Heidi Klum and Seal Run Around Rome with Kids

07/30/2008 at 11:30 AM ET

Model Heidi Klum and singer Seal, 45, along with kids Leni, 4, Henry, 2 ½, and Johan, 20 months, as well as Heidi’s parents and two nannies, were snapped on the steps of the Piazza di Spagna on Tuesday. The family is currently vacationing in Rome and spent the day visiting tourist attractions, while the Project Runway host, 35, took photos of Seal and the kids.


Photo by VENTURINI/Bauer-Griffin.

Click ‘Continue Reading’ for two more photos of Leni and Henry having fun in Rome!



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FC on

Such a cute family! And I swear, Henry looks like he should be five or six, as big as he is.

Trayce on

They really need two nanny’s and her parents to watch 3 kids… Really! They don’t have a clue !

Laura on

Awww look at Johans curls!

And eeeep! Heidi has a Nikon!

Such an adorable family

ShopLittleGifts on

how cute! henry is so big now! he’s taller than his big sister. love rome in the summer. it’s so pretty. so many shops. pizza. lemonade. gelato. delicious fun.

torgster on

I can never understand why Heidi and Seal need so much help – two nannies for only three kids and they always seem to have an entourage.

Astrid24 on

Six adults, 3 kids. I love Heidi Klum and she seems like a great mom, but I’m always disappointed by the amount of nannies she uses. And I am not at all against the use of nannies- this is simply excessive in my opinion.

Alana on

Who cares about the nannies, I think it’s great they include them. Look at them right in with Seal and Heidi in the family photo. I’m sure they are close friends and valued members of the family now, I think it’s wonderful. Children can never have too many people loving them.

I really love the picture of Henry, it’s the cutest!

Brooke on

Wow. I agree, Henry looks quite older than Leni. He does look about 5, I can’t believe he’s only 2 1/2. Anywhoo, cute family!

Colleen on

Looks like they’re having fun! I love that they included the nannies in the family photo. 🙂

Jeanette on

I wonder if this season of Project Runway is filming abroad at all like they have done in the past?

mslewis on

Project Runway has filmed the season, except for the fashion show in September. Right now the final three contestants are designing/making their line of clothes to be presented at Fashion Week. They might well have gone abroad but that would have happen several months ago.

Leni is so cute!!!

missy on

could she please do something with the kids hair?

Robyn on

For those of you commenting on the nannies, I think it’s great that these children have lots of adults around who obviously love them and care for them quite well. Maybe they feel safer that the kids have more sets of eyes on them, especially when travelling. My husband and I work full-time and if our daughter didn’t attend preschool, then we would need to hire a nanny to care for her when we’re at work. And if we did have a nanny, I certainly would include her in a family vacation. What a wonderful way to say “thank you for caring for our children” by including them in a trip to Rome. It looks like these nannies are part of the family and are treated as such.

Marcie on

Maybe they brought the nannies on vacation because they are like part of the family? Also,the adults (Seal,Heidi, and her parents) can go out on the town and leave the children with people they trust and love.

Morgan on

I personally don’t see anything wrong with a few more pairs of eyes looking out for three rambunctious kids. Whether abroad or not (but certainly abroad), there’s nothing wrong with travelling in a family group; and who’s to say they don’t consider their nannies part of their family? People will find anything to pick at, I swear. Rather than looking at a seemingly happy, bonded family and saying “Good for them”, they’ll imply she must not be as involved a parent as a mother with three kids and no help. Get real, folks.

Angie on

I just LOVE this family! 🙂 I also think it is great that Heidi and Seal include their nannies. As for them having two nannies for three children, I simply see it as the fact that they are a MAJOR Hollywood couple that is constantly out in public. In the pictures of them you always see the parents being so hands-on, so I have always assumed that it was for more of a security thing as opposed (sp?!) to Heidi and Seal wanting/needing extra help. Just my opinion 🙂

ellen on

they are really beautiful family

happyfam on

3 kids, 2 nannies, i’d do the same if my husband and i both worked with unpredictable hours. its a luxury and they seem like very hands on parents. the kids are so cute and happy!

Mel on

enough with the nannie comments…some of you need to go read Alana’s comment again

alice on

Gosh! It’s so awfully hot down here in Italy I just don’t know how they can stroll around with such small kids without…you know….fainting!!

