Amanda Peet Discloses Postpartum Depression

08/07/2008 at 07:00 AM ET

Amandaandfrankie In a new interview with Gotham magazine, Amanda Peet reveals that she struggled with "a fairly serious postpartum depression" following the birth of her daughter Frances ‘Frankie’ Pen, 17-months. The 36-year-old actress says that the feelings of euphoria she enjoyed while pregnant "all came crashing down the second [Frankie] was born;" expecting to feel "fulfilled," Amanda says she instead felt "sleep-deprived beyond belief" and ambivalent about motherhood. She adds,

I want to be honest about it because I think there’s still so much shame when you have mixed feelings about being a mom instead of feeling this sort of ‘bliss.’ I think a lot of people still really struggle with that, but it’s hard to find other people who are willing to talk about it.

The most "extraordinary" thing about being Frankie’s mom is "the craving" Amanda says she has for her daughter. It is a craving that Amanda — married to screenwriter David Benioff since 2006 — has had for some time.

I wanted to be a mom. I wanted a baby for so long, and as soon as I met David I knew that I wanted him to be the father of my children.

Click ‘continue reading’ to read about Amanda’s decision to work with Every Child By Two.

Amanda’s recent advocacy on behalf of the pro-vaccine organization Every Child By Two — for which she will be taping a public service announcement — has garnered headlines, and she says she hopes her efforts will help "clarify and dispel some of the misinformation about the dangers of vaccines and the association between autism and vaccines." She adds,

I think there’s a feeling, especially in Hollywood, that it’s cool to be really skeptical of pharmaceutical companies. I think that we’re so used to being skeptical that sometimes we take it too far. It leads to what can be really dangerous misinformation.

Source: Gotham; Photo by Flynet.

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stephanie on

Oh boy. I get that she means well, but after the fiasco with the other interview you’d think she would learn to choose her words more carefully. Saying something like “…especially in Hollywood, that it’s cool to be really…” will piss off a lot of people because it insinuates that people would risk their children’s health to be “cool”.

Mom2boys on

I am getting really sick of the anti-vaccination remarks here on this board.
While I am not advocating what you do for your child, if I am going to make a comment it is going to be based on fact and the fact is vaccinations save thousands of lives each year.
Multiple independent research studies has shown no definitive link between vaccinations and autism. Maybe it is there, maybe it is not. I think many here are misinformed that vaccines are all bad. If my child was in liver failure from Hepatitis A or B, can’t play soccer because they have polio, can’t have kids because they had mumps, or die from pneumonia I don’t want to be second guessing myself because I chose not to vaccinate, believing propaganda and believing that other children were being vaccinated and decreasing my own children’s risk.
I have a right to choose for my child the best course of action that I believe is right based on the information I have gathered. Others may do the same thing with a different course of action. I understand many have questions of vaccine safety. I do not criticize their choices.

And good for her bringing post-partum depression to the light!

tink1217 on

I just don’t think Amanda should speak out about anything else. Her comments with the last interview were awful and now she is speaking out about postpartum depression. Honestly, and I would say this directly to her…she sounds like she is trying to gain some sympathy because of the Cookie magazine fiasco. I also don’t think her comment about “being cool” is very good either. I agree with stephanie above. I really think Amanda needs to just fade away for awhile. I sincerely think she is doing damage control and has been since her Cookie interview. I used to love her as an actress and I have lost all respect for her. Not because of her views, but because of the way she chooses to express herself and her ignorance of the whole situation. I am not anti vaccine either.

Jacky on

Yep Stephanie I can see it now….lol.

I personally don’t see what’s so important about vaccinations (or the lack of). It’s a personal choice, isn’t it?

N.S on

Funny the guidelines for commenting state you shouldn’t say what you wouldn’t say to someones face — I would be very happy to say a lot worse to that womans face, but.

She has a very arrogant air to her — she is insisting on insulting people who don’t agree with her, which, if she wants respect, is the completely wrong way to go about it, she comes off as judgemental, misinformed, and crude.

To say that people choose what they think (and I personally think) is best because they think it’s “cool” is beyond wrong, beyond insulting, and far beyond the truth.

I won’t get into peoples reasons for not vaccinating, but I will say that people who do not vaccinate go out of their way to research the subject, research what they are doing and build their childrens immune system up the natural way.

What I WILL also say though is that there are many dangers to NOT breastfeeding, yet I’m sure many anti non vaxers like herself would say “Oh, lot’s of women don’t breastfeed, it’s fine”.

diane on

it amazes me that women who are new moms think they know everything. i am having my 4th child and i still have a lot to learn. people should just keep their mouth shut

dee on

Just as with any other celebrity, she should not give interviews and talk to the press about subjects she obviously has no idea about.

