Kate Hudson and Ryder's Soho Stroll

08/05/2008 at 06:00 AM ET

Actress Kate Hudson, 29, smiled for the paparazzi while 4 ½-year-old son Ryder Russell concentrated on his toy motorcycle as the pair strolled in Soho on Sunday. Dad is Kate’s ex-husband, Black Crowes rocker Chris Robinson.

Photo by Humberto Carreno/StarTraks.

BoardsillyteeRyder is sporting a Life is Good Board Silly Short Sleeve Tee ($13).

He also wears miniBoden’s cropped jersey baggies in sky/washed red, from 2007 collection.

Kate wears Velvet By Graham & Spencer maxidress and a Jimmy Choo purse.

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lucy80 on

oh dear me this dress is so beautiful, anyone have info on it?
please please, thank you!
p.s they look so happy

becca on

Am I alone in thinking that it looks like another small bump hiding beneath that dress?

Angel on

No, Becca, you’re not alone. I was thinking the same thing. But maybe she just had lunch or something, lol.

dsmom on

Becca, I saw that too! Maybe it’s just a food baby! I feel kinda bad for her son being around all of these men that Kate dates and then they break up…I dunno, maybe that is what single moms have to do? Ive just never been in that situation-but if I ever was, I think I would be very careful about bringing my child around different men. Just me though….

Autumn on

Yeah becca I agree with you too. I wouldn’t think so otherwise, however after reading a few months ago how Kate expressed the desire to have more kids, and after her recent relationships with Owen and Lance, I suppose anything’s possible.

(If she is pregnant again, I don’t know if it’s Lance because she didn’t date him publicly that long to be that “far along,” plus I wonder about his fertility since his bout with cancer? Though you never know…)

Erica on

I don’t think so. Kate just has a tendency to wear things that make her look that way, then you see her in a bikini and her belly is totally flat.

Luciana Caczan on

Ryder looks like his father. He and his mom are very cute in the pic.

SH on

geez, can’t anyone have an ounce or two of fat on their belly? i guess you can’t in hollywood or else they’ll think you’re pregnant!

Gianna on

LOL. My stomach looks just like that and I can assure you that I’m not preggers. Is it really that strange for a woman to have a little belly? Are Kate and I alone? LOL!

Sarah on

um, Autumn, Lance has 3 kids and two of them are twins and he had them after his cancer bout! I’m pretty sure he is quite capable of having more. 🙂

bebe on

I’m a single mom. And when I say “single” I mean single. My daughters father has never even seen his daughter and has no desire to see her.

I agree with the other posters. I’m very cautious about dating. I was in a relationship with one man and only ONE man after my daughter was born. We aren’t together now, but we still hang out a lot. My daughter really likes him and he’s still my best friend. He’s her male role model and was there with me when she was born. Even though we are not together I’ve asked him to be her male figure and he’s agreed. I don’t see him leaving out lives.

I get asked out a lot, but I always decline. I don’t think it’s important right now. My daughter is only 2 1/2. She needs me around. If I went out on a date I would have to get a sitter and I wouldn’t be there to put her to bed or whatnot. I do NOT think it’s a good idea to bring multiple men around young children like that. Children might get attached to the other man and then when Kate breaks up the child has to unattach himself. I think this could lead to the child having to close off their emotions so they don’t get hurt. Eventually they might just close off emotionally all together.

Once you make the decision to have children you need to devote yourself to your children. I realized I was going to be single after my ex changed his number on me and moved. I made the decision to raise my daughter on my own and NOT date. I even tell people that I’m not going to date until she is in grade school. I think Kate is selfish by dating. She is trying to fulfill her needs over the needs of her child.

edna on

I’d bet that she’s not pregnant, but just bloated. Though I don’t think her tummy is any bigger than mine and I’m definitely not pregnant. If there is a baby don’t think the baby could be Lance’s because of his testicular cancer. As far as I remember, it was well publicized that his children with his first wife were the result of IUI or IVF from frozen sperm.

Michelle on

I thought the same thing — that it looked like a little bump. But I don’t think she is preggers. And no, there’s nothing wrong with having a little tummy. I think people automatically assume “baby” because for the most part, everyone is so dang rail thin in Hollywood. I remember once reading an interview w/ Pamela Anderson and she was saying how her stomach was concave. So when these size zero women suddenly put on a pound or two — especially if it’s in the tummy area — the assumption gets made.

sarita on

Sarah, I read Lance’s book a long time ago but I do remember it mentioning he froze sperm before the treatments. I’m not sure but I think he also said the children were conceived with help.

lele on

i was going to say… if a stars belly is not totally flat everyone says she is preg. i would look pregnant constantly if i was photographed all the time. thank goodness i am not… 🙂 i think she looks fab.

dsmom on

Bebe…Thanks for your post! I was wanting an opinion of a responsible single woman with a child. I agree 100% and believe you are doing what is very best for your child.I would do the very same if I were in the same situation. Good for you! Remember yourself too though-don’t forget that your needs need to be met at times as well. I think more single moms who are doing things right need standing ovations. CLAP CLAP CLAP!

lele on

i also agree that it is sort of gross to casually date and have the men around your kids… so confusing for small children. i like her a lot so that bothers me. 😦

lisa on

I think she is probably bloated…why do people assume pregnancy if they see a tiny bit of pouf in someone’s tummy? Lance had his other kids via sperm that was frozen prior to his cancer.

patty on

does any one know what brand shoes kate hudson is wearing???

kiki on

*roflol* as soon as I saw the pic, I KNEW people would suggest she were pregnant lolol

ha, looks like Ryder had his hair cut a bit … now my son’s hair is longer than his *smile*

Doreen on

Hmmmm I immediately thought she looks preggers!! :)Time will tell, it always does sooner or later!

