Tommy Lee Brings his New Reality Show Rules Home

08/01/2008 at 04:00 PM ET

Tommy_lee_91877341cbbjpgAs his ex-wife Pamela Anderson is set to premiere her own reality show Pam: Girl on the Loose, rocker Tommy Lee has taken on a filming project of his own alongside rapper Ludacris: Battleground Earth.  Calling it "way more like a documentary," the father of two boys — Brandon Thomas, 12, and Dylan Jagger, 10 ½ — and Ludacris are seen traveling around America as they educate people about going green in their everyday lives "in a fun, not preachy way."

With his goal to change American’s lifestyles in an effort to help the environment, Tommy has taken his own advice saying, "Dude, I’m doing it at my house!" Taking the opportunity to educate his sons on "cutting down on waste," Tommy has established some new rules at home, telling his sons "you guys have got to turn the lights off." Taking it a step further — with the idea that every little bit helps — he has even "put in motion detectors in [their rooms], so when they’re not in there, the lights go off."

Between his new show, his recent reconciliation with Pamela, and having them all together in his house "things are wonderful." For now, Tommy says the couple are "taking things slow" to see how everything goes.   

Battleground Earth premieres Thursday, August 7th on TLC at 10 p.m.

Source: TV Guide; Photo by Splash News.

Do you have any "green-friendly" rules in your house to cut down on waste?

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N.S on

Sure do,
We use cloth nappies on our 10 month old instead of disposables —

I breastfeed – no formula cans to chuck away,
We use re-usable shopping bags —

Energy saving light bulbs —

Take showers instead of baths (the little one showers with my partner or I we take turns) —

Turn off lights etc when not in use.

I’d love some fancy motion detectors like Tommy there, but there we go. 😉

peachpye on

That’s cool; I hope that’s not his SUV behind him.

Angie on

While my husband and I do not have kids…yet! 🙂 We try and live as green as possible.

-Recycle paper, glass, plastic,etc.

-I sometimes turn off the shower in b/w shampoo and conditioner and I listen to a cd and I know that after two songs I need to stop (songs are usually about 3minutes or so).

-Energy saving light bulbs.

-We unplug ALL of our electrical appliances…all electrical appliances still plugged in use up energy. By unplugging them not only are we saving energy, but we are saving on our electrical bill!

-We use our own bags and plastic jugs (for water) when we go to the grocery store.

-We hardly use heat (and we live in the midwest!)…my husband is from Italy (in Europe, anything electric is expensive) and so we do what many Europeans do, put on extra clothing like a sweater. I also learned this when I lived in Spain for two years.

-We try and buy as many organic foods as possible.

-We pay as many bills online as possible and have our statements emailed to us. I also cancelled all my catalogs (that helps my budget as well—keeps me from shopping too much!).

-We buy Seventh Generation and Method products.

Hope those helps! i am excited to hear what you all have to say!

aurora mia on

I love them. I wish I didnt…but I do.

lisa on

we turn off the water while we brush our teeth ….

Lilybett on

My husband is a computer/electronic guy and he showed me the actual test reports they did on so-called energy saving globes. Yes, they do save more energy but only when used in ideal experimental conditions… which is being left on all the time. These bulbs are great for areas where you are spending the most time, such as a family room or the kitchen… but in rooms like a bathroom where you’re flicking the light on and off all the time, they wear out just as quickly as other bulbs and use the same amount of juice to power-up. They are also made out of components that are just as bad as normal bulbs.

I was disheartened, because I thought they were going to be a good solution. In Australia, the previous government was actually trying to make them compulsory…

But aside from this, because we’re on enforcable water-restrictions we aren’t allowed to wash the car, we are only allowed to water the garden on certain days of the week and certain times, we collect the shower-water in buckets and tip those over the plants, we have a water-saving showerhead and a compost bin for all food-scraps. I walk or use public transport when I can and take cloth bags to the shops.

kris on

Energy saving bulbs, reusable bags, turn water off while brushing teeth, turn lights off (still working on the kids with this one), canceled catalogs we get in the mail, we switched to getting our financial statements (retirement funds, etc) via email, we pay our bills online, we keep our heat low and our air a little higher, we recycle glass, plastic, card board, etc.

Also, re: the motion sensor – I had a friend who’s husband installed one in their bathrooms so the lights would come one and off for the kids because they were to little to reach the switch. I thought it was pretty cool and it was not expensive.

kris on

Oh yeah, I also started using vinegar and water to clean after it was posted on this site. It’s been much easier for me to do wipe downs in the kitchen and bathrooms. I don’t worry about the kids touching the cleaner before I wipe it down. Plus they can help out with they like.

Nicole on

We use energy saving bulbs in “high use” rooms (kitchen, living room).
We also recycle and get the kids involved in that. Every so often we take in the recycling that the kids have collected and sorted and we use the money to fund a family outing (movies, arcade, etc).
I am currently 4 weeks from giving birth to my 5th child and planning on breastfeeding. I never that of breastfeeding as helping the planet but N.S. has a good point! Now I’m even happier with the choice I’ve made. 🙂

Cait on

Peachpye … it might be one of the new Hybrid ones that uses something like half the amount of gas a regular SUV uses. Just because he might have one doesn’t mean he’s not being green.

ma74 on

I use reusable bags and a lot of the other things that some people mentioned here.I also bike to university and so do all my friends.Among students (and others), it’s not cool or good to have a car because of the pollution.So bikes are very in (and fun).