She is very misinformed.

Stef on

Postpartum Depression entails quite a bit more than not being enthused about motherhood after your baby is born. That’s just called a dose of reality. A short-term sense of regret or fear about a major life change, ESPECIALLY when you throw in sleep deprivation, is pretty flipping normal. If we want to make people aware of and remove the stigma from PPD, at least label it correctly.

Stef on

Jacky–Because it’s very easy for moms in this country nowadays to be cavalier about vaccines because we no longer live in an era of epidemic measles or polio. However, unless a child never leaves its house, the chance of being exposed to these diseases will never be 0%.

dsmom on

Stephanie…I agree. I feel like she should choose her words more carefully. Most of her interviews rub me the wrong way. I always get the sense that she doesn’t fully know what she is talking about.

Asiram on

My child will not be getting the recommended vaccinations at the recommended schedule – I simply believe that it is too much being introduced into my child’s body all at once.

I survived, and so did those of my generation, getting far fewer vaccinations that were spread out over a much longer period of time.

My issue is that just because “it’s convenient” we should be introducing massive amounts of antibodies for multiple, multiple diseases all at once? That’s too much a shock for a child’s small system to take.

When I was traveling overseas last year to an undeveloped country, I had to get a bunch of shots. They did not give them to me all at once but spread them out because doing so “would have made me sick.” So why would we do something similar to a small infant/child?

Before anyone jumps on me, please note that I did not say anything about autism, nor did I say that vaccinations are bad. I simply question the sped up timeline and bundled delivery.

Mom of 3 on

UGH! I think Amanda Peet should shut the hell up! I find it so iritating that some parents so boldly state that vaccines can do no harm. My personal opinion is, parents should be very scared of of standing up straight and declaring that nothing wrong can happen when vaccines enter thier childs system. May God bless these parents when something does go wrong. Until you are a parent that has actually witnessed your dear sweet baby having horrible reactions to vaccines…then you should stand up straight and speak up. Do we think that these parents are making up these stories? I, for one, do not think so. I would never tell another parent of a child with Autism that vaccines did not harm thier child…if that is want they believe. Mothers know best!
For the record…yes, I am a mother of a child with ASD…and no, my child was not negatively effected by vaccines…but just because he wasn’t, does’t mean other children where not. I have no business telling other parents that what they experienced was no the case. No one does! So back to Amanda Peet. God bless you…I hope you keep your daughter safe.

tink1217 on

Asiram, thanks for sharing about your own vaccinations…even as an adult they space them out more than with infants. I think that is important to know and a very telling thing.

And, I am kind of sick of hearing that just because we disagree with the current vaccination schedule means we are “anti vaccine”. It totally doesn’t.

Amy on

Amanda Peet is a total idiot and should shut her mouth about everything parenting related. Her pro-vaccine rantings make me sick. I hope she loses work for shooting her mouth off like this (not like she ever did any great work to begin with).

LisaS1968 on

Sorry Amanda…I see this “post partum depression” story as a PR move to soften your image after your controversial stance on those of us with good reason to not vaccinate, or to delay them. I am not buying it.

lilith on

Why do we have to start this whole discussion again? Is this how it will be with every Amada Peet post from now on?
She apologized for her “parasite”-comment and i don’t see anything wrong with saying “I think there’s a feeling…”. She’s making it clear it’s her opinion.

So her opinion differs from yours and thats the reason she shouldn’t be giving any interviews and speak her mind?
Welcome to the land of free speech!
And way to go to diss a mom who speaks of HER post-partum depression!

Bren on

What did she say in the Cookie interview? I missed it…

My daughter did get all the vaccines recommended for her age, but she did not get them all together at once. My dr. told me she felt that too many vaccines at once could make my daughter sick so she asked me if she could give her the vaccines one at a time on different days, I will admit I did not know anything about autism or vaccines at the time. Now I am happy my dr. recommended that.

Gabrielle on

I second (or third) some people on this board when I say that celebrities who have no experience with a disease or condition should NOT become spokes people for or against medical treatments.

Amanda Peet speaking out is VERY different than Holly Robinson Pete or Michael J. Fox or Magic Johnson speaking about autism, parkinsons, or HIV/AIDS. They have experience with the disease.