Nanny Danni on

3 kids and 6 adults does seem excessive to me. But alot of rich families do this.
But if anyone thinks they have taken the nannies on holiday as a thank you is hillarious, if anything nannies work more than an ordinary week.
Plus I think Heidi as had quite a few nannies in the last 4 yrs if you look back over pictures of the kids.

Colleen on

Hmmm, I don’t know, call me crazy but if everyone could afford a nanny, couldnt we afford some alone time or time with our spouse? I know I need a break every now and again and I don’t have a nanny. I do think it’s great that all these people are involved with the children loving them and helping….also, I see pics. of Heidi all the time taking her daughter to school by HERSELF! I can’t see them abusing the priv. but who cant use a few extra hands now and again? Her sons are gorgeous!!!! My son has curls just like her boys….in my opinion, they are the most gorgeous celeb. babies I have seen.

Renee on

Who cares how many nannies they have and why is the focus always on Heidi? It seems like moms are criticized way more than the fathers are around here. How does how many nannies they have and why affect you? It doesn’t. Can’t we just enjoy the cute pictures of a happy family together. Must there always be some people that have to post something negative.

Cee on

I would absolutely love to be able to afford at least on nanny to help out with my boys. To everyone with these negative opinions about Heidi and Seal and thier entourage of nanies, have any of you given thought to the idea that maybe they are needed as an extra set of eyes? When celebrities go out they are virtually “mobbed” for pics of themselves and their families. I think it is very responsible for them to take notice of the fact tthat they may need extra help and act on it, rather than it be an afterthought when something went wrong!

Merideth on

Whether it’s working as a nanny or not, I sure wouldn’t turn down a trip to Rome. I don’t think there’s anything “hillarious” (sp) about thinking the nannies would appreciate being included in the trip.
The kids are too cute. Henri’s coloring is the exact same caramel color as my daughter–I”m secretly jealous of it since my skin is so pasty looking!

Molly on

Whats wrong with bringning nannies? Maybe they like them. I once babysat for a great family and the mother and I became best friends and we went everywhere together. Till today we go out (although the kids ar elittle bigger now) I dont know how someone can see something wrong with that.

jasmine on

I love all the pics — so cute — and I like Heidi’s sandals. 🙂

S.A.M on

I love how Heidi’s mother/parents are always around. They just look like one big happy family..nannies included!

anna on

Those are obviously not nannies.

gangi102 on

I think each family has to decide what works for them we who are on the outside looking in can’t. The only thing is that I always see Heidi’s parents but never any member of Seal’s family with the children

Erica on

Anna, those ARE nannies. The brunette has been around for maybe a year, a bit after Johan was born, and the other woman is German also and has been with the family since Henry arrived. Heidi talked about how she loves having another German woman around sometime last year. If you’re a regular cbb reader you’ve seen them in many of the photos.

Loren on

I like that they include the nannies, Seal and Heidi must be genuinely good warm people.
I am sure they(the nannies) like being included on a trip to Rome 🙂 In a perfect world you would have 2 adults to 1 child when they are small and you’re out and about.lol Everyone in the pictures looks happy, yay for them. I love this family.

dickie on

Sounds like sour grapes to me! If I had the resources, I would most certainly employ nannies to help me keep an eye on three rambunctious kids. That way everyone is more relaxed and has a lot more fun!

Liz on

WHO CARES if they have nannies?!?! The children are very well cared for, loved by their parents/family, and if it works for them, great.

Gayle G. on

This is so interesting and fun to read. I hear from good sources that Heidi and Seal are beautiful people (in every way) to work for and are very professional with their employees/nannies. When the nannies go on trips they are working the entire time and do not consider it a “vacation”. It’s a great responsibility and I’m sure they consider their job and the children’s safety as a top priority. The brunette nanny is very conscientious and a university graduate that would like to go on to law school. She’s one terrific person and loves her work.

trl on

I dont think it a big deal with the nannies. We are going to Portugal with three kids AND my mother and father in law, sister in law and her hubby plus their son and two more sisters that dont have children. As well as my two best girlfriends….and god only knows who else lol. Maybe heidi and seal consider the nannies to be family. give them a break so long as the kids are fed clean clothed and have a roof over their heads i dont think anyone should judge them

SeanJay on

The kids are cute & look happy & safe, that’s the important thing.

