Shane Richie and Wife Welcome Lolita Belle Shelley

07/29/2008 at 08:00 AM ET

Shane_richieDespite an early ultrasound that indicated a boy, British actor Shane Richie and his wife Christie, 28, are "over the moon" after welcoming daughter Lolita Belle Shelley Roche on July 27th. Born at 8:28 p.m., Lolita weighed in at 5 lbs, 12 oz. She joins big brother Mackenzie Blue, 2, at home.

The pregnancy was announced in March in the pages of Hello! Magazine, when Shane, 44, said that Christie wanted a daughter so desperately she "worked out that we had to try at exactly 9:18 pm when Mars was lined up with Jupiter, [her] body clock was at the right time and the room was at the right temperature." Although the early ultrasound left the couple believing that their efforts to conceive a girl "didn’t work" — apparently they did!

Source: The Sun; Photo by Gabor Scott /WENN.

Thanks to CBB reader Louise.

Do you know someone who had an ultrasound that turned out to be wrong?

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Sanja on

Yes, a friend of mine had 3 ultrasounds and they all told her it was a girl. Turned out to be a boy. Imagine how happy they were with their ALL pink nursery, lol.

Shan on

My cousin was told that she was having a girl, and had everything prepared for a little girl, even monogrammed burp cloths. She gave birth to a healthy little boy. Apparently, the ultrasound tech was new.

mummyruth on

Congratulation to the happy couple!!

From what I gather they had an early scan which indicated a boy then a further scan said girl-so they knew before she was born they were having a girl(I had a copy of Hello when their interview was in)

Angel on

I knew someone whose ultrasound said it was a boy. She went out and bought all these cute little boy outfits and was overjoyed with the news. I was in the delivery room with her when she gave birth and found out it was a girl. Unfortunately, she was disappointed and probably in shock as she kept telling the doctor that he was wrong, it was a boy.

Megan on

My mom – she was told I was a boy, so she had the name John David lined up for when I was bored. Surprise! I wasn’t a boy and she didn’t have a name, so she thought of a character from a tv show she really liked. The bonus was that I didn’t have hair for two years and all the clothes she got were for boys, so when she dressed me, everyone commented on what a handsome boy I was.

Jacque on

Yup. My cousin’s ultrasounds kept saying girl so they chose the name Madison, started receiving gifts, planning the nursery etc. only to have another ultrasound towards the end of the pregnancy and find out that Madison was a boy..My cousins reaction to us: “Madison has balls!” (Needless to say, they ended up using Justin instead of Madison)

Brandi on

I know someone whose ultrasounds said one healthy baby girl – and she ended up with twins on delivery day.

MB on

Ahh Brandi that idea terrifies me lol. Luckily I don’t think that will happen to me as I have to have lots of ultrasounds.

My mother’s ultrasound said I was a boy. So, they had a boy name picked out but no girl name, haha. Another reason I am not finding out the gender of my baby ahead of time! :-p

Erica on

One of my best friends from college was told she was having a girl. They named her Olivia and luckily did a fairly neutral room. When the baby came out, she was a he and become Oliver instead! Quite the surprise. That was part of the reason we decided not to find out with our second son.

Diane on

When my 22 month old daughter was born, I was part of a group of moms that posted regularly. One of the moms was told she was going to have a daughter and during her c-section, they pulled out Adrian! She had to send her mom to buy something blue since they had been totally prepared for a girl.

blackrose on

When my cousin was pregnant the ultrasound said it was a little boy…sadly her mother in law passed away(she had cancer) but after a week of her death they found out that it was a little girl!! so they named her after her..

steph on

a friend of mine was told she was having a girl and when the dr delivered the baby it was a boy but when he came out the dr said Uh oh and freaked the parents out. Only to find its b/c it was a boy instead of a girl. the mom was like never say uh oh when delivering a child it scares the mommy!. That would scare me also to hear a dr say uh oh especially before the parents got to see the child.


