Sheryl Crow Redefines Her Life Through Motherhood

07/31/2008 at 04:00 PM ET

Sherylcrow All her life, Sheryl Crow says, she’s had "strong maternal instincts" — and those instincts told her time and time again that someday she "would be a mom." While a breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 44 might have extinguished the dream of motherhood for many women, Sheryl says that for her it was only made stronger. "There was a shift in my life when I got diagnosed, because it demanded I look at everything and redefine my life," she says. All the soul searching led the now 46-year-old Grammy Award-winning songstress to arrange for the private adoption of her now 15-month-old son Wyatt Steven, whom she proudly says is "all boy."

He is very game. He has done everything early. He started walking at 10 months and I think that is due to the fact that he’s a very curious kid…I was over at my girlfriend’s house in Kansas City, and she’s got three teenage boys and I could tell he wanted to be with them, so it’s like, ‘I’ve got to start walking!’

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When asked by Page Six magazine whether she intends to make Wyatt a big brother, Sheryl replied "I don’t know," adding "right now he is coming into his own personality, so it’s all about him." But even if it stays just the two of them for the foreseeable future, Sheryl says that her son is exposed to "very consistent male energy" in the form of family members, friends and even the manager of her Nashville farm, who has been known to take Wyatt out for tractor rides. "[Wyatt] loves that," she says.

Another man recently introduced to Wyatt’s life is Sheryl’s boyfriend, Alabama restaurateur John Cassimus. "Right now it is easy," Sheryl says, because Wyatt "doesn’t discern ‘That person is dating Mommy’ or ‘That person is a friend of Mommy.’" Regardless, Sheryl says she’ll "always be cautious about" whom she allows her son to bond with. Her caution no doubt stems from her own experiences following a broken engagement to Lance Armstrong; during their relationship, Sheryl was often photographed out and about with Lance’s children Luke, 8 ½ and 6 ½-year-old twins Isabelle and Grace. She says,

I got introduced to some kids very, very early on and you form an attachment. I think it’s hard for the kids and it’s definitely hard for me. I don’t want Wyatt to have that experience — to feel like people are coming and going from his life.

Source: Page Six Magazine; Photo by Daniel/INF.

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Amanda on

I am so happy for her, that she has him, and happy for him that he has her. They definitely complete each other =)
I can personally relate to her experience with her son’s curiousity. My son took his first steps at 8 months and was a decent walker by 9 months..and ever since then he has been on the move ready to explore and ALWAYS wants to play with older kids and tries so desperately to keep up with them. So cute.

Ans on

Now, here is someone who actually deserves to be looked up to. Not just because she’s a celebrity, or is rich… but because Sheryl has been through so much and has NEVER given up. Breast cancer? Mom at 42? Adoption of a child in need? She is a truly inspiring woman and I myself think she’s amazing. I am so glad she’s happy in her life and it seems that Wyatt is the perfect little man for her!

anonymous on

OOOH, I know the people with whom she stayed in KC! Two degrees of separation for me! We used to go to the same elementary school!

Sarah on

I can so relate to Sheryl’s comment regarding her former “step-children”.
I am in the same situation: my husband has a boy from a previous marriage, and I have very much grown attached to him. In fact, he is the reason I am pregnant today, he really has made me yearn for kids so good our relationship is.
However, I sometimes think that, if my husband and I should break up, what would become of the relationship I have with his little boy? Would I become irrelevant in his life, would he want to see me, would I be let see him? That breaks my heart … and it is also the reason why it makes it all the more important to do my utmost for my relationship to keep strong.
I have to say, I very much admire Sheryl – she sure is a strong woman!

MizMolly on

My son walked at 10 months too. I didn’t think that was early though. Is it?