Tori Spelling: Liam is "Adjusting" to His Sister Stella

07/29/2008 at 01:30 PM ET

Tori_spelling_1_cbbjpgActress Tori Spelling is adjusting to motherhood all over again after welcoming daughter Stella Doreen seven weeks ago, but she isn’t the only one in the family learning to cope — son Liam Aaron, 16 months, is as well.  In an appearance on The View, Tori shared that Liam is "adjusting" and that it "was hard for him at first," adding that "he was fine with her in the hospital and when she came home and he saw her, it was like, ‘Why is she staying here?’" But no worries, as the 35-year-old said that he is "gradually starting to like her."

One thing that has helped is that Liam is "fascinated with smells," and Tori and husband Dean McDermott, 41, would help their son to get closer to his baby sister "by saying ‘Oh look, you can smell Stella’s toes,’" saying that he "now smells her toes and goes ‘Phew.’"  And even though her kids are close together in age, Tori says that things are going well and "Stella’s almost sleeping through the night."

Now that Liam is getting older, Tori knows that preschool and play dates are what is next for her son, saying, "I was freaking out when I found out about the preschool. Liam was barely off my boob and I was suppose to get him into preschool." Between preschool and play dates, toddlers have just as busy schedules as some adults, so the actress wanted to help out other moms by partnering with Motts For Tots and creating a play date planner.

I came up with a play date planner. I love to plan things so I thought, ‘Why not for toddlers?’

Source: The View; Photo by Clark Samuels/StarTraks.

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ang on

good to hear liam’s liking the new sis & the planner seems like a cool idea. it took a spelling to think of it LOL! tori&dean r supposed to be at the NBC Experience store in NYC tomorrow.

phoebe on

Oh I do love this family, they’re so cute and I think Tori is one of my favourite celebrities ever! Can’t wait to see little Stella!

Jen DC on

“Why not for toddlers?” Because your toddler’s “schedule” shouldn’t be so busy that you can’t just write it down on the family calendar! I do understand that as a celebrity, they absolutely have many more moving parts to their lives, but really… A toddler with a calendar?

Americans are *obsessed* with “activity.” Whatever happened to just going on down to the park and straight playing?

And pre-school… I’m in the DC area, and even pre-school admissions are competitive. It’s just bordering on insanity at this point…

Sara on

Jen DC, I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but I don’t think pre-school is competitive for us noncelebrity “regular” people. There’s tons of preschools where I am from in Michigan. I don’t know why they have to be so competitive, anyway. Aren’t preschools supposed to basically get kids socialized and maybe do some light learning. It’s not Harvard law or anything.

tink1217 on

I absolutely LOVE the Spelling/McDermott family! Liam is my favorite celebrity baby boy! I hope we can see more of Stella soon too! As for preschool…I waited til my daughter was 4 before putting her in pre school. I enjoyed being with her so much and we had such fun together. I only started her so she could get used to going to a structured school environment prior to kindergarten. Unless you need pre school because you work outside the home I don’t see the big “requirement” for it at such a young age. To each his own, but I enjoyed my time with my kids and hated to send them off on their own so early. My son started when he was 3 because of his special needs and early intervention was best for his development. But it was only half days and then full days til 2 when he was 4 and 5. I missed both of them so much!

Pearl on

Yeah no kidding..planning playdates. Boy is not even two and he got a planner!! Everything is so staged and planned it ridiculous. Tori it’s not that serious especially for you, she doesn’t even have a grinding 9-5 job. Put all on your blackberry and call it a day.

Chicki on

I didn’t think that newborns are supposed to sleep through the night until later – something about them feeding at regular intervals – is that right? Or does it matter?

tink1217 on

Sara and Jen DC, I think it actually depends on where you live, what preschool you are looking into, and basically…who you are! The only places I have heard of competitive preschool and “wait listing” are in the LA/CA areas, New York, and some in the affluent Miami areas. I don’t think its that way everywhere at all!

Danielle, Celebrity Baby Blog on

Actually, the pre-schools are kind of competitive here in Maplewood too. The issue is one of supply and demand- when there are more kids than spots, it’s competitive. However, I think in the major metropolitan areas, it’s REALLY competitive.