Erica on

Awesome post, bebe. I’ve got a lot of respect for your philosophy! I don’t have any doubts that Kate loves her son but in the past year alone I can remember seeing Ryder photographed with 3-4 different guys. Even if Kate is introducing them as just “friends” to Ryder, it must be confusing for him to have all these guys enter and exit his life just as quickly.

Cat on

This is what happens when a woman who is still more a teenager than a grown up has a child. I may get hollered at for this comment, but a lot of you post saying that 24 or 25 is not a young age to have kids, and why are some people surprised, etc..BUT unless you have been raised in an environment in which that is the norm and therefore, you know the responsibilities of having a child, I DO think that having a child at 25 in this day and age ends up being harder and not as great for the child…Look beyond Kate, at Liv Tyler, Nikki Taylor, a whole bunch of others I can’t remember right now…All divorced and all young.

amy on

I thought she looked preggers too but i have seen unflattering pics of her in the past when she looks bloated in one outfit then the next day she is a stick again, if she is anything like me she has just had a sandwich and just bloated out.
I also don’t think those sort of dresses are the most flattering shape for people.

bebe on


I think that 25 is technically the age that a person becomes an adult. That’s when your car insurance goes down, its the age your brain actually changes (according to cat scans), etc. But it all really just depends on the persons maturity level. I know a few people in their 30s and 40s who aren’t responsible adults. I was 25 when I had my daughter and now I’m 28. I chose to be a responsible parent. It was a choice that I made.

It doesn’t really matter how old you are just as long as you make the decision to be a responsible parent and a responsible person. Divorce is something that can happen if you are in your 20s, 30s, or 40s…. You’re making a sweeping sterotype based on a few movie stars behavior. Movie stars aren’t the norm.

bebe on

25 is actually the statistical age of new mothers in the USA.

bebe on

Look at all the people in HOLLYWOOD that are divorced. They aren’t all in their 20’s. Isn’t that a running joke in Hollywood….like How long will the relationship last? 10 years is a long marriage in Hollywood.

Daze on

Back in the winter Kate had that little bloat that made her look a tiny bit pregnant, but she wasn’t. Maybe it’s almost that time of the month and she gets a bit of a belly about that time.

Then again, she’s cozying back up to Chris again. Maybe they decided to replicate again and that is what broke her and Lance up.

You never know.

Lauren on

“does any one know what brand shoes kate hudson is wearing???”

Kate is wearing DV by Dolce Vita Pier-Side Thongs in Green. Anthropologie.com has them in a 9.5 only on sale for $29.95, but maybe you could try searching for them on another site? Here is a link to the shoes at the Anthropologie site:


And I agree with the posters who disagree with Kate introducing Ryder to her many boyfriends as quickly as she does. While his parents seem to continue to have a great relationship, it does Ryder no good to see his mother with so many men in such a short period of time and begin to get attached/used to each one only to watch him leave. While Kate seems to have a great personality, her track record (moving in with Chris only days after meeting him, saying she doesn’t necessarily believe in staying with one person the rest of her life, going through so many relationships so quickly and involving her son in each one) would suggest that she is somewhat immature when it comes to relationships.

Mrsardesch on

I wish she would cut that kids hair already, I am so over little boys with long hair, let them look like boys for god sakes!

SH on

Along the idea of what cat was trying to say – and what i’ve noticed…is that many celebrities will get “married” – usually a joke – then they think it’s cute to have kids…then a year or 2 down the line when they get tired of who they’re married to they divorce like it’s no big deal and then there’s this poor kid(s) being thrown around between mom and dad and then they each get new boyfriends/girlfriends every 2 weeks…it’s really sad, and it’s what happens in hollywood ALL the time. There’s gonna be some pretty screwed up kids in about 20 years who don’t know what a normal family life is like. It’s sad…but I guess that happens anywhere, really, and probably at any age, but younger couples probably end up that way more often.

hip.umma on

the dress! where can i get it – anyone know?

Christina on

Kate looks terrific here! I always love to see her out & about with her little boy!

Sarah & Autumn, Lance & his then-wife were very public about doing IVF with his frozen sperm to conceive again, which he’d had collected and cryogenically preserved *before* he began chemo.

It’s possible he still has some sperm left frozen, but it’s also equally possible that all he had collected was used in multiple rounds of IVF, if it took more than one round to successfully achieve pregnancy. Of course, there’s also the possibility that he doesn’t want any more children than the 3 he does have, as well.

helen on

ok i am here to tel everybody that kate hudson is NOT PREGNANT

please go back and look of her recent Miami pool photos, her body is smoking hot, and that bump are her ab muscles

she always has that

dawn on

hmmm….I’m going to have to agree with everyone that says she’s expecting….congrats if she is!! she looks really good.