Ruby on

Shane also has 2 sons Shane Jnr and Jake with his ex wife Colleen Nolan. Think Shane is 19 and Jake 15.
Not sure what i think of him still because of what happened with Colleen but glad the baby is healthy and happy.

Mom of boys on

I was told I was having a girl. I had everything including bedding. We were in Las Vegas (which is about 4hours from our house) and bought her take home outfit.

We happened to know a psychic lady and she just kept saying you are having a boy.I told her that my ultrasounds kept saying girl. So I decided to get another ultrasound because she had scared me….The baby hadit’s arms up over it’s face in the ultrasoundand the tech said thats because you keep calling him a her!

I was shocked! So needless to say I took everything back , even the take home outfit.

When I got pregnant a second time, I told my doc that I needed to be sure because of the last round.

And my second and last child was a boy as well! Haha but it’s ok I have a step daughter and step son.

Chloe on

Congrats to Shane and Christie, they must be thrilled to get the little girl they wanted!

Amy on

I was told at my 20 week ultrasound that my Dr. was 70% sure we were having a girl. We already had a boy and I told her about my husband’s family history (53 years without a girl) so she offered to do another ultrasound the next month. When I went in for it she asked what she had told me it was the month before and I said, “A girl”. She said, “Uh-oh, I’m not seeing that this time! 90% sure its a boy!” I was a little disappointed that day but I am totally happy now to have a two-month old healthy little boy. My Dr. said she never tells a family 100% sure…I suppose you could get a law-suit.

freya on

Lolita? Let’s hope she doesn’t meet humbert humbert

abc123 on

we didnt find out the sex with our first four and i told my husband the next pregnancy we could find out because he wanted to know but i didnt (we didnt plan on having any more) so for my fifth pregnancy we found out 2 boys every ultrasound said the same 2 boys well my husband and i were really happy 2 boys and 4 girls so we got everything ready for boys blue everything the first baby comes out and my husband says this isnt good the second baby comes out and he says im in trouble 2 girls just yesterday my husband said that he was happy it was girls because he wouldnt have known what to do with boys

Jennifer on

My mom – she was told twin boys, and my sister was born first, followed by my brother. Needless to say, they only had boys’ clothes and boys’ names picked out, and so, before they came home, my grandma had to go buy girls’ clothes for my sister (and of course, a girls’ name had to be chosen).

mp on

Freya, you have me laffing!

Tee on

My sister was told she was expecting twin boys
so we bought double everything in blue
then to find out they had been mistaken and it wasn’t even twins at all, we were so angry! But managed to return half the stuff.

2 months later when she delivered it was a girl.
My sister also had a new technician,Lol
I know it falls short of how the conversation was going But 🙂

S.A.M on

It happened to me!
When I fell pregnant, my instincts were telling me 100% boy (my gut feeling never failed me before)..needless to say, every ultrasound said it was a girl! I was in total shock.
Anyway, I convinced myself that they must be right, so we started preparing for “her”.
For some strange reason, I absolutely hated pink when I was pregnant..It turned me off so when we started the nursery, we painted the walls turquoise, bought a blue cot, blue bed linen etc..then everyone we know started to comment on how slack we were being for not creating a feminine room for our little girl. So I started feeling bad & hormonal, and ended up buying a pink chair, colorful & pink polka dot paper lanterns, and lovely girly wall decals.
Well what do you know, I was right! Out came a now my son has a lovely girl/boy
The good news is, we are all set for a second child, whether its a girl or boy!

sar on

I am completely disturbed that they’d name her Lolita! Don’t they know what the name’s conintations include? Obviously, they haven’t read the book or bothered to google the meaning. They should’ve at least gone for “Lola” or something!

Livvy on

@Angel, she was upset with having a girl? I’m sorry to say this, but that’s just not good. I don’t see any reason for sexism, especially towards her own child. Did she come to like her daughter afterwards?