Heidi Klum, Leni and Johan's Fountain Fun

07/31/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

Heidi Klum and 20-month-old son Johan splashed around in the La Barcaccia water fountain near the Spanish steps in Rome on Wednesday morning. Afterwards, she helped 4-year-old daughter Leni (who had gotten a little wet!) scale some rocks. The Project Runway host, 35, and husband Seal are currently vacationing in Italy with Heidi’s parents.


Photos by VENTURINI/Bauer-Griffin.

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Stephany on


They are way cute. Heidi seems like such a great, hands-on mom!

Gabrielle on

I can’t get over how tall Johan and Henri are!!!

JM on

Leni is getting so big!!

Shirelle on

The Kids are so cute!

Cee on

Oh my another Heidi post! Let the rumblings of bad motherhood due to “too many nannies around” ensue!! I personally love this family and love the fact that they are so involved and have the means to afford so much help with 3 little ones around the same age!

Joel on

Multiple nanny comments should cease. If Heidi were a drain on the economy, collecting food stamps and spending no time with her kids – I’d understand…but frankly, she can have 100 children if she chooses so because she cares for them both emotionally and financially – heck, she’s creating jobs by having more! Give her a break, she’s a hot mama and has got it going on.

Bb on

Aw, gorgeous kids. I love that Leni’s hair is long again, she looks beautiful.

FC on

Leni’s hair pulled back is adorable, and Johan just seems to grow an inch or more every time I see shots of him! 🙂

cheyenne on

These kids are so adorable, but I’m curious: It seems as though in every picture of Johan his tongue is sticking out. Has anyone else noticed this?

Erica on

Joel, I don’t think it’s for any commentators to determine whether or not people can talk about Heidi’s surplus of nannies. I happen to agree with you on the subject but at the same time I don’t see the point in trying to stifle other’s opinions, especially when their posts are fully within CBB’s guidelines. As long as they are respectful I don’t think dissenting views should stop just because they don’t agree with the majority.

april on

I just love Johan’s hair. He is so precious.

brooke on

Johan is tall just like henry, he resmbles sean too. Leni is also tall, she favors flavio a lot.

Nanny Danni on

I think as long as people are respectful and not using harsh words then any comments should be allowed. And comments like I find it excessive amount of nannies is a respectful opinion.
Just as people can’t post I think Heidi and Seal are bad parents, I don’t think people can really STATE that oh their such good parents, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors at the end of the day.
We can only comment on what we see in the photo. e.g ooh a lot of nannies or Leni has grown a lot etc..

Anyway sorry long rant post.
Leni has a pretty dress on. Her Johan look like Heidi and Henry looks like Seal i feel.

lilith on

Erica, well said.
Since when is having a different opinion and stating that in a decent manner a bad thing?

sushi on

i just saw in Elle magazine ( french version of this week) the cutest picture of Leni, Henry and Johan all together and i thought “this is the first time in 1 1/2 year that we see them together”. Anyway they were all sitting and Leni was wispering something to Henry who was listening to his big sister like it was something very important, while Johan was giving a big smile to whoever was taking this picture. i don’t remember seeing this pic on your web site so maybe you could finf it because it is so adorable.

Mary on

oh my goodness, Johan is so cute! gorgeous little boy. And I absolutely love Leni’s shoes. very girly.

african_4_eva on

lol…Johan is so CUTE!! You can tell that the water bothers him (facial expression)…apparently, not to much ’cause his hand is still in the stream!!

Morgan on

I think Leni has the tiny resemblence of her birth father. I am glad Seal is considered her Daddy, I know he loves her!

tif on

why is her son always sticking out his tongue in every picture?