The Slings That Were Hand-Delivered to Angelina Jolie

07/29/2008 at 12:00 PM ET

Baby K'tanTwo Baby K’tan infant carriers were sent overnight to France and hand delivered to Angelina Jolie last week, at the request of her doctor’s friends and family. Angelina received a size small in Black and a medium in Camo Print, presumably for newborn twins Knox and Vivienne

Baby Ktan carriers are extremely versatile and can be used with newborn infants on up to toddlers up to 42 lbs. They offer multiple positions in which you can carry your child. Using the Baby K’tan’s two loops of fabric you are able to wear your children forward- and rear-facing, cradle-style, on your hip, and even on your back. The site offers instructions for eight different carrying positions. A favorite with both men and women, they are manufactured in the USA from natural cotton and free of AZO dyes, and can be personalized.

Check out our review of the Baby K’tan here.

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Cassie on

Well she did use slings for Mad Z and Shi.

Kirsten on

Good gift for their twins as you can carry two babies at the same time in the Baby K’tan’s twin position. Its a fabulous baby carrier (for twins or one baby at a time!)

anna on

I might be the only one who believe developing spines should be kept straight…

Hannah on

I’ve debated getting a K’tan for a while. Maybe I’ll take advantage of the coupon now. Although I’m not sure my husband would approve since I’m already the proud owner of two Hotslings and an Ergo.

And what do you mean about developing spines be kept straight? Do you have children? Do you have experience with baby wearing? Babies’ spines develop just fine in our cramped uteri…not much difference once they are on the outside. Unless you plan on keeping your child in a sling 24 hrs a day for the rest of his life!

iluvallbabies on

Random comment: I LOVE THAT BABY IN THE SLING!!!! Too cute- he is smiling!

anna on

Hannah! One doesn’t need children to know certain things.
What happens in the womb has no connection to what happens outside the womb. And no, it is not good to keep a child in a crooked position for hours at a time.
You are obviously not well informed on this topic since there has been studies that suggest babies spines are better of being kept straight as much as possible, rather than crooked and bent all the time. The best option is a baby bjorn type of thing.

Erica on

Anna, you are completely incorrect. Studies actually suggest the OPPOSITE of what you say. A baby should be sitting on their bum in a carrier, rather than hanging from their crotch.

Renee on

Anna,unless you are a doctor, I would want to see actual proof about that claim because I have never heard of it. Also, why post that now?

Robin on

This is the cutest picture…I WANT THAT BABY!

sarita on

The baby in that photo is amazingly cute!

I think Angelina and Brad have enough money to buy their own carriers.

Renee on

Sarita, it was gifts from their doctor. Famous people can get gifts too and it’s okay. I don’t understand why anyone would comment about it. It doesn’t affect any of us. Why worry about it?

Lola on

I have a darling young friend who has muscular distrophy who is 7 months pregnant. I’m looking for a sling (and other suggestions) that would work for her. This looks like the best one I’ve seen so far. She only has complete mobility in one hand, and of course is in a wheelchair, but she does have a steel rod in her spine to keep her upright. She’s the sweetest, most upbeat person you’ve ever seen, so any suggestions would be great!

Ariel on

I’m a big fan of the Baby K’tan carrier and of Jolie & Pitt. Great baby carrier. Its like two slings together – soft, comfortable (rests on both shoulders and has back support) and easy to use.

ma74 on

That baby is so hilarious!!He has the biggest smile ever 😀

CelebBabyLover on

Cassie- She used a sling for Maddox and a Baby Bjorn carrier for Zahara. She was never shown using either one for Shi…But Brad was photographed with her (Shi, that is, not Angie!) in a sling on at least one occasion! 🙂 Even if Angie and Brad choose not to use the slings, I’m sure they will donate them to some charity! 🙂

Renee- ITA! It’s like some people think that just because celebs are rich, they shouldn’t have the fun of recieving gifts! Personally, I think giving Angie and Brad the slings was a very sweet gesture of the doctor!

lnatt on

Erica is right on – Anna has her info 100% backwards, and so it’s she who is misinformed! It’s well-known in the babywearing community that it’s the Baby Bjorn that carries (small, but theoretical) risk for spinal stress/compression, specifically spondylolisthesis. There is absolutely no evidence or research to indict slings; in fact, they are considered optimal to “hammock” the baby’s spine in the healthiest and most natural position possible, continuing the womb spine mechanics.

