Billy Joel Says He "Might" Have More Kids

07/30/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

Joelfamily Billy Joel says that he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of having another child. In a new interview with Details magazine, the 59-year-old singer reveals that he and wife Katie Lee Joel, 26, have "talked about" adding to their family, which already includes Billy’s 22-year-old daughter Alexa Ray with ex-wife Christie Brinkley. Says Billy,

Yeah. We might [have kids]. That’s something between me and her, though…But she’s trying to establish her own identity. She wants to feel that she’s accomplished something in her life. She doesn’t just want to be Billy Joel’s wife and sit around and eat bonbons.

Billy and Katie Lee were married in 2004.

Source: Details; Photo by Kevin Mazur for Wireimage.

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Stéph on

Which of the two girls on the picture is his daughter and which is his wife??

Emily on

When they first married, I was SO skeptical of their relationship, but seeing Katie and Billy on Oprah really changed my mind!
She is so very down to Earth, and seems very good for him, and I think she truly loves him. If they do have kids, those would be some GORGEOUS kids, she is so beautiful and look how cute Alexa turned out!

chrisma on

His daughter is almost the same age as his wife???wow!!!

Marilyn on

Steph: His wife is on the left.

carie on

Wow. She was 22 and he was 55 when they got married?


Where is Christie?? Since she is always talking about her ex husband..Spending a lot
of time with him…got her cookbook..It has great recipes in it..Kelly needs to get out there more.. Just seeing her on Extra ..

Star on

I love Alexa! She seems like such a sweet girl. I saw her once on Jimmy Kimmel ( I think)and she sang and then was interviewed. I thought she had a wonderful voice and I loved the song she sang.She came across as really sweet and down to earth. She is a beautiful girl.

mp on

Katie does have her own identity outside their marriage. She writes cookbooks — The Comfort Table is her big one, but she also wrote a kidney-friendly one we received at my hubby’s dialysis center. She’s also done a lot of TV appearances with her cooking. So it’s safe to say people don’t perceive her as Billy Joel’s wife sitting around eating bonbons.

socalmama on

all i can say is….i wonder how his daughter feels having a step mom only 4 years older?

Marisol on

Another ‘trophy’ wife…these guys who want fatherhood again in their 50’s are only doing it to please their much younger wives old enough to be their daughters…a la Kevin Costner, Donald Trump, Michael Douglas and now Billy Joel.

amy on

I think that his daughter was part of the wedding….maybe a bridesmaid? I think his daughter has been very supportive.

Kristen on

Alexa was the maid of honor in Billy and Katie’s wedding.

Crystal on

My boyfriend is 23, 24 in January and his step mom is 29, 30 in March so she is only 5 yrs and 10 months older than him. His dad has a 6 yr old with her and I think it’s great! It was a little weird for Anthony at first (I asked him) but he says now it doesn’t phase him and he is happy to have his little sister! I would think that Alexa would feel the same!

Erica on

I think Alexa is a total sweetheart. I remember a year or so ago when she posted a blog about how proud she was to look like her father–it really put a lot of people who were saying how she looks nothing like her mom in their place because it was abundantly clear that Alexa is completely comfortable in her skin and very level-headed.

I for one can’t imagine what it must be like to have a stepmom who is literally your peer…to be honest, I lost some respect for BJ when he married a 22 year old at 55. However, that is why Alexa is his daughter and I’m not, clearly things worked out. 🙂

sarah on

Steph even without knowing which one is his daughter it is quite obvious because his daughter looks sooooo much like him.

Nicole on

I feel as if Billy was a little degrading toward Katie… saying “she wants to be someone other than billy joels wife” – she is already is!!! Its a bit strange… But good luck to them, she is stunning.

Lilly on

I just can’t imagine what a 26-year old girl has in common with a nearly 60-year old man. I think perhaps Alexa and Katie have more in common.

Liv on

I would love to be able to just sit around and eat ‘bonbons’. 🙂

JO on

I think it is COMPLETELY ok for everyone to feel that this is a normal relationship but HONESTLY, in my opinion, I think it’s weird. I think it’s really quite odd for a 50 something year old man to marry a 22 year old girl. I’ve been 22 and I wasn’t nearly mature enough to marry and I can’t imagine having THAT MUCH in common with a man who could be my father. I find it a little creepy, but that is just me. I honestly think it’s just a case of a young girl wanting to marry a man with a lot of money and fame. Alexa is cute though-She does seem very very sweet and level-headed.

Autumn on

I too would think that Katie and Billy would have little in common given their age difference, however when I saw Katie in an interview on Oprah I thought she was very well spoken and mature. (I can’t believe she’s the same age as Britney Spears.)

Shana on

I too was skeptical about this relationship until I saw them together on Oprah. You can tell how much they love each other. She has an old soul & they got along great in the interview.

