No Question, Naomi Watts is Pregnant

07/29/2008 at 03:00 PM ET

No more wondering — a clearly pregnant Naomi Watts was spotted out with friends in NYC today, sporting a baby belly that puts her in line with the rumored December due date. The actress, 39, and fiancรฉ Liev Schreiber are already parents to 1-year-old Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, who snoozed in his stroller during the walk.


Photos by CARLOS VILA/ANDERSON/Bauer-Griffin.

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Erica on

Yup, definitely pregnant! I’d say she’s 5-ish months.

I love those sandals too, she wore them a lot during her pregnancy with Sasha.

tink1217 on

look at that belly!!! So cute and I love her dress!!

Gabrielle on

I’m gonna call mid-November… She looks closer to 5 – 5 1/2 months, to me.

But I’m LOVING the navy satin look that is going around!!! She looks beautiful.

Lauren on

Naomi looks lovely. And every day is a good day for Birkenstocks – very comfy!

april on

I wonder if planned? Some do like their kids right after the other so they grow up 2gether.

I know many around me were breastfeeding so they thought they couldnt get pregnant but did.

Breastfeeding does regulate/prevent some ladies ovulation but not all ladies.

nina on

She does look very pretty…I guess 5 1/2 mos also since her bellybutton has popped. You know what, good for her for not announcing it! It’s nice that some celebs keep some things just for themselves. I hope she has a girl.

Laura on

Is her belly button popping out already? I think an early December baby for Naomi. I am due late December and my belly button doesn’t look anything like that… of course I didn’t have rock hard abs to start with!! I might need to re-think those dates… hmmm

Harley on

well hello belly!

kiley on

I definitely agree she’s pregnant (duh!) But I think it’s terribly hard to tell how far along someone is based on their belly because people carry so different. I think this was the size of nicole kidman’s belly at 9 months!) on

I’m due November 21 with my third (if that makes a difference) and am about the same size as Naomi pre-pregnancy. She seems a bit smaller than me right now so I’d say she’s due in December. And my belly button popped as soon as I started showing with my 2nd and this pregnancy. How lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚

nevena on

why wouldnt it have been planned

I wonder if planned? Some do like their kids right after the other so they grow up 2gether.

I know many around me were breastfeeding so they thought they couldnt get pregnant but did.

Breastfeeding does regulate/prevent some ladies ovulation but not all ladies

C on

I think she will be done in late december, remember her last she was pregnant FOREVERRRRR!

Natasha on

Hmm…ya know I’m wondering if maybe she just gained some weight? it’s possible she’s not pregnant.

HAHA just kidding, congratulations to them, Sasha is adorable!!

Sarah on

I can see why someone would wonder if she planned to have babies so close together,I wondered myself. If she is indeed 5 mos or so the kids will be less that 18 months apart. That’s pretty close. I don’t think it’s bad to have kids close together, just a personal choice. I’m preggers with my first(in Dec too)and we’re thinking a little about spacing. I favor close in age, my hubby wants 3 years but we’ll see. Anyhoo, Naomi looks beautiful!

Erica on

Naomi is going to be 40 in September. She’s said she and Liev would like three kids, if they can. I totally get why she’s popping them out – she’s in a race against time. She is lucky to get pregnant so easily and I’m sure she knows it. Congratulations to them!

FC on

Okay, she’s definitely pregnant. And again, she’s a cute pregnant woman. But that’s already been said and seen with Sasha, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Can’t wait to see this one progress and see what she has this time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Gena on

I’m guessing this will be another boy. Just that feeling. and if that have a third i will be a girl.

Lola on

My husband and his brother are exactly a year apart, and very close. I wanted that for my kids. They are 20 months apart – I got pregnant AS SOON as I quit nursing. I was very happy with the spacing (well, until I had to pay for college!) as I only had to go through each stage once – for about 2 years, of course! I think 3 years is to far for the kids to be bonded in the same way. But, everyone has different feelings about it.

Doreen on

Yep, preggers for sure!! Her bellybutton is popped out already. Goodness, haha they didn’t waste any time did they?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope it’s a girl this time around!

carla at on

She looks terrific (as always)

Sadaf on

Her friend looks like Jessica Alba! Naomi is so tiny for someone who’s 39! Wow. If I were having a baby at that age, I’d look much more stressed out.