There was even a Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode about parents who were killed in an effort to get one kid off the waiting list and into a class. I don’t think most parents will resort to murder to get their kid into preschool but there is definitely one-upmanship going on, with a joke in the episode about schools not accepting any more reference letters from Henry Kissinger!

tink1217 on

Chicki, it all depends on the baby. Both my kids slept through the night at about 8 weeks. BUT…they were formula fed every 3-4 hours. It depends on the baby’s weight too. My ped told me that once a baby reaches around 10-12 pounds they can go a little longer between feedings. But like I said…all depends on the baby, whether they are breastfed or formula fed and just what kind of atmosphere/schedule the entire family is on. I got lucky with both of mine. I had friends who were up every 2-3 hrs for a full year. And some that said the night wakings lasted even til age 2. babies adpat pretty well and I know feeding on demand is the norm especially with breastfeeding so it varies.

Lesley on

Did anyone else notice her totally uneducated comments on breastfeeding? Ugh!

Brittany on

Chicki, my sons pediatrician told me i could start letting him sleep through the night at 1 month old, the only reason he had me wait that long was because he was 5 weeks early.(hes fed every 3-4 hours during the day) Like someone else said, it depends on the child.

I love this family, i dont care what anyone says about them. Liam is such a doll too!

I will also say it makes me mad how some people post rude comments about Tori and Dean, what did they do wrong?? They Fell in love while they were both still married, get over it!

jambalaya on

I have to say I wasen’t a huge fan or Tori’s on 90210, but since, she has grown on me LOL
As for pre-school, I live in a smalltown in Canada and I had to pre-register my daughter for pre-school at 2 years old, and she started at 2 1/2, only one morning a week, I put her in early for the play and socialization, being in such a small town there’s not much offered for toddlers, she stayed in 2 years, (2nd year) she went two mornings a week to get ready for kindergarten, which here is only every other day 9-3, I THOUGHT the pre-school here was a little expensive and a little ridiculous wait-list wise, until I talked to a cousin in California, she registered her daughters when they were born and pays $5000 a MONTH!!!! It seems that it doesn’t matter where you live, putting your child in pre-school can be overwhelming!! I went to pre-school 30 years ago, at our church, for FREE, no wait-list LOL!!!!!!

emily on

I haven’t a clue as to what it’s like to raise a child in Michigan (and I wouldn’t pretend I did), but I do know what it’s like here in NYC. People start looking into schools when they are pregnant. I know some people who applied to 5 or 6 nursery schools in the neighborhood and were lucky to get into one. And not everyone can afford it either.

Kristen Thomas on

Jambayala- What in the world is going on at a preschool for $5000 a month?? For that amount of money there had better be room and board plus a driver… Ha! Even more ridiculous than the price would be the fact that someone would be willing to pay it. Crazy, crazy, crazy!

Sara on

It’s Sara from Michigan again …
Jambalaya, your comment made me laugh!! I guess that’s how I still think of preschool, as free in a church basement! My son is 2 and in daycare, as my husband and I both work full time. His daycare is also a preschool so we won’t have to worry about finding one later. But it is very expensive. The Michigan economy is in dire straits now. I don’t know how we’ll handle it when/if we have another kid. If I become a stay-at-home mom or put both kids in daycare, either way we’ll be down to one paycheck! Sorry about my rambling!

Erica on

What she says about him barely being off the boob is so true! I nursed my first son a full year, and then by 14 months we were researching schools. We were living in Brooklyn then, it’s definitely something you have to stay on top of there.

SH on

I say SAVE your $5000/month and maybe teach them what they need to know at that age at home? Why would you need to pay someone $5000/month to teach a 2 year old something? That’s just insane. Parents think these preschool people know more than us? Not really when the kids are in PRESCHOOL! They’re young – practically babies! Parents are more than capable of teaching their children all they need to know at home. I’m just now putting my 1st daughter in a preschool to get her ready for the structure of kindergarten next year – she’s 4 1/2. Her preschool will be 2.5 hours a day, 4 days a week. It costs $125/month. I thought that was expensive…I feel the best education for 2 year olds is to be at home with parents teaching them. (if you’re at home of course) – I’d never think about sending a 2 year old to preschool if I was at home with them.

Pilipina on

I love her show… and look forward to her 90210 character coming back to life! I just found out that we will be meeting Tori and her husband in Los Angeles in September and am soooo excited!!

G on

I wish Tori would educate herself in breast feeding knowledge. Children need more than 2 weeks of breast milk.