Hush on

What could they have in common? Maybe they enjoy the same kinds of food, music, movies? Maybe they both like to travel and cook? Maybe they have the same political and religious beliefs? I think the underlining meaning to the question is what would a 55 year old man want in a 22 year old woman except sex because at that age she has nothing else to offer? Or maybe what would she want with a 55 year old man except money because at that age he has nothing else to offer? It’s a superficial question by superficial women. In the end, they have the same things in common that you superficial women have with your mates.

A List Girl on

They’re not superficial their realists and the way you went on and insulted them makes me wonder if it hit a little too close to home.
Hobbies (movies, travel, etc) don’t a marriage.
And “she’s trying to establish her own identity.” If she didnt have one previous why would he marry her except for those superficial reasons???

Kristen on

BRAVO Hush! Well said.

Erica on


I am 22 years old.

I know a man who is 26+ years my senior who also shares my religious and politic beliefs. We have the same taste in foods, books, films, and overall life philosophy. He’s a man who understands me and has my best interests at heart.

Oh, and he’s also my father.

OooGooose on

Hush… Well said!!!

Erica, a little catty there? Pull the claws in!!!

There is an age gap of 20 years with my parents, and all of four of their children(my two sisters and brother and I) have great jobs, great believes and great values because we grew up seeing how much our parents loved each other and us.

Age is a number. Period. If you have a problem with their age difference, then that’s your issue. Don’t take it out on the rest of the world

Renee on

Well said Hush. I don’t get why anyone would care? They are adults.

CelebBabyLover on

OooGooose- ITA about age being just a number! Take my two sets of grandparents, for example. One set was only a year apart in age, while the other set had an age gap of nearly eight years. Although both of them had, as far as I can tell, very loving, happy marriages, the set that was only one year apart in age actually had more troubles in their marriage than the set with the nearly eight year age gap.

Granted, I realize that eight years is not the same thing as 20+ years, 30+ years, or even 40 or more + years. However, people with wide age gaps can have wonderful marriages, while people closer in age can easily have trouble or occasionally rough marriages.

It’s just like how some people are great parents in their twenties or even teens, and other people the same age are horrible parents….and some people in their 40s are great parents and others are horrible parents.

Erica on


This is the comments section of a website. It’s hardly a platform or a soapbox for the entire world to be forced to listen to. And more specifically, I was referring an earlier post which made it sound as if sharing common interests completely negates a more than 30 year age gap. Considering in this case that Billy Joel must have met his wife when she was two or so years out of high school and he was well into his fifties…yeah like I said me and my dad share a ton of interests too but I doubt he would be interested in marrying someone his daughter’s age or younger.

My last comment was relatively mild, and by your own admission you have family members in a similar situation to BJ’s so perhaps you are overly sensitive on this issue. No one’s attacking you for holding your opinion and there’s no need for you to take offense to a statement which was not even directed at you. Also, there is a way bigger difference between 20 years and 33 years anyway–I doubt anyone would really blink at a 26 year old with a 45/46 year old, but a 50+ year old man courting a woman fresh out of high school is a totally different story.

SH on

I agree with Erica.

I actually thought Hush was the catty, name calling one…

It is a bit strange, since his daughter isn’t much younger than his wife…and you really can’t name call and blame people for thinking that’s just odd…

PSB on

I’m with Erica. I don’t think what she said was that bad. My grandparents were 20 yrs apart and their arriage was fine, but my grandmother was left a widow in her 50’s and had a very hard time finding love afte that. It’s not easy at any age, but being left a widow once you’re nearing retirement age is tough.

As for Billy and Katie Lee, they may have a wonderful relationship. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but 30+ yrs is a HUGE gap. I wonder what Billy Joel needs from a 22 yr old that he can’t get from a 32 or 42 yr old who looks really good.

I think a lot of times men with issues choose really young women because they are easier to impress and this makes them feel great. Maybe they are afraid of mortality and this make them feel young? Young women might like the experience and worldliness of an older man or maybe they have daddy issues? Who knows. I guess whatver issues they both have mesh and they work together and make them happy. I think these relationships can be mutually beneficial, but I don’t really find them very normal, if I’m being completely honest here. I could be wrong, maybe they are soul mates–but I guess I’m just a cynic.

CelebBabyLover on

PSB- I see your point, but you can be left a widow in your 50s no matter how close in age you are to your spouse. My great-grandmother, for example, became a widow in her early 50s when my great-grandfather, who was also in his early 50s, unexpectedly died from a heart attack. In her case, she never re-married, and from what I’ve heard, it sounds like she was quite content with that. 🙂

Granted, it’s a lot more likely that you will be widowed in your 50s if your spouse is 20 or 30 years older than you. However, even it can happen even if they are the same age as you!

CelebBabyLover on

Oops! I meant “unexpectadly died OF a heart attack”. You can tell it’s late, as my grammer is starting to go! LOL!