Simpson-Wentz Baby Will Join Ashlee and Pete on the Tour Bus

08/01/2008 at 07:00 PM ET

Ashlee_simpson_015_cbbMany rocker parents shy away from having their children on the road with them, but singer Pete Wentz looks forward to the day when he can have his wife, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, and their baby join him on the tour bus.  The 29-year-old Fall Out Boy bassist — who fellow bandmate Patrick Stump says will be a "fun dad" — thinks that "bringing a kid along will be cool," and that the upbeat scene will be a "really awesome environment for kids."

While the couple still have plenty of time to plan their family bus, for now, Pete’s mind is on the much anticipated arrival in a few short months.  Says Pete,

I’m most excited about meeting the baby.

The baby — due this fall — will be Ashlee, 23, and Pete’s first child.

Source: In Touch Weekly; Photo by Flynet.

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Sammy-xx on

There kid will be the luckiest kid in the world with them as parents and with Andy, Patrick and Joe as uncles

I cant wait to go and see FOB in October. I was hesitant on going though knowing that Ashlee is due sometime in October

Ash on

Ashlee and Pete’s daughter is going to arrive at the very end of October if all goes to plan (I predict a c-section will be scheduled) – you should be OK seeing FOB anytime in October, I think the 31st is the earliest she will come.

Candace on

If they are planning to take he/she on the road, I hope, for everyone’s sake that they have an ANGEL baby who has an easygoing temperment, sleeps anywhere and isn’t easily overstimulated. I would think that could be a potentially intense experience for an infant.

Avery on

That’ll definitely be an interesting tour bus seeing as not only will this be the first baby within the band but also on the entire Fueled By Ramen record label. Nonetheless, as a resident of Chicago, I couldn’t be more proud of these guys and wish Pete and Ashley the best.

Sammy-xx on

FOB’s ‘warm up guy’ Friend Dirty, has a son and im pretty sure that Dylan,aka Lil Dirt was ther on some of the Honda Civic Tour

dezza on

I feel so sorry for this young couple – the comments demonstrate the extent of their naivety. A newborn on a tour bus with 20+ other roadies, musos etc? Cool, fun, upbeat? Perhaps. Undiluted misery for all concerned? Almost certainly.

Looking further down the road: HOW do you bring up a child when both parents are touring musicians/performers? Under 3 and almost all prefer stability and routine… over 3 and there really is no option but to stop lugging them around as they have friends and preschools and so on…. which means someone has to stay home…. and i don’t envy her the SAHM with a husband that is a rocker lifestyle which must be gruelling on all concerned.

I wish her all the best because it is a tough road ahead.

CelebBabyLover on

Ash- Where did you hear that they’re having a girl? As of it yet, nothing has been confirmed as to the baby’s gender (and keep in mind that less than a month ago, all the tabs were saying they’re expecting a boy!). Also, just curiosty, why do you think Ashlee will opt for an elective C-section?

Avery on

Sammy, I forgot about that. I remember talking to him at the Honda Civic Tour last year and he mentioned his little guy, but even he, at least for now, decided to stay at home with his wife and son in Florida. If it’s hard for a roadie, it’ll definitely be a grueling transition for the actual singer/member of the band who is the main part of the daily show.

SH on

Dezza – you are 105% correct.

They’re crazy to think “oh, yeah, it will be so cool to have a newborn on a tour bus”

Somehow I don’t think that “coolness” will last very long…with them OR the baby…

Get real and grow up. A tour bus is no place for a baby or a child. Someone needs to stay home, that’s the only thing that’s fair to your child.

Jes on

Wow, some of you are harsh. Plenty of musicians bring their babies/children on tour. They are grown up, and making a choice to spend as much time as the can with their baby TOGETHER! People travel with children all the time, on a regular basis. I find it interesting that nobody says things like “Angie and Brad should stay put for the first 3 years of every one of their kids’ lives”, but you will display rudeness towards a younger couple who are traveling with a baby.

Star on

fall out boys tour bus isnt actually filled with roadies or anything, its got 2 double bedrooms, one for patrick and one for pete, while andy and joe have their own seperate tourbus. its not ideal but its no way as bad as some of you guys are making it out to be, and im sure they will wait till their baby is a few months before bringing him/her along.