Additionally, the “craving” she has for her daughter? Did that happen during or after the post-partum? Because if it happened during… I can’t imagine that’s PPD. Isn’t one of the symptoms of PPD having no connection or desire for your children? Now, if it happened after, that’s a different matter. Once again – – the girl needs to watch her words.

bren on

Ok I also am sick of the whole vaccines will or will not harm your child. I am a psychology major and have actually taken courses on Autism and there is NOT a direct link between vaccines and autism. BUT there is not a known cause for it and it very well could be vaccines that affect SOME children. Educate yourself and be open minded as well. Its hard on parents who have children with Autism because they want answers and it is such a new disorder. Please don’t criticize others because they have views that aren’t the same as yours. Its a hard for any parent to find out your child has something but for it to be something that prevents you from fully being able to have your child communicate the way your other children do or children their age do then its going to be a struggle. Just please educate, support and care for people and not judge! Its ok for people to want to protect their children and that goes for people who want their children and others to be vaccinated to prevent their children from being sick and for parents who don’t want their children to be vaccinated because they fear the outcome.
Also remember Autism becomes very visible as children hit a certain age, usually 18 months to 2 years. Which is said to be the age children get certain vaccines. It could be a cause but it could just be the age parents see the significant difference in their child’s development compared to others their age.

CC on

Just curious – if you choose not to vaccinate, do you have issues when enrolling your child at school?
Do you just refuse the vaccination at your child’s well visit?

paula on

I think it is very important for new parents to hear that not everyone is filled with “bliss” when a baby arrives. The fact is that no matter how much you longed for a child, when he or she arrives you can be blind-sided by feelings you weren’t expecting. Thinking that those feelings are wrong only makes things worse. Whether it is the “blues” or PPD, more women need to open up about this.

edna on

I haven’t read all the other comments so I can’t say what I think of them. I just wanted to say that I really respect Amanda Peet for speaking her mind and expressing her opinion. Even if she pisses off some people with what she says or the way she says it she owns it. I also appreciate the fact that she is talking about postpartum depression since most celebrities always seem to be spouting about how blissful motherhood is (I hope it’s true for them). Motherhood is also extremely difficult and can be really emotionally gut wrenching.

Kerri on

Asiram — I agree with you. I plan on vaccinating, but using an alternate schedule. I think vaccines ARE important, however, there are health risks involved with so much vaccination so quickly.

And I see no reason for my baby to receive a Hep B (spread through sexually activity and intravenous drug use) at birth.

I think it’s going a bit overboard to vaccinate for things like chicken pox, as well.

Amy on

CC – If you choose not to vaccinate your child you just let your Dr know at their well child visit that you don’t want them to get vaccinated. Obviously it is important to have done your research because your Dr will have all sorts of questions for you (at least mine did…we are on a delayed schedule). They also make you sign a waiver saying that you were offered vaccines and are choosing not to vaccinate (my dr says it is because they have to be accountable to the CDC about it). Also, if you really choose not to vaccinate at all you can get out of it with the schools based upon various reasons, such as religious or philosophical.

Stephany on

Stef, I have to agree with you on your comment. I thought her comments on her PPD seemed a little more like many normal first-time mother’s. I’m not a mother so I haven’t suffered with PPD but I thought it was a bit more than feeling “sleep deprived” and “ambivalent toward motherhood.” Isn’t that what a lot of first-time mothers go through? If not, I’ll probably be in the running for it when I’m a mom, someday!

And I REALLy don’t like the “it’s cool to be skeptical” comment. Damage control, perhaps? The best damage control she can do now is to shut her mouth. Nothing she says comes out good anymore!

jessica on

Thank you Paula and Bren, your perspectives are right on. She is just a mother expressing her views and beliefs as all of us do. It’s a personal choice for all of us, and we shouldn’t be judged no matter what. There is so much conflicting information out there today about vaccines so it’s hard to know who we should trust.

I always breathe a sigh of relief when I hear other women talk about PPD or “baby blues”. I remember the first week after my daughter was born and it was not the bliss I imagined. Being so exhausted from having to wake up 4 times a night, with bleeding nipples from breastfeeding, barely being able to keep my eyes open and crying from exhaustion and pain, looking at my daughter and thinking, “why did I have a baby”? I was scared to be in public places because she might cry, or I’d have to breastfeed her and people would judge me. You do feel incredibly alone and afraid to speak up because so many women seem so happy right after their children are born, maybe they put on a happy face just like I did. Of course those feelings eventually fade and for me they mostly came in the middle of the night when I was so exhausted, I’m also a single mother so I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders at that time. 9 months later, I crave my daughter like Amanda said, when I’m at work I crave the feeling of her in my arms. I think it’s important for women to speak out about those feelings and how you eventually gain confidence in yourself as a mother and get used to the late night feedings and the fact that someone else depends on you for everything. Once I started talking to other moms I realized that many of them felt the same way I did, even women who had a partner to help still felt alone. I don’t think she’s trying to do damage control, I think she’s being honest and trying to educate women on PPD and vaccinations. So good for her!