NANNY DANNI- I don’t see anything hilarious about them possibly taking the nannies on a trip as a thank you. Remember every family is different. My sister has been a nanny for 12 years & has been taken on several trips as a bonus. One family even invited me & my sister’s kid along on a trip to Disney World & Universal Studios. They payed for everything for all 3 of us including airfare, meals, VIP tickets to all the parks & a first class hotel. This was hr X-Mas bonus that year to my sister. The same family also took her to NYC & Hong Kong.

Another family took my sister to Virgina also. I think because of Soap Opera’s & movies some people have preconceived notions about Moms who have nannies & how they treat them.

Alana on

They ARE the PARENTS. It’s for them to decide. The children are happy, healthy and seems to always enjoy outing with parents and nannies. I’m sure they spent as much time as it’s possible with children and when they are working, they want someone to take care of their children. Why can’t we just enjoy the beautiful pictures.I personally think their doing great job!!!
Gorgeous boys and girl!!!

Andria on

Nanny Danni, I’m also a nanny and worked with the same family for 5 years before having to move last year because of my fiance’s career. I am extremely close with the family and LOVED going on trips with them! They took me on 2-3 major vacations a year and while it WAS a lot of work (certainly not “just” a vacation) it also gave me a chance to see all kinds of amazing places for free, AND I got paid for the time on top of that. The family always made sure I had free time to enjoy the sites, and just relax. There were multiple days during the trip where they would go out as just a family and leave me and my sister (whom they often brought along as a second helper) to enjoy the location. I have such a close relationship with them that it was very much like vacationing with my own extended family. Obviously I was very blessed and this is not every nanny situation, but to imply that nannies never appreciate being brought along on vacation seems a little ridiculous to me. I made great money and saw amazing sites FOR FREE with a family that I absolutely adore 🙂 Even though I no longer work for them because of the move, I am accompanying the family for a two week vacation to Tahoe in February, and I can’t wait!

Bella Mama on

what a gorgeous and blessed family.. i would love to go to Rome.. w/o my children 🙂

Michelle on

I also don’t see an issue with having nannies.

These are people the children have known since their birth. Heidi and Seal have careers that require them to travel and be away for long hours. Who do you think are watching the children while they are gone?

These are familiar faces to them. There is no need to not include important people in children’s lives on things like vacations. They are young and seem pretty well balanced. There could never be too much love for children in my opinion.

brooke on

I see nothing wrong with nannies in general, when people work they defintley need help or if it’s one celebrity alone walking around with 3 kids I can see needing a nanny to help. I do find it a bit off though when they are going to get icecream, the park, etc and it’s heidi, seal, and heidi’s 2 parents who are always around to help plus 2-3 nannies, it seems a bit excessive because she only has 3 kids not say 8 kids lol. You just never see other celebrities brooke shields, jen garner, cindy crawford, tori spelling, melissa joan hart or even brooke burke who has 4 kids with so many nannies on a regular basis. But everyone is entitled to their opinions. Henry looks just like seal, he is very tall and has seal’s looks. Leni looks alot like flavio, but I see henry in her smile and nose too

sinclair on

wow, i think this is the first time i’ve seen Heidi’s dad…Are they close? I only seem to hear about her mom or see her mom, esp when they are in NYC.

Emma on

Am i the only one that thinks its strange that the nanny is sat closer in the photo than heidi ?

Love this family

Adele on

Why do they need 2 nannies?? Why do they need a nanny at all?? I know people with 3 children & they don’t need to hire help!!

cassie on

Adele you know people working fulltime with 3 kids who don’t use childcare come on now Whether its nannies,daycare 10hrs a day or a babysitter if you work someone has to watch the kids.

grandma on

torgster & astrid, such craziness!
Who says the adults are nannies?
Ever heard of Grandma & grandpa, aunty & uncles?

Families do vaction together ppl!
In the US is where parents have the mantra of “these are my kids. I will do it all”. In the rest of the world grandparents, auties, uncles, cousins , extended family is revered & they help out & vacation together.

If you visit CBB regularly you’d recognise Heidi’s ma/pa anyways.
Posted by: torgster @ Jul 30, 2008 1:27:27 PM
I can never understand why Heidi and Seal need so much help – two nannies for only three kids and they always seem to have an entourage.

Posted by: Astrid24 @ Jul 30, 2008 1:29:50 PM
Six adults, 3 kids. I love Heidi Klum and she seems like a great mom, but I’m always disappointed by the amount of nannies she uses. And I am not at all against the use of nannies- this is simply excessive in my opinion.

kdog on

is lenis dad seal?