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08/01/2008 at 02:30 PM ET

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SouthernBelle on

We bought my granddaughter a cell phone because she lives in another state and we just added her to our plan…she’s ten, almost eleven (in September). She has texting capabilities, too. Her mother is a single mother since my son passed away, and it’s been a great help in the communication process. We have set the locator on the phone to always be on (in case of an emergency, an officer/government official could use this to track her if, God forbid, she was lost or abducted.) We also have parental controls set so that she can’t download anything without our permission and can’t get illicit ringtones, etc. So far, it’s been one of the best investments ever. We are financially able to do this for her and it gives us the bonus of keeping in touch with her no matter where her busy schedule takes her. Her mother was really grateful for it, too. So, it’s been a win, win, win situation for us. (And she knows the rules about having it on at school, etc. and is a responsible kid and abides by the rules…otherwise, she would not have the phone!)

SouthernBelle on

Oh, and the Indiana and Dow Jones story…how cruel and irresponsible is that to name your child a hokie name on a dare? My husband would know better than to do something like that or his name would be “Mud” or some other moniker I couldn’t print on a family site! ☺

kate on

my poor husband can relate to “confessions of a new father”. it took him awhile to adjust to having our son. i will admit, little james gave us hell in the beginning. then the first time he slept for an extended period, it was like a chior of angels singing. now that he is a little older and on more of a schedule, he is happy and content. someday we will tell him the story of how he didn’t sleep for more than 1 hour for the first 4 months, phew!! our little boobug, such a stinker and a blessing at the same time!!

Pencils on

Supposedly the husband named the boy Dow on a dare while the mother was asleep after the birth. Wow. If that were me, the name would have been changed immediately after waking and “someone” would have been in the doghouse for a long time afterward. Names aren’t jokes. That said, I think Indiana is kind of a cute name–no worse than any other place name. Why is Dakota OK but Indiana not? Besides, I love the Indiana Jones movies. Of course, they could have named her Henrietta and just called her Indiana, it’s the character’s nickname, not given name.

guinness416 on

The baseball players’ paternity leave article was really interesting, if a little short.