Leslie on

C.C. – Yes, you just refuse the vaccines at the well baby visits. You have to sign a form saying you refused them.

My daughter is seven months old and has only had one vaccine. We are making very slow progress on her vaccination schedule. When my parents took me in for my second round of vaccinations when I was a baby I had such a severe anaphylactic reaction to the shots that I nearly died. The doctors told my mother I had a better chance of surviving all the diseases they were trying to vaccinate me against than I did another shot. My 22 month old niece had a similar reaction. Obviously my reaction is not guarantee that my daughter will have the same issues, but my husband and I discussed it with our pediatrician and the three of us agreed to wait until Cassia was older before beginning the vaccinations and not to do more than one at a time.

ssrea on

I think a lot of people are turned off by Amanda Peet. It’s interesting how people won’t listen or connect when they are called names. Words are powerful.

It’s difficult for me to listen to her. I just don’t relate.

Erica on

Honestly, I think Amanda Peet’s got a chronic case of foot in mouth syndrome. A couple days ago I was watching Dan Abrams’ show on MSNBC and he actually ran footage from an interview with Amanda in which she states that she wants to become an advocate/spokesperson on the issue of speaking out against celebrity spokespeople…in other words, saying that she wants to make it her job to inform the public that they shouldn’t listen to anything she has to say. Dan got a kick out of that clip and remembering Peet’s verbal diarrhea earlier this year about another subject she is not qualified to speak about, I did too.

I agree with the poster who said that it’s great for celebs who have a real and broad knowledge of a subject to speak on those issues, but for those who have very limited knowledge and/or an inability to state their views without being extremely disrespectful to those who don’t agree, I think it’s best to just keep your mouth shut and avoid the embarrassment at the least.

Angela on

Jessica – I so APPRECIATE your post about how you felt after having your daughter. You hit my expierence head on. My daughter is nearly 9 months old and after first having her I never imagined the love and “cravings” for her that I do know. I always wanted to be a mom and when the instant euphoria didn’t happen, I felt like there was something wrong with me. But, people don’t talk about and share their expierences with pregnant or new moms. I guess they don’t want to scare you! After I started talking to my girlfriends I found out that a good portion of them expierenced the same things I did. What a relief! Anyways, I find it refreshing to hear about women telling the truth about the first months of parenthood! And kudos to you for being a single mommy.

meghan on

None of what Amanda describes here as a first mother sounds like post partum depression, it sounds like new motherhood. Though I think it is important to discuss not feeling blissful and thing of that nature so other women know that they are normal feeling the way they feel, I think is misleading to label it depression.

Nicole on

I think Amanda Peet needs to read “Deadly Immunity” by Robert F Kennedy Jr. before she becomes a mouthpiece for those profiting from all of these vaccines.

Dori on

Love love love Amanda Peet! Her comments in Cookie mag were right on point. Any child that does not get the proper vaccinations and then is in my child’s class-putting my child at risk and relying on all the other kids being vaccinated is a parasite. Sorry, but that’s the definition. You can do what you want w/your own child but you can’t put other children at risk.
Also love that she’s speaking out against celebrity spokespeople. For example, Jenny Mccarthy and autism. It’s wonderful that she’s drawing more attention to the cause. But as my friend w/an autistic little boy tells me, she spews a lot of misinformation. And people look at her like she’s the ultimate authority just b/c she is who she is. She preaches that changing her kid’s diet and taking vitamins has magically helped him become a “recovering” autistic. Well, lots of parents have tried all kinds of diets and have seen no progress. She’s not telling the whole story and since she has been given such a huge platform she has a responsibility to give the correct information.

Liz on

This post has NOTHING to do with her previous statements on vaccinations. You all do realize this right?

mary on

wow… leave the woman alone. maybe by saying its cool she was being sarcastic. like, “its ‘sooooo cool’ in hollywood…” and to me, thats EXACTLY what it sounds like. try and remember that tone is really hard to read on a screen…

Jacky on

I don’t care about vaccinations either way, but Nicole I bet there are professionals who HIGHLY recommend vaccinations. I’d say most of our Doctors…? One book about anti-vaccines is not gonna convince me when there are doctors around the world, trained professionals that is, suggesting children get them.

myboys on

Of course you don’t care…until your next child is diagnosed with Autism.

Jeanne on

I just wonder: if her views were the same as the people who seem to hate her and she was just as outspoken and rude, would the comments in every single item about her be so vitriolic? I doubt it.

And if she was anti-vaccination would you all still be tearing apart her comments about PPD? Again, I doubt it.

