a little shrill. She also likes Jill Scott. She gets those little legs going.

missy on

cuties, so beautiful.
Lord, pls let av a set like dis cos i’m trying

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