(And I’m having a hard time believing that anyone who says that “what happens in the womb has no connection to what goes on outside it” knows the first thing about neonatal physical and cognitive development. There are whole fields of psychology devoted to understanding the IMMENSE ways that the intrauterine experience shapes the development and potentially lifelong health of the baby).

Sarita on

I have nothing against celebrities receiving gifts. But this is not just a gift, if it was than it wouldn’t be advertised on this website. It says the friends and family of the doctor requested it, not bought it.
This doctor seems like he wants to be in the spotlight, can’t these people give a gift without having it made into a press release for the brand?

iluvallbabies on

Ok, I think Im borderline obssesed with this baby! Not only is this my second comment, but Ive looked at this picture maybe 20 times now!!! LOL.

Victoria M on

I have tried many, many slings and the Baby K’Tan is hands down the most comfortable and versatile! I had my second baby in March and
I have carried her in this since she was a newborn. So comfy and just so convenient, especially with a 4 year old to look after.
Also priceless for that close contact with your baby– that’s my favorite part of babywearing, you go along your day with your sweet baby close to you.

As far as babywearing goes… Anna I am not sure who your sources are, but Baby Bjorns actually place more stress on the spine than regular slings. The key to slings and babywearing (as with everything in life really) is to always try a variety of things. Don’t always “wear” the baby in the same position.
The notion that babies need to be kept straight is quite ridiculous. How would you even carry a child in your arms keeping their spine straight???? Nevermind that millions of people in different cultures carry and wear their babies all day long, and they don’t have any increased incidence of spine or back problems.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but for me actually being a parent has changed a lot of my opinions and perceptions of things. There were many things I was “sure of” until I had kids

SH on

I agree with Victoria’s comment…
How would you hold a baby in your actual arms and keep the spine straight? The way a sling holds a baby is mimicing the natural way you’d hold a baby with both arms. The sling just “holds” the baby for you…

A Baby Bjorn holds a baby quite unnaturally when you think about it – hanging in front. Even if you hold a baby in front like the baby bjorn you’re supporting the legs more with your arms.

I never thought about it before. I have 4 kids and own both a baby bjorn and also a hotslings – the hotslings holds the baby in a much more natural position.

Amber Stevens on

I have a K’tan and it is great…even for my 22 lb’er! I have the camo. It’s a great option for moms who love the idea of using a stretchy wrap, but don’t want to deal with all that fabric.

marla on


i LOVE my hotsling and my zolowear sling. both brands make plain ones and adjustable versions (ones with rings), which truly grow with the baby. i don’t have experience with the k’tan but it looks cool. i love wearing my babies. good luck to your friend.

and, anna, babies gain head and trunk support after a few months so the position they are in, whether in your arms, in a sling, in a bjorn, in a crib, etc. changes too. which is to say that after a few months, their spines are straight most of the time (things you learn when you spend a lot of time with a newborn) so you shouldn’t be concerned. also, leaving a baby laying flat, either in a bouncy seat or in a crib, etc. for prolonged periods of time, can cause a flat head (not good) and delay some gross motor milestones.

anyway, YEA for babywearing!

Jen on

Iluvallbabies, you crack me up, I always enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

I agree, the baby in that photo is just adorable! He (I guess a he with the blue outfit) seems to be stretching, sighing and saying, “Now this is living!” lol!

iluvallbabies on

Awww Jen- thanks, thats a really lovely thing to say 🙂

And yes, its now my third comment, and 29th time of looking at him!! Im out of control!

regina on

What a wonderful gift. I am sure Angelina and Brad were very appreciative of them.

I don’t know why anyone would comment negatively about them receiving gifts. I have read of many celebs on this site getting gifts from clothing stores and other places. No one has ever said any about it. Silly. No matter how much money you have, you appreciate someone taking the time to think of you and your family. I think the Jolie-Pitts made a nice impression on the staff of the hospital. They seem like really good down to earth people.

Can’t wait to see pics of the twins.

jessica on

My first time on the blog, and own the ktan. I love it and hope brad and angie do as well. The thing that I love about this carrier (and hope Brad discovers as well) is it is amazing for my hubbie!!! Brad would look so cute wearing a baby ktan with a baby in it 🙂