Yes, she put her foot in her mouth recently and she apologized for it. Does that mean every single post about her here for the rest of her life is going to get nasty comments even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with vaccinations?

I just find it sad that whenever a celebrity has the gall to publicly disagree with a popular viewpoint around here they get torn apart. Whatever happened to “let’s agree to disagree”?

It’s an opinion for God’s sake! We all have them and are allowed to express them. Chill out!

Sasha, USA on

Kerri, on the original post about Amanda’s vaccine statement, a nursing student commented that babies are now given the Hrp B vaccine because the Hep B virus is very hardy and can survive a long time in the open, so it can easily be spread from person to person…

Anna on

I get such a kick out of seeing all these arguments on the board! Seriously? Does no one give anyone the benefit of the doubt anymore?

mary yang on

Amanda Peet is not being recognized for any of her work. She has gotten more attention from her statments regarding vaccines and depression than anything else she has been involved in.

Jacky on

myboys, I have autistic children in my family but my relatives believe strongly that it had nothing to do with vaccinations (2 of them weren’t vaccinated, 1 of them was).

I’m on the fence though, but I agree that pumping children with vaccinations at a young age isn’t a “natural” thing to do. Although I was vaccinated and I’m in good health. See my dilemma? 🙂

sheba on

I have no problem with Amanda or her point of views. I believe she should continue stating what she believes. If you don’t like what she said, then don’t support her movies or TV shows. But I’m all for free speech and she should not shrink away because she said something immflammatory or against the status quo. Maybe just refrain from name calling.

I’m very much pro-vaccinations but I’m very open to the ideas and opinions that vaccines may cause autism. We all have to make our own choices for our children and live with those choices we make for them. If you don’t vaccinate, you are counting on the fact that the disease has been eradicated and/or other people’s kids are vaccinated. Basically taking advantage of a good thing for the benefit of your child, and I see nothing wrong with that. We all do it.

I also don’t believe for a second she is talking about PPD to do damage control. And being that PPD can be run from the quite mild to the very deadly severe, (just like autism) if she says she suffers from PPD I believe her.

As for her cool comment, people say this all the time, especially on this board. Oh, so now it’s cool in hollywood to be an older mom, or so it’s cool in hollywood to be green. We throw out this diss all the time as if people in hollywood are aliens without human feelings, judgements, or concerns. Basically what she said is no different from what has been said on this board.

People (celebrities and mortals) do jump on bandwagons and their reasons for doing so are not always because they truly care or are informed, but because it garners more press and pr. These same celebrities screaming anti-pharma are probably the same ones who have stock AstraZeneca or star in their commercials overseas. Do you really think Tom Cruise has a stock portfolio without pharma companies. Yeah right! For one it would be finanically stupid, considering Pharma companies are some of the most profitable companies in the world, next to high-tech and oil.

I appreciate a celebrity supporting a cause close to them and brining attention to it. But at the same time I want to also see a “track record” of their support. No simply doing something or saying something because “it’s cool”.

Christina on

“I don’t care about vaccinations either way, but Nicole I bet there are professionals who HIGHLY recommend vaccinations. I’d say most of our Doctors…? One book about anti-vaccines is not gonna convince me when there are doctors around the world, trained professionals that is, suggesting children get them.”

Jacky, you might be surprised to learn that there are doctors in the U.S., Canada, and the rest of the world who recommend that parents do not vax, as well.

Real, trained, educated, medical professionals who advise against it.

In addition, there are quite a few books about why some medical professionals advise against routine vaccination, not just one.

phoebe on

Bren – being a psychology major DOES NOT equip you to make the proclamation that vaccines don’t cause autism or anything else. I really don’t think you were trying to be as harsh as it sounded so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt lol! But it always makes me laugh how people say we shouldn’t judge others for having their point of view (ie the Peet fiasco) then certain people on this site go onto pretty much abuse parents for making the choice that they feel is best for their children. Talk about some double standards!

For what it’s worth, I’m very openminded with regards to vaccinations. They are certainly important, but my decision for my child was that she would not have the MMR and instead had separate vaccines. And yes, I did my research and did the ONLY thing I felt was right. Now, if parents would like to pump several vaccines into their children at once, this is their choice, and if they don’t want to vaccinate at all, this is again their choice. It is not my place, or anyone else’s to judge them.

However, I will say that the real ‘parasites’ in this entire situation are those that can not respect others enough to allow them a different perspective. I don’t like hearing celebrities with little or no authority or personal experience putting such judgements in the public forum, but I like even less the people who see this as their own platform to jump aboard the judgement train and treat other people badly. It’s just not nice.

