Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Go House Hunting

07/31/2008 at 10:00 AM ET

Actors Ben Affleck, 35, and Jennifer Garner, 36 — wearing Juicy Couture’s Lace Yoke Stripe Tunic ($128) — made their way around piles of dirt and high fencing to check out construction progress on a home in Brentwood on Wednesday. The couple, already parents to 2 ½-year-old daughter Violet Anne, will welcome their second child this winter.


Photo by Most Wanted/Flynet; Matei/DANIELLE/Bauer-Griffin.

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918984_fpxtifJennifer wears Juicy Couture’s Lace Yoke Stripe Tunic ($128), currently available only in Marrackech Pink.

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Jaime on

I’m so happy to see them together! I love her shirt! If anyone knows where it is from please let me know!

And there is definitely no denying she is pregnant now. She is such a beautiful pregnant lady!!

steph on

its good to see that she is not hiding her bump now.


Bea on

jen looks great!!!

kristen on

yep you can surely tell now. Congrats they do seem like a nice family but of course aggravated when the papparazzi follows your every move.

Bron on

I also love her top – does anyone know where it is from??

Sarah on

Jen to me looks well into her 2nd trimester. Maybe her due date is actually in the Fall to fool the press??? Just a thought…

sharon on

I love her top too 🙂
Jen looks beautiful!

Sally on

I love the top too! I want to know where it’s from! 🙂

a.k. on

anyone recognize those sunglasses? I love the shape…Also, I don’t think she is due any earlier than winter. I still have 2 months (at least) to go and my stomach is HUGE compared to hers (and it’s my first). I know everyone carries differently, but that is still a small bump in my opinion.

angel_A on

Jen’s top is made by juicy couture.

sil on

she can’t hide her bump anymore 🙂 congratulations garner-affleck family! can’t wait to see Violet’s brother or sister 🙂

Stephany on

Aww…Jen is so cute! She is an adorable pregnant woman.

rae on

I am 12 weeks due in Feb and she looks like she’s probably around 16 wks putting her in January sometime.

Lauren on

She definitely has a noticable bump. I think she’ll deliver sometime in early to mid December, a week or two after Violet’s birthday.

Alina on

she looks beautiful..i wish them all the best

Amanda on

She is about my size and I am about 41/2 months along with my first.

Harley on

I adore her belly 🙂 I do love this family, they just seem so down to earth and real.

chrisma on

I dont understand why she was hidding it in the first place nor still havent confirm it yet,even though it not that big of a deal for people to know..Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.

jk on

They have to be my favorite couple. And Violet is so beautiful with those dimples, it kills me. I’m so happy for them. I wonder if the baby will be a boy or a girl.

Chloe on

Yay, she is embracing her bump, its lovely to see, she suits being pregnant so much, I’m so happy for them to be expecting number 2 🙂

carla at on

Her bump looks great and Ben looks like a proud papa.

Gus on

They were house hunting in January (see realestalker) so she could be due in Oct.

Doreen on

I love that top too!! Ashame it’s WAY outta my price range!! haha

melanie on

GOSH i love her!! and her family..she looks so pretty in that shirt!

Amy on

She is such a thin woman and she probably starts to show pretty early in a pregnancy, I would guess her to be no more than about 4 1/2 months along. I am so happy to see them having a second child, they are amazing parents to Violet! Hollywood needs more down to earth parents like they are!!

Keila on

I think she is due before the winter too, the latest Nov/Dec like Violet

Cee on

So do you all think she’s pregnant?

Rosy J on

OMG! She looks super cute. I am so happy for them. Violet is gonna be a big sister.

Bancie1031 on

I love her outfit. And her bump is so defined in this picture. She looks great and it’s nice to see a picture of her and Ben together. I wonder where Violet is??

Harley on

Chrisma, most women show earlier the second time around and I’m sure she probably was or she at least wanted to feel like she was solid and had a very clean bill of health before she exposed her bump to the world. Just my two cents worth

Kate on

I would not want to guess how far along she is, but the reason for them not announcing anything and keeping it so quiet (until now) could be due to the fact that her first pregnancy was outed really early on – like way before the first trimester had passed. YOu can’t blame her for wanting to keep this one private for as long as possible.
A lovely lady in my view.

Maddie on

Why, hello preggo! I guess there’s no denying it now. I feel kinda bad for them though, with the paparazzi following them around all day, trying to get belly shots. That can’t be fun.

Bek on

I think its funny that the press didnt find out earlier than this, normally these things get out before the celebs are even showing (like ange and ashlee) so good on her for successfully keeping it a secret for longer than most!!! I cant wait till she gives birth!

FC on

Aww, I can finally see it for real now. I mean,the others yes, but there’s no Violet being strategically held as bump camouflage..lmao. As cute of a cloak as she was…
Anyway, Jen looks great. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what this one will be.

terri on

I don’t think she’s keeping it private. She’s just not discussing it with the media.

Allison on

Cutest bump ever! Congrats to them, a gorgeous little family.

Molly on

Chrisma, she was never hiding, she just wasn’t showing so much as she is now, and for not confirming, with all the respect, that is her private thing, whether she wants to confirm or no. She is not denying it though.

betsy on

The paparazzi are so incredibly invasive — but its a business. They wouldn’t follow stars around if mags, tv shows, and web sites didn’t pay them for the pics. People stop paying, pics would certainly drop by huge amounts.

brooke on

I love this family, ben and jen are so cute and of course so is violet. Can’t wait to see the next baby, I hope it’s a boy that looks like ben, but I think it will be another girl with dimples like violet. I’m guessing another december baby too

Rachael on

I think its great them keeping it private, its there buisness not everyone else’s. everyone loves seeing the baby pictures to see what it is like! and suppose its better to sell them and get it over with than being followed all the time by the pap.

I would hate to be followed all the time so some slime balls can get photos.

Congrats to them both

Lance Ruch on

My action lady idol is preggy.. Well she is a woman and she deserves it.

CelebBabyLover on

Harley- ITA! I mean, can you imagine if Jennifer had announced the pregnancy or went out with an obvious bump (with nothing to camoflauge it) and then ended up having a miscarriage? It does happen to celebs. Look at poor Lily Allen, for example!

Bek- I agree with you for the most part, but I actually think Angie probably WAS showing when the rumors started swirling (especially since she was pregnant with twins). She was just an expert at concealing her bump! 🙂

kaity on

and theres that bump she has been hidding

Bella Mama on

aww.. look at the sweet belly..

Julie on

I love this family….so cute and down to earth. I saw something on Entertainment Tonight or another show last night that makes me really concerned though…it showed Ben telling the papparazi to do what they have to do, but that they can’t cut him off when his wife is with him.
I know they are celebs, but I know how vulnerable it feels to be in a car when you are pregnant, and to have to worry about being cut off and worse all the time is just scary and wrong. I felt so bad for them when I saw that and actually scared for her and their baby. When I was pregnant, I’d worry about car accidents and luckily I never got in one, but I’m sure it’s even more of a concern to celebs like this. The paparazzi are going too far in my opinion.

Swell on

Sunglasses are Francois Pinton