She doesn’t need to confirm the news,she’s pregnant,It’s sure.I hope It’s a girl this time.Sasha is adorable!
P.S He was born in L.A? Maybe the next baby will born in NYC.

lilith on

” I think 3 years is to far for the kids to be bonded in the same way.”

This is not true, not at all.
I have a friend who is 30 years old and the oldest of four siblings. The youngest is 15. The other two are in between (approx. 22 and 25). Those four have one of the strongest bonds i have ever seen among siblings and everybody will tell this. It’s amazing.
On the other hand i know two sisters who are only one year (really only twelve months) apart and while they like each other i wouldn’t say that they’ve a special bond.
It depends on so much more than age difference if siblings cope and bond well or not.

dickie on

I agree with you Erica. She probably feels she should have them soon to avoid any potential problems getting pregnant or feeling too exhausted to do it.

Elena Aleksandrovna on

I love Naomi Watts, I am so happy that she is having another child.. By the way Alexander is cute.. Greetings from Russia!!

kazy on

is that really a friend or her nanny Carmen ???

Sarah, Staff Editor on

She was out with two friends, one isn’t pictured. Carmen is a middle-aged Latina woman, definitely not the person pictured above.

teenyz on

My brother and I are only 16 months apart. While we’re close, I feel no closer to him than my older 2 brothers – who are nearly 10 years older.

The main problem I ran into growing up – especially once teenagers – is that people tended to assume I was out with my boyfriend – not brother.LOL

Too close in age – can present a problem!!!!:)

Anne on

My daughter is 28 months old, and our second child is due in March ’09. They will just about 3 years apart exactly. I certainly don’t think thats too far apart to have a close bond. My older sister and I are a bit over 3 years apart, and we had a great time growing up together. We did reach an awkward phase when I was 10 and she was 13, and she was “too cool” for me, though! Of course she still played with me when her friends weren’t looking. However, I feel equally as close to our baby sister who is 6 years younger than me. I think siblings of all ages share a special bond that has nothing to do with age or spacing.

torgster on

I’m so happy everything has worked out so great for her. There’s just something about her I love and I’m nuts about Liev too. Apparently she was really heartbroken about breaking up with Heath Ledger, but wanted a family and he wasn’t ready to settle down. Isn’t it strange how things sometimes turn out?

Sami on

Wow, she looks about 19 years old in these photos… not 39! One hot mama! No doubt there is a baby coming this winter. Now how is that wedding coming along? LOL!

Aya on

I don’t think it’s fair to go on her belly button popping.Maybe she has an outie ?And some people carry differently. My friend who has had previous children started showing way before me (even though we are due just a week apart).Her belly button was popping out when she was 3 months and a lot of people (including some doctors) were going on the assumption that she was 6 months pregnant until she had her ultrasound lol. She is thin and tall and I am short and curvy.Now, at nearly 6 months, she has this lovely roundness to her, whereas I am still flat as a board.It seems like Jessica Alba, all my baby weight has went to my thighs instead of my belly lol. And as far as the bonding goes, there are four of us (ages 24,22,18,16). We never had any problems bonding. And since it was all boys and just me,I never felt outnumbered. We enjoyed many games of GI Joes & Barbies,Dollhouse & Lego Fortresses and my favourite school (I was the teacher and they were my students). Both of our parents worked a lot and being new to the country, we just really had each other I guess.Now I have a mother/sister/friend relationship with them because with our parents being away so much I taught them everything.How to read,write everything.

Mae on

“I think 3 years is to far for the kids to be bonded in the same way.”

My oldest sister is sixteen years older than me, and my other sister is four years older than me, and i’m 17….we are all SUPER CLOSE — infact we still kick my sisters husband into her guest room the last Saturday of every month and we have a pajama party, with my nieces now too! ๐Ÿ™‚

My brothers are seven (the twins), 9, and 13 years older than me….we all have an incredible bond, my brothers even take us girls shopping quite often.

It doesn’t have to do with an age gap, it’s how you raise them….I mean, my oldest sister was out of the house by the time I was 2, but she has always been a masisve part of my life, and my oldest brother graduated high school the year I STARTED school.

JayeJaye on

She is definitely having a girl!!! Look how high her little belly is!!! I’m always right!!! ๐Ÿ™‚