N.S on

Jeanne —
“Yes, she put her foot in her mouth recently and she apologized for it.”

We all know she didn’t apologize.
She retracted the word “parasites” and continued her misinformed little rant.

And –
“Does that mean every single post about her here for the rest of her life is going to get nasty comments even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with vaccinations?”

I believe Amanda herself was the one who brought up vaccinations again by stating
people are just trying to be “cool” by questioning what is going into their babies bodies.

YES — for as long as she is spouting off about something she doesn’t know about and throwing out insults — people will keep leaving nasty comments about her, what else do you expect?

kiley on

It’s always seemed slightly ironic to me that people don’t want to vaccinate their kids despite it being recommended by the American Medical Association, yet If their child caught one of these potentially deadly illnesses I’m sure they wouldn’t deny their child medical treatment or the medicine used to treat the disease. I’m sure the treatment for measles or polio is not risk free.
I thought your child had to be vaccinated to attend a public and even most private schools, am I wrong? I know personally with my son I give him all the “required,” vaccines but I am able to research and chose which optional vaccines he gets.
Anyway, I think Amanda Peet should be able to speak out about this without such harsh criticism. She’s definitely entitled to her opinion. I know other celebs appeared in ads advocating flu shots and there was not such a backlash. I also don’t think any wise person is going to blindly get their kid vaccinated because Amanda says so at least I hope not.

christna on

This is ridiculous Why don’t people see that we do not have epidemic’s because we have these vaccines.When people deciede that these are things of the past and their children do not need vaccines anymore is when epidemics are going to take hold of the population again.Doesn’t anyone watch the history channel?And no on esaid motherhood is easy.It’s not something that is or everyone but labeling it with PPD makes it easy for woman to say Ohh!!I guess i must have this so because im not ecstatic.Your tired and overwhelmed but that;s what goes along ith raising a baby who needs you to do everything for them 24 hours day who ever said it was glamourous was rich and had help 24hours a day.I love my kids but it’s work not a vacation.

Cait on

Sasha – I was so happy to see your comment! I was the one who commented on the other post and I was coming back here to post again, but you took care of it for me! 😀 I’m very glad to see that people read that!

Dori – Um, no, not really. If your child is vaccinated, then that means they’re protected. The whole point of vaccinations is to protect people if there is an outbreak and they are exposed.

fuzibuni on

wow… there’s a lot of anger in this thread.

i think it’s interesting how those who oppose amanda peet’s opinions are much more vitriolic and righteous in their judgements than she was.

Lauren on

“We all know she didn’t apologize.
She retracted the word “parasites” and continued her misinformed little rant.”

What you really mean is she continued to stand by her beliefs, which happen to differ from your own, thus leaving you feeling entitled to continue to put her down. She acknowledged her mistake, issued a genuine apology, and stated her opinion in a much gentler, more thorough manner; if that isn’t enough for you, that’s your problem.

“YES — for as long as she is spouting off about something she doesn’t know about and throwing out insults — people will keep leaving nasty comments about her, what else do you expect?”

Depends-if the people in question are the informed, mature adults they fancy themselves, one would hope they would not resort to the name-calling Amanda used. Guess I was wrong in thinking that she “She started it!” mentality ended around third grade.

Lauren on

And as for her doing “damage control” because of the Cookie article-the Cookie issue with her on the cover came out last month. This interview is published in the July/August issue of Gotham. Which means that both interviews were likely conducted at least a month ago around the same time, well before her comments in Cookie were published. Perhaps the people telling her to stop speaking on subjects she supposedly doesn’t know about should do the same.

Christine on

I used to enjoy seeing pics of her with her daughter on this site, but after her Cookie magazine interview this will be the last post I read on her.
As the mother of 3, one with with autism (not vaccine related) I can’t repsect anything she has to say anymore.

(Oh…I’m not a parasite who doesn’t vaccinate – I just use my own schedule)

bren on

Pheobe, I didn’t say I knew vaccines did or did not cause autism. I said there is no CLEAR sign that they do. I also don’t think that its bad or good for parents to vaccinate their child. I personally will have mine but will not have them done all at once because of other reason and like I said I think its important for people to understand BOTH sides that parents want to protect their children by getting them vaccinated because they don’t want them to get something and others are protecting their children by not getting them vaccinated because they fear it could cause Autism. I never said I was an expert but I have done a decent amount of research on it as well as taken care of children with Autism and believe there needs to be more research. So I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you didn’t read my full post.

