Kelly Ripa: "I Don't Expect Anyone to Do My Parenting"

07/31/2008 at 09:00 AM ET


Kelly Ripa is an actress, talk show host and business owner, but she knows that she’s a mom first. Parent to Michael Joseph, 11, Lola Grace, 7, and Joaquin Antonio, 5 ½, Kelly is adamant when she says "I don’t expect anyone to do my parenting for me," but admits that she and her husband, actor Mark Consuelos, 37, do have help during the day because "you need it, especially with three kids." However, it’s only one person who helps out with errands during the day, such as bringing a forgotten lunch. One errand the babysitter never runs is to drop off and pick up the kids at school — that is Kelly, 37, and Mark’s job. Mark takes the kids to school each morning, with Kelly picking them up and taking them to their various lessons or practices, something the Live with Regis & Kelly host wouldn’t trade for the world saying "I want to take my kids to their things. I want to see that."

The former All My Children stars share parenting "50/50," but Mark shows consistency and patience with the kids more than Kelly, who is lenient with them. "If the kids look at me and say, ‘I don’t want to make my bed today, help me,’ I’ll help them," adding "whereas he’s like, ‘That’s your responsibility, your room, and you have to pick it up.’" Family dinners are also a big deal for the Consuelos clan, even if "kid’s choice night" involves Chinese, because Michael, Lola and Joaquin love "the containers it comes in."

If you offer my kids free chopsticks, they will do anything. They will clean their room—they will clean your room if you say, ‘I have a fortune cookie for you.’

Source: Page Six Magazine; Photo by FREDDY BAEZ/Ramey.

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lis on

I think it’s kind of sad she has to defend having a nanny or babysitter… both of the parents work, you can’t expect them to work and take their kids with them to work (especially at an older age). IMO, it’s the perfect use of a baby sitter.

Michelle on

Considering their hectic work schedules, it sounds like Kelly and Mark are really hands-on parents, trying to be involved with as much as they can with their kids.

Jo Anne on

I love they Kelly and Mark are great parents and are doing what is right for their children, we need more parent to be like them. i wish them well and want to keep up the great work wtih their children.

Michelle on

I saw her kids on the Christmas show last season and they were bratty. Especially her daughter….perhaps she needs parenting advice?

dickie on

I really hate that she feels she has to apologize for having help. Any one of us would hire the help if we could.

Tash on

I’ve watched kelly on LwRK. she seems to have a very clear idea of the kind of children she wants to raise. I ,seriously ,doubt she is a pushover with her kids. On the insignificant stuff,maybe.
Where it counts she has things going in the right direction. In an article(One of the parenting mags)she said she has no desire to raise brats.It would be too easy to let things get away,living the life they do.
Good for her. Her parents must be very proud of her 🙂

Kathleen on

It is funny, when I went to see the show in NY….three kids walked by each with THEIR own nanny…on the way to school.

anna on

You don’t need a nanny just because you have 3 kids…

Renee on

Ugh, another Nanny debate. Can’t people just accept that some parents have nannies? It doesn’t make them bad parents or mean that they don’t take care of their kids or that they don’t love them. Why is this even a big deal?

brooke on

People need nannies usually when both parents work, but mark hasn’t had a real steady demanding job since amc. It’s not exactly ben affleck and jen garner here, the only things mark has done the last few years is a tv movie here or there,or sitting in with regis isn’t around. Um I saw kelly with her kids in centeral park last year, there were 2 nannies with her. The nanny thing is not a big deal, but there were 2 nannies with her, when I saw her. I agree anna you don’t need a nanny just because you have 3 kids, however does the average mother who doesn’t have millions do it than lol. I remember when she hired a cook to cook for her family because she doesn’t like to cook and she said I need it if not my kids wouldn’t eat because i’m a bad cook, regis said they don’t need a cook, you just have one because you have the money for it, which is fine but they don’t need one.

madison on

the thing that always drives me nuts is all these stars talk about kids being their number one, yet they all have nannies. QUIT your job!! if you have millions of dollars and your kids truly are the #1 priority, you can afford to take time off to really give these kids the time and attention they truly deserve. there are many single middle to lower class mothers that can balance a full time job and full time parenting. even if it is for multiple children. those are the mothers that need the praise. not the celebrities people. J.S. just sayin’!

Danni on

Love Kelly Ripa, in photo’s she is always smiley and her kids look adorable.
She has help when she needs it e.g when she’s working but doesn’t need help for every child every minute of the day. Good for her for wanting to be so involved with her kids.

nc reader on

I think it is funny that “Celebrities” need Nanny’s to help them. My Mom had 4 of us, worked and never had help from anyone but Dad. Give me a break.

Renee on

It’s about respecting how other people raise their kids even if you would do it a different way and thinking about whether you would tell this to Kelly’s face. If her children are healthy and happy, what’s the complaint? And why are the mothers always attacked around here? I doubt any mother is perfect. So why do some people enjoy attacking celebrity mothers?

sarita on

I think the complaint is that she lies about it. For all I care she has 6 nannies but why does she say she has only one? If she is not embaressed about it herself than she wouldn’t lie about it, apparently she’s not comfortable sharing the truth.

