Guy Pearce Sees No Children in his Future

08/06/2008 at 07:00 AM ET


There is little ambiguity in Guy Pearce‘s stance on whether he and wife Kate Mestitz, a psychologist, will someday be parents; according to the UK’s Times Online, the couple "refuse" to have kids. The 40-year-old actor, who has starred in hits like LA Confidential and Factory Girl, jokes that he and Kate "would be on the news if we had kids" because "we’d do something horrible to them or leave them somewhere." Putting all joking aside, Guy clarified his comments, adding,

I just mean that, well, I couldn’t give them the constant love that they need.

Guy and Kate were married in 1997.

Source: Times Online; Photo by Picture Media/INF.

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Gianna on

Hmm…I wonder if he will be criticized for his stance the way a female star usually is when she’s honest about simply not wanting kids?

And why are reporters still asking this highly personal question?

Danica on

I don’t even think he has to explain himself. Couples can lead perfectly happy lives without children. It’s not the 1950’s anymore where the pressure was on.

sarita on

I think it’s great that they have been able to make this decision together.The hardest part of deciding not to have children is finding a partner that agrees with you.

Ems on

The cool thing is some people feel this way yet feel societal pressure and therefore have children, he knows he can’t provide for a child’s needs so he definitively says he won’t bend, therefore no kiddie in the future. I like he and his wife are sticking to this. I’m really getting tired of the media badgering younger celebrities into having children. Kids have almost become accessories in Hollywood, a way to advance one’s career. Would we even care about the daily life of Ashlee Simpson if she wasn’t pregnant? Probably not.

I’m glad he’s sticking to his guns.

Mia on

I’m glad that works for them. It’s a big decision. I have an uncle and aunt who have been together for 30 years and mutually decided they never wanted kids. It didn’t fit into their party/fast lifestyle. I’m glad they stuck with the decision because kids would’ve never fit into that.

Christina on

My only concern with couples who choose not to have kids is what they think and say about couples that do have children. the whole child free movement gets on my nerves because a lot of them are anti children and say nasty things about those who have kids. not to say Guy and his wife are like that.

In some cases there are many people that have kids shouldn’t of had kids. kids should be wanted. I just hope that they don’t regret it later. granted there is always the option of adoption.

Kelly on

If I remember correctly from previous interviews, Guy’s wife works with abused children.

Guy himself, has a sister who is profoundly mentally handicapped, and he helps his mother a lot with her. I remember one interview he said that he used to try and take her out places to run errands with him, to give his mom a break. However, his sister doesn’t do well in crowds, and when people would swarm him for autographs, she would become quite upset.

I think that it is common for people in either one of those situations (working with abused children, handicapped sibling) to decide not to have children of their own. To have them both means it would take an incredible leap of faith for them to have children.

Which is too bad, because I think they would make wonderful parents. They’re doing a lot of good in their lives, even without children, though.

Lenny on

I here you Ems and Sarita. And to just clarify, there is nothing “too bad” about their choice. Their life obviously is not less full; just filled in a different way.

Jeanne on

Christina, I don’t think you should make the assumption that just because he doesn’t want any children of his own that he doesn’t like children at all. Granted there are some child-free-by-choice folks that are annoying in that way but not all of us are. Speaking for myself, I love kids but I know in my heart that I would not be a good mother. So I applaud him and his wife for being self-aware enough to know that parenthood isn’t for them. Not wanting to be a parent shouldn’t reflect negatively on a person.

fuzibuni on

re Christina:
“the whole child free movement gets on my nerves because a lot of them are anti children and say nasty things about those who have kids.”

errr… pot. kettle. black?

I-dra on

i don’t understand why CBB posts about celebrities who don’t have or don’t want children. i am not interested in following the antics of the “childfree”, i come here to swoon over big bellies & beautiful kids! if they don’t want kids, they don’t need to be posted about.

Kristen Thomas on

I have never understood the thinking that not wanting children means not liking children. I have children and at times hate the fact that others do… I understand a lot of the child free argument. So much seems to be geared to “the children”. Movies and television have to be suitable for children. All resturants have to be child friendly. No way! Again, I have kids and love watching stuff that my children have no business watching and if given the opportunity I will go to a resturant that is not at all child friendly- just to get away! There is nothing I hate more than being in a really nice place, trying to eat, and little Jr is running around or crying.

Jenny on

I am glad that they have spoken out about their choice not to have children. Me and my fiance have decided not to have children as in the UK there are a lot of social issues with regards to the direction the country is taking and I for one would hate to think that I forced my child to deal with the increasing hostility in the UK. We are made to feel selfish when we are being selfless.

Christina on

Notice the last sentience “not to say Guy and his wife are like that.” which means I am not saying Guy and his wife are anti children.


I said it gets on my nerves I didn’t say anything about them as a whole. I am fine with people being childfree by choice. I don’t say they are crazy and irresponsible. It gets on my nerves because I don’t actively go on rants saying they are wrong for not “breeding” as they normally put it. or getting permanent birth control. It’s there choice I respect that. I would just like the same in return. I know that it’s a long shot.

Mich on

I’m betting they will divorce. Sounds like a lot of selfishness there.

Jess on

No it doesn’t. They’ve been married for a very long time and seem to be happy in a child-free marriage. Just because they’ve decided they don’t want children doesn’t mean they’re beig selfish.