Mum1 on

I really appreciated this post. Like Amanda, I was desperate to get pregnant and have my husband’s children, but after my baby was born I felt a lot like Amanda did and was eventually diagnosed with PPD. I am doing heaps better now but it’s nice not to feel like the only one who felt this way – turns out I am one of those people who really struggle with the newborn phase. Also agree with her on vaccines – they have saved lots of kids from death/disability over many years.

LisaB on

1 in a thousand children die from measles EACH YEAR because they didn’t get vaccinated. 1 in a thousand children are NOT autistic. Dori is ABSOLUTELY correct!! Hell, if a special diet can cure a brain disorder, maybe if we eat more fish then we can cure cancer?? These diseases kill and are horrible, vaccinations ARE important. I would rather live with an autistic kid, than lose my child because I didn’t get them their shots.

I admire Amanda for speaking so openly and honestly. Her daughter is such a beautie!!

phoebe on

Bren – I read your entire post, believe me, but thank you for patronising me anyway! I quote: “I am a psychology major and have actually taken courses on Autism and there is NOT a direct link between vaccines and autism.” Do you really believe this? Because this statement alone is patronising, no matter what else was said! I’m sorry that I’ve drawn attention to this, and like I said, I don’t think you meant it to come off that harsh, but you can’t make a statement like that and expect people to not be bothered by it. I appreciate that you were trying to make a point as a whole (so you can see I read the whole thing lol) but you must see why this kind of thing annoys people. This is a fiery subject.

The truth is, no one really knows entirely what happens with the MMR and other vaccines, we just make our own decisions based on what we feel is best for our children. Most of us, hopefully, actually research the information beforehand. And with regards to Amanda Peet, we do NOT need ill-informed celebrities with a bad case of foot-in-mouth syndrome judging us at every turn. I’ll echo what I said in a post on the original Cookie thread: God bless Frances.

Dori on

In your words: “um no cait” you’re totally 100% incorrect. If you don’t vaccinate your child you are putting my child at risk. For example, the measles vaccination is only 95% effective. In San Diego last year 12 children got measles-9 had no vaccination b/c the parents chose not to, 3 were too young to have received it yet. Measles, almost wholly eradicated in the United States through vaccines, can cause pneumonia and brain swelling, which in rare cases can lead to death. So if my child was in class w/one of these 12 children she may catch measles b/c the vaccination is only 95% effective.

SH on

um, correct me if i’m wrong, but doesn’t EVERY new mom feel “sleep deprived beyond belief” and have mixed feelings about being a new mother?

sounds like normal symptoms to me, not PPD.

blundoboys on

For those people out there that are saying that Amanda Peet shouldn’t talk anymore, especially about PPD. First off, those person(s) have obviously NEVER experienced PPD. It is a serious illness…and I will stress the word “ILLNESS”, it’s not something you can predict or fix over night. I think that it’s commonly viewed as “baby blues” when it’s much more than that. I am a parent to 4 lovely boys, all pregnancies were very different, all boys, different personalities. All of them, but one, and my last, was bliss & happy. I’ve experienced PPD in a way that I never understood. I think MORE people like Amanda Peet “and” Brooke Shields should open up & be honest about PPD. Maybe other people wouldn’t be so scared to come forward about their PPD & how even the RICH & FAMOUS get it. PPD is knows no discrimination & to sit here & judge ANYONE when you have not walked a step in their shoes, personally, I find have little to no education & should keep their opinions to themselves until they educated or experience something so serious as PPD.

I am not a large fan of A. Peet, in fact, I have no thoughts either or, but I find her to be BRAVE to be honest. There are lots of others out there suffering from PPD & the fact that she was able to be honest in the spotlight, I find admirable.

My 2 cents.

blundoboys on

Since when are people on this board certified OBGYN’s “AND” psychologists? Who are any of us to judge whether or not it’s PPD or being tired? Seriously, EDUCATE YOURSELVES before making comments that have no meaning.

As far as vaccines go, to each is own. It’s like trying to tell someone how to vote politically or what religion to choose. It’s not our business & to judge someone based on their PERSONAL views, well…who made us in charge? I personally feel that vaccines are there for a purpose, yet I’ve also seen the damage that it’s done to “some” people very close to me.

We live in a society where we’re forced to vaccinate our kids if they are to be in the public school systems or even playing sports. We’re forced & if we don’t, the children cannot partake in a “normal” life. It should be a “choice” not something that is forced.

Either way, if she doesn’t want to vaccinate her kids, that’s her business, not ours. Again, judging someone on their personal beliefs isn’t something we should be doing as human beings.

She lives her life, period. Why even go there???