Mari on

Whatever, this is so ignorant. Anyone here NEVER taken help from a friend or sis n’ law w/ even the most “insignificant” thing? Get over it, yes, we would ALL take a lil help w/ the smallest stuff, like, bringing a forgotten lunch. SUck it up & admit it. She seems to be a great mom.

nycmom on

in NYC, many working parents with multiple kids have multiple nannies and consider themselves hands on parents. you want the best for your kids, and when you are at work, you want the best care possible, and maybe the more hands the better especially with kids of different ages going different places – its not like people carpool in manhattan. Kelly seems like a great, really involved mom to me.

D on

At what point is it any of our business if they have a freaking nanny? Working parents take their kids to daycare, same darn thing! I would much prefer a nanny to daycare which is why I chose in home daycare for my daughter. The fact that we find it appropriate to judge other people for choices that they have to make is absolutely ludacris! Take care of your own kids, make the right choices for your family and leave other people to take care of theirs. These people are celebrities not saints. We certainly don’t need to model our lives after theirs. If you have kids, take care of them the best you can and give them everything you can. If you don’t have kids, shut the heck up!

Amy on

D: No one said it was our business. But she is offering up the information, so I think she could at least tell the truth about it. I don’t care if people have nannies or not, but I do think it’s ridiculous when people lie about it – not to mention it’s disrepectful to the nanny who doesn’t deserve to have her work devalued like that.

Tiffany on

I think we’re confusing “principles” and “methods” here. One of the guiding principles for parenting is:

Be an involved parent.

One of the methods to do that is to hire a nanny to streamline things a little more.

Who are we to judge whether or not Kelly’s kids are getting what they need? Which of us is in a position to objectively evaluate her? How do we know that they didn’t hire the nanny (or nannies) in order to free them from doing chores that take away from time with the kids? I’m certainly not in that position.

Yes, some “methods” are superior to others – not morally superior, just closer to the ideal – but if the “principle” is being achieved, who are we to criticize?

For example, most people would love to have one parent at home with the kids full-time (the ideal), rather than using full-time daycare (one alternative). However, that’s not always possible, so we choose the next best thing as carefully as we can, and do our best to be there the rest of the time.

I happily poke fun at celebrity moms who “need” nannies when they could easily afford to just stay home themselves, but I certainly don’t fault them for hiring a nanny.

What mother doesn’t need help once in awhile? Oh, right…the perfect one! 🙂 And that is certainly not anyone I know, including myself! There shouldn’t be a debate about this at all. Cut another mother some slack, and be happy if you’re able to get through the day without a nanny.

And just to be clear on my qualifications – I’m a SAHM with four kids ages 5, 3, 2 & 1. So I know whereof I speak! 😀

brooke on

I think what people are saying, has nothing to do with she is wrong for having nannies or that it makes her a bad mother, but why lie and say you have one, when in fact you have multiple ones. And don’t lie when you live in nyc, and people see you out about with nannies lol. So nobody cares if she has a nanny or nannies, but to say she has one only for chores and because she needs it, is a lit, when people have seen more than one nanny at the park, taking her kids to school, etc. So I agree with kathleen, amy, and sarita among a few others here.

CelebBabyLover on

nc reader- Not ALL celebrities have nannies. For example, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have said that they don’t have a nanny for Harlow, but instead rely on their parents and Joel’s brother Benji to baby-sit when they need to go out. It just bugs me when people use absolutes to refer to celebs (or anyone, for that matter).

Quesara on

I am jealous of Kelly, she only works 1 hour per day! Of course she gets to take her kids to school, lessons etc. I would do that too if I did not have to work!!!

Marcia on

I do agree that with her husband, Mark, being at home most of the time that she wouldn’t need a nanny. Anyway, there are plenty of women that have 2-3 children who work full time and do not have a nanny. She only works one or two hours out of the day, on Regis and Kelly show, and she shouldn’t be that tired after work. I could understand her having a maid service such as “Merry Maids” to come in and clean here and there but to have an all out nanny when she has a husband sitting there at the house not doing anything and including she only works one or two hours out of the day, is a little bit much! You can understand Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt having a nanny because they have six kids and they are on the road a lot with humanitarian work and recording movies. No one has heard of Kelly Ripa or her husband being busy with humanitarian work nor are they busy with acting. Anyway, she could be at the house raising her kids without a nanny because she has plenty of time on her hands.

Annelle Garcia on

Wow, Joaquin Antonio is an adorable and beautiful child.
3 IS the charm!!!

Anna P on

At this rate this is a marriage that will last, which is rare in the business. It’s a family that is going to be tight. That is what we need more of in this world right now. My family started out that way but both of my parents died at a young age and close together. Cancer tore our family apart. Then I tragically lost both of my children. Family and children are priceless commodities, hang on to every moment as if it may be your last.

Joanna on

Kelly Ripa has multiple nannies (one for each kid I believe). Although she is photographed frequently picking her kids up from school. She’s very careful not to be photographed with the “nannies”. Apparently they do all the heavy work at home and she plays her typical “image role mom”.

Joanna on

I just took the time to write and post a comment on this site. However, I now see that the comments have to be “reviewed” first? We’re all adults here, I think we can handle there really need for the hyper-sensitive nonsense.

Anna Perez on

At this rate this is a marriage that will last, which is rare in the business.
This also is a family the is going to very tight and supportive. We need these family values so much these days.
My family started very strong but when my parents both died at an early age it tooks it’s toll. Often when cancer is involved it can tear family’s apart. After loosing both of my children in a tragic event it taught me that life can be short and family and children are priceless commodities not to be wasted. I try to live every day as if it may be my last. GOOD FOR KELLY!!!