Quote of the Day: Usher Raymond V's Got Muscle

07/30/2008 at 01:00 PM ET

Aug08_cbbjpgR&B star Usher is known for his sexy dance moves and fit physique, and already, it sounds like his eight-month-old son Usher Raymond V — or "Cinco," as family calls him — is following in his dad’s famous footsteps:

He’s a pull-up master. That’s something to be proud of. I’m so proud to be a father by the time I’m 30. I’d hate to be 80 years old and not be able to run with my kids. I need to still be able to do back flips when they’re in high school!

Source: People.com; Photo for use on CBB courtesy of Essence.


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chrisma on

Is Usher his biological father?I’m proud to see an African-American male taking care of a child.

M on

uh..i’m sure there are plenty more that do besides just usher, chrisma ;D

Jay on

Yes, he belongs to Usher…biologically

Jacky on

That’s quite stereotypical…

cm on

maybe charisma meant that shes happy that there are images out there of black men taking care of their children

carrie on

I believe chrismas post goes DIRECTLY against the CBB policy on commenting, I.E. Bullent point #2…

Joel on

Where is Usher’s other child that some random woman was supposedly pregnant with when he wrote Confessions and cheated on the girl from TLC?!

Stephany on

cm, your comment wasn’t any better.

Do you think the same thing when you see Will Smith, Forest Whitacker, Denzel Washington, Seal…

Very, VERY stereotypical.

Marcie on

Chrisma, the majority of African-American men I know take care of their children, and since I am AA myself, I know many. You may not have meant anything negative with your comment, but it did come across as stereotypical….not to mention quite random as this article was just about a father and his son…not race.

nursemom on

in other unrelated new, i love his hat. it is so cute!

Erica on

Okay, not to sound rude to Charisma but…baby Usher is nearly the carbon copy of his dad. Not to mention his namesake. Other than Jen Garner and Violet (and Reese and Ava) I can’t think of any parent-child pair who look MORE alike that Usher and his son. Also, I understand what you meant by saying you are proud to see a black man take care of his child, but I do think it was a very stereotypical and a bit random thing to say.

Sarah on

Chrisma, is there any reason why you would think that Usher wasn’t the father of his little namesake? I’m just curious since this site has had plenty of pictures of usher and tameka while she was pregnant. Also, lil’ Usher is a carbon copy of his daddy.

chrisma on

Thanks CM that what I meant.and the reason i asked if he’s his was because alot of people said the kid looks exactly like Tameka’s ex-husband.And any man could be with a single pregnant woman they love,adopt and raise the baby as his and give the baby a name they’ll want to.So name sake sometimes doesn’t really mean is biological his.

GGirl on

This the most indearing photo of Usher with his son. Usher looks so happy and proud and the little guy… he’s such a mush and the way he’s already dressed up so sharp! I just can’t get over this picture. Too too sweet!

Loren on

oy! I think this thread may get long 🙂

Sasha on


Maybe you should think for yourself!!

Lauren on

I picked up the copy of Essence with the Ushers on the cover in the market this morning and was very impressed with the photos and interview. “Cinco” is absolutely adorable, and Usher had a lot of interesting, insightful things to say about fatherhood, marriage, etc.
While the wording may have not been as precise as it could have been, I believe chrisma’s first comment addressed an issue Usher, Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, and several other prominent black leaders have also spoken about-the fact that many fathers in the African-American community are absent in numbers that are disproportionate to white fathers, thus setting the children up for lifelong problems and disadvantages. Regardless of how stereotypical that comment may sound, further research proves it true, and until the problem is addressed head-on, it will not change. Kudos to Usher for doing his part to make that happen.

Marcie on


I appreciate your well thought out response, and I don’t necessarily disagree. I do think you have to look at age and socio-economic background when looking at those figures. At the same time, I still think Chrisma’s response was a bit random, and frankly out of place in this post. I understand that she may not have meant harm, and perhaps chose poor wording, and yes, we all have a right to post our responses and opinions. But really, Usher is certainly not an exception to the rule.

JRMom on

I actually thought Usher’s comment was a little random. I’m 22 now with children but having kids over 30 does not mean, in my mind, that you can not enjoy them.

Chrisma’s comment was also very random, and as Black single parent who also had no father, I am STILL annoyed by it. Yes, that is a stereotype and even I don’t cast that kind of nonsense on my entire race.

But anyway, am I the only one who thinks the baby doesn’t look a stitch like Usher? maybe like Tomeka, I don’t know. He’s super cute nonetheless!

chrisma on

Here at some quotes on the website if your guys still think otherwise:
YBF is now reporting that the baby belongs to Tameka’s ex-husband, Ryan Glover. She’s four-months pregnant and has three children with Ryan.

Apparently, Tameka and Usher broke up for a brief moment and that’s when she got knocked up by Ryan. Sources say that Usher is using Tameka and the baby as publicity for his new album dropping in November. Rumor is that he will claim the baby as his own.

Marcie on

When is the information from that you got from YBF? I am a reader of that sight, and I remember that “rumor” being on that sight last year, around the time that Usher and Tameka’s pregnancy was found out. This was before they were married. YBF is a gossip sight, and if this were true about the child not being Ushers, I’m sure you would have found more credible “news sources” to reference. Now that I look back at what you wrote the part you posted clearly states that Tameka was 4 months pregnant at the time of that rumor. Nothing has been said about the paternity since then this rumor over a year ago. Please don’t post rumors as fact, celebrities are people too, and I’m sure this would be hurtful.

P.S. I actually think the baby favors Usher. Not trying to be funny, but he certainly has his ears. And I think the bottom part of his face. If you see the other pics in Essence, you can see better pics of the babies face.

chrisma on

Forgot to mention the quotes were from last year Marcie.Nevertheless,I totally agree with Lauren and Marcie and everyone else who understands what I truly meant in my first statement.

Lynsey on

Cinco (what a cute nickname!) is wearing a sweater from Marie-Chantal, which is the children’s clothing line founded by the Crown Princess of Greece :]

Jill C on

Wow what a comment chrisma, I am a white female married to an african-american man. my son’s white father abandoned him and my current african-american husband has stepped right in and is a better father than anyone else i know. Also the rest of the men in his family are married (to african-american women) and are great husbands and fathers.