Natasha S on

As a mother of three children who has suffered severe PPD with each child,My advice to her would be to be thankful that she has a healthy child.Indeed this is damage control.I delay my children’s vaccines and I feel 110% comfortable doing so.Each to their own.
What A.P is talking about is just the wake up call of having a newborn in the house.Believe me,it is NOT PPD!!

Natasha S on

I obviously wasn’t polite in the phrasing of ‘my advice’ as it was removed so I will try again,
My advice would be to ‘keep quiet and be thankful for a healthy child’
PPD is a very personal thing and those of us who have suffered from it can become quite aggressive when it is used as ‘an out’ which is my feeling on this story.

blundoboys on

I am also a mother of 4 boys, 5 if you count my DH, and I am here to say you don’t know if she has PPD or it’s just being tired from a new baby. We’re not doctors, OBGYN’s or psychologists, so to sit here & say “oh, I know for a fact that it’s not PPD & it’s being tired….blah, blah, blah, blah…” is ignorant.

She is in the media, dontcha think she has access to nannies? Most people who have nannies (if they have that sort of $$$), wouldn’t be that tired. Why you ask? Because the nanny does all the work.

Again, who are any of us to say if she has/had PPD or if it’s just the stress of being a new mom?

I’ve BTDT, I’ve been a single parent, I’ve been a parent to a handicap child, and a step-mom as well as a mother who experienced regular stress from lack of sleep “AND” actual PPD. If anything you’d think “my comment” would be to say that A.Peet is just complaining. But honestly, after having people say “oh…it’s just the baby blues” or “oh… need some sleep”… and actually have a problem, seriously, it’s irritating. Almost as irritating as when people say “oh…it must not have been meant to be” or “oh…this was a sign that your baby wasn’t healthy” when someone has a M/C, again. We are not in any position to judge anyone, including each other, let alone someone who chose to let their heart(s) be exposed, stripped down & let people in on how they’ve experienced actual depression.

Vaccines, PPD, we’re not in any position to judge. Comment, sure, we all have them, but to make an articulate comment w/ an educated background, well…that takes some work.

My last comment to this issue is that weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.

Zee on

Amanda Peet is a moron for speaking out about vaccines when she does not know first hand what autism is!! I am a mom with a vaccine injured child who is currently in remission due to one of my Angels, Jenny McCarthy!! That’s a mom, a warrior mom (as Oprah states)!! Vaccines are currently viewed as a one size fits all when in reality it is NOT! I have 2 sons, one who is vaccine injured and the other whom is perfectly fine after all of his vaccines. So I come from the best of both worlds and know for a fact had I known better and was not brain washed into believing w/ out vaccines my children are not protected, I would have NEVER vaccinated neither of my boys!! Allowing foreign metals and thermisol into my children’s blood was stupid on my part and I will never do it again. I’m a mother with experience and that alone speaks volumes!! Amanda Peet has no idea what she’s talking about and this will kill her career!! So sad, too bad!!!

Molly on

YOu are missing the point. Its not recommended not to vaccinate but not vaccinate all at once.

Cait on

Okay, that is ONE vaccination. Compared to the dozens of others children get, the fact remains that the point of vaccines is to PROTECT people from these diseases.

If you’re that worried about unvaccinated kids, perhaps home schooling would be your best option.

Cait on

Oh, and just a clarification, I’ve never said whether I was pro-vaccine or whether I was in agreement with those who choose not to vaccinate their children. I believe it’s an individual choice and since we do live in America, it’s a right every parent has. When I have children, I’ll decide what’s best for them with the information that is available at that time.

Amy Philo on

With the risk of SIDS and lifelong disease posed by vaccines I think it’s absurd that an obviously uninformed actress would promote that EVERY child gets vaccinated fully by the age of two. If you are interested in protecting your child’s life and health then you may want to inform yourself about vaccines before you go shooting them up with aborted fetal tissue, formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury in addition to other toxins including diseases that we don’t need to be introducing into their bodies in the first place – that would be eradicated completely by now if it weren’t for vaccines. Go to to get informed.

Dori on

Cait-1 vaccination?? It only takes 1 disease for a child to become deathly ill. And it’s not just measles. In a 2006 mumps outbreak in Iowa that infected 219 people, the majority of those sickened had been vaccinated. There is substantial evidence that communities with pools of unvaccinated clusters risk infecting a broad community that includes people who have been inoculated. Read up before you start declaring that everybody has a right to decide what they want for their children when it comes to vaccinations. Again-not when it effects other people’s children.
So you’re suggesting I should homeschool my kids b/c other parents decide that they would rather put my kids at risk than give their kids vaccinations? How is that right? I think you have it backwards. If a parent refuses to vaccinate they are putting all the other kids at risk so their children should stay home and be homeschooled.